In commemoration of the 101st anniversary of his birth, we are proud to present, for the first time hitherto in the English language, a special interview with Don Miguel Serrano conducted by José Luis Jerez (formerly of CEDADE) for the Winter Solstice, 1988 edition of the CEDADE-affiliated journal "Excalibur". Topics covered include: Don Miguel's travels, esoteric cosmogony, polar mysteries, Antarctica, Hyperborea and the genesis and dispersal of the Hyperboreans, racial realities, spiritual practice in the face of the stultifying conditions of the modern age, the geomantic "science of the stone", historical dialectic, Hitlerian initiation, runes, alchemy, the doctrine of the Avatar, and much, much more.

1.) Your life trajectory has been that of an impenitent traveler in search of a meeting with the hope. What has been your "search" in the glaciers of Antarctica and on the crests of the Himalayas?

Serrano: I've told it in "Adolf Hitler, the Ultimate Avatar" As early as 1945 we knew that Hitler had not died in Berlin and that he would have left to Antarctica first, towards that region discovered by the expedition of Captain Ritscher, in 1938-39 in the frozen lands of Queen Maud. Hitler was a genius and knew, after the attack on Russia and the failure of Rudolf Hess's flight to England, that the war was lost, that he had to lose it (in order to triumph in the world of absolute values) and, therefore, with his enormous imagination, prepared the real "Operation Barbarossa", that is to say the "Operation Return and Resurrection in the Ices." And do not think that I am fantasizing. Pedro Varela, in the number of CEDADE dedicated to Rudolf Hess, reproduces his interview with Hess's wife, where she declares that "Hitler knew that the war was lost." And also that Hitler was talking—already before the war—about flying saucers and "the angels of the firmament" (which were surely these same "saucers")... An Aryan does not lie. I do not believe that Varela is lying. At that, because I know that Hitler knew of these things, although he would only speak of them with Hess...

Antarctica guards a tremendous mystery. Oases of temperate waters have been found there, with habitable zones in the middle of the glaciers. They were found by Ritscher. And most importantly, it has been discovered that the rocks of Antarctica are lunar rocks. Thus, Hörbiger's theories are being proven. Antarctica could be Lemuria, better still, Hyperborea.The fall of a moon made the poles jump. And today the South Pole would be the old North Pole. In Rudolf Hess's cell there was a large map of the Moon. When the Americans were there (if indeed they were), they would have found it inhabited. And they did not return to the Moon anymore. I do not like much to talk about this topic because people do not believe. Everything has already been said by me in "The Golden Cord, Esoteric Hitlerism" and in "Adolf Hitler, the Ultimate Avatar". There have I written everything I know. For this, when I went to Antarctica, in 1947-48, in truth I was going to look for Hitler. But he is no longer there... The esotericism of Hitler had nothing to do with what is understood as such today. It referred to a different science, to another Science, which is not Jewish, based on the explosion and on the rationalist mathematics, which is taught to us; it was based on implosion and the archetypal numbers, that is, an archetypal mathematics, that annul gravity and lead to flying saucers, to something spiritual; precisely, to "the angels of the firmament"...

In the Himalayas, in the Andes, on the great peaks, I have always sought the same thing: the entrances to the interior earth—which also exist in Antarctica—to those cities of the legend of the myth: Agartha, Shamballa, El Dorado, the City of the Caesars. The law of "synchronism" which has relation to the ancient Chinese philosophy of meaning and with that of Hermes Trismegistus, makes us understand that what is within must also be without. The center, in our heart, the Self, the Oneself, of the psychology of Jung, will also exist outside, hidden, like Shamballa, like Asgard, or Agartha... This I have searched for and continue searching for in the ices of the high peaks... Nobody will be able to understand Esoteric Hitlerism if they are not able to penetrate and live the archetypal world of the symbols and the great myths. Because Hitler and Rudolf Hess were prisoners of the Myth, prisoners of the Archetype. Hess had to die murdered and in prison, so that one day his blood would fructify in an eternal, immortal way.

