Interview with Professor Walther Wüst, President of the Ahnenerbe and SS officer in the Security Service [Sicherheitsdienst, SD], Munich and Kaiserslautern (two part interview we've merged into one), 1983.
*Special thanks to Aunt Inge for helping with translation.

Thank you for allowing us to visit and speak to you professor, it is nice to see you and greet you. Gudrun said I would very much enjoy speaking with you. I would like to ask some questions about your work and your interest in the Ahnenerbe. Gudrun also said you were in the Security Service as an officer. If I could start, how did you end up in the Ahnenerbe Society?

Walther: It is truly a pleasure to speak to you young man. You must bear with me as I am not in the best form today. It is a true treat to see a young one who has an interest in our history and times. As Inge might have shared with you, the Ahnenerbe was an organization that was in place before Himmler and the SS, but it was Himmler who gave it national prominence. I came to the SS mainly due to my stature as an academic. Reichsführer-SS Himmler was a very intelligent man, and wanted only the best thinkers in his SS. I was approached early on by friends who were old fighters and they encouraged me to join. In the early years of the struggle if you held a well-off job you had to be careful with the party. If you had the wrong boss, who found out you supported Hitler, you could be demoted or fired. It was wise to be discreet before 1933, when Hitler was elected as chancellor. I had a family member who was from Coburg and joined Hitler in 1922 during the battle for the city. He was a staunch supporter who always would tell us this man will one day lead Germany. He always dropped my name to the higher-ups and so in 1933 I decided to join the party as it was now safe to do so.

At the same time members of the various National Socialist education heads would reach out to me to get opinions on matters. Of course my friend also put a hook in Himmler who then came calling and asked if I would be interested in a position in his Ancestral Heritage foundation. This was of course to study the origins and history of the Germanic Aryan race. My field of expertise made this an attractive offer, so I accepted and was brought into the SS as an officer due to my tenure in the university. I met with him often and we talked about his ideas and theories, which were not as wild as one would think today. You might say we were quite boring, as we studied the ancient origins of all things, with an emphasis on the races, and particularly Germanic origins and history. The name means Ancestral Heritage, and in this organization we wanted to pass down ancient knowledge and history to the younger generation. The Reichsführer [Himmler] only wanted the best thinkers in this organization. If you know the rock you were hewn from then you have deep roots that can not be easily uprooted. This was our goal, to ensure the young had deep roots, with factual, scientific evidence to support their rooted beliefs. I already had a penchant for this concept well before Himmler and the SS. It was Himmler who came to me after the seizure of power and asked me for help with his ideas. I was in the department of philosophy at first, but also had deep interests in our ancestral history, from the Germanic tribes to ancient stories of Atlantis. There is so much of our past that has been kept hidden from us, which only hard work will uncover. Himmler made that work possible. It was in 1936 that my service to the Ahnenerbe started and I worked with many great thinkers and archeologists from around Europe. There is a small, but very dedicated few who see the world through race, and its importance. It must be said that your people are the greatest gift you have, and you must work to promote and guarantee their survival. That is what we were dedicated to. I was brought into the SS in 1937 and made a full officer on the main staff working within the Ahnenerbe, reporting directly to Himmler. I oversaw the bringing back of relics and information from across the world. This included seeds, animals, maps, religious artifacts, and racial types. Even the music styles and instruments were studied to see the style of workmanship that went into their creation. It was in these things we could put an honest picture of human creation and development together. I stayed in this office for some time, but I also met [Reinhard] Heydrich who learned I had a knack for police work, so he offered me a position in the security service [SD]. I accepted this as an honor and a promotion. I also spoke openly with Heydrich on many occasions. He was not the hangman they say he was. I will say he was very intelligent and humane. On my first day on the job I saw him issue a pardon for a man who fled to France in 1933 after being an avid Marxist. He then petitioned to return home to work within the new government. I had to sign his pardon for unlawful political activity. He had a family, and Heydrich ordered the welfare office to give them extra money to start fresh. That impressed me as being humane and forgiving.

What was the Ahnenerbe society created for?

