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First, introduce us to Odium with a history.
The band was formed in 1993 by Bartek(guitar) and Greg(guitar). We had many vocalists and drummers before Kuchy(vocal) and Kemot(drums) joined us. In August '94 we had our first gig and we were forced to take a long break because of Kemot's army service. In spring 1996 we found Gruh(bass) and Goska(keyboards). We recorded reh. tape which was presented in local radio stations. Since then we played many gigs e.g. with Season, Cryptic Tales, Demise, Unnamed and many others. In 1997 we recorded three-track promo tape in Selani Studio. The most recent event in Odium is change of drummer: Kemot is replaced by Bartosz Grabarczyk who is really good musician. After few rehearsals we see it's very good choice, he freshens and enriches our music. Our cooperation looks great now.
What is the current situation of the band? What are you working on now after the demo 'Complaint'?
We have some new tracks which are not recorded yet. We have about 60-70 minutes of music and we will probably choose about 40 mins to record. Old tracks (which are still good in our opinion) will probably be never recorded in professional conditions but we want to go on with new tracks. The stuff we made lately is a little different from what you heard on our tape 'Complaint'. The new tracks contain music which is metal definitely but (as on our demo) with many non-metal influences. There are still brutal vocals, violent guitars. It's crushing but melodic with sick riffs. They are influenced by Brutal Truth, Sadist, Tool but as usually people hear some other influences so... I hope we'll record it soon and then you'll hear it.
Is Odium one of those bands who will stray from their original style and sound in search of a broader audience and more money?
We have never got money from our music. We have only expenses and no profits but we are not going to change anything in our music. We don't care about image, about shocking our audience. We just play our music which evolves with us, with our fascinations (not only musical ). If we get a good contract - it's OK, if we don't - it's still good. We just don't want to be limited. The only thing that limits us is our imagination and this is the only thing that will never change. Broad audience does not mean good music necessary. There are really good bands who are almost unknown and very popular shitty bands. Big audience and fame is not a target, it's a thing which comes or not. If we make a track and we believe it's really good and original, the satisfaction is big enough for us. If some other people like it too, that's great but nothing more.
Your thoughts on those type of bands?
Well, some people play for fame, some for money . I can understand it though I don't like it. But I don't understand people who listen to this commercial crap. Especially metal fans who buy CD's because of aggressive promotion, controversial covers or image. But fortunately behind the mainstream there are some bands which play excellent music and don't care about show business (e.g. Sadist from Italy).
Lets clear this up... there is also an Odium from Norway signed on Nocturnal Art Productions. Tell us about this... who was first? I noticed you've been around since '93... personally this would irritate me, having a band and later someone else uses the name, but I doubt they are even aware of your existence, am I wrong?
I don't care about them. We play since 1993 when they didn't exist yet. But this is not the most important thing. Odium from Norway is a band which exists only because of Samoth's support. As you say they probably don't know about us. Anyway our music is original enough and Odium from Norway is just a copy of hundreds of Norwegian black metal bands. They play music so different from what we play that we are not afraid of mistakes.
How would you describe the music of Odium?
This is really difficult! Melodic riffs along with brutal and psychedelic vocals compose violent and decadent atmosphere - that's what we write on our flyers. Eclectic metal is a good but not precise description. Elements of death, gothic, black and whatever you add. Hypnotic and dark music- that's all.
Tell us about the lyrics of Odium and what they deal with.
I am not right person to talk about lyrics but this is what our vocalist says about it: "The lyrics vary considerably. We do our best to avoid banality. We would like our texts to convey something that matters. One could call them exhibitionist, as they reveal a lot about the most intimate feelings and states of mind. The phrases that we use (sometimes neologisms) are designed to provoke, to stimulate the listener's imagination. One of our songs is called "An Imaginoid End". The newly-coined word "imaginoid" denotes an unrealized dream which becomes a fact in the mind of a person who is dreaming. The truth, or facts defined in this way become vague and fragile. Sometimes, however, this imaginary truth is the only (though imperfect) way to escape the reality one does not accept. And this is what "An Imaginoid End" is about. "Elegia" expresses the state of frustration caused by failures and the creative crisis.
What sort of things outside of music influence your song writing?
I think books and films mainly. Every day life does not influence me at all. But the first thing are sounds...
Has there been any label interest as of yet? How have you been promoting the band so far?
There was one label which was interested in edition of our demo material on a CD in Poland and USA. We were not interested in it because we want to edit full-time CD not just three tracks. We would lose our copyrights for five years so it was not a good contract. We have no promotion, we haven't been selling our demo tapes so far. We start selling it now, we have some interviews in local radio stations, 'zines but it's still not very aggressive promotion.
There's a steady flow it seems of good Polish bands these days, does this indicate a strong underground in your opinion in your country?
I think we have many very good bands in Poland (e.g Vader, Christ Agony, Neolithic). The main problem of these bands is lack of promotion. It's getting better slowly so you can hear sometimes about Polish bands. If someone is interested in Polish underground - mail me, we can trade some tapes.
Do you play live often?
We play live sometimes but we don't have many metal concerts at all (especially underground gigs). We know some bands from Warsaw and other parts of Poland so they invite us to play with them. They like to play with us because our shows are very energetic, our vocalist explodes - it's violent and psychedelic ritual!
Now, to end this with some philosophical questions... tell us your impressions of the world, many feel it is heading into a dark age with the amounting global problems... what do you think? Will things get worse before better?
People always say something about dark age coming, the prophets will never die! I don't really think the world will fall down soon. But of course people will face difficulties that we can't ignore: overpopulation, fanatic movements, wars born of famine and poverty, environment devastation. All these things might cause human annihilation. I just don't believe in stories like the Terminator movie. I see the future much brighter but realistic. It's very easy to sit at home and when we have nothing better to do we can think of dark age coming. It looks different when you are in China, Yugoslavia (I have friends who live there) or black Africa. There are people who can say something about hell on earth. About killing each other for a pair of shoes. It's not listening to 'evil' bands with 'even more evil' make-up. It's true life not a tale...
Tell us your thoughts on modern religion. Christianity? Satanism? Paganism?
All religions from the beginning are made by people to create sense for their lives. What we see or think is just a little part of the universe. No matter if you call it God, Satan, subconsciousness, intuition, fate or whatever- there is something unknown. Something what we will never know. You can't say if it is in Heaven, Hell, Brain, Soul. It's nowhere and everywhere. Our ways of perception are very limited so questions we ask are wrong. It's so far beyond us that we can't imagine what we are looking for. It's hard to explain with words, especially that I am aware of my ignorance.
What sort of Gods/Goddesses were worshipped in Poland before the coming of Christianity?
Gods and Goddesses that were worshipped in Poland were (as everywhere) responsible for the rain, fertility, war, love, thunders etc.
Lastly, if the world were to die tomorrow, what would you do today? How would you spend your last hours.. and what would be on your mind as you died?
Sex, some drink, I don't know... It's abstraction to me.
Tell those interested how they might obtain merchandise by Odium...?
You can get our demo tape for $3 (post&package included) at this address:

Greg Rosiak
ul. Siwinskiego 5/26
05-120 Legionowo

Odium Email:

Final comments, words of wisdom?
Thanks for the interview, especially for interesting questions . I hope you and the readers of MTA will be satisfied with my answers (sorry for my English!). Good luck with your zine - it looks really professional. All people who are interested in Odium or tape trading feel free to mail me.

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