• The following interview with M.R. was done in the summer of 2014.

    "Everything in the world has a second face: nature, culture, religion, art, politics, love, everything.
    Whoever doesn’t know that is fortunate. I know it.”

    - Herman Löns, German author (1866 - 1914)

  • Greetings M.R., let's start by introducing Der Wehrwolf and yourself to the world.

    First, thanks a lot for this interview and sorry for the long wait. DER WEHRWOLF is a magazine, also called a fanzine in some circles that covers music (Metal, RAC, Neofolk, etc.), politics and history in a politically incorrect way.

    The first issue debuted in late 2008/early 2009 which included interviews with the bands IRON YOUTH, ARIMA and BLOOD AND IRON. Issue one appeared toward the end of the year in December 2009, with 64 A5 sized-pages, all in English. This issue also appeared with the bands 88, ANCIENT RITES (which was Gunther Theys's longest interview he ever did, it filled over 20 pages), DARK FURY, DER STÜRMER, TODENWALZ, FAETHON, NOKTURNE, SEGES FINDERE, THORNSLAND and WARWOLF. There were also several pages of old German poems.

    The first steps and developments of other interviews for the second issue began strangely enough even before the first issue came out, which was around the end of 2009. Compared to the first issue there were two changes to the second, the German language and a CD with 17 songs lasting about 80 minutes. This time DER WEHRWOLF appeared with 68 pages. The interviews in English were with the bands AKTISA, BATTLECRY, DRAUGALIN, EINGAR, FJÖRD, GEIMHRE, GATEWAY TO THE SUN, HATE FOR BREAKFAST, HELDENTOD, NORTHERN FOG, VERZERZÖDES, and WOLFENHORDS. The interviews in German were with the bands ASGARDSREICH, BLOOD AND IRON, BRANSTOCK, MASSERNVERNICHTUNG/OCCULT CRYPT and MEGAERA.

    Issue two came out fairly quickly a half year later in June 2010 after I already had a lot on my plate with the first issue. Readers had to wait somewhat longer on the third issue, over a year until November of 2011. There was another change this time; only the German language was used in this issue. There was a CD again, which was a sort of collaboration with the German Distro and record-label OPOS Records. This time there was 72 pages of interviews with DAS LETZTE AUFGEBOT, IRON YOUTH, FEUERNACHT, KRIEGSSCHWUR, PC-Records, STAHLKLANG, MORGENROT, WINTERGEWITTER, TOTENBURG, WODULF, VIOLENCE-Fanzine and PREUßENSTOLZ.

    The fourth and last issue so far was our collaboration. The WEHRWOLF / MOURNING THE ANCIENT issue appeared once again entirely in English in February 2012 with 76 pages and a CD. The only two interviews in this issue that came from my hand were the ones with you about your works with MOURNING THE ANCIENT, and the other one being with the political prisoner Chris Slavin. All the rest of the interviews came from you, as you know. Those were the interviews with ABSU, ABYSSIC HATE, ACHERON, AD HOMINEM, ANGANTYR, ANGELCORPSE, AXIS OF ADVANCE, BARATHRUM, BLACK WIDOW, BRANSTOCK, CAPRICORNUS, David Lane, DEMONCY, DEMONIC CHRIST, EINHERJER, GODLESS NORTH, MORTEM, PAGAN HELLFIRE, PRUSSIAN BLUE, ROSSOMAHAAR, SACRAMENTARY ABOLISHMENT, SADOGOAT, SPEAR OF LONGINUS, STURMFÜHRER and THUNDERBOLT.

    A fifth issue is, or rather was, already in the works, comically enough even before issue three and four were published. I had planned an issue full of interviews with national and so-called 'political prisoners'. By the time issue three was published I already had 12 interviews done for this fifth issue. I gave them to somebody who I called a comrade, who said they wanted to help me out a little, but in the course of time the contact with this person was broken off, and the finished interviews were gone. Although to be honest I don’t regret losing all the material, since I don’t have contact anymore with some of the (maybe ex-) prisoners.

    There’s really nothing more to say as far as DER WEHRWOLF and the individual issues are concerned. I don’t yet know how and when a fifth issue will come out, but I’m 88% sure that in the future all issues will be half in English and half in German. In this ever increasing Orwellian-surveillance-world and in the age of the internet and Facebook where everybody knows everyone else there’s not much left to tell about myself, and that's really enough to know about DER WEHRWOLF. I think you understand what I mean.