Walter: It was quit simple: it actually existed before Himmler in many different societies. He created one to study the origins and history of the Nordic peoples, paid for by the SS. This meant studying race, archaeology, and lost cultures. This study was as old as time itself; everyone asks "where did I come from?" This question perplexed Himmler, and now we had a society that could start to seek answers from a racial lens. One of his great gripes was that Jews infiltrated the universities and started to steer academia away from the ideas of Nordic culture and creativity. They increasingly would try to insert false ideas about inventions and achievements, taking credit away from this group and giving it to another. Himmler told me that in just 200 years of having Jews in academia they had turned it on its head, destroying accepted racial ideas. An example is they started pushing that the Middle East land was always for the Arabs and Negros. We know that is false as there are countless artifacts showing Nordic-looking peoples.

We found these artifacts all over the regions of the world, which is simply what we did. We studied and debated the locations of our ancestors, where they have been and to where they went. We found evidence of Nordic men in China, Tibet, India, Persia, and North Africa. For me that explains why these areas had such developed cities and culture that wars and migration destroyed. So you see, there was nothing dark or secretive about the foundation. We had a monthly magazine published that told about digs and research. Most research was done in Europe when settlements were discovered. Himmler was more interested however in the foreign lands, tracing the migration of the early tribes into Europe. Himmler believed race was the keystone to the universe and all of creation. He maintained the Jew was trying to destroy race as they are engineered to do so. It is first and foremost in their arguments that race should never matter, or does not really exist. Himmler believed that race is the most important issue the creator put forth on the earth. So that is what I can tell you regarding the foundation.

[Above: Left and center: Bruno Beger taking cranial measurements of a Tibetan girl. Right: During a Tibet expediton, Beger conducting anthropometric studies in Sikkim. Beger was a German racial anthropologist, ethnologist, and explorer who worked for the Ahnenerbe. Circa 1938-39. Click to enlarge.]

Can I ask about the security service [Sicherheitsdienst, SD], and what you did?

Walther: Right, every nation must protect itself from those who seek to undermine something it holds dear. For National Socialist Germany the idea that a foreign people had settled into its midst to start feeding off the people was the key. Many agreed with this, most went along, and a few resented it. It was okay to disagree that Jews were the cause of most all problems, but some took to open vandalism and turned against their nation. They chose to aid our enemies by giving them information, and during the war acted as agents. I had an interest in those who opposed Hitler and the NSDAP idea. I did so because I was an open thinker, and wanted to see all sides. I would often speak to those who opposed Hitler.

I found their arguments not valid, and many times they seemed mentally disturbed, so rational thought did not work with them. I met one man who was arrested for threatening a party official, his words to a friend were "all Nazis should be shot along with their families." When he was brought in I asked him why he felt anyone who was a National Socialist should be shot. He replied quite naively that they were bad for Germany and took power away from the Kaiser. He was opposed to the removal of Jews from high positions, and believed that elections were rigged. He stood out to me so I remember this, I showed him a book we had, it showed all the positions that Jews in Germany held in 1932. Keep in mind they were less than 4% of the population. The list showed them vastly overrepresented in nearly all fields. I asked him how is that fair to Germans that such a tiny minority holds the power?

He replied that it is their hard work that gives them an edge. I then saw he lacked the ability to critically think. I asked how Hitler took power from a Kaiser who abdicated and fled, leaving a vacuum. Speaking more I came to see a man who really did not care about his people or nation. He was the type who was jealous of the success others had, and resorted to this to get even, it was clear he held Marxist views. These same people had their heyday after the war; they came out of the woodwork and were placed in high positions to get even. During the war they had to be clamped down on as they were trying to do anything they could to undermine the Reich. The SD had to bring in anyone who was turned in as a lawbreaker for investigation. Most were let go as the claim was hearsay, for others there was hard evidence that resulted in severe punishment in prison. For a couple of cases here in Munich the death penalty was used to stop any further acts.

Are you speaking about the Scholls [Hans and Sophie Scholl]? I understand they were at your university? I also understand they opposed the war and were executed for it?

