Interview with author Martin Friedrich. Like Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano before him, Friedrich explores the concept that Adolf Hitler was a divine force. But his books are much more than this, they also cover just about every topic important to white people today. He is a powerful and convincing writer, with passion to equal his deep knowledge of history, politics, WWII and religion. His books are widely available from various outlets online, in both hardback and softcover. March/April 2024.

1) First off, I’d like to introduce you to our readers. You are the author of three very interesting books, ‘Myth and Sun: Essays on Spiritual Conservatism’ (2020), ‘Hitler Avatara’ (2023) and ‘Hitlerism: Die Endlösung’ (2023). Can you tell us about these books and how you came to write them?

Thank you for your interest and taking the time for this discussion. Mourning the Ancient has done fine work cataloging important Hitlerist documents for more than two decades now. For this we can all be grateful.

I would like to make one clarification: My first book, Myth and Sun, a collection of philosophical essays with a pragmatic core, was mostly ready for publication around 2018/2019. The book’s draft, published with the subtitle Essays on Spiritual Conservatism (2020), is incomplete and not representative of my overall intent. The true version of this book is Myth and Sun: Essays of the ARCHETYPE; it was published by Clemens & Blair in 2022. If the reader is at all interested in my work, I can only recommend Essays of the ARCHETYPE, as it contains several more essays and has an entire chapter and epilogue more than the draft, and these truly complete the book.

Myth and Sun are two important fundaments of Aryan culture. In short, Myth is the Myth of the Blood and the Sun is the Swastika. Modernity throws all its weight at extinguishing myth and sun from our lives — because without these, we will have lost forever.

The final chapter and epilogue of Myth and Sun inspired Hitler Avatara. Kierkegaard has been a fascinating figure for me for quite some time. In all its maniacal myopia, modernity mainly categorizes Kierkegaard as (1) a Christian existentialist, or (2) an atheist feigning Christian beliefs. Kierkegaard was far beyond either of these interpretations, however. An underlying theme of Avatara is my attempt to reclaim this Germanic thinker for the Germanic people. How could anyone not oriented on the Germanic people possibly interpret Kierkegaard correctly? While the book is about Adolf Hitler as the embodiment of the Germanic will, I feel I must mention my intent with incorporating Kierkegaard’s work first, since his thought has been (and will continue to be) so easily misinterpreted. 

It’s true that Miguel Serrano and Savitri Devi were significant influences for me. This is apparent from my books. What I tried to do — successfully, I think — with Hitler Avatara was more fully flesh out what precisely it means to be an avatar, and what it means for Hitler to be an avatar.

Where Hitler Avatara ends, Hitlerism: Die Endlösung begins. This is why I start the book with the final words of Avatara. Now that we understand Hitler to be the Avatara, what does that mean for Hitlerists — and especially, what does that mean for Hitlerists (or those who imagine themselves to be Hitlerists) in modernity? Hitlerism is an examination of modernity, yes; but it is meant also to be an examination of the self. I know there are some fine people out there who are, in fact, Hitlerists. But I also know there are far more worthless people out there who claim to be Hitlerists — these pretenders are an awful enemy.

Ultimately, my work has two purposes: (1) celebrate Adolf Hitler and the Germanic folk, and (2) continue to reveal the Enemy, the enemy who wants nothing more than the death and enslavement of the Germanic people.

2) On my website I have a section called ‘My Hitler’, where people from all around the world tell their stories of how they have come to love Adolf Hitler. In this dark and disgusting world that is filled with lies upon lies, it is surprising anyone can find the light of truth. Can you tell us how you personally found Adolf Hitler? I’ve found that some people seem to come with an innate ability to see the truth and others must learn the truth the hard way.

Your site is really a cultural trove. I haven’t seen the “My Hitler” section yet, but I look forward to reading those stories.

It’s interesting you put it that way — “innate ability.” I think this is more the case with me, and for this I’m grateful; I try to repay this debt with my writing, which will perhaps awaken more Aryans.

It’s true that I was exposed to all the propaganda and indoctrination that anyone in the West is exposed to in their youth. Despite this, my instincts told me something was amiss. Two things stand out from my youth: (1) growing up in the Lutheran church, it always seemed absurd — even as a child — that we were supposed to be worshiping a Jew; it also was apparent to me that conservative Lutheranism was more about the Germanic people than any Jew worship (but this is not to say that insidious Christianity should be given a pass); and (2) my grandfather, who was very dear to me, didn’t speak much of Hitler; but when he did, it was always with a reserved reverence. I understood what he meant in all that he didn’t say — even as a child.

As I grew older, experience and study revealed more of the lies we are told. The media, academia, government — all is, and is increasingly, predicated on lies. I hope I have contributed to exposing some of these lies in my writing.

3) Throughout your writing we see the clear influence of Hinduism, with many quotes and references to the Bhagavad Gita and other Hindu works. Is this your personal religious belief? May I ask what your thoughts are on reincarnation? How about vegetarianism?

I believe in the will of the Germanic people. I believe in the divinity of Adolf Hitler as the embodiment of this will. I know that the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, tales from the Mahabharata — these are Aryan works. 

