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Friday, July 14, 2017

1. It was quite surprising to find an Algerian National Socialist Movement! Please share with us the history behind it. For example, how long has it been around? Is it a popular ideology? Is it a growing movement?

National Socialism and Fascism in Algeria already existed in the days of the Hitlerite Reich. Among the Algerian nationalist movement, famous personalities have expressed clear sympathies for National Socialism, be it Belkacem Radjef, Amar Imache, or Mohamed Bouras, but the most famous ones were nevertheless Mohamed El Maadi, Mohamedi Said and Krim Belkacem. The sympathy for Fascism was very clear in the countries of North Africa, and in Muslim countries in general, contrary to what Marxist historiography and the so-called "official" history asserts.
Characters regarded as "giants of Arab nationalism" have been clearly pro-Fascist or National Socialists, to name but two among others: Sheikh Mohamed Amin El Husseini and Chakib Arslan. As for the "renewal" of Algerian National Socialism, it began with a small group in the city of Oran in the 1980s. This group was arrested by the police and raided. Then the second wave came in the 1990s, in 1992, I was a part of it right from the start. With friends, we created different structures, some had small brushes with the police, but we were also provocateurs, we were not aware of what National Socialism really was. Some gave up, some continued and pursued knowledge and others began a close contact with NS groups in France or Belgium. and We began to read an Algerian newspaper in the 90s (Algeria News) that had published the political testament of Adolf Hitler and a series of articles including one of Léon Degrelle. This was the first serious National Socialist knowledge that we had then.
For my part, I went much further, with the study of the work of Julius Evola, but also of Goebbels, and of a large number of Francophone authors like Robert DUN, René Binet, Gaston Armand AMAUDRUZ, and of course the great Léon DEGRELLE. In Algeria, those who were attracted to NS were interested in the life of François GENOUD, a true figure of international Fascism, he knew Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, but also Degrelle, Goebbels, Himmler and especially, he knew the legendary figures of the great Algerian nationalist revolution of 1 November 1954.
The general feeling which prevails in Algeria about NS ranges from indifference to assumed and displayed sympathy. The proof is that there are only two or three Algerian "antifa" who live here... and they do not dare to display too much... their ideas are ridiculous anyway. The Algerian people are strongly hostile to the Jewish and Masonic world dictatorship, for the France that occupied us for 132 years was a state dominated by Jews and Freemasons. It was they whom were largely guilty of the genocide of the Algerian people. The occupation of Algeria by France was possible only with the complicity of two cursed Jews, Joseph Bakri and Nephtali Bouchenak, since then Jews are considered traitors in all of Algeria. Later, in 1870, other events such as the advent of the Cremieux decree, a law giving French nationality to the Jews of Algeria, making the Algerian an inferior being. It was a real declaration of war of the Jews to Algeria and its people. We hate Jews much more than all other Muslim peoples (including Palestinians), we hate them much more than the Germans hated them in the blessed days of the Führer. Our contempt for the Jews is a perfectly natural thing in Algeria, the word "Jew" is used as an insult to us. Only very Westernized Algerians with liberal or Marxist ideals are neutral on the Jewish question, or have Jews as their Western friends.

2. Here in the U.S, and especially in Europe, anyone who praises National Socialism is often censored and sometimes punished by imprisonment. And if the laws aren't enough to keep them silent, then the media is more than happy to step in and demonize them. They happily ruin chances of employment and can even antagonize people to attack them. The Western media is the Pied Piper of violence and unrest. What are the laws like in Algeria towards NS? What about the public perception? Are you risking your freedom to spread the truth?

There is a great legal vacuum on this subject in Algeria, for here National Socialism is more of a historical subject than a political one. There is no official National Socialist party and no movement visible to the point of hindering the authorities. We spread our ideas among the people in different ways, via the internet, private discussions among friends, but also of which I cannot speak here. The Algerian media have no interest in talking about Algerian NS, whether it is good or bad, because it would give us immense publicity. And they are very afraid of that. Until then, we are not afraid for our security, but the current government, since the anti-Negro patriotic campaign, has begun to investigate "racist" circles in Algeria, so I think we are in the sight of the authorities .

3. As you know, Europe is currently being flooded by foreigners from all over Africa and the Middle East. It is destroying the very foundations of Western culture. I was surprised to read on your website that Algeria is also enduring a flood of immigration! I think a lot of people in the West, including nationalists, would be surprised and rather shocked that Arab countries are facing many of the same problems as them. Please explain to us who is immigrating to Algeria.