Walther: Ah that group I remember well. Allow me to say that not all is as it seems. The story the federal government and their propaganda arm states is that these brave young people stood up to an unjust war with religious fervor, honorable convictions, and unbelievable courage. They stood against terror, bullying, and religious intimidation. They have been labeled as righteous citizens who stood against Hitler. Our media here have made them darlings of how brave young people should behave, even making up quotes, and claiming they were defiant even at the very end. It is quite a story they weave, but I am aware it is a smoke screen and false story, much like what happened to the Jews. Yes, I was on the staff then and I remember the incident. They damned near started a fire and riot. The students were not happy that in a time of war some decided to spread flyers evoking Allied propaganda. Many had family and friends serving and did not want a counterstory that disparaged them being circulated. This family, you must know, was already trouble. If I recall they fell in with the degenerate art scene in Germany, the kind that was very Jewish and mocked our faith and culture through their bizarre so-called art. Their friends and allies promoted these sick people like they are normal and that we all should aspire to be able to see art and the world as they do. It was Hitler who called this sickness what it was, a purposeful attack on our culture, race, and faith. The National Socialist government exposed these wretches and removed their displays out of our presence. The problem was that the perpetrators of this offense were left alone. They formed secret cells to make their creations and plot against Hitler. The Scholl family was part of this group. The father was a religious fanatic that appeared to be fine with a red government built on the Soviet model. He seemed to have a huge issue with a government built on love of one's people and the natural laws God gave us. Due to the influence of these anti-German groups, they took to illegally putting up flyers based on Marxist revolutionary principles. Due to the way the reds fomented violent acts and revolutions, they were punishable by imprisonment or worse. The children of this man just happened to hand out these flyers during a trying time in the war, under emergency wartime decrees, which made these acts punishable by death. This may have seemed very severe for many Germans of the time; however 1918 was fresh in many people's minds, and was not to be repeated. This was when many anti-war leaders, most of whom were Jewish, caused Germany to fail in the spring offensive of 1918, and sue for peace. This brought Germany chaos and other troubles that no one wanted to see repeated. Thus there had to be a severe punishment to ward off anyone else in that group who might have had the same ideas. Keep in mind, yes, these were mere young ones who were naïve and pushed more by their father and his circle of anti-culture friends, but they still willingly broke a wartime decree. Their tears and pleas of being manipulated fell on deaf ears, which were fearful of not doing anything to stop this idiocy. They did more to aid the Allies than the media tells us. They had in their circle of friends people who were sending bombing targets to the Allies and information on troop movements. They well might have been manipulated and used by Allied agents who were ingrained in these cells, but it did not matter. A hard choice had to be made, and it was made. If we had won the war, their story would be one of defeatism and traitorous activity that put the homeland and fronts in danger. If they had been in the Soviet Union and been pro-German, their fate would have been the same, except Stalin would have dealt with the whole entire family, to teach a lesson. My point being, is that in wartime, nations all over have very strict laws and decrees that citizens must adhere to. Failure to do so can result in severe penalties. Germany was no different from any other nation at war; except we lost, so our enemies get to tell the story they want us to believe. This was a case where young people started a riot on campus that resulted in injuries. These were people who were fair weather patriots and when the war turned they decided to help our enemy. They secretly sent flyers out calling for Germans to throw off the NSDAP in a revolution, with force if necessary. We found British propaganda leaflets in their home, they copied charges the Allies made against Germany and republished them in pamphlets. They would have been free from any harsh punishments if innocent leaflets were the issue. But the pamphlets they started printing, I believe with Allied help, openly called for the sabotage of factories and war efforts that could get our soldiers killed. We had starting receiving letters from the front in regards to bad shells. One Panzer officer told of rounds that seemed sabotaged. He spoke of a Panzer in his unit that was destroyed by the enemy because they had bad shells. All the crew was killed when the Panzer was hit. The shells came from a factory where a pamphlet was found earlier. This set off a nationwide investigation, and this made sabotage a treasonable crime.

So they openly encouraged their countrymen to kill their own soldiers as a way to stop the war. This was the most severe form of treason there is. They also had a contact in Switzerland who it was believed fed the Allies target information that killed civilians in the bombing raids that occurred in 1943. They and their conspirators were put on trial for these high crimes, and executed. This was the only case of its kind thankfully. There was no pleasure in this, but their actions would have gotten them executed in any nation. The Allies smugly hailed them as heroes, but if this had been in England instead of Germany they would also have faced the same fate. The enemy air dropped their leaflets in 1944, but the people saw what traitors they were. Who pushes to end a war by getting your own soldiers killed?