    It's refreshing to see Der Wehrwolf in its old school format of black and white. Your interviews are very interesting, covering a lot of bands I'm not familiar with. Any plans to make a website? What are some of your favorite interviews you've done in the past? If you could interview any person, living or dead, who would it be? Anything special you would ask them?

    Thank you for the compliment. I’ve never really thought about a real website. I wouldn’t be interested in that, precisely because DER WEHRWOLF is printed in such an old-school way and that’s how I want it to remain. Sometimes it is better to not spread things to the world-wide-web and to let the whole world know about it. My favorite interview… well, the interview with Gunther of ANCIENT RITES was special for me in one way. But I see all my interviews as equal. Of course there a certain interviews where there were more questions like the ANCIENT RITES interview, but nevertheless there are no favorite interviews.

    I can ask a living person for an interview at any time, so it would probably be a person already dead. Those that come to mind are David Lane, Quorthon of BATHORY, or Ian Stuart. I think those interviews could be something special.

    It's interesting you've chosen the name Der Wehrwolf. As I'm sure you know, the Wehrwolf's were German resistance groups and individual fighters toward the end of WW2 and after. Is this where you got your name from? Can you tell us anything about them? They are somewhat unknown in history, which is unfortunate, because it is a fantastic chapter of history. Imagine individual men and women, sometimes even children, facing the combined might of the Allied occupation forces. It's like something out of a storybook, but where the heroes didn't win.

    The wolf as an animal and the cult behind the mythos of the wolf goes back a few thousand years. This animal fascinates me a lot and always has. What inspired me most to use this name for my zine was the novel of the same name from 1910 by Herman Löns. Löns's book was about the resistance of farmers under the leadership of a certain Harm Wulf against marauders in the Thirty-Year War.

    When it comes to the so-called “Wehrwolf”-fighters, it was written that “individual people and groups still attempt to resist the Allied forces”, but as you know, that’s a chapter in itself which unfortunately is usually not in the history books. Whether there actually was a Wehrwolf-organisation at the end of WW2, I believe in the year 1933 the resistance (Wehr)-units, which had existed since the Weimar Republic, were absorbed into various units such as the SA or Hitler-youth for example and ceased to exist.

    We've been pretty bored with the music scene for a few years now. In the majority of bands today there is no feeling or presence like in the past. The glorious 90's are sadly gone and with them the old energy. While I know there are a few exceptions, I find the majority of bands boring and unoriginal. Can you tell me of any newer bands that you have found worthy? Any bands that you've heard in the past few years and thought 'wow, that is great stuff...'? In the old days it seemed like almost every band you heard had something good to offer. These days it's like everyone has their own record label, distro, etc... many bands don't even release demos anymore.

    In my opinion the best and classic albums of the different genres of Metal were already made over 15, 20 or 25 years ago. Music nowadays and a few years back are mostly just copies… A band like DARKTHRONE, as an example, sounded very different in the beginning but now there are lots of bands that sound like DARKTHRONE. Some of the bands are good, some are bad, but that is just a matter of taste of course. You are right with your words, but don’t forget the scene was smaller. The second wave of Black Metal bands created something new versus Death Metal and other trends. It was new, more ideological, mysterious and magical.

    In the last years, however, Metal music and most Black Metal has lost a lot of its magic. Much of this is because of the technical revolution of the internet, downloading and pages like Facebook. But there have always been interesting bands, yesterday and today. Another problem, bands are not original anymore. Take bands like ANCIENT RITES or VARATHRON for example, you never knew before what to expect from the next album, because they never sounded the same from album to album, but you still knew they were the same band. They were creative and original.

    Newer good bands are hard to find in this overflowing Metal-scene. Bands who I've found recently that have great material are THE COMMITTEE, EWIGER WALD, FEUERNACHT, PERLUKOS and ATRUM INRITUS. But in the last years I focus more of my taste to the music from bands like ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO, WAPPENBUND, SAGGITTARIUS, SONNE HAGAL, LEBENSESSENZ or VON THRONSTAHL.

    Now, when some bands choose to release their own material through their own label is not so tragic to me, if not better, since then they don’t have to worry about being ripped-off by a record label, which happens quite often.