As a young man I read many religious texts. None touched me as deeply as the Bhagavad Gita. It spoke to everything that was true and good in the world and my life in the world. My reading the Gita dropped the scales from my eyes, so to speak, and it helped me make sense of why Judeo-Christianity is so horribly damaging. The Bible instructs you on how to be a meek servant of the Jews; the Gita instructs you on how to be strong — physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Reincarnation is a difficult topic to address. One must come to one’s own conclusions about such a thing. Faith — for those very few who have it and can begin to understand it — affects the faithful differently. If I say, for instance, that I believe in the Eternal Return, this is a type of reincarnation, but, more importantly, it’s something that would perhaps need a dissertation to explain. I think I have done much to explain faith in Hitler Avatara and Hitlerism — more perhaps than almost anyone since Kierkegaard. I hope the reader will reference those books for deeper discussions. 

I am not a vegetarian, but I understand why one would choose that path. Personally, I have lived a very physically demanding life; and while I tried vegetarianism for a time, plant proteins could simply not sustain my energy and recovery requirements. What is important today is that, whatever one’s diet, one eats as sustainably as means allow. We should not support corporate-food-processing enslavers with our means.

4) In Hitlerism: Die Endlösung’s foreword by Thomas Dalton (who released a nicely done translation of Mein Kampf in recent years), he quotes a poem by Canadian Poetess Ethelwyn Wetherald, called My Orders, which I’ll reproduce here for the readers:

'My orders are to fight; Then if I bleed, or fail, Or strongly win, what matters it? God only doth prevail. The servant craveth naught Except to serve with might. I was not told to win or lose, -- My orders are to fight.'

I think this poem makes a point that I’ve always believed in and that you beautifully express. That we should not worry about winning or losing the battle and that we should fight nonetheless. Even if we knew that we would lose the battle, we should fight just the same. I think that this concept could help give people hope, even if all looks lost. As you say, that even though it appears Adolf Hitler lost, he did not. His job on earth was to expose the Jews, and he did! Nothing else matters.

Thomas has done fine work for the cause. I’m happy to have worked with him and glad that he understood my writing enough to support it. He quotes a poem that does indeed capture the spirit of my writing. And Wetherald says it wonderfully.

Yes, fighting for what’s good in this world is worthy nonetheless. Winning or losing, on so grand a scale, is beyond any one individual. Are you winning in your own backyard — are you living a life that’s good and worth being proud of? So many are not, and this is unfortunate. But this lack of fortune is beyond us. Are you someone your children can admire and want to emulate? Are you someone who someone better than you would want to emulate? Are you someone who would make your ancestors proud? These are the questions we should ask ourselves. Hope, if it is to have any meaning at all, has to be constructive. If we are to have hope, we must use it — otherwise, all is lost.

Arjuna is indeed reminded of his duty to fight: “Therefore, Arjuna, you should always think of Me, and at the same time you should continue your prescribed duty and fight. With your mind and activities always fixed on Me, and everything engaged in Me, you will attain to Me without any doubt” (Bhagavad Gita VIII.7) Like Hero Rudolf Hess, we all will stand before man and God in judgment when our time comes. It is no easy task to pick up the struggle and maintain it like Hero Hess; but it is nonetheless our duty to succeed. God will abandon you if you abandon God.

And let me be clear about this: there is no such thing as a godless Aryan. It is impossible. Never would I take an atheist to be a fighter for the cause, despite what he or she might say or imagine. There are plenty of godless bastards in the world: they are called Jews.

[Above: Statue at a temple in Singapore of the God Krishna manifesting his full glory to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.]

5) In Hitlerism: Die Endlösung, you describe the Jews as the ‘Organic Lie’ and the ‘Breathing Hate’. Can you explain this to us? Also you refer to this era as that of the ‘Duped, Drugged, and Dreaming’, I think this pretty much sums up most of the world’s population, especially White people. I think White people are amongst the most brainwashed race alive in the world today. Perhaps more energy was focused on making them this way by the enemy, or perhaps White people are victims of their own success. Their ancestors left them a world of such safety and high civilization that they grew weak and timid. What do you think?

Alfred Rosenberg said this about the Jew in Myth of the 20th Century: “If the actively willed organic lie is the death of the Nordic man, then this also signifies the vital element of Jewry. Expressed paradoxically, the constant lie is the organic truth of the Jewish anti-race” (Ch. VII). Thus the Jew is the Organic Lie. The idea of the Jew as the Breathing Hate is also apt. Jehovah, the Jews’ fabricator, hates this world, this existence; and it does everything in its power to thwart and subvert it, which it does through the Jews and their allies. Even the “nicest” Jew feeds on hate, lives and breathes hate. Whom do they hate? The Aryan. What do they hate? Aryan creativity. Why do they hate? They simply have no choice: it’s part of their supposed DNA. No people in history has ever meddled with other folks as much or as often as the diabolical Jew — for this, they are the anti-race. But it is impossible for them to do otherwise. In the face of this, all Aryans can do is be good, live in truth, honor, and loyalty, and constructively create. Time works in our favor.

Regarding “Whites,” no wholly good people would ever self-destruct on the level we see Whites self-destructing today. Yes, good people of European descent (Aryans) have done more good for this world than any other folk. No one is as capable of such divine creativity and indomitable grit; no other folk, too, has the capacity for faith that the Aryan does. But there is something terribly awry. It would never be possible for a strong people to decompose like the supposed Whites are decomposing. What is the reason for this? Perhaps miscegenation is the culprit, perhaps laziness or apathy — but even these have an underlying sinisterness to them. For there to be miscegenation, laziness, apathy, there has to be a failure of construct, of composition. If this failure was in-built to test our — loyal Aryans’ — mettle, then so be it. It is not for us to say or question. We have only the time in which we live and must fight nonetheless — fight for honor, loyalty, decency, goodness.

