- As the years drag on...-

The following interview is done with Chris Slavin
-courtesy of Der Wehrwolf Zine

Chris Slavin is one of an ever increasing number of prisoners of war, in a battle that is being fought not only in America, but around this world. It is a battle between the legal inhabitants of countries versus the massive influx of illegal immigrants. A battle for resources, primarily jobs.

As unemployment reaches record highs in the industrialized nations, the third world rushes in to get a bite at the rotten apple. Many of them cross our borders illegally, but worst still are those that our governments actually give citizenship. It is said that unemployment could be as high as 20% in America, yet its government allows legions of aliens citizenship, most of them possessing no skills, and from poor countries.

'7.7 million illegal aliens are employed in the USA in 2008'
- NumbersUSA

'A 1997 study by the American Academy of Sciences found that cheap labor of illegal immigrants caused a 44% decrease in wages of the poorest Americans from 1980-1997'
-American Academy of Sciences

These foreigners bring with them a host of ills, not just social. Diseases that have been eradicated in the 'Western' world are resurfacing, stronger than ever, brought by these criminals. And yes, you are a criminal if you come into a country illegally. You are not a 'guest worker' or an 'undocumented worker' as the powers-that-be would like to brainwash everyone to believe. You are a criminal. You committed a crime the moment you crossed the border illegally. The next time you get pulled over by the police and they ask to see your driver’s license and registration, tell them you don’t need one, and that you are an ‘undocumented driver’. See how far that takes you. It is about as absurd as ‘undocumented immigrant’.

Yet, what good are laws when our governments do not enforce them? All too often illegal aliens roam our lands freely. So why aren't the laws enforced? Well, for one, big businesses are making a fortune off their illegal employees. There are many ill-gotten gains for the employer of illegal aliens. Among them are: You don't have to pay taxes on them, you don't have to offer them health insurance or a savings plan, you can work them long hours, sometimes without breaks, and if they complain, there are millions more waiting to take their place. Perhaps the best advantage for them is that you can pay them much, much less than you would have to pay a legal resident. They are the perfect slaves for capitalism. You even hear about politicians using illegal aliens as servants in their own homes.

So, money is one of the reasons, one of the others is just as powerful a force. Yet, they are both deeply entwined. The tyrants steering this world into a slave world know that by causing chaos between the races they divide and conquer them. As long as they are fighting each other, they won't be looking at the real enemy. They preach about love and a brotherhood of mankind. They scream R A C I S T until their heads explode. But they are this world’s destroyers, on a carefully crafted agenda to control us all, and they feel a 'neutral' or 'mulatto' race would be easiest to control.

They wouldn't have to worry about 'pesky' racial pride or identity. The human cattle would all be the same, a grotesque mixture of defeated and subjugated races. A monument to their victory.

Yet the tyrants themselves wish to remain 'pure' racially. They are in fact the real racists of this earth. They hate humanity itself, calling anyone other than their 'chosen' race worse than pigs and dogs.

You may have noticed that white people aren't allowed to be proud of their race. If you are you are called a racist. Yet, other races seem to be encouraged. Why?

Well the answer is simple. Fear. The white race almost stopped them once.

So they encourage the other races to say what they wish about racial pride- its all blah blah blah to their masters. They have already destroyed most of their countries anyway. They aren't a threat.

Divide and conquer. The age old tactic. We lay on our knees, divided. It is time we look at the real enemy. The enemy of all races.

Chris is a victim of the madness of the hidden enemy. Just as his accomplice and the two illegal aliens, his supposed victims, were also victims of the 'system'. A system by evil little men bent on our destruction or slavery. The Mexican citizens came here because their country is a corrupt cesspool. Chris and his friend were born into their own corrupt cesspool, yet they inherently felt that they had something to protect. Unfortunately, they didn't. They saw the many ills of the United States and struck out at the only tangible 'enemy' their limited means would allow. Maybe the four of them should have sat down as men whose futures had all been stolen and fought together as comrades. Together we can fight the tyrants who are taking away ALL of our futures.

'80% of illegal aliens have committed serious crimes in addition to immigration violations, and 40% have violent crime histories'
-Center for Immigration Studies

'US Justice Dept. estimated that 270,000 illegals served jail time nationally in 2003. 108,00 of those were in California. One half of California's prison inmates are illegal immigrants'
-United States Justice Department

If you are interested in Chris' case, from a viewpoint not controlled by their censorship monster, here is an article by the late Dr. William Pierce.

  • Multicultural Justice

    Please tell the DW readers more about yourself.

    I'm a WHITE Nationalist who believes in old fashion ways like the white race is losing it's place in this world through political correctness and multiculturalism. I try to learn all I can about politics, race and history.

    Why are you in prison? How long have you served so far?

    I've been in prison for 10 years. I was given a 25 year sentence for attempted murder on two illegal alien Mexicans. Here in America non-whites have more 'rights' than white folks. I'm in prison not so much for what I've done, but for my 'racist' tattoos and 'thoughts' I was said to have. The American judicial system is a mess.

    With the prison population consisting of 90% non-whites, I am sure life can be very difficult for you. Please tell us about your daily life behind bars...

    Life in prison is not easy, especially being surrounded by so many non-whites. Yet I really haven't had many problems. I stay to myself and have no time trying to argue race, history, or politics with those who do not share the same views as myself.

    Was it hard to adjust to prison life away from family and friends? Do you maintain contact to them? How has it affected your family knowing you are facing life in prison?

