Interview with the great Florentine 'Florrie' Rost van Tonningen, Dutch National Socialist and SS member and friend of Gudrun Himmler. Her husband Meinoud, a member of the SS and the Dutch NSB, also a politician and President of the Dutch Central Bank, was tortured and murdered after the war in prison by his guards. Done around Antwerp, Belgium, 1990.

Thank you Mrs. van Tonningen for doing this interview with me, as Gudrun [Himmler] is a mutual friend, she wanted me to ask about your life's work for the SS and our people. Will you explain why you were attracted to the Führer and National Socialism first, and then explain how the SS fit into your world view?

Florrie: That is not a hard question to answer at all dear, I am of the opinion that anyone with intelligence and an open mind will come to the same conclusions I have in this life. I saw a culture in peril in the early 30s. The once pure and thriving European people were falling into decay. I could see it clearly, from the smut being peddled, the poverty, the hopelessness and the lack of morality. All of which worked to bring down the people. I saw this in Holland, Germany, France, Belgium and so forth. The people who came from a proud past were now fading away. I saw the Jews not only encourage and contribute to this fading away, but actively cheered it on as it was happening. Telling the people it was good to be replaced and to live in amoral sin. This was not hard to see; the names stood out like Berg, Stein, Cohen, Levi, Moses, and so on. The facial features gave them away as well, from the hooked noses, high forehead, and rat-looking eyes.

My brother, who fell in the east as an SS man was a very intelligent person and saw this as well, speaking to me often about how he could see an alien people who settled among us, but seemed bent on destroying what our culture built. We both saw what was happening in Germany, where Hitler came to power and was taking on these people. We all saw it, and many admired him and his party for this. I was in Germany many times and saw how a people, similar to mine, had thrown off this evil yoke and experienced a revival of happiness, freedom and a new life. I was so impressed we joined the national youth movement at home. All over Europe there were parties being formed to copy German National Socialism. In response to your second query, the SS was the racial elite of the National Socialist movement. I met Himmler and was impressed with his views. He was so very deep in his beliefs and convictions about what would happen to us if we did not stand up now and secure the future for the next generations.

I was proud to be accepted into the SS family and to be amongst the few on this earth who saw a much bigger picture than what most will ever be able to comprehend. In Himmler's ideas lay the foundation for a long happy life at one with nature and the heavens. To preserve your blood lines and your culture is the noblest cause that anyone can achieve.

I have to ask you to explain this more to me if you don't mind. Why do you believe that race is so important is one question? The next question is so many people argue that race has no bearing on life and is not important, what do you say to them?

Florrie: This has to be broken down into its simplest element, and that is the fact that race exists. Whether you believe in evolution or creation, race exists. We either evolved separately into specific races with developed talents and strengths, or we were created by an all-knowing Creator who set the races apart. Regardless the truth is that race exists and culture was born out of the races. Look at the magnificent achievements of the Europeans, these are unsurpassed. There is a reason for that. It is because of these achievements and the culture that each nation bears that race should be a priority for us all. It is the Jews who hate race; they for some reason are bent on destroying all races and cultures. They do this slowly by first settling into an area, gaining permissions to trade and sell, then gain power over the years, and then destroy. We have seen this again and again in history, and they have been expelled because of this.

The future generation loses what the elders taught, and the Jews dupe and bribe their way back into a culture. Then the cycle starts all over again. Hitler and Himmler tried to end this cycle by providing a final solution to the Jewish problem. Because of this the Jews started the war, to stop this destruction of their power.

I have to ask you one thing, how do you defend a nation that attacked your own? In 1940, German planes bombed Rotterdam killing many and causing much damage. How did you defend Germany to your fellow people?

Florrie: That was not hard to do either dear, you see, intelligence is being able to think critically and to look at all sides. Yes it is true that the Germans bombed my country and invaded. However, the detractors seem to not be bothered by the question "why?". If they would only research they would see that the Queen and her parliament chose to be in bed with England. They chose a path that took them to the Allied side. Germany of course saw this and so they knew it likely would mean having a war with Holland at some point. The Germans even gave a way out, they said we need to secure our flank and we need to come into your country to do it, will you allow this or not? They were prepared for war, and when the answer came back "no" they invaded. It was our generals who made Rotterdam a fortified city. However when they saw the Germans were far better prepared and had the edge, they surrendered. It is a misfortune in the war that the bombers did not receive the recall order in time.