As I say in my books, the White Traitor is perhaps an even greater enemy than the Jew — for at least the Jew knows its truth. The White Traitor simply lives by another’s truth, which can only ever be a lie.

6) Here is a quote from Hitlerism: ‘What “new order” can follow the Jew Order? None – for the Jew plants seeds of destruction, and the only harvest following the Season of the Jew is death.’

This quote leads into my next question… ‘Accelerationism’. Embracing the decay of society and doing actions to hasten its decline. As Nietzsche said ‘we should push over that which is ready to fall’. Many people find hope that when this current order begins to falter, that will be mankind’s chance to crush it and finally be free. As G.L. Rockwell so poetically put it:

‘We are the new ‘barbarians’,
forged in iron hardness in the fires
of their hate and persecution.
All over the world, we wait to pounce…’

But do you think our dear rulers will let the current decay of the world go that far? It seems a bit like controlled demolition. What are your thoughts?

While I believe the ruling elite maintain some levels of material control, I don’t think they control the future the way they or others might imagine the elite do. They will act in accordance with the laws of their natures and divine Nature. They are toys with pulled strings. All of this has happened before, and it will happen again. “Ours is not to wonder why; Ours is but to do and die.” If the Organic Lie rules the world, we can be certain that the lie will destroy the world. If our duty is to fight for God, for truth, then that is sufficient. The Aryan fights because it is right to do so, not because he or she imagines some material benefit will follow. Rockwell uses the word “pounce” — this can take many forms. I encourage any action that stems from a faithful place of honor, decency, loyalty, and goodness.

[Above: George Lincoln Rockwell.]

7) It’s important to go back on one of your comments above. You mentioned that there are many worthless people who claim to be Hitlerists. You are indeed right, unfortunately this ‘rebel’ ideology, as it’s been perceived in the USA at least, attracts all sorts of misanthropes and degenerates. At this stage of the war, these sort of vermin are a plague to us, and in this case strength is not in numbers, but in quality not quantity. One dedicated person can do an incredible amount for our fight, monstrously more than the 1000s who do nothing or very little. But it is like the quote from Henry David Thoreau, ‘There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.’

But far more dangerous, and prevalent in the public eye, are the agitators, the pretenders, the government agents, steering the people off the proverbial cliff. The ‘Niggers are the cause of all our problems’ type and those calling for violence against Jews and other non-Whites. I understand there are many blacks in the USA who commit a lot of crimes, the FBI crime statistics even prove it. Whether that be societal, racial or a bit of both in the end it doesn’t really matter. One can definitely see them being used as a weapon against us and anything their Jewish handlers decide is a target. The black race in the USA has many faults that a lot of blacks from Africa find appalling and usually when the two meet it is like fire and water. John Wayne said in a 1971 interview with Playboy Magazine that ‘I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility.‘ He also said that black Americans were better off on the plantation, because there they at least had family and identity. But in all honesty, look at what happened to their ancestors, they were captured, sold into slavery and shipped to America on Jewish-owned slave ships, where they remained the possessions of the rich. They were then ‘freed’ and let loose to the wind, with no identity, no culture (beyond their American garbage culture), no education and no future. Do modern blacks deserve some monetary compensation for what happened to their ancestors? I don’t think so, but if they did it would be from the rich Jewish families who brought them to the USA in the first place.

But ideally, we all should be in countries and regions of our own. But what would happen to the American blacks? Send them back to Africa? Look at the horribly failed country of Liberia where that was attempted. And today, what country in Africa would have them? Or, as I’ve heard a black segregationist mention in the past, could some states be carved out for them here in the USA? I don’t really have the answers. But I do believe that a war between our races is not inevitable or necessary, IF, the larger problem is dealt with, and we all know what that problem is.

But the point of this is that as difficult as it may be, and believe me it is DIFFICULT, we must not look at the other races as our larger problem. Through subterfuge our enemies want us to concentrate on blacks or Mexicans or what have you, this is only to distract us. We must all start looking to the hands that hold the strings and we must find ways to cut those strings. Your thoughts on all of this.

I have little confidence in “Whites.” By “Whites” I think we mean people of European descent, so a biological concept. For those who haven’t read my books, I want to clarify that Whites are not necessarily “Aryans” — “Aryan” has both a racial and spiritual component that most people, frankly, do not and will not ever measure up to. That said, most of the “good” Whites, even if they hold more traditional values, are too ignorant to be of any use. And encountering these Whites is often the best-case scenario. Very few Whites are fit — physically, mentally, or spiritually; and, because of their ignorance, many of their ilk are just the type of people to stupidly claim some sort of absurd inheritance to the great deeds of past Aryans. The reality is that no Aryan would want anything to do with them.

Arrogance plagues the so-called “right.” It’s truly disgusting. Arrogance is only ever accompanied by ignorance, so we can understand the source of such arrogance. What are people on the “right” accomplishing? Usually nothing. Very few of them pause for even a little self-reflection — one can probably find more self-reflection in a synagogue. But these people of the “right” are hardly a concern. Life will weed them out — if they don’t join the Jewish Brigade first.