[Above: SS-Hauptsturmführer Prof. Dr. Walther Wüst giving a lecture to the leadership corps of the SS-Oberabschnitt München on March 10, 1937 in Munich.]

You mentioned that you would speak to Himmler; can I ask what his religious views were?

Walther: That might be a hard question to answer for me. It is well-known that the SS and Himmler clashed with the Church at times. I would never say he was anti-Christian, far from it. I would say he believed that there is a great power in the universe that guides us all, but it was not a Jew god. He rejected the Bible in its current form as being the book of the Jews, and the gentiles are next in line after they rejected the Christ. He would say if the devil ever had a perfect deception it would be to replace God's true race with his false race. Then you work on convincing God's race that they really are not of God, but this people are. He believed the Nordic Germanic peoples had special marks that made the entire race, and only this race, the great inventors, creators, thinkers, and explorers. No other race of man has come close to these achievements. There has not been any notable creation to date that is not done by this white Nordic race.

No other race on earth has blue or light eyes, everyone else is dark. When we examined other races they had no true distinctness, they had eyes of only one color, black. Hair was only one color, black. Skin tone was different of course, where we are only one color with only a few differences, and those come from race-mixing long ago. The race of the Europeans can come in different hair color and eye color, no one else can claim that. Why is that? We are supposed to be all humans, but one is set apart, and has brought all the goodness to the world. Himmler would say the children of light could only do such things, while children of darkness seek to pervert and destroy creation. This is the type of talk you would hear from him. He was very interested in the Germanic nations, and sent researchers to look for examples of the old ways. He would say he was disappointed that so many Europeans were allowing them to die away. They were choosing the more modern world that told them that race is unimportant and does not mean anything at all, forsaking their very fathers.

A team went to Sweden and was dismayed that the heirs to the proud Vikings were anything but proud of their past. They allowed the new Church to settle in and had them sending their best blood to Africa to convert them to their beliefs. This was a terrible waste he said because it instills a false sense of virtue. This false virtue leads to a society that does not care where it came from and will adopt other cultures. In the end it will cease to be unique, and cease to exist. The Führer once said: "No people live longer than the documents of their culture." This is very true; we had a special home where a tapestry was placed with these words. That was the mission Himmler would say of the foundation: to preserve and keep alive the spirit of the Germanic peoples for all time. That is the charge of nearly every museum and heritage foundation the world over.

Did Himmler have you working on any of his pet projects? Was there anything that stood out to you?