One could hold Germany in contempt and call this a crime, however it was war, brought on by my nation not being truly neutral and secretly taking sides. When the Queen fled to England and directed the war to be continued on Germany, it says it all. I think the Germans can be forgiven for having bad luck that day. What no one ever speaks about is what happened after the raid. The Luftwaffe bombed the city and there were many casualties and destroyed areas. The first thing the Germans did, and this was during the fight with France, was bring in the Red Cross and engineers to remove rubble and help search for people. Construction companies were pulled together and immediately tasked with rebuilding, at Germany's expense, and they reimbursed for the losses. It was an unfortunate episode in the war, but they did everything they could to make it right, that is something the press never mentions.

[Above: Florentine Rost van Tonningen on her wedding day. The marriage took place on December 21, 1940 in Hilversum (Holland, the Netherlands) at the Town Hall.]

[Above: Florentine's wedding ring said to be kissed by Adolf Hitler. She wore it for 67 years and treated it as a holy relic.]

Do you feel like you betrayed your people by being friendly with and joining Germany?

Florrie: I really do not, I have nothing to be ashamed of and in fact I will tell you I wish more people would have been able to see the truth of Hitler. He did nothing wrong and his ideas are something every person in Europe and indeed on the earth should practice. This world would be a far better place if every nation held these ideals. That is the one thing I am both sad and glad I was able to see. Glad I was able to live in a time, however short, in which there was a true sense of peace and a feeling of living in the best of times. There was a racial awakening not seen before. It was sad that some people rejected this idea and fought against it. They were blind with brainwashing and indoctrination.

It is ironic that they will cry out in the media that we are the ones who are blind, hateful, and indoctrinated, yet their very world is crumbling around them and they can't see the forest through the trees. We all have a right to live our lives how we wish and we must respect that, but it is sad to me so many die without having really lived as we have lived.

You married an SS man and leader who you believe was murdered, which I know is true as well. How did you know he was murdered in that awful place?

Florrie: Yes, he was my man, and I have dedicated my life to him, and his legacy. It is my duty as his wife and my love to stand by him till the day I am called away. I am proud he was an SS man, and he was faithful until the end of his life. He was arrested at the end of the war while I was with family in Germany. He was supposed to be under the protection of the conventions, which the Canadians were overseeing. The prison he was sent to was turned over to former criminals, gangsters, and so-called resistance fighters. Some were Jews who came back to the country after fleeing with the royals. Let me tell you dear, and I hope you are not sensitive, but these beasts were very cruel. They made sure anyone who was a party member, helper, supporter, family member of a supporter, or someone they just didn't like was sent away there. The women were also sexually assaulted often.

I knew several who were wives of SS men, some were raped so often and brutally that they died. You must remember these were Aryan women, pretty, blond with healthy fit figures. They were prime targets for these evil men. One guard forced a young girl to wear sex clothes for him while he abused her. This went on for months without end and the fates of these women are a stain on the nation and its people. Many died or went insane when they were released. There was nothing that could be done for many of them, we of Silent Help [Die Stille Hilfe für Kriegsgefangene und Internierte (Silent Assistance for Prisoners of War and Interned Persons), abbreviated Stille Hilfe (Silent Help), formed in 1951] tried to do what we could to provide mental strength to them and to protect them. The men had it no better, they were often beaten, spat and pissed on, and food was withheld or tampered with. They forced them to eat bugs, feces, and dirt. Many became sick and died; others like my husband were killed. I was told by a few prisoners who survived that hell what had happened.

To his credit, a former guard came to me in 1949 to confess he had no love for our beliefs, but wanted it off his heart what he saw. He told me that my man was often beaten and abused, but took it like a man. He was never broken, and because of this he was thrown off a high place to his death. His comrades told me the same thing; they heard the guards joke about it. It would fit with the hateful vengeance that the victors had after the war. They felt they had to make anyone who supported Hitler pay a heavy price. They broke families, stole children to send away to live with 'politically reliable' families and so on. Yet it amazes me that they will then cast the light on the Germans claiming they did the exact same thing so in a way it was just a righteous punishment for German misdeeds. That is the most hypocritical thing ever, to say we did bad things because they did bad things but our bad things are okay because it was in response to their bad things. It is sad to me dear that they actually believe this nonsense, that it was justified to act like animals because they were told the other side acted like animals.