Hitler wanted to rebuild the Germanic people throughout the Greater German Reich. The SS was the model for this rebuilding. SS standards were exceptionally high; these standards lowered through attrition toward the end of the war, but the early standards were certainly exceptional. The SS was to be a new aristocracy that would allow for the transformation of the Greater German Reich into the Greater Aryan Reich. What percentage of White trash — and by “White trash” I mean any person of European descent who is not an Aryan — what percentage of White trash pecking away behind a keyboard would qualify for the SS? What percentage of White trash could even remotely be considered to have aristocratic qualities? It’s a very small percentage, I can tell you. And yet — peck away they do. The arrogant are never aware of their punishing ignorance.

Everyone thinks about “the Jews” when the German work/concentration camps are mentioned. There were far more garbage Whites in these camps than Jews, however. Proportionally, there were more Jews — what else should we expect from the Organic Lie? But numerically, Whites were strongly represented in the camps. The point is, Hitler wanted to cleanse Greater Germany — to do this, garbage must be removed. Whites assuming that they’re “Aryans” because of skin color is the ignorant gift that keeps on giving.

Regarding Blacks — ideally, yes, we would all live in our own regions. But this ship has sailed. If, by some remote chance, there is complete societal disintegration, groups will, generally, align themselves in a more tribalistic way. But I don’t foresee this happening. A more likely outcome is a total leftist tyranny; this is, in fact, coming. People are no longer equipped to see or respond to it — because of mass ignorance and apathy. More to your point, however, is the political nature of your question (and I know you’re acting as a conduit for your readers here). As I say in Hitlerism, politics is dead. It’s inconceivable that there would ever come a time when people are being “shipped back” to anywhere. Perhaps the closest we might come to this is the inevitable day when political dissenters are rounded up into new concentration camps. This will come when the “ruling elite” get tired of applying socioeconomic pressures to dissenters and get bold enough to simply imprison them en masse.

To go along with this, I think the idea of a “race war” is absurd. It’s more skin-color nonsense, as if melanin automatically dictates character. Blind “racialism” gives an excuse for unfit Whites to never make an effort to self-reflect. That’s why so many on the “right” so tightly adhere to ignorant skin-color dogmas: they don’t have to do anything; they can simply exist. If this is the way many on the “right” think, then, well, that would make sense.  I touch on this in all my books, but most specifically in the epilogue of Myth and Sun and the final chapter of Hitler Avatara.

Whites are concerned about everyone but themselves. Aryans make sure their house is upright. Whites, on the other hand, throw blame on everyone but the one in the mirror — oh, it’s the Jews; oh, it’s the blacks; oh, it’s Marxism, and on and on. Tell me: Would a strong, healthy people ever let things get this far gone, this out of control, this existentially critical? Perhaps what we’re witnessing is the senility of a dying race. What percentage of biological Whites are viable, capable of being good proponents of their family, state, and self? The number is small… For a thorough explanation of “family, state, and self” I encourage folks to read Myth and Sun.

[Above: The SS man embodied what was best in the Aryan race. It cultivated the racial soul and taught him many virtues long murdered in our sick society.]

8) Here is an important question our enemies do not want anyone to understand. It involves the recent ‘false flag’ attack on Israel, but also goes back before it. First I’ll ask you what you think of this happening and if you believe it was indeed a false flag? Second, and more importantly, everywhere one looks, left and right politically, most of the media, most of the sheep, are all singing the same tune of ‘Israel is the devil’, even leftist Jews. There have been massive demonstrations all over the world and even the Jewish-controlled media has mysteriously turned on Israel. They even paint the Biden administration (which is wholly Jewish), as being anti-Israel.

Of course, all of this is smoke and mirrors. What are your thoughts? And the last part of the question: why? Some people say a land grab. Some say to establish an American base in Gaza. Others say to get rid of the Palestinians entirely. Or to gain support for the Israeli ruler Netanyahu.

But one thing is certain: all of the actors have been ‘activated’. The talking heads of left and right. The big names are suddenly just about all anti-Israel. We’re told there have been lots of attacks on Jews and ‘antisemitism’ is on the rise worldwide.

The Jewish overlords need FEAR. They indeed rule through fear. They have designed their race to eternally fear the outsider – the dreaded Goyim. A beast who is always threatening another Holocaust around the corner. Through this fear they not only gain more gold from their own people, but power over their people, whom they are not afraid to sacrifice for more. Your thoughts?

As long as the Organic Lie remains the dominant force on the material plane, all of life will be a “false flag” attack. Nothing that happens does so without its being fated but, most importantly, orchestrated by the ruling elite (even in some automatonic way). That said, I go into some detail about this topic in fn30, chapter 3 of Hitlerism. (I would always encourage at least a skimming of the footnotes, if not a full reading of them.)

I think getting caught up in the sociopolitical drama orchestrated by the Organic Lie is part of the problem — for all concerned parties. I talk about this at length in Hitlerism. If we can take a step back from all this and get our own affairs in order, that’s the proper first step. From there, we join with like-minded people. If this isn’t possible — because it’s already a difficult problem to overcome, and only becoming more difficult given the dearth of Aryans out there — then we live as best we can according to the Hitlerist worldview, which is governed by honor, loyalty, decency, and courage, to say the least.

We shouldn’t get caught up in nonsense drama — drama meant to elicit fear for the Breathing Hate. Why not just focus on being a good person? Most people aren’t good, and there’s a lot of work to be done in this space. No one wants to focus on this because it takes individual effort — God forbid anyone on the “right” puts forth even a little effort. It’s so much easier for many to focus on their God-given white skin; meanwhile, they’re a God-given cretin.

