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    Barathrum-|- Broken Hope-|- Burzum
    Carcass-|- Dark Tranquillity-|- Deteriorate-|- Einherjer
    Immolation-|- Indungeon/Thy Primordial-|- Master-|- Rudra
    Sacramentary Abolishment-|- Sigh-|- Theatre of Tragedy
    ...The Soil Bleeds Black-|- Swordmaster-|- Goddess of Desire
    Siebenbürgen-|- Opera IX-|- Abigor-|- Grabesmond
    Messe Noir-|- Subklinik-|- Pazuzu/Raventhrone
    Demoncy-|- Ninnghizhidda-|- ...And Oceans-|- Dark Moon
    Theatres des Vampires-|- Puissance-|- Ancient-|- Daemon/Beltane-|- Absu
    Deicide-|- Månegarm-|- Arckanum-|- Endymion-|- Rossomahaar
    Odium -|- Averse Sefira-|- Angelcorpse-|- Incantation
    Barathrum #2-|- Myrmidon-|- Full Moon Productions-|- Noctuary
    Acheron-|- Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
    Demonic Christ-|- Axis of Advance-|- Banshee
    Frozen Shadows-|- Gontyna Kry-|- Negura Bunget
    Nifelheim-|- Svartsyn -|- Lament
    Tears of Grief-|- Vesperian Sorrow -|- Allfather
    The Sins of Thy Beloved -|- Hixi -|- Judas Iscariot
    Capricornus/Thor's Hammer
    Veles/Dead Christ Commune
    Thunderbolt -|- Sadogoat-|- Evensong -|- Deinonychus
    Antaeus-|- Mortem -|- Autumn Tears
    Abyssic Hate-|- Pagan Hellfire-|- Thornspawn
    Frost-|- Opera IX -|- Angantyr -|- Spear of Longinus
    Ork -|- Merrimack -|- Rites of Degringolade -|- Solace Denied
    Urgrund-|- Midnight Syndicate-|- Ars Macabra
    Psicorragia-|- Acheron/Wolfen Society-|- In Peccatum
    Teratism-|- Sturmfuhrer -|- Ad Hominem
    Prussian Blue-|-Deteriorate (Mike Trush)-|-Antaeus
    Crimson Moon-|- Murderous Vision-|- Branstock
    Ordo Equitum Solis -|-Mortal Wish -|-Goatlord
    Black Widow-|- Black Widow #2 -|- Countess
    Seges Findere -|-Octainium -|-Bitter Peace -|-Haiduk
    Dark Awake -|-Abysmal Grief -|-Amen Corner
    -|-Falconer/Mithotyn -|-Halgadom -|- Melani Hess
    Sarcofago (Manu "Joker" Henriques)-|- Sarcofago (Fabio Jhasko)
    Vulcano (Zhema Rodero) -|- Block 11

    -A Soldier's Journey to Discover the Truth

    -|-James Mason
    -National Socialist and author of Siege

    -|-The Enduring Legacy of Chandra Bose-|-

    -|-Elegy Records
    -The Embattled Forge of the Underground

    -|-Carl Alessi
    -Veteran National Socialist Artist

    -|-Kaci Mohand
    -An interview with the administrator of the Algerian NS page 'El Afkar el Wataniya'

    -|-Gerhard Lauck
    -An interview with one of National Socialist's most prolific fighters

    -|-Vera Oredsson
    -An interview with Sweden's National Socialist Valkyrie

    -|-Otto Remer
    An interview with WWII National Socialist hero by Radio Islam

    -|-Ahmed Rami
    -A Light Bearer and Soldier of Truth (Part One)

    -|-Ahmed Rami
    -A Light Bearer and Soldier of Truth (Part Two)

    -|-Jeff Schoep
    -The National Socialist Movement

    -|-Matt Hale
    -Prisoner of Injustice

    -An interview with Thomas Goodrich

    -|-Der Wehrwolf 'zine-|-

    -|-Veronica K. Clark
    -WWII Historian

    -|-Savitri Devi: The Woman Against Time
    -Looking back with R.G. Fowler

    -|-The Animal Liberation Front
    -With Ann Berlin

    -|- David Lane and the Brüder Schweigen:
    The Men Against Time.