Walther: Well, everything was a project of Himmler. He had us working on every idea you could think of. We had a master room with papers up all over the walls with projects. He wanted an accounting of everything from any truth in children's fairy tales and their magic, to finding Aryan culture in China and Tibet. That might surprise you, but we sent teams to South America, Africa, China, Persia, and America. We researched if Columbus was a Jew, if the Vikings beat him to the new world. If there were Aryan clans in Tibet, why are some Japanese almost white in appearance? Was there a place called Atlantis? Where did the Germanic tribes come from, did they migrate up through Persia? There are pockets in modern Iran where the people are very Aryan, why? We know that the sub cultures who inhabit areas that have great iconic treasures could not have built them. So then who did? Himmler was convinced other worldly forces were here long ago and left markers, we wanted to understand them. Runes were a part of these markers and we had a department that only studied runes and their deeper meanings. Some even believed them to possess the power to bring supernatural powers to those who understand. This of course is thought to be nonsense, but back then it was taken seriously. These of course were the outliers of Ahnenerbe, the main mission was to finance and research digs in Europe to uncover lost history. I was on a dig where the sword of a Germanic chieftain was found in a burial chamber. This was a big find for us, as a jewel in the hilt was from Persia, long before the Crusades. We found an almost perfectly preserved mummified woman with her blonde hair still braided neatly with a Greek made hair comb. In Turkey we found the same evidence, that these darker-skinned peoples who occupy these areas now, were not the original dwellers of the area. A project that was worked on even after the war is in Paraguay, we found caves with runes, which was quite unique. Why were there runes there? How in the world did the Vikings know to venture several hundred kilometers inland to a mountain region? They were protecting something, according to the local legends. A great blond king was present who had great weapons and power. This was something that needed looked into, as some of the entrances were sealed with a mineral not known and even a state-of-the-art drill could not penetrate. It was an area of great interest for us, but was denied. The reason is the Jews. I must tell you both; one of the biggest projects Himmler had teams working on was the undoing of Jewish influence and lies regarding early history. It was believed by many that Jews who came to Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries used money, power, and influence to change and hide parts of our history. From claiming key figures were converted Jews, and thus superior in knowledge to the goyim, to inventions. There has been a quiet effort by Jews to undermine European history and our Christian and pagan past. They seek to inflate their participation in our history, and in many cases out right lie about achievements. They take what our hands have created, and use their power of the written word to usurp it. These people who call themselves Jews have nothing to show for their history and culture, but if you hear them talk, they take claim for every great idea, invention, and discovery known to the world. The Nobel Prize is named after a man who warned of the Jews and this is why they get so many awards. Let me clarify to you. When someone openly opposes the Jews and exposes their power, they are attacked, and usurped. Since Nobel hated them they made sure to place their tribe on the committees that decide who wins. In this way they can mock the man by ensuring Jews, many of which likely plagiarized or had Allied help in achieving success, win. Himmler knew this well, and we took steps to try to expose this and undo the damage they caused by this false history. I must tell you also, we were not anti-Jewish, far from it. We wanted them removed from our midst so they can grow and live their lives in peace. We saw them as a people who have good qualities, but also many bad ones that were detrimental to us. It was better to have them away from us, and then we have a relationship. We can not tolerate an alien people in our midst who seeks to undo us. I am telling this so you understand; we did not seek to destroy this people, only to take away their ability to influence our destiny. Our fate is our own choosing.

[Above: Enigmas shrouded in mysteries.]

What is the truth about the SS and pure blood? The media mocks this idea and says that pure blood is a lie.

Walther: The SS wanted to promote the idea of the best blood in Germany. What do I mean by that? There is a theory by racial thinkers that the early tribes that settled into the north of Europe were Aryan by race and blood. Blue eyes, light-colored hair and facial traits. These were the pure form of the race, and over centuries of invasions, warfare, and forced captivity by darker races, these features morphed into the blood of Europe, causing brown eyes, brown hair, and other non-Aryan features. This was part of the racial studies that were happening. Now is anything wrong with darker features? Are these people any less human? The answer is no, we have seen all manner of white racial stock create and innovate just like the pure Aryan. So why was it so important to racialists to then promote this idea? To encourage Aryans to breed with another Aryans? It is because this was the true and pure form of creation we believed. We believed that in the beginning the Aryan was brought forth to give light to a dark world. From this race, a larger race, the white race was risen up to become the dominate race on earth. Everything you see around you is because of the Aryan white race. Now the Jew is the antithesis to this idea. Their academics argue there is no race, race is a myth created by ignorant people. They want us to believe that the African is just as intelligent as the Asian, for example. This is just not the case. There is disparity in the races, and everyone should be able to see this, and to ask the question why. The Jew has done their utmost to pull the wool over our eyes, to lie about race. They aim to make race, which I believe is the single most important topic of the planet, to be nothing but an illusion. They convince the masses, who have to be able to see only one racial type has created their world, that race is unimportant. Only one race has shown greatness, all the others follow on the coattails. This Jewish idea has upset the balance of nature's law, and thrown the world into chaos. This is what the Jew needs to survive and thrive. They yearn to destroy the purity of the Aryan by convincing him that he is nothing special and does not exist. That he should lie down with the pigs, because that's only natural they claim. They have written books, spoken in universities, and made movies to try to convince us that blood is nothing. They teach that race is made up, and shame those who disagree. Healthy people know race is everything, they feel it in the veins. Racialists saw through the charade and could see the Jew was trying to hide something. They were trying to hide that the Aryan race is the true form of our creation. To deny this is to deny the creator, and to destroy his creation. This was the goal of the Jew, and the holy task of the SS to defend. To rebuild what was being torn down, and to remove those who were doing the destroying. It is not hate, we do not hate other races, and they are important in their own right. They are here with us, but we must remain separate from them. We can trade with them, be friendly with them, and help them. However there has to be an understanding that we were created separately, and it is a dishonor to deny and revolt against this. I know the other races believe this as well, and only seek peace with all others. National Socialism brought us all a way to make that peace a part of state policy. The Arabs willingly took up our fight, as did others, as they saw the true danger to the world.