9) But, to a more interesting topic and just for curiosity: The mystery of Hermann Göring’s suicide while in Allied captivity. There are various possible explanations as to who slipped him the cyanide capsule, but the most interesting is Savitri Devi’s dream. If I remember she had a very profound dream that she handed Göring something, which she surmised later was the capsule. The next morning she heard the news that he was dead. What are your thoughts on all of this? Was it his Texan guard? Was it some unknown higher Allied power that had sympathy for him for some reason? Someone who perhaps knew that the Germans sentenced to death were not to just simply hang, but to suffer and choke to death, or worse, from purposely designed gallows?

Göring was supremely intelligent. He commanded the respect of those around him — this, despite Allied attempts to portray him as some sort of clown or addict. Someone either wanted to lessen the stain of their (Allied) dishonor by surreptitiously slipping him a capsule, or it was arranged by some higher Allied power (for the same reason). If the guard was involved, he was unwitting. As for Savitri, I cannot speak to what she might have done on the astral plane; she was a force of Nature, and I hesitate to doubt her.

Many in the Allied ranks recognized the evil in what they saw around them — from the war itself to the treatment of Germans/Axis allies after the war. Perhaps many more than we imagine were sympathetic to the German cause. On the grand scale this amounted to nothing: Destiny must take its course. Locally, however, small steps accrue to great distances. Most people always want to swing for the fences — but most don’t even know how to hold a bat. Ounces make pounds. Big results require seemingly countless little actions. Problem-solving is a trial of endurance. If we narrow our focus, we might make a greater impact than we expect.

Whoever slipped Göring the capsule didn’t win any war, but they aided the cause. Here we are, nearly eight decades later, wondering about the mystery of the cyanide. There is great meaning in this. No one sought renown for the deed. And whether the deliverer acted to aid the cause or not, his actions contributed to something greater than he might have thought possible — either way, the deliverer of the cyanide was an agent of Fate.

[Above: Göring on trial during the Allied kangaroo court debacle, 1946. While others broke under pressure and torture, he remained loyal to Adolf Hitler until the very end.]

10) Have you ever heard of the Black Israelites? They are rather hilarious clowns who publicly speak about their wet dreams of killing the white man and enslaving his women. They speak a lot of nonsense, but have one interesting point: was the original Jew black? The ex-president of Egypt, for example, said basically that ‘the Jew left Africa black and came back white’. Your thoughts?

I once saw someone with a front plate on his car that read “Black Jew.” I can only recall thinking: I’m glad I’m not him. For anyone to be taken in by this “real” Israelite or “real” Jew business — this is only a sign of spiritual rootlessness. The Jews themselves probably love hearing all this claptrap about “who is the real Jew”? I know there are extant factions who — because of their inability to give up their Hebrew-Bible-Jew-worship — brow beat everyone in earshot about how they (or “Aryans”) are the real Israelites. How are these people any different than the Black Israelites? All are tools of the Jew. Alfred Rosenberg said this: “[The Jewish lie] is the worst enemy of the Nordic race. Whoever abandons himself to it unchecked, perishes inwardly. He also separates himself voluntarily outwardly from the Germanic environment. He will by necessity be associated with characterless bastards and Jews.”

Egypt’s former president might be right: “the Jew left Africa black and came back white.” I say this in my essay “Misdirections” from Myth and Sun: “There is one mysterious exception to the rule of races that became a rule itself: Jewry. The Jew’s origins are in the Brown races. Because of Jewry’s peculiar self-love and disdain of other peoples, it has been booted from land to land, with no indigenous folk wanting it around once its dominant paradoxicality becomes known; hence, nomadism, or internationalism, is fundamental to Jewish character. But Jewry is distinct from the Brown races — hence its removal from other Brown societies; it is a subset of the Brown peoples that has mixed with the White. This mixing undoubtedly occurred in both Greece and Rome, preceding and precipitating the demise of each.”

There is much more said about this in the essay and my books. Perhaps key to this passage is the Jew and Whites mixing. I reiterate something from a prior answer: Would a strong, healthy people ever let things get this far gone, this out of control, this existentially critical?

The day Whites can self-reflect in any measure, even moderately so, will be a fine day. Until this occurs, I write for those yet unborn.

11) I’d like to ask you about your opinions of Mussolini and fascism. National Socialism and fascism are often lumped into the same boat, but they are very different. Can you tell your thoughts on this?

Furthermore, I recently learned of an important book called ‘Story of a Year: The Time of the Carrot and the Stick’ which is a compilation of newspaper articles written by Mussolini from June to July 1944. This was of course during his exile, in the Italian Social Republic. In his final writing we get to see a different side to the Duce which isn’t revealed in his book. Another fascinating glimpse of Mussolini is from the memoirs of the extraordinary Otto Skorzeny, who met with Mussolini during this time and had long conversations with him. Now to my point. Mussolini and Italy generally do not receive much respect from National Socialists and historians in general. True, the Italian armed forces were found to be antiquated and not up to par with their German allies, but people tend to forget, or simply do not know, that Mussolini was an early inspiration to Adolf Hitler and National Socialists all over the world, especially in the 1920s. In his march on Rome, he achieved what all the other leaders had only dreamed. He told Skorzeny that if he could go back he would have abolished the king and the royalty in Italy. In 1938, when Germany sought the famed Anschluss in Austria, much hinged on Mussolini’s reaction. Mussolini had supported Austria’s nationalist leader, Dollfuss, and had financially backed his regime (The Fatherland Front) for some years.