We have had immigration problems in Algeria for more than fifteen years, but never have we reached a stage of gravity as today. The three main sources of immigration to Algeria are the Chinese, who come in the vast majority of cases legally and with a contract of employment. Some of them settle here, but they do not represent a huge danger to our society. They very rarely marry Algerians are not a problem at a security level.
The second source of immigration is Syrian immigration, since the war in Syria Syrian refugees come to Algeria to flee the conflict. But here too, it is not a big problem, despite the number, because they are not very prone to violence. In fact, there has been very few cases of violence (a little like the Chinese) and in addition they speak Arabic and are Muslims. This helps them to settle down while their country finds peace. They will return to their own country and have already begun to return.
The third source of immigration in Algeria, mostly illegal, violent and harmful, are the sub-Saharan immigrants. There are currently between 500,000 and 900,000 migrants. They make a living through begging, drug trafficking, counterfeiting currency, scamming and robbing. They also systematically commit rape, including kidnappings and rapes on children, as seen lately in the town of Ouargla and the town of Tamanrasset.
They come from different countries, mainly from Mali and Niger, but also from Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal and Congo. In the early 2000s they came with "peaceful" intentions but today their numbers have exploded, they come as conquerors. The awakening of the Algerian people is beginning to take place, and important politicians in Algeria are beginning to denounce this mortal danger to our race and our land. Negrification of Algeria is the only danger we have to fight from the point of view of immigration.

4. Is it the same culprit responsible for Algeria's immigration problem as Europe/America's, the Jews of course? How much are the Jews involved in the politics of Algeria?

First of all, as I explained above, Jews are generally seen very badly in Algeria, including in the higher political spheres. Very few Algerian politicians are in favor of the Jews and their policies, and they are generally quickly identified. The major problem in Algeria are the "charitable" NGOs and the para-masonic organizations. There are three international organizations, both powerful and enemies of Algeria, who work here with impunity because they are protected by certain corrupt politicians: the Rotary Club, The Lions Club and Amnesty International. These three organizations are among the main sources of problems with the destruction of values linked to Algerian identity (Berber-Arab culture-Islam). These organizations want to impose a negative and Judeo-Western secularism (contrary to the secularism of Arab nationalism). They want to impose Western tolerance on us, and of course immigration and mixing. These three organizations are run by Jews and Freemasons.

5. The media in the US and Europe has been busy trying to convince people that Islam is at war with them and is fervently trying to convert all of humanity by any means necessary. At the same time the media is pushing Western societies to accept immigrants from Islamic countries. It seems that the media (working for the good of Israel) wants to do two things: keep destabilizing the Middle East through military conflicts for the benefit of Israel, and to destroy and disrupt Western civilization. What are your thoughts on all of this?

What is interesting in this question is that it highlights the usual Jewish duplicity, those Jews who have always acted strategically to promote the installation of chaos in the world. The media work to discredit authentic Islam, but immigration from Muslim countries is actually more a migratory problem due to cultural incompatibility, but not necessarily religious, firstly because the religion of migrants is called "Veau d'Or" and "purchasing power". Secondly, Muslim Europeans like the Bosnians are perfectly European, racially and culturally. I would be more of an opinion to speak of European civilization, and one of Western civilization, the two concepts are totally opposite. European (or Indo-European) civilization is based on Aryanity, a white European society, with a purely Aryan conception and culture, from which arises the Aryan race.
On the other hand, Western civilization is a modern white society, but corrupted by the excess of technocracy, democracy, liberal-libertarian ideas, crypto-Marxism (or Marxism-culture); Western civilization is totally compatible with the Jewish, usurious and pernicious spirit. I have always been a supporter of Aryan Europe and, at the same time, an enemy of the West. The death of Western civilization will be salutary for a National Socialist, ethno-centric and virile Europe. The Western mind is the poison that kills European man.

6) I don't think a lot of people understand the truth about the so-called 'Arab Spring', but I have a feeling that you do. Can you explain it for our readers that are still not sure?