Why were people put into the concentration camps for opposing these racial views?

Walther: My dear, the camps are very misunderstood today. Even back in our day they were not well understood. There were some in the Church who opposed them with the conviction that no one should be held for crimes of belief. This is from a Church who burned people for imagined witchcraft and non-belief. The Witch Hammer [Malleus Malificarum, or 'Hammer of Witches', a book writ in 1486 which caused the deaths of countless 'witches'-Ed.] encouraged the burning and killing of anyone who was believed to be into witchcraft but quickly inspired wide killings all over Europe. The Church finally stepped in to stop these reckless murders in the name of God. To put it bluntly, when people openly oppose through violence, or encourage violence, they need removed from the people. That was my opinion of the camps, be mindful I had nothing to do with the camps however. I am merely explaining why they existed. These camps were not a German invention. The English used these camps earlier to intern people en masse who opposed their rule. Let me tell you of Himmler's humanity however. In the German camps, Dachau for example, I toured the garden there. There was an herb garden the prisoners tended to and kept it healthy and growing. The herbs were for medicine, where science studied cures for cancer and other diseases from these herbs. The prisoners were given the herbs as medicine, as a medical treatment to prove medicinal herbs could be used to treat and cure the worst nature had to throw at us. This was very successful and many sick prisoners were saved who would otherwise have died. You will never hear this from them, all they say now is how they were wrongly imprisoned and abused. I can't even talk about the other stories they tell from the east, pure lies cooked up to create a false illusion.

[Above: Professor Walther Wüst.]

Do you believe the victors of the war have been honest about how things happened?

Walther: I will tell you, the victors are not all bad people, but they were influenced by bad people. Many of the people who worked in their propaganda departments were Jews. The writers, reporters, editors, directors and cameramen were largely Jewish. I can tell by their names. They single-handedly were able to shape the opinion of the peoples views on the war, and who they were fighting. So if all our enemies had to go by is what they read and saw in their press and newsreels, they had a false view of reality. To them they were fighting a people led by a madman who was trying to take over the world and destroy mankind. That is what many believed. They lacked the intelligence to question things and think for themselves. They caused the deaths in the camps, but their propaganda told them we were killing Jews to get rid of them. We were not and this is false history. They did not know to question if it was true or if something else had caused these deaths. They were made so hateful by this propaganda that their minds were shut down to reason. They only knew what they had been told, and only believed what they had been shown. Authors then took stories that were told by 'eyewitnesses' and never thought to dig deeper or question. This is how the history of the war has been made up, the victors, not truly understanding what happened, wrote their side of the made-up version that they conjured up. That is how I see it, they are not all bad, they have just been made to believe bad stories.

Are there any claims made by the victors you would like to see exposed and debunked?