[Above: Florentine's husband and martyr Meinoud Rost van Tonningen.]

Oh I know, I fully believe that too, but let me ask you this since I could see one of them saying this: How do you explain the Holocaust and the stories they speak about often regarding the treatment of the Jews in the camps? And how about this, how do you justify the Jews being sent away to camps? That is always a good one.

Florrie: Yes this always comes up as it even came up back during the war. It was a hot topic that many did not understand. The Jews are complicated to explain or I should say to understand. They came to Europe many hundreds of years ago now, and they sought only to settle in with a people they did not have anything in common with. Because they were good at deceiving and working together for a unified goal of fitting in and then exerting their will, they grew. They grew a power base and had royals helping them in their goals as well. Money works wonders if you have a lot of it. One of the first positions the Jews got into was tax collections and lending. Once they had some power they started to spread it to other Jews, who they brought in.

They then started to usurp power, and enact their own laws. Something evil started happening. It was noticed that when there was a large Jewish presence that children started to disappear. In Spain for example, Jews were caught killing Christian children, and then driven out. They paid for fellow Jews to go to schools, receive high jobs and so on. This happened all over Europe, the people started to see what they were doing and kicked them out. From cheating on taxes, being thieves, swindlers, killers, and deceivers they were punished by being forced out. Germany under Hitler saw what they did in the royal times and in Weimar, and forced them out. Hitler was kind enough to allow the ones who were quiet and not actively involved with the communists, crime, or immoral activities to stay. I am not so sure he was right in doing this and I'll tell you why. I told this to Himmler as well. In Holland when the [Dutch] NSB [Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging, or National Socialist Movement] was formed, some of the first members were Jews. They do these things so they can monitor and control their opposition.

I could see right through them, they pretended to be National Socialist believers but in reality they only wanted to keep a close eye on what we were doing. Anything about serious racial hygiene topics they would try to squash or diminish. I argued with one about why racial purity matters and he reported me to the police. I say the Germans did not do enough to rid Europe of a people who might have tried to look like us, live like us, and act like us, but in the end their actions prove they want to destroy us. They were sent to camps in the east so they could be resettled, that was Himmler's goal as he could not get them to agree to go to Madagascar. They laughed at him for that suggestion. They now own most all media in Europe and can control what is put out for the people to see, remember it is indoctrination not education. They turn people into a mass of controlled minds and unleash them on anyone who dares to speak out with a different view. The camps were copied from periods in other nations' histories and are nothing new.

When you have a people you view as foreign and not on your side during a time of war, you isolate and watch them. It was the Allies who caused all the deaths in the camps; it was not a German state policy to kill them. There were no gas chambers and those "eyewitnesses" who say they were gassed are lying. The dead masses they parade on TV are the direct results, taken after surrender, of the disease typhus which is deadly if not controlled. The Germans could not control it as all means of transport was destroyed. The TV hosts want us to think that these people were freshly gassed and thrown out in the dirt, or they were shot. They never mention it was a disease caused by uncontrolled lice that spread like a fire and infected even German guards as well. I can not say this enough, there was no SS plan to kill the Jews. The plan was to gather up any who were suspected of aiding or who could aid the Allies and move them to camps to be watched.

I agree with you. You talk about Himmler often, did you ever meet him and what was your impression?

Florrie: Yes I met him. He was the one man who impressed me maybe perhaps more than Hitler, if that makes sense. I am a follower of the SS racial ideals so he made an impression on me. He was an upright leader who was very intelligent and open-minded. To be around Himmler was like being around a teacher, he was always pointing out things that made much sense and made us think deeply on life and the life after. He was very humane as well, you can tell a lot about a person by how they interact with insects. There was a time I was speaking to him over tea and a honeybee landed in a bird bath. Himmler was frustrated the bee could not escape the water, so he continued to speak, but put his finger in the water for the bee to crawl on, then he set it down on dry stone so it could gather itself and fly away.