The Arab Spring was a large program of destabilization from around the world, not just the Arab countries. For a "revolution" whose hidden aim was to create religious regimes, it is important to point out a terrible paradox: the outbreak of this vast plan was the death of the unemployed youth Tarek Bouazizi, a death by suicide, he sacrificed himself by fire. This death is certainly very suspicious because we know that there are techniques of mental manipulations that are very powerful, and that the revolution that followed this suicide was abnormally fast. If I mention the suicide of this man it is because suicide is a very serious sin in Islam, and therefore this revolution has absolutely nothing Islamic or Islamist...
Moreover, many of the Judeo-Western communication techniques have served the revolution, in particular the Facebook network, which has greatly helped the destabilization of Tunisia, Libya and Syria. Even on platforms of online sales like Ebay the flags of "Arab revolutions" were very encouraged for sale. For example: looking for a Libyan flag of Gaddafi, you find 80% of the results with the flag of the terrorist anti-Gaddafi revolution.
A few months before the arrival of the Arab Spring, a few dissident personalities in France, judged as complotists, warned that the world's major Jewish banks (Rothschild, Goldman-Sachs, Rockefeller, etc.) had shown very abnormal funds. We knew that something terrifying was happening, but nobody thought of that! Opposition groups in these countries have all been helped by NATO and all of them are Islamist and terrorist organizations, whether Daesh, Front el Nosra, Al Qaeda etc. All these groups are helped, financed, assisted, and logistically linked directly to the West, to Israel, or to globalist lobbies.
Finally, in Algeria, we escaped the Arab Spring because it was badly prepared by the Jews, and the Algerian media immediately denounced the links between one of the main "revolutionaries" Said Saadi and a Jewish Zionist intellectual who was very well known, Bernard Henri Lévy (alias "BHL"), so the movement of the Arab Spring in Algeria became very unpopular.

7) Okay, now comes the question of 'Extremist Islam'. In your perception is this yet another creation of the Jews? With all the mountain of evidence that Israel and its Western proxies are funding, arming and protecting Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) how could anyone argue against this truth?

A creation of the Jews, not quite, but we are very close. The fundamentalist and extremist doctrines of Islam were born in the 19th century, be it Wahhabism or other organizations that later gave birth to the "Muslim Brotherhood" sect of Hassan el Banna. These groups have always been very minor and marginal, to such an extent that the Muslim world did not pay attention to these phenomena at all. The first use of religious extremists for purposes of political destabilization was first used by Britain. Its spy Lawrence of Arabia, allied with the Wahhabis to create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and thus destabilize the Ottoman Empire. Later in the 1970s, Arab academics who immigrated to Europe to continue their studies were approached by agents of Mossad who spoke perfect Arabic and had knowledge of Islam and the Koran. They manipulated some of these young people and transmitted to them the "virus" of Islamism and terrorism. Once in their country of origin, the students created structures, parties etc.
ISIS is an organization that has been from the beginning under Israeli control. But here too, it is very complicated, the war in Iraq is extremely complex. The nationalist regime of Saddam Hussein was overthrown by an alliance between Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabis, the Iranians and Shia militants and Israel and the Jewish and Zionist lobby. Iraq today is perfectly illegitimate, as is ISIS.

8) Many people who claim they are 'National Socialists' know nothing about it. They are media puppets really. For example, their hatred of Islam. Real National Socialists did not hate Islam, in fact they had a very close relationship with the Muslim world. What would you say to these confused people?

We are at war, I have nothing to say to them. Here in Algeria we are fighting a mortal invasion of negroes, an invasion planned by the international Jewish lobby. We are Muslims and National Socialists, we are aware of the stakes in the modern world, we know what we want for Algerian society. If they hate Islam, it is because they have not understood who we are at war with. It is a little too late I think, for the youngest of them, I think it is necessary to read the speeches of Heinrich Himmler, the interviews between Hitler and the Grand Mufti, and for the English-speaker they just have to go to Mourning the Ancient and look for "Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind", there they will find the whole truth on a silver platter.

9) I hear so many lies and distortions about Islam from people who know absolutely nothing about it. They read a few quotes, many of them out of context, and think they are experts. Tell us a little bit about your feelings on this, and tell us what is it like being a Muslim in today's world?