And "Operation Barbarossa" imposes the Myth of the Resurrection, of awakening in a subterranean world, at the end of time. In the Inner Earth. And that is why Hitlerism is already invincible, because the archetypes have been fulfilled, they are being fulfilled, beyond man, beyond the worm-man, amongst the giants, regardless of man. And it is its enemies, the Jews, who will do everything necessary—they will commit all of the necessary errors, like the murder of Hess—, for the Resurrection of the Myth and the final triumph of Hitler. Because they are fascinated and scared... Yes, Hitlerism is no longer politics, there is no time for politics in the end of the Kali Yuga, but for "metapolitics". This is already a Religion. Or better, it nourishes itself from the channels of deep waters that make the redemptive religions possible. All the ingredients are there, and so are we, the priest-warriors of this New Religion: Esoteric Hitlerism. Leon Degrelle is right: "Hitler for 1000 Years" is the title of one of his great books.

2.) Cathar means pure; what consequences have you derived from Catharism?

Serrano: How little we can say about Catharism! In truth, we don't know anything. All of their texts, if there were any, have been made to disappear. So at first glance, it would seem that they deviated from the great currents of Gnosticism and the Buddhism of the origins, being able to affirm that the universe, of the "fifth heaven downwards" was creation of the Demiurge, or Demon—Jehovah—. The truth is that it is only corrupted by the Demiurge and the warriors have the obligation and the duty to fight to redeem it, transfigure it, snatching it from the claws of the Demiurge. That is why we are here. The Cathars wanted to depart, in the "Endura" or ritual suicide, and not incarnate more spirits in this world of evil... But I do not know, I am not sure. I conversed for a long time with René Nelli, that great specialist and scholar of the University of Toulouse. He relied upon the few surviving texts. I can only refer myself to a personal experience, lived in the ruins of Montsegur, which I recount in my book "ELELLA, Book of Magic Love". I had tried to climb the mountain, but the steep slope was covered in ice, preventing me from doing so. Upon leaving, I turned on the road to look at the summit. Then, from the ruins of the castle of Montsegur, it seemed to me that large arms of stone opened and a transparent emanation came to me, of sublime, superhuman love, which moved me to tears. René Nelli also told me that there was a point on the slope of the mountain where, every time he climbed it, he could not stop the tears.

3.) The Grail is a well-known higher ideal; where would it be located in our days? Speak to us about the legend of the Holy Grail.

Serrano: According to Otto Rahn, who entered the SS, the Gral (not Grail) was not a cup, but a Stone, perhaps an emerald, fallen from the Crown of Lucifer (Lucibel, for the Cathars) in his stellar combat. Also a rock upon which the wisdom and the Law of the Hyperborean Aryans would have been engraved in code (runic?). It would have been in possession of the Cathars, who inherited it from the Visigoths of Languedoc, in the ruins of a most ancient castle which existed on Montsegur. The Cathars managed to bring it to safety, at the last moment through the four knights who escaped from Montsegur, the names of three of them are in the archives of the Inquisition of Carcassonne and I have already given them in my books. The Cathars could not decipher the Gral. Otto Rahn searched for it in the caverns of Sabarthé and it seems that the SS found it and the Hitlerists managed to decipher it. From there the invention in 1944 of the UFOs, or "flying saucers" of Hitler, the antigravitational science of Implosion. There are documents of this in circulars of the army of the Germany of Bonn. It is Another Science, which already existed in the Age of the unpolished Stone, in the Paleolithic, in Stonehenge, in the Exsternsteine, and in Compostelian Galicia.

According to the Hitlerist writer Saint-Loup, the Gral was brought to Berchtesgaden and put away to safety at the last moment by a specialized battalion of the SS. He tells of it in his novel "Nouveaux Cathares pour Montsegúr". Now, and always following that law of "synchronism": what is outside is inside and vice versa, the Grail, would represent, in the soul, the unlocatable Center, the Self, the lost totality, which is also reached by a new-old science of the alchemical transmutation, to realize the Superman, the Sonnenmensch. Because one thing can not go without the other, that science could only be reached and controlled by the recovered God-Man. And this was what Esoteric Hitlerism intended and achieved... It is also in Parzifal.

4.) Hyperborea is the reunion with our ancestors, in the original point, what suggestions and evocations does Hyperborea inspire?