    This disease that has so deeply affected our beloved music has also gone hand in hand with international society. In our view, people have grown far worse with each generation, and the existing generations grow more and more superficial and brainwashed daily. Is there hope for mankind?

    I have to agree with you there, there’s a lot of bad in this world in which we live, but there’s also a lot of good and we should never lose sight of that. But I also think that one sees and does a lot of things differently and more critically which has to do with the process of getting older. But nevertheless I don't see very much negatively these days, since one should try to see things from both sides, you have to keep in mind that something good can come from something bad. You can never lose your hope or courage, even in this time of surveillance and brainwashing. It’s up to you and all of us to change things.

    This is a question we've always asked, and almost always we've received the same answer. We've interviewed people from many different countries, cultures, races, etc., and they've almost all agreed that the future of the world looks bleak. That the human situation on this planet will grow worse before better. So then, from your perspective, how do you see the future of mankind? Will it get worse before better?

    As far as the 20th century goes, it was particularly marked by both of the world wars, where the white peoples of Europe tore each other to pieces. Especially in WW2, the great white folks of Europe, the Germans and the Russians, were pitted against each other and that caused a lot of devastation, death and bloodshed. And what did the victors of yesterday gain? The former British and French Empires are gone. They have the same problems and suffer from the same foreign infiltration and heteronomy as the German folk. The big Soviet Union shrank down after the fall of Bolshevism in order to make it more attractive for the west. US soldiers are stationed in over 100 countries, but inside the USA the economy is sliding more and more downhill. The Zionists use the media to manipulate and control public opinion. At the end of the 20th century, what is left for us and how much worse can it get?

    Militarily, politically, demographically, economically as well as culturally it has gotten much worse and the white population continues going down more and more.

    There are too many points to enumerate, you could fill a few books, and what would that bring? Nothing. We all see and read it everyday. It's all around us, how we live and how much anger there is when we envision our future.

    Like I wrote before to see the bad and good. There is always hope and a future for mankind, it’s in our hands and minds.

    This leads me to a more philosophical mind set. Thinking about the state of this world and the impending darkness, I can't help but think of the past and what the ancients said. Ragnarok. Kali Yuga. The Age of Iron. Armageddon. All of these beliefs share many common themes, among them is the belief that the world has to end for it to begin again. A purification in flames. What do you think?

    These themes are created by mankind, like you said, in a more philosophical way. But they are interesting themes for sure, the same goes for the prophecy of Nostramdamus etc.… it's like the question of what happens after our life and existence? Is there something else between life and death, who knows? Nobody knows… but the different theories are pretty interesting… but at the end I believe in the purification in flames. It’s up to mankind, nothing else.

    Most of the aforementioned beliefs even stated that this apocalypse on earth would also extend to the heavens, to the Gods' realms, where, as in Ragnarok, even most of the deities die. What do you think? Do you believe in a god, or gods?

    Everybody has to decide for themselves if they believe in a special god or not or to have something in a higher position than themselves. But, no I don’t believe in a god or gods… Self-fulfillment is my way. I believe in me, who I am and what I create. Life is a path we choose, we build stone by stone to our way to “eternity”. It's all up to survival in this world… and we will see what comes when life ends.

    Christianity did a very thorough job destroying the religious beliefs of the ancient world. Over the bloody centuries they burned and destroyed the written word and monuments of the Old Gods. Replacing the tolerance of the pagans with a vicious, selfish intolerance which allowed no god but the Hebrew one. It's really amazing to learn about how the ancient world worshiped so many gods and goddesses. More amazing perhaps is these deities seemed to span cultures and lands. So many of them were interchangeable. Different by only a name. The ancients even took the deities of others from time to time, adapting them peacefully into their own culture, and further into their pre-existing 'family' of gods. The Parthenon, for example, was a temple where many deities could be worshiped freely. What are your thoughts on all of this?

    There is no new information. If you research the past of Christianity, you´ll learn instantly that the Christianization was anything but peaceful, unlike what the church claims today. The old belief was fought with fire and sword, holy places and buildings were destroyed and mostly replaced by churches, inestimable knowledge was destroyed.

    Many wars on religious issues show how stupid and intolerant the human being is, and still religions talk about grace of charity and respect for each other.

    Nowadays, most people who are rooted in northern and central Europe have, at least partly, Germanic ancestors. However, anyone dealing with our past and our old belief will be regarded sceptically.