Walther: Oh yes. I want to tell you one right now. I was watching the news last night and they claimed that during the Third Reich suicides rose higher and higher each year. They use this to try to trick someone who does not know what Germany was like before Hitler. Before the seizure of power suicides were prevalent all over the Reich. The reasons were poverty, hopelessness, and fear. The nation was in a civil war, and a moral war. The Jews who were small in number, but held much power, were taking from the people. Many lost farms, homes, and businesses due to the shrewd dealings of these people. When Hitler came there was hope for the first time. Property was restored to those who were cheated and wronged. The Reich was growing and a new feeling of hope and happiness was seen. This television show sought to disprove this, and used statistics that I would not be surprised to learn were provided by some communist think tank or Jewish information firm. That is how it works, they use only friends and sources that agree with them and then they make it the law of the land. They claim it is real history and studies, but in fact they only use statistics created by someone who opposed the regime. I know that from 1934-1939 suicides in Germany were at an all-time low. That is how you grade a government, how many people are despondent and take their lives due to no hope. The news show sought to show people were more fearful and forlorn under Hitler. The truth is the opposite. People had hope as they had better jobs, careers, pay, and health. Of course I would be lying if I said there were no suicides at all, certainly there were as lover's quarrels, law breakers, and those with mental issues took their own lives. But it was at very low rates compared to before Hitler. I will also add that during the war, as families felt death and suffering, more did take their lives so the number did go up. I also want to say that the partisans are not soldiers. Today they like to pretend that these terrorists, who wore no uniforms, unless they wore captured ones, were heroes. I lost a family friend in Greece to these criminals. They broke every rule of civilized warfare from flying our flag, false surrenders, to kidnappings with ransoms, and many others. I have no tears for how they were treated. The biggest issue I see today however is the one that will get one in trouble if you speak about it openly. That is the treatment of the Jews. Lost to history are the terror attacks that Jewish communists and anarchists launched against their opponents. These attacks mainly fell upon anyone supporting Hitler or parties aligned with him. Little to nothing is ever said of the way Jewish organizations and prominent individuals agitated against Hitler and his supporters. We all saw the papers smear anyone killed by them as not the victim, but the culprit. They excused their excesses while inflating any National Socialist killings as acts of terror and repression. I was a witness to this time and can tell you there was a reason that there was a backlash towards the Jews and communists. They unleashed revolution, led by Eisner, Levine, and countless other Jews which tarnished them even more in the eyes of Germans. Coupled with the attacks on NSDAP members, it was easy to punish the guilty and anyone supporting them. When the war started there were cells that were uncovered that proved many were secretly against Hitler and Germany. This resulted in some mass expulsions, much like what other nations did to minorities, to make it so they could be collectively watched. This is a reasonable response for any nation to undertake to defend oneself. Germany was put into a few situations where uncomfortable issues had to be settled. What to do with those who refused to join the war and help their nation? Those people who openly advocated for Hitler to step down and end the war. Those who spoke out against our military and repeated Allied claims of war crimes and shame.

[Above: German Ahnenerbe expedition members Dr. Bruno Beger and Dr. Ernst Schäfer, being received by Tibetan dignitaries and the Chinese representative in Lhasa, 1938.]

[Above: Pages from a 1936 article from the Illustrierter Beobachter (Illustrated Observer) reporting on an expedition to the Himalayas.]

[Above: The National Socialist expedition uncovered this ancient statue made from a rare meteorite. The 1,000-year-old statue is made from a rare form of iron with a high content of nickel.
It is believed to be made from the Chinga meteorite which crashed on earth 15,000 years ago. Note the swastika on the figure's stomach. One of the important questions raised is how was this incredibly hard material carved?]

[Above: The Germans also sent an expedition to South America, into the Amazon, led by Otto Schulz-Kampfhenkel, a Berlin zoologist, documentary filmmaker and member of the SS.]

[Above: A grave marker in a small cemetery near Laranjal do Jari, Brazil of a German researcher. It says:
'Joseph Greiner starb hier am 2-1-36 den Fiebertod im Dienste Deutscher Forschungsarbeit - Deutsche Amazonas Jary Expedition 1935-37.'
(Joseph Greiner Died here of fever on 2-1-36 in the service of German research work - German Amazon Jary Expedition 1935-37).
Greiner was the expedition's foreman. The cross was recently torn down by anti-'Nazi' ghouls.]

[Above: Seal of the Deutsche Antarktische Expedition - 1938-1939.]

[Above: A German mountain trooper ties a swastika flag to the globe atop the 1937 'Polarcirkel' monument. On the right a reporter (note camera) sits amongst German mountain troops.]

[Above: Here lies the grave of the warrior and genius Walther Wüst.
'Life, many blossoms, many thorns, and a cold, dark grave'
--Joseph Goebbels.
Many of the leaders of National Socialist Germany did not even receive a grave by their enemies, instead their ashes were dumped into rivers or literally thrown into the trash.
There are still an untold number of German soldiers, who after surrendering, were starved and brutalized by the Allies and then buried in mass graves.]

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