Serrano: For the German investigator Jürgen Spanuth, the Atlantis of Plato and Hyperborea are one and the same, only that this Atlantis was in the North Pole. Remains of it would be the island of Heligoland and also Greenland, the green land, because it was green, today it is covered by ice. I have conversed with Spanuth and also with Professor Hermann Wirth, some years before his death. Wirth was the founder of the specialized institute of the SS Ahnenerbe. He did not believe in the sinking of a continent in the North Pole, but another investigator, this time a Hindu, Tilak, in his book "The Arctic Home in the Vedas", proves, with old texts, that the original home of the Aryans who conquered India was in the North Pole; a place already destroyed, made inhabitable by the ices. Julius Evola also refers to a polar, Hyperborean tradition. This was the name that the Greeks gave to the polar continent. In Parzifal it is called Hyperbortikon, which meant the same thing: beyond the god Boreas, of the cold and the storm. Beyond the gods and the archetypes, when man was a god: Asgard, Thule. It is also possible that Professor Wirth was right, that a continent is not sunken in the North Pole.

This, if we think of Hörbiger, of the fall of a moon and the jump of the poles, Antarctica would be today the ancient Hyperborea, where Hitler returns, fulfilling the Myth of the Return to the primigenial Home. René Guenón affirms that Agartha was one day upon the surface of the earth, but that today it has submerged. Where? In the Inner Earth? There is also the Archetype of the Hollow Earth, at the bottom of the Antarctic, where the German expedition of the 30s found endless passageways in the ice. And Admiral Doenitz declared, in an order of the day to his submariners, in 1943, that he was "proud of the German submarines, because they had discovered, in an impregnable place of the earth, a paradise for the Führer"... Where? Antarctica is not a paradise. Only within, in the Hollow Earth... And here I will allow myself to answer the question that you will ask me later about Lovecraft and his strange story "At the Mountains of Madness". He dedicated these stories to Edgar Allan Poe, who wrote his likewise enigmatic tale "The Strange Adventure of Arthur Gordon Pym", related to Antarctica. Poe, as an Irishman, had related to the Celtic and Druidic tradition and to an initiation that makes use of the Archetype of the Hollow Earth, the Paradise of St. Patrick, of King Arthur and Avalon. King Arthur also goes to Avalon, where he will be cured of his wounds by the magic women and he will await the moment of return. It is no coincidence that Poe would call his hero (Gordon Pym) Arthur, like the mythical King. All of the SS initiation, of the Leftwards Swastika, symbolically repeated the leftwards journey to the North Pole.

Even Hitler's Esoteric War is directed in this direction, stopping in the Caucasus, in Stalingrad. Only so the archetypal destiny will direct it to the end in the true direction, that is, to Antarctica, where Hyperborea and the primordial mythical North really were found. Hitler could not decide anything by himself, he was a Prisoner of the Myth and of the Archetype, which would pull him down its fiery paths. Although he also asked: "If possible, take this chalice away from me"... There is isn't any variation here, it is always the same, because it is the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious that are being fulfilled. At the margin of men, are the Gods who will carry out the new dispensation of Esoteric Hitlerism to the final triumph. It is only a matter of time, here or in a "parallel world", outside or within. The only thing that we have to do, to help this be fulfilled, is to be loyal to the vestments of the symbols, of the archetypes. That is, we have to understand that the symbols of National Socialism cannot be changed or discarded: the swastika, the armbands, the runes, the daggers, the flags, the songs, the marches, the uniforms.

They correspond to the symbols of a Aryan, warrior Religion. And those who call to forget them, for being out-of-date, do not understand anything. They are charged with energy and nostalgia, just like those of Christianity were for two thousand years. Because, contrary to what is said, the habit also makes the monk. When the Church detaches itself from its symbols, from its liturgy, leaving its sacred language, Latin, and its habits, to enter and participate in contingent politics, introducing "pop" music in its ceremonies, it rots without remedy. Our symbols are much more ancient, they are polar. And our nostalgia is not of two thousand years, but of hundreds of thousands. Our sacred language is also much older: the Runes. Look, even the Bolsheviks forget their myths and symbols, their songs, their "Bible": "Das Kapital"; the trilogy of Marx, Engels, and Lenin. But without great results, for they are rationalist inventions of the rational mind and the most crass materialism. We have a treasure gifted by the Gods, that we must guard with our lives. The Enemy knows it and despairs. They aim to have us destroy it ourselves, through ignorance, ambition, or superficiality. But this is no longer possible. Nobody has, such as we, a tradition more rich, more luminous, more ancient, more primordial. Nor a greater Nostalgia of the Origin, representing an energy which is capable of destroying and remaking a world, of reviving the dead heroes.