Mussolini chose to back Adolf Hitler and Germany, rightfully so.

Italy gave 300,000 troops to the Eastern Front, with 30,000 dead and another 54,000 thrown into communist death camps. But despite the ice and horrors of the Russian front, the Italians fought beside Germany all the way to Stalingrad. And history will never forget the utter courage and ability of the Italian frogmen of the Decima Flottiglia MAS, who humiliated Britain on the ocean battlefield in big ways.

One of the most disgusting pictures I’ve ever came across is the murder of Mussolini and his comrades. It shows the animal barbarity of our enemies and I’m certain one day he will be avenged. I’m very interested to hear your thoughts on all of this!

That Fascism and National Socialism are, as you say, lumped together speaks to (1) the little effort so many put into understanding either, and (2) the success of modern academia and media in lulling the masses into unthinking compliance. Fascism was a political concept, and in this way, a material concept; it did little to establish or revitalize Myth. Fascism was a fine concept and had remarkable intentions, but it lacked the scope and spirituality of National Socialism — this is the case because National Socialism had Adolf Hitler. Mussolini was a man; Hitler was the embodiment of an entire folk’s will; one had bravado, the other had gravity. You mention the inspirational and courageous aspects of Fascism — I agree with you. Hitler’s 1923 putsch was inspired by Mussolini’s 1922 March on Rome. And we would be foolish to discount the sacrifices of the many great Fascist heroes who fought on the side of the Hitlerian Idea. Early inspiration, however, gave way to later deference; political momentum perhaps made Mussolini significant for longer than Hitler would have liked — Hitler, after all, had a mission and knew it. No one is born a teacher, and I think the case of Hitler and Mussolini is not so much a case of “the student becomes the teacher” as it is the remarkable instance of “the student becomes God.”

It serves the interests of the intellectual class to lump Fascism and National Socialism together. If they are more or less the same, well, then case closed; no further inquiry necessary. The intellectual class doesn’t want anyone to know the depth and mystery of the Hitlerian Idea. Why would Satan want you to know God? When one begins to know the depth and mystery of the Idea, then practical application follows. This is what the intellectual class, or the ruling elite, wants to avoid. Fortunately for them, practical application is just what the “right” instinctively avoids like the plague. Of course, the intellectual class also lumps the two together because such “intellectuals” are almost entirely liberalists; excepting maybe the boneheaded “right,” perhaps no other intellectual orientation thinks less or is more narrow minded than liberalists.

Story of a Year describes Mussolini’s struggle with subversion and betrayal. That Hitler had to contend with the same says much about modernity. Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano magisterially discuss this situation in many of their books; I discuss it in my books as well.

Yes, in the end, Mussolini and others were savagely murdered by satanic Marxists. We should expect nothing less from them; Marxists are the most hateful and destructive people propagating the most hateful and destructive ideology. Giovanni Gentile, “Fascism’s philosopher,” was also murdered by a Marxist. He was a fine thinker who did much to create a spiritual grounding for Fascism; while he succeeded to some extent, we can see the stark differences between Fascism and National Socialism when we compare his work to some of the major ideologues of the Hitlerian Idea. Nevertheless, we honor the memory of heroic Fascists.

[Above: Story of a Year: The Time of the Carrot and the Stick.]

12) I assume you’ve watched the Léon Degrelle 1974 speech 'We Dreamed Of Something Marvelous’? I think it is probably one of the greatest postwar speeches ever given. The hair stands up on the back of my neck and I get chills listening to it. When I see the men and women of this glorious past I can’t help but look around me and see something is very much missing in today’s people. Maybe it is the almost eighty years of mind-rotting entertainment and endless propaganda that has steadily been shoved down their throats? Or the zillions of chemicals and pollutants that pass through their bodies. The relatively easy life living on the laurels and hard work of their ancestors…

Degrelle was a wonder. There are many moving and harrowing war memoirs that have been published, but Degrelle’s account of his time on the Eastern Front is among the best. He fought for his fellow Aryans to the end.

What he and so many others see and have seen is what has been foretold from the beginning. The reason we see prophecy in so many ancient texts is because it is in us — we who are born in this darkest of ages — to intimately know the fate that stands at the end of time. As we approach this end, we necessarily fulfill the steps to reach it. If our end is complete devastation, which it is, then all life walks the path that brings this end nearer. In Myth and Sun I write, “our time is the end time and all of history is a record of our decline, Götterdämmerung.” I write this to celebrate Nietzsche. 

In Hitlerism I write, “if one falls from the path, one was never on the path and never would have been; there is only success or failure in this existential combat of the Cosmic Struggle. Those who ‘don’t make it’ were lost from the beginning, and they are never worth another’s time. If another ‘makes it’ along the true path, this one would have made it regardless of another’s intervention. In short, help those only willing and able to help themselves; no one else is viable.” How does one determine whether one is viable or not? Again, I think self-reflection is the key. The one who succeeds in fulfilling his or her Aryanism will succeed no matter what; that is, they have within the instinct to act rightly — this is why they are Aryan. They are not biological “gifts” to the world; they are spiritual fighters. The Cosmic Struggle doesn’t give a damn about their skin color. A common refrain in my work is, Race is not everything, but it is the beginning of everything. This notion is Hitlerian. The unfit Whites that Hitler’s Reich would’ve finally exorcised from society now run rampant today making a mockery of all things Hitlerist; these melanin monkeys are boon companions for the Jew. Without character, race is meaningless. Few on the “right” have any character worth mentioning. But this is the essence of the Kali-Yuga.