    What I also find rather pitiful is that among religious sheep there are many who follow a different creed and therefore live in “sin”. There are many people who live differently than they should, who go against their own beliefs. This means all religions are full of contradictions to a certain degree, created by men to enslave. It is the contradiction called the 'human being'.

    Today's fast paced, technological and extremely mundane world seems to breed human robots. Meet a thousand people on the street and 99% of them will echo the opinions of their televisions or other media. They simply take for granted that they are always being told the truth. When in reality, they are seldom told the truth. The closest they usually get is an extremely biased, slanted and opinionated version. Government and media lies are out of control. It is not hard to see the strings and the puppet masters behind them. Not hard... for someone who looks. Someone who gives a shit. But most people seem more than happy being a slave. The strongest chains are those on the mind. Thoughts?

    Of course, because most people are like sheep and too lazy to try to change anything, they waste their time with things that don’t bring them personally forward.

    I ask myself a lot times too, why? Why are most people like sheep who follow the promises and lies of the media or some corrupt politician? Is it really so hard nowadays to inquire or find the truth rather than what the media would like us to believe?

    We just need to look at the public and society as an example. Everyone always has to be online or with their phones or other technological shit like the internet or on social networks like Facebook. For them that’s the most important thing--to waste their time. Of course it's not hard to really know what happened in the past or nowadays in this world we live. People can use technology for real information or useful propaganda too. But most people don’t even try or have the interest. It's pretty sad how far away we are from useful solutions. People live in their own little world, they don’t think or use their brains. They don’t look for the right answers or opinions. They live rather like you said, like a slave to the regimented press and media companies. We speak of a so-called 'herd mentality' where none would like to be the black sheep.

    Most interesting, continuing the last question, is how you can show the average person the true facts, indisputable, right before their eyes, and if it conflicts with what the television told them, many still won't believe it. Or even if they do, they do nothing about it. The age old whine "But what can I do about it...?" Well, certainly sitting on your couch isn't the answer. Worse yet, are those who see the truth and simply don't care. It seems that legions of people are unhappy these days, yet they keep on believing the lies that got us to this dark place in history. They keep on electing the same criminals into office, believing the same lies. It is sickening. Will they ever wake up?

    If I didn't believe in people waking up eventually, I wouldn´t answer your questions. However, I think this will probably be after it´s too late unfortunately. There will be a time when all the lies will fall and eventually truth and justice will prevail.

    Most books these days aren't worth the trees that were killed for their paper. But some, and the trees may disagree, are worth the wood and are reservoirs of knowledge. What are some of your favorites?

    I´m quite eclectic concerning books, because besides politics and history, I am also very interested in movies, personalities, music, etc. and I own relevant books on these topics.

    But to name some favourites, “Der Mythus des 20. Jahrhunderts”by Alfred Rosenberg, “March of the Titans” by Arthur Kemp, “Soweit die Füße tragen” by Josef Martin Bauer, “Das Goldene Band” by Miguel Serrano, “Might is Right” by Ragnar Redbeard, as well as the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Schopenhauer and other personalities.

    What do you do when you want to get away from the darkness we've mentioned? Is there a time or a place in history that you would choose to go? Any hobbies or interests beyond Der Wehrwolf?

    The funny thing is, no matter where I go, this "darkness", as you call it follows my every footstep. There is no such place in history or the past. I live here and now and have to make the best of it, in good and bad times. Although in bad times you often long for another time/another place.

    My life can be concluded in these words- family, work and my other projects.

    If you had one question that you could ask an all-knowing being, what would you ask?

    I think that would be a question like "what is the reason for our existence?".

    A founding father of the United States once said "Those who would exchange their freedoms for security deserve neither." Yet, that is exactly what is happening, large scale, all across the earth. Here we have what is called the 'Patriot Act' which is the most un-patriotic thing in the history of this country perhaps. Among other things, the 'Patriot Act' empowers the government to spy on its citizens freely, without a warrant. It allows them to arrest anyone and hold them without a charge, without a lawyer, without a trial, for any amount of time. Heard about this? Your thoughts?