5.) You personally knew Hesse and Jung. Please tell us about the two collective unconsciousness-es of Jung and the hermetic circles of Hess.

Serrano: The discovery of the two (or better, shall we say, several) Collective Unconsciousnesses of Jung is of a transcendental importance. Nobody, except the Jews, has taken good account of this. And they have made this conception disappear from all the texts of the work of Professor Carl Gustav Jung. But I possess a book, published before the war, where the theme is referred to: "El Yo y lo Inconsciente", published in Argentina. Jung states that the form in which the Aryan and the Jew "constellate" and face the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious are diametrically opposed. Better said, both possess a different Collective Unconscious, with opposed Archetypes. This is equivalent to saying that not all men are equal upon the earth; as Novalis would say "that everyone has the human form does not mean that all are men". The form is even on the earth, it obeys the needs of the environment. Everyone has a mouth, arms, noses, eyes, intestines, spinal column. The cat has them, the dog has them. But the cat and the dog are not equals; what is more, they are enemies. The enmity is not borne from the form, but from something stranger and deeper, from within, or from outside the form. And this was always so and was recognized as such in the times before Christianity, which comes to forcefully impose a erring, false view upon the pagan world: the equality of all men and all races.

For a Roman and an Egyptian this was crazy. Well, now for the first time in two thousand years, Jung has demonstrated to us that, among the beings with similar human form, there are essential differences and that, like the dog and the cat, there are also irreconcilable enemies (save for small exceptions, of course), because they have a different worldview, different symbols, different archetypes, and they tend to impose their conception at the expense of the other; through the annihilation of the other; since to live in a psychic world that does not correspond, is to die off. The concept of Jung is born parallel to the imposition and racial investigations of Hitlerism. Moreover, I believe that Jung dared to coin this because he thought that Hitler was going to win his fight. With the material defeat in the war, the Professor had to have his theory aborted, and it will never be heard about again, especially when he takes a Jewish secretary, Aniela Jaffé. This has been a great misfortune, because his discoveries had incalculable projections, being able to meet with the doctrine of the Tulku, of Tibetan tantric Buddhism. I have already discussed this theme in "Adolf Hitler, the Ultimate Avatar". The learned young people of today, the students of Esoteric Hitlerism should try to penetrate and project the Idea of the two Collective Unconscious of Jung to put an end forever to that false Christian premise of the equality of all races and of all human beings, which only favors the mortal Enemy, the Jew, who has never believed in this Equality and only preaches it to weaken his opposite, the Aryan.

And here there are not nor will there be concessions made: or the Jew disappears, or the Aryan disappears, at best they are separated in different yards, like the dog and the cat. Better yet, on different planets. By the way, the Hitlerians did not use Jungean terms like Jewish or Aryan Collective Unconscious which corresponded to the language made fashionable precisely by Jewish psychoanalysis. They used, rather, the traditional and Nietzchean terms of Untermensch and Sonnenmensch, lower man and solar man, or superman. And they centered themselves in the blood, in a religion of blood, like the Aryan-Hindu and like the Jewish. Thus, the Collective Unconscious would be the "Memory of the Blood", where the primordial and solar images circulate in the Aryan of pure blood, and the lunar and Jehovitic shadows in the impure and arch-mixed blood of the Jew, of the Untermensch, of that being that can never tell the truth, living in the lie of the impurity of miscegenation, of the impure blood. On one side, is the grandness and generosity of the Gods; on the other, the hatred, the vengeance, and the crime of the Demiurge, Yahweh. Upon penetrating the blood memory of the Aryan, one hears the Voice and the primordial vision of Hyperborea and the extraplanetary origin appears, as absolute surety, as the presence of Divinity.