I would like to say beforehand that Islam is not a religion of "peace and love" as the stupid Western leftists imagine, but also that it is not "intolerant and sanguinary" as many right-wing activists might imagine. Islam is both a link between God and man, a purely vertical relationship, with different legal schools and initiatory brotherhoods. Islam manages a society based on very simple principles and "common sense". Life in authentic and genuine Islam revolves around primordial things: work, family, the land of ancestors, and all for the love of Allah. When enemies come to dispossess you of your lands or your inheritance, it is natural to defend oneself; and we do not defend ourselves with flowers and tears in our eyes, but with knowledge and weapons and rules of war. Such is life. Since we know the antiquity of the Jewish poison and the natural hostility they have towards Islam... we know what is happening.
Otherwise, the life of a Muslim is very simple too, he works, he marries, he makes children, who in turn do the same. He lives in his cultural environment, with his traditions and habits. Apart from Bosnia and some small regions of Europe (such as the Crimea, for example) Muslims have no place in Europe. They must live on their lands, in their respective societies. An Algerian Muslim does not have to live in Turkey or Saudi Arabia, as an Indonesian Muslim does not have to live in Egypt. Every people to its own land. Globalism is the worst poison invented by the Jews.

10) On your website I read that you have no problems working with Christians and even Pagans, this is not a very media-friendly portrayal of a Muslim! Not so intolerant, comrade! So you mean to tell me that you 'crazy Muslims' don't want to kill all other religious groups?!

Personally, it never bothered me to have pagan or even Christian friends, and to work with them, because I know what I am. I am a Muslim, I know my roots and the value of my religious heritage. I know that pagans and Christians in Europe are victims of the same poison that is on my land. And that it is advisable that we should be on the same side to try to make our enemy fall. Moreover, I do not hide from you that I am a "UFO" in Algeria on my positions on German-Nordic paganism. I am absolutely not pagan but I respect their culture and their visions on their land. There are things very interesting in paganism, whether in poetry, the Edda, deep runic symbolism (which has relations with the Berber Tifinagh). All peoples have known paganism in the past and have evolved into something else. I invite you to learn about the fascinating character of Sigrid Hunke, an extraordinary lady who was pagan with great interest and friendship for Islam... in another life I had to be pagan - but I do not believe in past lives (laughs). Paganism is something very unbearable to Judaism, and that also makes me very... sympathetic.

[Above: Sigrid Hunke (April 26, 1913 - June 15, 1999)]

11) Many nationalists in the West support Assad, mainly because he is so hated by Israel. But a number of Arabs seem to see him from a different perspective and as another pawn on the world stage. What is your opinion?

Here too, a very complicated question... a part of the Arabs see Assad as a hero, others see him indeed as a pawn of Putin. For my part, I have a very mixed vision of Bashar El Assad, because I know the history of his country. He and his father were allies to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and to some extent to Israel. When it came to the destruction of Saddam Hussein's Iraq, never forget, Syria sent 20,800 men and 300 tanks to Saudi Arabia to fight beside ZOG against Saddam Hussein. Certainly, today, I clearly prefer a victory of the camp of Bashar el Assad against ISIS, but without forgetting that the Assads are traitors of nature.

12) What about Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi? Based upon the videos of Saddam in court standing up to his 'accusers' and especially the 'leaked' video of his murder, among other reasons, I have a high opinion of him. Maybe he wasn't always the most gentle of leaders, but he certainly knew how to keep order and peace in his country. Gaddafi stood up for Saddam at meetings with the Arab League and the UN and warned other Arab leaders that anyone could be next. He was right, he was next. I've read a bit about Libya and its social programs and the benefits enjoyed by its citizens... it puts the USA to shame. Then there is also his battle with the World Bank. The way those shameful mercenaries of Mossad butchered him... Tell us your perceptions and opinions about these two very different men?

Saddam Hussein and, to a lesser extent, Muammar el Gaddafi, are victims of a secret plan of liquidation of the Arab-Muslim world by Jewish forces. The Iraqi Republic of Saddam Hussein and the Libyan Jamahiriya of Gaddafi were secular states, respectful of religions and nationalist states defending the sovereignty of their peoples. And in fact they were incompatible with the program of Jewish world domination. My opinion of Saddam Hussein is very clear, he has always been in my eyes like Adolf Hitler, a kind of spiritual father, a true guide, and an immutable figure who inspires me in my political and spiritual struggle. Gaddafi, it is different, I began to appreciate him only when he fought against the opposition created by the Jews to dismiss him. Gaddafi made many mistakes, but he ended his life as a true hero.

13) In an October 2016 post on your website you pleaded for Muslims living in France to leave and return to their home countries, stating that they have no racial or religious ties with France. You also predicted that there will be a war between the native French and the Muslims, even a massacre on both sides. Please tell us more about this!