    This kind of law came into force after the “attacks” on 9/11. I've read a lot about the “Patriot Act”. This is a severe restriction of privacy and personal freedom. But this is what the USA wants, everyone's personal information and control over every citizen. Concerning the “Patriot Act”, this law is pathetic and undemocratic for a nation who is allegedly concerned about every possible kind of violation of international law. But we know, there is nothing too dirty to accomplish their goals or to get certain information. You have to wonder what the difference is between the USA and say, for example, North Korea.

    The world government grows more tyrannical each day it seems. If Democracy was what it claims to be, it would never commit the atrocities that have become commonplace in today's world. I wonder just how many lives have been taken away by the bullets and bombs of these tyrants. I've learned that the definition of democracy is whatever they need it to be at the moment. If they don't like what a law says, they amend it. If they don't feel like amending it, they break it.

    Every person choosing the service knows he´s dedicating himself to his country and his respective government, that´s no secret. People didn´t learn from WWI and WWII, or more recently the Vietnam War, Afghanistan, Iraq... And the bombs will keep falling--soldiers who are told they fight for their country, as well as the innocent, will die.

    We should not forget either, in the First World War that 10% of the civilian population died. In the second world war it went up to 40%. Nowadays in the latest wars like Afghanistan and Iraq 90% of the civilian population have been killed by the bringer of “prosperity and peace”.

    People did not learn from the past. Just have a look at the Palestine conflict; every normal human being will understand that Israel is the aggressor. To see it clearly just look at the map since the foundation of Israel to understand Palestine is slowly disappearing. Every day innocent people are imprisoned or even shot without a trial.

    Not so long ago, Israel got a “Dolphin” nuclear submarine from Germany as a gift. Also recently Israel showed interest to “buy” 3 or 4 turbo missile boats. The German taxpayers will pay most or all of it, because Germany has a “special responsibility” to Israel, according to our past.

    This is how democracy looks like nowadays, aggressor states like Israel get all they want and countries which don´t go with the tide get threatened economically or they get the bomb as well. Back to the US and their soldiers/veterans--I read some terrible stories and saw a few documentaries about them, pretty sad. They fight for the interest of the corrupt “democratic” state and politicians. But like I said in the beginning, people know what their getting into when they join the army. Of course the government lies about the reasons behind everything. It happens again and again, but it’s up to the people to change that. It's not so hard anymore to find out the truth behind the mysterious curtain and what is really going on. Eyes should see and ears should hear…

    It's almost comical and truly amazing how the 'super powers' post-WW2 are mainly only 'super powers' because they scrambled to pillage, steal and kidnap anything and anyone they found valuable from Germany in the closing days of WW2. For example: someone once said that 'the United States and Russia do not have a space program, they have a German space program!' And it is very true. We could go on and on about the technology the Allies stole from National Socialist Germany, but it would take a book in itself. It is mind-blowing when you first learn about all the scientific advances made during the Third Reich. Within those short twelve years centuries were jumped in science and technology. Any knowledge you care to share? Your thoughts on all of this?

    As far as I know, tons of valuable knowledge, material, inventions and documents of the Third Reich were stolen after the end of WWII. It is remarkable in various aspects how highly developed their machine engineering, technology, science, research and development was in Germany even back then. Air engineering for example was ahead of other nations already in the 1930s. The German Luftwaffe with multi-row engine, predictor and steel mechanism was superior to the Air Forces of other countries.

    There are theories that under the National Socialists nuclear weapons were developed, and that the moon landing of Neil Armstrong was possible only with German space technology. This is why the U.S. beat the Russians. Also here we can mention the development of secret technology of the Nazi-UFOs and the new accumulation systems/energy conversions.

    Not only is the progress on this level unbelievable and noteworthy, but there was also other progressive inventions and achievements of the Third Reich. There were so many inventions; television, visual telephone, audio drama, vinyl records, wind energy etc. There were also laws and civil rights like animal and environmental protection, patent rights, marriage rights, motherhood rights and many others that were adopted in post-war Germany. There are also several books about this topic.

    To end on a lighter note... tell me who you think are the greatest human beings to ever grace this world and why?

    Of course my immediate family… which doesn't need an explanation because it’s a natural instinct.

    Finally, your final thoughts and words of wisdom to this tired, old world?

    Thanks again for this interview that I needed 3 years to answer! But you know it was not because of laziness…
    My last words are from George Orwell who once said: “In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    M. R.
    Postfach 86
    91567 Herrieden

    -Der Wehrwolf email-

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