For this it is necessary to maintain the pure blood. With the object of destroying the Aryan and disorienting him, the Jew preaches the indiscriminate mixing of the races and the equality of all men, a thing which he has never practiced, starting from the Renewed Covenant, nor will he ever practice, unless in a scientifically dosed form. When Hermann Hesse told me: "Here only the right guests meet, this is the Hermetic Circle", it would no doubt refer to something very special, worked not by our will, but by Destiny. Hermetic comes from Hermes Trismegistus and the Hermetic motto is the already revealed: "As within so without", and vice versa. The SS also had a "Hermetic Circle", to which only a very few chosen, or selected got in, and where Himmler himself was alien, participating as an invited member. The true Initiatic Organization of the SS was concentric, a (Hermetic) Circle and not pyramidal. Its members, its secret directors, did not use uniforms and were unknown by those of the external circle and those of the Party. It is this ultra-secret group that decoded and possessed the Gral, developing the new-old Science and Technology of the "Flying Saucers" of Hitler, and of Implosion, centripetal and anti-gravitational, of the Archetypal Numbers. It is this Hermetic Circle, precisely, which disappeared with the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, in Antarctica, in the Hollow Earth, and which will return with the Ultimate Avatar, Kalki, with Wotan and the Wildes Heer of Odin, in the final Battle.

6.) What is the secret of the mystery of the white gods of America?

Serrano: The secret of the White Gods, which covers all of the American Pantheon, would also be found in Hyperborea. Hvitramannaland, Svetamannaland, the Vikings called America, "land of white men", and the Templars called it Albania. This signifies that there were whites here before them. The Untermenschen, the animal-men arrived later, perhaps coming down by way of the Bering Strait. Then, the White Gods went to their enchanted and Secret Cities, in the Andes. The City of the Caesars, Elellin, Trapananda, Tule, Tula, or they returned to the stars, from whence they came. Because the White Gods came from other stars; all of the legends point in that direction, especially to Venus, the Morning Star. Viracocha and Mama Oclla came from there, and Quetzalcoatl, who is the Morning Star. Their return is awaited. There is very little that is really known about the White Gods, because, as in other parts of the world, all traces and documents were made to disappear in a systematic way, adhering to a plan. The extraterrestrial origin of the Aryans, of the Hyperboreans has been erased from the face of the planet, with the deliberate burning of the Library of Alexandria and of a few particular libraries, like that of the alchemist John Dee, who spoke of a non-Euclidian mathematics and of the Hollow Earth, of an Angel who came from a star, and of "parallel worlds". This has been done by the Jews, directly, or working through the Christians, especially the Jesuits. Professor Jacques de Mahieu has discovered the lithic traces of the White Gods in South America, now having to trace their dates to Hyperborean ages, with some rocks found recently. But silence has already been put upon him, to prevent him from continuing to publish his discoveries.

There was an original white race, that came from other worlds, the Hyperboreans, who first inhabited the Poles. They came to fight against the Demiurge, which had already corrupted all the visible Universe. Synchronistically to the catastrophe, or perhaps a little before the Moon fell, they had committed the "racial sin", mixing with the animal-man. But not all of them. Because of this there are two distinct species of men upon the earth, perhaps three, completely different. The Hyperborean Aryan and the animal-man, the divine and the animal. There is also the mixed. I have already dealt with this theme in depth in my books. The difference is total. The Hyperborean possessed an organ allowed one to keep the stars fixed in their course, it was the Vril. Upon losing it in the mixing, the Moon left its orbit and fell upon the earth. All the alchemical-biological work of the Hitlerian SS was directed towards the recuperation of the Vril, of the organ of potency and the lost powers, by way of the regained purity of Aryan blood. The Enemy did and does everything possible so that this organ-power does not become recovered by the White Race. Anatomy is known, but it is not revealed that the races have different internal organs. And it is known that only the white race possesses a vision in perspective of reality.