    -|-W.O.T.A.N. and Pyramid Prophecy
    -with Georg Baldursson

    -|- As the years drag on...
    An interview with P.O.W. Chris Slavin

    -|- Hendrik Möbus Speaks -|-

    -|- Evelyn Hill (hendrikmoebus.com)-|-

    -|-Reinhard Logewolf-|-

    -|- Unconventional Thoughts-|-

    -|-Gudrun Himmler
    -Daughter of Heinrich Himmler

    -|-Christel Thunen
    -An interview with a BDM and Faith and Beauty member

    -|-George Isecke
    -An interview with a member of the Waffen-SS LAH and HJ divisions

    -|-Maria Ivanovich
    -An interview with a survivor of the murderous Allied bombing of Dresden

    -|-Karl Wolff
    -An interview with an SS-Obergruppenführer and General of the Waffen-SS

    -|-Adolphus F.
    -An interview with an early SA man and later member of the Waffen-SS LAH

    -|-Edda Göring
    -An interview with Hermann Göring's daughter

    -|-Rudolf Jordan
    -An interview with a former Gauleiter of National Socialist Germany

    -|-Irwin Rohers
    -An interview with an Obergefreiter of the 7th Panzer division.

    -|- -|-Reinhard Hardegen
    -An interview with a former U-boat officer and Knights Cross winner

    -|-Harald Nugiseks
    -An interview with a former member of the Waffen-SS Estonian Legion and Knight's Cross winner

    -|-Ludwig Ruckdeschel
    -An interview with an former Gauleiter, member of the Reichstag, Waffen-SS, and the SA

    -|-Karl-Heinz Euling
    -An interview with a member of the Totenkopf and Frundsberg divisions and winner of the Knight's Cross

    -|-Irene Rosenberg
    -An interview with the daughter of Alfred Rosenberg

    -|-Leni Reifenstahl
    -An interview with the director of Triumph of the Will and Olympia

    -An interview with a Lebensborn nurse from 1936 to 1945

    -|-Siegfried Wiskow and Liselotte
    -An interview with a veteran of the battleship 'Gneisenau', and his wife

    -|-Mildred Gillars
    -An interview with Axis Sally

    -|-Wilhelm Norkus
    -An interview with a veteran of 29th Panzer Regiment,

    -|-Hansgeorg Bätcher
    -An interview with the extraordinary He 111 pilot

    -|-Jürgen Apfel
    -An interview with a Third Panzer Division and Volksstrum veteran

    -|-Otto Remer
    -An interview with the extraordinary man who put down the July 20, 1944 coup attempt in Germany.

    -|-Martin Sandberger
    -An interview with a member of the SS and head of various departments for internal security,
    including the Sonderkommando 1a of Einsatzgruppe A, as well as the Sicherheitspolizei and SD

    -|-Trude Keller
    -An interview with a member of the German Red Cross (D.R.K.), 1943-45

    -|-Lina Heydrich
    -An interview with the wife of the extraordinary Reinhard Heydrich

    -|-Max Holtersdorf
    -An interview with a Hitler Youth member and Berlin defender

    -|-Traute Bauer
    -An interview with a German civilian who lived in Berlin during the Battle of Berlin

    -|-Paul Golz
    -An interview with a German veteran of the Battle of Normandy -|-

    -|-Fedor Kazan
    -An interview with Fedor Kazan, Ukrainian 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician) and Ukrainian Defense Force member -|-

    -|-Karl Fuchs
    -An interview with a German WWII firefighter in Hamburg -|-

    -|-Wilhelm Brach
    -An interview with a pastor, professor and German Christians member -|-

    -|-Peter Eichhorn
    -An interview with an NSDAP official during the Breslau defense (Festung Breslau - Fortress Breslau) -|-

    -|-Vadim Mikailov
    -An interview with a WWII Soviet soldier

    -|-Bill Davis
    -An interview with an American soldier from the 180 Cav Rgt, 45 Infantry Div

    -An interview with a veteran of the 10th Panzer Division and the SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler

    -|-Princess Marie Adelheid
    -An interview with Princess Marie Adelheid, staff member of Richard Walther Darré

    -|-Erhard Guhrs
    -An interview with a veteran of the elite SS Division Leibstandarte

    -|-Walter Gerhold
    -An interview with Kriegsmarine hero, Knight's Cross winner and one man torpedo crewman, Walter Gerhold

    -|-Wolfgang F.
    -An interview with a soldier of the Waffen-SS Das Reich Division

    -|-Maria E.
    -An interview with a retired German Professor regarding the image of the German soldier and the 3rd Reich

    -|-Willi Koch
    -An interview with a Fallschirmjäger and Knight's Cross winner

    -|-Hedwig (Potthast) Staeck
    -An interview with Heinrich Himmler's personal secretary

    -|-Dr. Rudolf Aschenauer
    -An interview with defense attorney for many German soldiers and officials accused of war crimes.
    Aschenauer was a member of the SA and NSDAP and also served on the Eastern Front during WWII

    -|-Horst Kraehe
    -An interview with a General and coveted Blood Order holder

    -|-Hildegard Helmke
    -An interview with widow of legendary Knight's Cross winner Michael Wittmann

    -An interview with a Waffen-SS soldier of the Der Führer Regiment, Das Reich Division

    -|-Rudolf von Ribbentrop
    -An interview with former Waffen-SS tank officer and son of foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop

    -|-Hermann Blume
    -Interview with Knight's Cross holder and veteran of the 24th Panzer Division.

    -|-Ursula H.
    -Interview with a BDM girl who worked with Ukrainian farmers for the 1942 harvest.

    -Interview with an Armenian Wehrmacht/Waffen-SS volunteer.

    -|-Richard Grimm
    -Interview with an officer in Pioneer Battalion 305 and veteran of Stalingrad and Monte Cassino.

    -|-Hans Schmidt
    -Interview with author, lecturer, and Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler veteran.

    -|-Erich Bissoir
    -Interview with a member of SS Division Hitlerjugend.

    -|-Wilhelm Mohnke
    -Interview with General Wilhelm Mohnke, LSSAH member and Knight's Cross winner.
    More importantly, Mohnke was personally made Kommandant by Adolf Hitler in the final days for the defense of the center district of Berlin.

    -|-Frau Lagerlof
    -Interview with a BDM girl and witness to the Nemmersdorf Massacre.

    -|-Siegfried Milius
    -Interview with the commander of the SS-Fallschirmjäger-Battalion 500/600.

    -Interview with an office worker for the Gestapo.

    -|-Herbert Axster
    -Interview with Chief of Staff of the V2 rocket program and later a target of Operation Paperclip.

    -Interview with a 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prinz Eugen veteran.

    -Interview with a print assistant for Der Stürmer.

    -|-Alfred Stroebel
    -Interview with an early SA Scharführer/Blockleiter.

    -|-Wilhelm Reinecker
    -Interview with veteran of the Totenkopf Division.

    -Interview with an early member of the SA and SS TotenKopfverband,
    a veteran of the Totenkopf Division that fought in 1944/45 to relieve Budapest, and most interestingly, a member of the Thule Society.

    -Interview with a veteran of the heroic Dirlewanger Brigade.

    -|-Martyna Turnau-Williams
    -Interview with a supervisor at the Regensburg Messerschmitt factory.

    -|-Josef H.
    -Interview with Order Police and Wehrmacht veteran who saw action in Poland and France and later was assigned to Warsaw during the 1944 Uprising.

    -|-Hannelore Dachs
    -Interview with BDM member, NSDAP member, assistant to the regional party leader and widow of a fallen SS officer.

    -|-Richard Daniel
    -Interview with a Generalmajor and winner of the Knight's Cross with Oakleaves.

    -|-Adi (Adolf)
    -Interview with an SA member and IG Farben worker.

    -|-Gerhard Treppner
    -Interview with a veteran of the SS-Panzerdivision 'Totenkopf'.

    -Interview with a veteran of the 44.Infanterie-Division Reichsgrenadier Division 'Hoch-und Deutschmeister'.