France is facing a terrible situation because of immigration. The Maghrebis who live there must absolutely go home. We were invaded by the French for 132 years. They destroyed our mosques and other buildings and built their own churches and homes on our lands. We have driven them away, but only with many sacrifices and difficulties, and it is normal that we do not want them to suffer in their turn from what we have suffered. We want immigration to France to stop and the immigrants to return home. For a France rid of immigrants is a stronger France to get rid of Jewish poison. A France without Jews is an immense victory for Algeria, especially from a geostrategic point of view. We have a very indifferent opinion of France, we have been enemies for 132 years, today we are at peace, but with an illegitimate French government. Doubtlessly illegitimate, for who does not recognize the legitimacy of the King of France, nor the legitimacy of Marshal Philippe Pétain, the last legitimate French head of state? The current French government is 100% subject to the Jews, the power in France is exclusively Jewish and freemason. And the problem is that even their "extreme right", which is supposed to be nationalist, is actually Islamophobic, anti-Arab and liberal. Only a minority of French people today are Aryan fighters who are proud of their Gaulish roots and are fighting the real problems of France: Jews, immigration and race-mixing. These French are our natural allies.

14) There is a massive campaign to normalize homosexuality in America. Homosexuals can now legally marry one another. They can even adopt a child!!! Do you see any of this in Algeria? Are there any attempts to soften people's views on homosexuals? Luckily many Muslims do not seem tolerant on this aberration of nature...

Homosexuality is an abomination and no "disease" is a sexual defect, and Islam condemns very strictly homosexuality. In Algeria some associations defend this ignominy clandestinely, but homosexuality is considered a crime in the Algerian penal code. These people are seen very negatively here.

15) Christianity as an institution is completely corrupt and controlled by the Jews. Slowly, over the centuries, it was penetrated and subverted by them. It would seem they have been trying to do this to Islam as well. How successful have they been in your opinion?

Islam is a religion impervious to foreign influence. The strength of Islam is that the Koran is an immutable book. The Jews can only attack this religion in periphery, or by infiltrating sects, such as Wahhabism or certain Shiite sects. The Quran is very clear about the sons of Israel, Allah the Almighty proclaims them descendants of monkeys and pigs.

16) Adolf Hitler. The name itself brings a whirlwind of love, respect and adoration to anyone who knows the truth. It would seem all races, peoples, cultures and nationalities have come, especially in recent years, to share a profound longing for everything that he was (and is). Tell me about your thoughts on him and can you tell me about how Algerians in general view him? Do they brainwash Algerians, as they do everywhere else, to think he is the devil and pure evil?

It is with certainty and assurance that I am telling you that only a minority of people in Algeria hate Adolf Hitler. These Algerians who hate Adolf Hitler are mostly French-speakers and "France-lovers", who have adopted the Jewish ideas of Western democracy and "cultural Marxism", and who think themselves superior because they defend the project of globalization and modernity. The majority of the Algerian people have an idea about Adolf Hitler which goes from neutrality to sympathy. Algerians of unjustly disadvantaged social and workers classes are generally those who see the Führer as a hero, for he conquered France and fought against the Jews. Which is amply enough to please and be admired.

17) Tell me about when you first found the truth about everything. It's very interesting to me to hear about how other people came to the truth. How old were you and what was the catalyst that started you on your path to mental freedom and truth?

It's a pretty personal question, because in reality I started very early (laughs). I will try to answer you in a very general way: I came from a very nationalistic and therefore very anti-Semitic family, we never liked Jews, and I was bottle-fed in defiance of Jewish ideas. Later, when I wanted to question my way of seeing the world, I finally discovered that my family was right. I was also fascinated by the Waffen-SS, this international army that wanted to bring order and discipline back into this world. Then I discovered Hitler, that he was like me, anti-Semitic. I then understood that it was the ONLY way to go.

18) What can you tell us about how the Grand Mufti Mohammed Amin al-Husseini is viewed today in Algeria? He is wildly hated by the Jews, a sign of greatness! To me, after reading a lot of his writings and speeches, he is one of the greatest leaders of WWII, and that is saying a lot, as there were many. Otto Skorzeny praised him and remembered his intense blue eyes. How do you personally feel about him?