One of the characteristics of the mixed races, that I discovered in India, is the lack of perspective vision and the confusion of the dimensions, because they do not perceive all of them. They could never put a piece of furniture on the precise spot, nor hang a picture right. The same happens with the colored American indigenes. The white Aryan had the direct vision of the fourth dimension. The Hitlerists directed themselves towards recovering it. It is what has been called the "Third Eye", but in reality it is the Vril, to give it a more appropriate Sanskrit name, Urna, Hvareno, something similar to the laser ray, with which Shiva destroys the demon Smara on the peak of Mount Kailash. The Hyperboreans were thus the ancient Gods: Shiva, Vishnu, Wotan, Odin, Parvati, Freya. The God-Man (and the Goddess-Woman), the Sonnenmensch, the Superman, the Total-Man. The White Gods.

7.) Lovecraft's story "At the Mountains of Madness", which unfolds on the Antarctic continent, aside from its novelesque content, is it based in some concrete traditional source?

Serrano: Lovecraft's story refers to beings who come from other worlds, precisely. But there is something morbid in his story, something deviant. I would not be surprised if he was a Jew, like Kafka. Everything related to the White Gods must be imbued with a wonderful, transparent, divine light, without anything sickly. Healthy, like Hitlerism/National Socialism was.

8.) Of the sacred places of the earth, which has produced a greater ceremonial impact?

Serrano: Without a doubt, the Externsteine, and then Stonehenge. All those places that preserve megalithic monuments of remote epochs, they are deteriorated and incomplete. Also Noya and the dolmen of Ageitos in Compostelean Galicia. But it was at Stonehenge where I was given the opportunity to discover a great secret. The man of the unpolished stone, didn't polish it because he didn't know how, but because he thus left it in a "critical state", in order ti use its conditions of magical power. Well chosen, in precise locations, this wise, Hyperborean, or post-Hyperborean man knew that the rock was a living being, that imprisoned the form of a living being, of a giant. He only transported it, moved it to certain sites of magical underground currents, placing them in precise positions, next to each other; masculine and feminine stones, just like the Moai of Easter Island. This would produce irresistible tensions, currents and vacuums, until achieving the "astral tube" of the Black Sun, the Black Hole, through which one was able to exit towards the world of the origin, beyond the stars, to the Green Ray. I had always been struck in India by what was said about the Vimanas, or Flying Saucers of the Mahabharata that were made of stone. How could they rise with this matter?

At Stonehenge I found the answer. It was a very cold, but bright day; a hurricane-like wind was blowing and the sea was not far from that high plain. I approached a great menhir, I positioned myself on it, facing forward, almost lying, with the whole body, and closed my eyes. Then, the wind made the great rock sing, vibrating it entirely, in such a way that I felt as if "we were going" that "we could leave", shooting like a cannonball into the sky, towards "another universe ". It was the Vimana of stone, the UFO. A combination of the day, the light, the wind, and the nearby sea, together with the combinations of all the other stones of the cromlech, in "critical tension", made this event possible. And all of this in a moment of time so far from the origin of the monument, incomplete and without the Odinic priests concentrated to aid the phenomenon, by way of the presence of the Vril and of their minds.

In my country there exists, on the beaches of Santo Domingo, a complex of enormous rocks that have not been made by nature and which are also found in a site where the sea is nearby and supplies a very strong wind. According to the investigator Fonck, this was made by the Phoenicians who came here; according to De Mahieu, by the ancient Libyans, that is, by the Hyperboreans, the whole ensemble belonging to the unknown prehistoric culture that has been called Maipo-Rapel. These last few years I've been living in these places and investigated. In the Castle of the Hitlerian Initiation, of the SS in Wewelsburg, there is, hanging upon the lintel of a door, of which it is not known how it was carried, an enormous stone also in its "primitive" state, "critical state". It could be a stone brought from the Externsteine, the replica of the Gral of Sabarthé. I have also felt an emotion here, although not as much as in Berchtesgaden, which was also called Gralsburg, the Castle of the Gral, almost a replica of Montsegur.

9.) What is the key to the runic code?