That tells me all I need to know about the man. He had a love of nature and all it had to offer. This is not the action of a mass killer whom his enemies claim ordered sadistic deaths and mass murder. I will add that it amazes me that the sheep will trust anything the Jews and their Soviet brethren say about Hitler and National Socialists regarding crimes. The crimes of the Soviet regime and men like Lenin, Beria, and Stalin whom are all Jews go unreported. They got away with killing upwards of 60-70 million Christians in Eastern Europe and Russia. All the while they claim Germany killed 35 million of their citizens. I think it is more likely they are adding in their murders to the list and passing it off as German crimes. Where according to some German soldiers, who were in the east, say the death figure they caused is more likely 2-3 million red army causalities.

I saw the man and his ideals in action and I know we are in the right and will stand as innocent in the end. Those who made us feel as criminals and traitors will get their just reward for their own treachery and willful ignorance. Himmler created a force that will one day be seen as the elite of Europe and something children will strive to emulate. I will pass to you the importance of selecting a mate. You must be selective in the extreme. So many have both physical and mental defects today where if you are not careful, you will then pass on to your offspring. You must find a mate of Aryan blood and who is faithful and shows servitude to their people, and has virtues. It may take you awhile but this must be done dear, you will be happy you were picky. I hope fate is kind to you where it was not to me.

Agree with you fully, we shall see what happens with that, believe me I am in no hurry however. There are too many other interests I have right now. I would like to end this with a question about Europe. German propaganda of the time poked fun at the Allies for immigration rules that allowed non-Europeans to come here and settle. I read one book saying France would be a non-white majority by 2100 if they didn't stop allowing Africans and Pakistanis to flood in. Do you agree with that? Any thoughts on our future?

Florrie: I am glad you have the mind to read these things as they are a warning for my generation and the generations that will come. It should be common sense that if you allow in a foreign race and allow that race to breed children, that eventually they will begin to out breed and overtake the native people. Look at what happened to the American Indians. They had their own culture and the Spanish and Portuguese came to overtake them. That is a good lesson when foreign races come into another culture. If Europe does not see this influx as a problem then there will be no future.

Remember the Jews seem to be programmed to be race destroyers and will not stop. They will not say "oh France has 5 million Arabs now so that is enough." They will keep pushing for it until even they are devoured. It makes no sense that they are like that, but they are. They are like a bloodsucker that just keeps sucking until it explodes, every time. The only thing that will save our culture is if the people are awakened again on a mass scale. After living through that time and seeing the aftermath I do not see it coming again anytime soon. I am afraid it may be too late for many nations to heal themselves and it seems to be just getting worse. England, France, Holland, Italy, Belgium, and Sweden all seem convinced they need to import millions of people who are not like them. They will pay the price for this one way or another as these other races are not compatible to settle down and live in peace. Let us not even speak of the blood poisoning that will happen.

The Aryan people will be the main target of these people, as the women are the most beautiful in the world, and the men the most handsome. They desire this with their lust and have no desire to keep their culture pure, or they think they can force us to adopt theirs by mixing. I do see some bright spots with the fall of the Soviet Union but we are building up the third world and tearing down our own, which means they will be encouraged to breed to their hearts content, where we will be constrained by jobs, money, and other factors to hold our births down. That is why in the SS it was encouraged for the men to have as many children as they could make. The future needed to be secure for the coming generations.

[Above: Simple words said out of love, absurdly made into words of hate in our sick society. Adolf Hitler first wrote these words in 1924 while behind bars in Landsberg.
David Lane popularized them, across the sea and many dark decades later, while in the United States Maximum Security Penitentiary in Florence, Colorado.
David's passion, unbridled by dungeon walls and an impossible 190 year sentence, immortalized them, now known worldwide as the 'Fourteen Words.'
These words are now more important, vital and relative than ever before as our race faces exinction, and as the enemy's 'Great Replacement' is fast underway.]

[Above: An Irminsul with Meinoud and Florentine's runic wedding rings.]

'I never received official notice of my husband's death, which authorities later claimed was a suicide. They have never produced any evidence to support this claim: the records pertaining to my husband have been sealed until the year 2069. I was presented, however, with a bill from the municipal sanitation service of The Hague, for on June 6, 1945, the day of my husband's death, his remains were transferred, first from the prison to a hospital and then to a cemetery [to a mass grave-ed.], in a garbage truck.'
-Florentine Rost van Tonningen, the Ninth IHR Conference, February 18-20, 1989 in Huntington Beach, California.

[Above: A collection of Frau Florentine's books. Click to see more.]

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