The Great Mufti of Jerusalem is highly respected in Algeria, but few people really know him, people know very vaguely that he was a "friend" to Hitler. For me it proves that National Socialism is the way to follow in all Muslim countries, that Hitler's policy was sound and that it could make the world evolve in a very interesting way with a glorious future for every people. Hitler's ideas are the assurance of true world peace and fruitful collaboration among the peoples of the earth. The Grand Mufti was one of the first supporters of Algerian nationalism, he even met Messali Hadj, one of the historical figures of modern Algerian nationalism. He was a strong supporter of the liberation struggle for Algeria.

19) I cannot talk to an Algerian National Socialist without bringing up Saïd Mohammedi! Most Westerners have never even heard his name unfortunately. Please tell the world who he was and what he represents to you.

Mohamedi Said is one of the best examples of what can be called an Algerian National Socialist political soldier. He was engaged in the Algerian nationalist struggle against France at a very young age and came from a family that had always been in rebellion against the French occupier. With the outbreak of the Second World War he joined the Wehrmacht and fought in the Balkans, but also participated in Operation Barbarossa. He was the only Algerian to have been decorated the Iron Cross 1st Class in Berlin and was known for being an exemplary soldier. He was first arrested in 1944, then escaped, and was arrested a second time in 1952. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and forced labor but escaped again! He fought as soon as the outbreak of the Algerian War of Liberation as colonel of the National Army of Liberation of Algeria, where lies the unbelievable fact that he continued to wear his Stahlhelm, a symbol of absolute fidelity to the National-Socialist ideals. Algeria was unfortunately rather ungrateful with this character after the liberation, but he was entitled to a late rehabilitation. This Berber warrior will remain forever anchored in the hearts of all Algerian nationalists. He is with Mohamed El Maadi, Algeria's leading National Socialist figure.

20) As the interview winds down to a close, I must ask you about our troubled world. With all the problems, growing every day, do you see any hope for the future? Will things have to break down to a level of societal destruction for free-minded people to regain control?

The great Friedrich Nietzsche said "what must fall, we must not retain it, we must push it". SS officer Robert Dun gave us instructions to follow in this world which would inevitably end up falling into ruins. All that remains for us to do is to prepare ourselves for this end, and perhaps, after this end, there will be rebirth. We must also sharpen our blades to settle our enemies, Jews, Kabbalists, their armies of delinquents and mafia, leftist vermin, propagators of the Negroid subculture of the US and false believers (especially Islamic extremists who have sullied my religion). We must not forget that ALL is paid for in life, these people will have to pay what they have done to the innocent people who have not asked for this programmed genocide of identities. If the world is not destroyed, and humanity is not erased, we will have to train future generations to manage the world under the absolute reign of Truth against Lie, the absolute reign of Order against Chaos. It will also be necessary to restore the traditional religious poles of all major cultures and great civilizations. Inspired by the extraordinary work of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen and the Holy Roman Germanic Empire, we must draw inspiration from the feasible works of the Thule Gesellshaft, the Vril Gesellschaft and, of course, the works of the Sufi brotherhoods. Never again will Jews or people under influence of Jewish ideas have the slightest power on earth. They will have to live under surveillance and be constantly controlled, presented to the world as a corrupting, ignoble and diabolical people, whose DNA is marked by the seal of infamy. They will have to carry again the yellow star, but this time it will be implanted on their front, the Jew will be recognized immediately. And this until the end of time.

21) Thank you so much for all of your time and thoughts comrade! Your final words of wisdom to the world?

Thank you M., for allowing me to bring all these details on the Algerian radical nationalist struggle. I would also like to inform your readers that Algerian fascist nationalism has existed on the internet for more than ten years and that our current page of information and analysis is called "El Afkar el Wataniya" which means in Arabic "Nationalist Ideas", this page is the way of the CNPA (National Patriotic Committee of Algeria). I have the firm conviction that the "Second World War" never stopped, it is not over, National Socialism and fascism have flourished throughout the world.
At your home, in the USA, there are groups active to eliminate ZOG and its misdeeds. In Europe the Wehrwolf resistance continues to fight too! In Germany, England, France, Ukraine and Russia, people around the world are fed up with the cosmopolitan diktat, we stand in solidarity with the struggle of all the peoples of the planet who want to defend their blood and soil. We must plant the swastika banner in the putrid belly of the worm-eaten democracies! Sieg Heil!

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