Serrano: Official science claims that the runes are an alphabet of the third century, at the latest. This is what the French runologists Musset and Fernand Mosse maintain in their publicized book "Introduction a la Runologie". But this is absurd, because I possess a Gnostic ring, an "Abraxita", of more than a thousand years old, which has runic carvings and was made in Alexandria, in Egypt for sure. Jürgen Spanuth showed me large tables with compared alphabets, which allowed one to assure that is was the runes that inspired the Philistines, who in turn inspired the Phoenician alphabet. I believe that the runes were the first language, un-spoken, of the most ancient Hyperboreans, from other stars. A language of pure and powerful magical forces, which interpreted the expressions of the beings in their diverse manifestations, and according to the necessity and the circumstance. That is, the covering "sign" of the power of the Vril, which when traced by the hand, or only projected with the mind, produced intro- atomic actions, so to speak. A symbol of something, of divine situations, which later was also lost, with the catastrophe, and will return to be discovered by Wotan—after the catastrophe—upon crucifying himself on the Yggdrasil tree, of Terror (terror at the mixing with the animal-men). And now the sign materializes, visualizes, stratifies, it is the new Futhark of Odin, which He gives to the Aryans of the post-catastrophe, so that they can be saved. And this, because the Runes possess the magical power that would allow to overcome the entropy of involution. Professor Wirth maintained that the runes were only part of a magical writing that was even older and superior.

In any case, we have lost the key of the runes, which is the key of the chakras and of the penetration to the Hollow Earth and the alchemy of the transmutation of the Absolute-Man. Perhaps the SS were able to recover it. It is not only an alphabet, a script, a language. It is much more, it is everything. In Noya there are runic figures, signs of the creation of the archetypal form of man. What we have called Aryan mathematics, archetypal numbers, corresponds to this. The Jews cannot do anything with the runes because they do not correspond to their soul, they do not respond to their manipulation. They have only been able to adulterate the Kabbalah, plagiarizing the "Book of the Three Mothers", from the Germanic Aryans. They also try to falsify the runes. It is very possible that this unknown yoga that is spoken of, a western yoga, practiced by the SS of the inner group, of the "Hermetic Circle", was a Runic Yoga. With it a few attained transmuting themselves into Sonnenmenschen.

10.) What is, in your opinion, the most important message of TRADITION?

Serrano: It is the Nostalgia, the Nostalgia of Hyperborea, always present in the true Aryan. It has been said that the Germans live always with one foot on this earth and the other in Atlantis (also the Visigoths of Spain). And so it is. All Aryan music is enveloped in nostalgia: Bach, Wagner. All art, like that of Leonardo, all high literature. Nostalgia of a lost totality, of a world of Gods and Heroes, which was ours in some place, in some time outside of time, "on an island, in a castle surrounded by fire, in a world outside this world", as the old Professor Jung said to me, that magnificent and dear old man, who had already lost the war, because he also was an acolyte of the God of the Losers in the Kali Yuga.

11.) Tell us about "the last Avatar".

Serrano: Yes, and regarding the Kali Yuga: It is in the nadir of this terrible era when the Last Avatara appears, who, according to the Indo-Aryan tradition, will come riding on a White Horse and be called Kalki. He is the last incarnation of the God Vishnu, before the final catastrophe. And he will come to judge, with a flaming sword, which is the Sieg Rune of victory. He is accompanied by the Wildes Heer, the Furious Horde of Odin, the Ultimate Battalion of the Führer. It is what his faithful now await, those who have remained here in this frightful and corrupt world of the Kali Yuga to fight the combat until the end, because "our honor is called loyalty". Adolf Hitler was the premonition of the Last Avatar, called Kalki, but also Wotan and Odin. How Christianity has tried to seize all this, is seen in the expectation of the return of Christ at the end of time and in the figure of Santiago riding a white horse in the battle of Clavijas. But in truth, Hitler was not a normal human being, but an Avatar, as Jung and others saw, also Savitri Devi.

He was an incarnation of the Divinity, a Tulku; that is, a Bodhisattva. A liberated one, who willingly returns to the earth to help the heroes of his race and to prevent them from falling asleep in the combat. He is the incarnation of the Aryan Collective Unconscious, Jung would say. But this being cannot remain for a long time amongst us, the current body of humanity could not withstand it. Because of this, he leaves before long, like Quetzalcoatl; furthermore, to return. And He has left the world pregnant, with the myth that must win by losing, so that the action is fulfilled in eternity and does not become corrupted in the ephemeral. He will return from the deep ice of the South Pole, the Inner Earth, and through all of us... Because He is nothing without us, and we are nothing without him...

*Translation courtesy of Frater SIG, September 10, 2018

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