For the few Aryans remaining, what each one’s individual struggle looks like is between them and God. Kierkegaard was a Germanic thinker. Does this mean he shunned work that wasn’t racially Germanic? No. One of his most profound texts is Fear and Trembling, a title he drew from Philippians 2:12: Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. What does this mean if not self-reflection? If you are good, you will find the way — because you are good. If you don’t know where to start, or your liberal indoctrination has narrowed your mind to a pinpoint, you’re simply no good, and your fate is sealed.

13) People often lament ‘If only Adolf Hitler would have done this or that differently… if only he had been more vicious, more brutal, merciless…’ But they don’t understand Adolf Hitler at all. But don’t get me wrong, I think all of us have occasionally yearned for a more brutal Adolf Hitler. One that would have not let his enemies leave Dunkirk alive. One that would have approved the use of the atom bomb. One that would have matched the Allies in their terrible and ruthless tactics. But, that is not the Adolf Hitler that we so deeply love. That is not the ‘too much Sun and not enough Lightning’ which Savitri so beautifully taught us. We love Adolf Hitler because of his impeccably honorable and magical goodness. We love him and trust him and try to follow his example. If ever I’ve had a question in life I always consider, what would Adolf Hitler think? Your thoughts?

Adolf Hitler did everything precisely as was necessary to secure the Myth, to glorify the Sun. If one doesn’t see this now, one will either come to see it — or one will not.

Judeo-materialists can debate about the merits of Hitler’s actions. Such people fit nicely into modernity.

In Hitler Avatara I write, “In the case of Hitler’s nature, we must believe or be offended by the Führer’s fundamental goodness and his appearance as God; in the case of Hitler’s alleged actions, we must believe or be offended by both the revisions and allegations concerning Adolf Hitler, and by the Führer’s compulsion to do what’s demanded by divine restoration…” This statement occurs in a larger discussion of “offense” and faith, and the entanglement of the two. I encourage readers to read the full text. For our purposes here, I can simply say that I have no use for the material-minded detractors; surely there’s a Jewish podcaster that better suits their taste.

[Above: Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano.]

14) As a young teenager I discovered the truth, luckily meeting the ‘right crowd’ one summer vacation lost in time. It was an absolute flood of information. I was told pretty much everything I had been taught previously was wrong. I didn’t just believe everything I was told immediately, no I needed time and proof. We got into many spirited conversations about what was a lie and what was the truth. I slowly began to open my eyes to this new world -- blinders off! But it wasn’t until I read some of the booklets of Dr. William Pierce from the National Alliance that I really began to see. It was like an avalanche of truth. I read his books and tuned into his radio show. He had a booklet called ‘Who Rules America’ that really opened my eyes. All of the information was rather unbelievable at first. But he always said ‘don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself’. Thus began a journey that continues till this day.

My question to you is do you know of this great man? If so, when did you discover him? How important was he in your search for truth? I think one day men will erect great statues of him. Are there any other modern men who have inspired you?

I know of him; but neither he nor any other American played a role in my intellectual development. I simply haven’t read them; though I do recall hearing a Pierce radio message here or there later in my search. In fact, I don’t recall hearing Pierce say anything I disagreed with; and he was quite impassioned. I don’t mean to diminish his or other American fighters’ thought or struggle. I can only say that my inspirations came from elsewhere.

You ask about “modern men.” If this means people living today, there are none from whom I draw inspiration. Now, if by “modern” you mean anyone born since the fall of Constantinople in 1453, then, yes, I am inspired by several.

Those thinkers I hold most dear are Søren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, Savitri Devi, and Miguel Serrano. This is elite company; and it would be difficult for anyone to measure up to their standard. Of these, if I were forced to choose one, I would probably keep hold of Nietzsche. He’s not only one of the most brilliant thinkers I’ve encountered, he’s a prophet — and this is not to mention his unmatched writing style. I cite Nietzsche more than anyone else in my work. Beyond more strictly philosophical types, my greatest influences come from Hitlerist memoirs: Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Léon Degrelle, Hans Roth, Otto Skorzeny, Sepp de Giampietro, etc. 

More personally, I’m influenced by the Germanic blood in my veins. I’m grateful for my family who never had a foul word to say about Adolf Hitler. I honor the memory of my kinsmen who fought for the Hitlerian Idea in the SS.

15) I’m curious to know what sort of music interests you? My website used to focus on underground black/death metal, but I’m not sure if you know what this is? But my musical tastes are quite eclectic. Have you ever heard ‘skinhead’ music (sometimes called ‘RAC’ or Rock Against Communism)? Do you know of Ian Stuart and his band Skrewdriver? But thinking about Ian Stuart, I think of his opus, ‘The Snow Fell’ and the beautiful rendition of the song done by the artist Saga.

Out of black metal grew ‘National Socialist Black Metal’ and the spirit of RAC is found in nearly all styles of music now. I’d like to ask you what you think of skinheads? Have you ever seen the movie Romper Stomper? It’s an excellent film which accidentally shows our plight in a very real way. I see the skinhead culture as very much a defiant rebellion against the Jewish world order. Often times they were young, poor, from broken homes, with little except for each other. But like so many, they looked back to a better time, a time that cared about them, a time that they could call home. Far away from the dirty streets of ‘democracy’. The ‘melting pot’ of madness and desegregation at the end of a bayonet. The prison world that we know so well, the nightmare of now.