    Prison life is still hard to adjust to. I still stay in touch with family and friends by writing, phone calls and the occasional visitor. As the years drag on folks start fading out of my life.
    My family was affected by my prison sentence in a bad way. They do support me, but not my beliefs. The large media attention to my case was difficult for them. Yet over the years, like many people, they realized I was used by the system, as well as unfairly treated by the courts.

    Have your beliefs and views changed in prison?

    When I entered prison I was very much involved with the Christian Identity Movement. Prison allowed me to read and learn so much with all this time sitting around. I no longer believe in the Christian Identity doctrine nor any of the Semitic myths that have influenced Western civilization. Other than that prison has only proven most of my views to be correct.

    What can you tell us about your life before prison? What things do you miss the most?

    My life before prison was basically like a normal person. I worked everyday as a plumber and welder. What made me different was my support for the pro-white movement.
    What I miss most is the company of white women!

    Do you know about John Demanjuk?

    John Demanjuk was accused of being a concentration camp guard, correct? He's now in prison on false charges? If this is the guy, it's very wrong what has been done to him. I hope he has a lot of support. If I'm wrong about who this man is please correct me and tell me about him.

    How long have you been involved in 'The Movement'?

    I've been involved with the Movement since the late 80's. I never joined a gang or organization. I believe in unity for white racialists. I would support anyone who I believed was working to better our future.

    What can you tell us about The Movement in the USA? How has it changed from the 80's till present?

    I can only tell you about the Movement here in America and what is currently going on from the updates folks share with me. Because I'm in prison its hard to know exactly what's going on. From what I'm told, today's Movement is very inactive. With the rise of the internet and other technologies the movement has suffered. Back in the early to mid 90's the Movement was growing and we had more unity, folks tried to awaken our people to the dangers we face. Today it seems like everyone is gossiping online, no positive work-just division. We have a lot of the "gang" mentality within the Movement today as well. Also a lot of those who wrote and taught so well are no longer with us. It seems like nobody has risen to take their place.

    In your opinion, what is the greatest lie in history?

    The greatest lie in history is "All races are equal."

    -The rumors behind 9/11?

    9/11 happened, it's over, what would change if the rumors were true?

    -The mysterious death of Rudolf Hess in Spandau prison?

    Rudolf Hess was probably murdered and should never have been in prison. At least he is free now. His deeds should never be forgotten.

    -Nostradamus' prediction of 2012 being the end of the human race/world?

    If Nostradamus is correct I won't be in prison much longer! Ha!

    -The current U.S. president and the forth coming polls?

    America gets what it deserves. Obama will be president a 2nd term.

    -The changes in the Middle East and the role of NATO and the USA, how does this affect the Western world?

    Let the Middle East take care of itself! America should get out of everyone's problems. All this only causes more hatred for America. This will affect the Western world by more terrorist attacks on our lands. Also more anti-white propaganda.

    -The future of the white race? Family? Comrades?

    The white race has a very bleak future. We are a dying race/culture. We are being bred out of existance and invaded by non-white immigration. Yet it's our own fault. White's allow this to happen and there are not enough people trying to stop our destruction.

    -The economic situation in the USA?

    The economic situation is very bad with no change any time soon. It may actually get much worse.

    -What is the biggest problem in the USA?

    The biggest problems in America are Jewish influence in politics, the media, illegal immigration, what's taught in schools and so much more. We need to rebuild the whole damn country!

    -What is your favorite (A) Film? (B) Band/album? (C) Food? (D) BOOK? (E) Sport?

    (A) Film - Jude Suss (B) Band/album? I like too many bands/albums to pick just one favorite!(C) Food? Any home cooked meal. (D) BOOK? My favorite book right now is "Revolt against the Modern World" by Julius Evola. (E) Sport? No sports.

    -What person in history has influenced/inspired you the most? Why?

    One of the people who inspired me would have to be ADOLF HITLER. The reason is, growing up we were taught how 'evil' this man and his beliefs were/are. Yet the only explanation is what they claim was against the filthy Jew. When I read Mein Kampf and translations of his speeches I realized this man was a genius and we have been lied to! This made me read so much more and to question a lot of what I was taught in school. ADOLF HITLER was probably the last savior of the Aryan race.

    -What is your opinion of the following people? (A) David Lane? (B) Timothy Mcveigh? (C) George W. Bush? (D) Ian Stuart? (E) Winston Churchill? (F) Saddam Hussein?

    (A) David Lane? 14 Words!(B) Timothy Mcveigh? Taught the government people will only put up with so much.(C) George W. Bush? Traitor, coward and war criminal.(D) Ian Stuart? Hero. Excellent song writer.(E) Winston Churchill? Anti-German destroyer of Europe.(F) Saddam Hussein? Dead Arab.

    -Where do you see the USA in 20 years? The white race? The rest of the world?

    The USA in 20 years will be mostly non-white. It probably will not be the top Super-power. White people will be in constant struggle to survive. We'll be victimized daily - rape, murder, robbery and our cries will not be heard. The USA will also be in the stages of 'Balkanization,' where different parts of the country will try to separate based on economics, race, etc..
    America may also be a nation that doesn't play much of a role in the world because of its problems at home.

    -Any final words? Greetings?

    I want to thank all those who have supported me over these long years. Thank you to everyone who fights for our race and nations. And also a big thank you to you and D.W. for the interview.

    14 Words!

    Chris Slavin 01A5531
    Green Haven C.F.
    PO BOX 4000
    Stormville, NY

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