I have a lot of sympathy for these kids in this age of Kali Yuga, who have to ‘grow into this rotten garden’. What are your thoughts on all of this?

Lamentably, I have little comment to make here. I’m unfamiliar with most of what you mention. But, if they are honorable, loyal, and decent people, I hope they had/have success.

For music generally, I enjoy depth and melody, regardless of genre. Beethoven, Chopin, and Bach are nearly unapproachable. Wagner had some incredibly powerful (non-operatic) music, but I’m not a fan of opera. If I had to pick a more recent band, it would be Led Zeppelin; musically they had no peer.

[Above: Ian Stuart and Saga.]

16) One thing I’ve always thought about is ‘What the hell would the men of the Third Reich think about us today?’ Would they think we are freaks and laugh at us? Would they feel sorry for us? What would they think of the skinhead band Landser’s opus ‘Rudolf Hess’? Would they be proud of us, for essentially picking up a million shattered pieces of them that the victors couldn’t destroy? For finding them in near total darkness, and for what our etiquette and decorum lack our iron devotion and love deliver. We have found a magical beauty in their utter ruins. They thought they could kill Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, but their useless bombs merely spread it all over the world.

What would Adolf Hitler think of us, Martin? I can’t help but know in my heart he would be proud of us, despite all the mistakes and all the darkness. I remember him in the bunker, brave and true till the last, but having pity for the ones left behind. Us.

“They thought they could kill Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, but their useless bombs merely spread it all over the world.” That’s a fine way to put it; and they deserve nothing less.

I can’t help but think of the Goebbels family, their last hours in the bunker. For dedicated parents (perfect, no; but dedicated) to end the lives of their six children, and then to end their own lives… What can one say? Those were desperate times; unprecedented times. What terrible tragedy. “What is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil,” as Nietzsche so perfectly put it. 

So much of what happened then was done out of love, which is precisely why it’s always portrayed as being “absolute evil.” The victors want nothing less than to continue their upturning of all reality; they also want to bastardize and pervert any type of spiritual living. Why else, for instance, do we see the satanic Pope espousing the most progressive of causes? One must keep the sheep in proper pasture! The point is to debase “spirituality” to oblivion — i.e., the point is that people live purely materially. Material-minded people are empty urns waiting to be filled with the ashes of all the vile burnt offerings made to Satan-Jehovah.

The world didn’t end in 1945. There was still much for which to fight, live, and die. Aryans will always recognize the good in Aryans, regardless of era. Gott mit uns.

17) Regarding Miguel Serrano, a lot of people are turned off when they read his works upon the mention of Lucifer. They immediately think "SATAN!", but like so many pagan deities the Christians turned them into devils. Pan, for example, became a devil because he had horns, even though he was the farthest thing from a demon a god could be. Easter is derived from 'Eostre', a goddess of fertility and spring and the day itself a pagan holiday, the Christians just turned this into the day Jesus was resurrected. Even our days still bear the names of the old gods -- Wednesday = Wotan's Day, Thursday = Thor's Day and so on. But the name Lucifer came to represent the Devil himself. Can you explain to us what you know about this deity and how it came to represent 'Satan'?

No one ever has to agree with every last word another has written or thought. If I hold Nietzsche in the highest esteem, does that mean I slavishly follow everything he says? Of course not. Does it mean I reject what he says where we have friction just to be rancorous? No. Any strong individual of personality will make an effort to engage with the ideas one confronts. There are two types of people who reject — totally and immediately — ideas that cause them discomfort: (1) narrow-minded liberalists (and under this umbrella term we can shelter all Jew-allies); and (2) cowardly sheep who are useless to any cause.

The limit to these “ideas that cause discomfort” is the Aryan litmus test: Is it honorable? Is it loyal (to Aryanism, or all things Aryan)? Is it decent? Is it courageous? Is it creative? This is not an imposed limit, but a natural one. It’s not a limit to a tree to have leaves, roots, and bark. Characteristics define the object. This is all said to bar the way to the truly depraved and un-Aryan types who get excited when they hear in what I said above “reject nothing that causes discomfort” — this is not what I said. It’s unfortunate we even have to discuss this, but, statistically speaking, some debased Judeo-bot will read this at some point and I want him to know his depravity is never welcome; I want him to know he is broken, that he has nothing of any value, and no one wants him around. He has or undoubtedly will find a home with the satanic Marxists.

Lucifer is not Satan. Satan is Jehovah, the Jewish “god.” Lucifer is the Lichtbringer, the light bringer; Satan is the murderous enslaver who aims to smother the light. Light comes from the sun; the sign of the sun is the Swastika. The same hatred oriented toward “Lucifer” is oriented toward the Swastika. This is no accident. The entire purpose of Judeo-Christianity was and is to insinuate itself into European lifeways to revaluate all values — good becomes bad, left becomes right, etc. That Lucifer, which is only a symbol for what was once European (or the old values), was turned into the embodiment of “evil” is the purpose of Jewish revaluation. 

What adds to the confusion today is all the deliberate (or not-so-deliberate) conflation of Satan and Lucifer. Oftentimes, many people, witting or not, say “Lucifer” when they mean “Satan.” I don’t know if it’s worth anyone’s time to unpack the nonsense here. Suffice it to say that (1) if someone is evil, they are in league with Satan-Jehovah, and (2) Aryans are on the side of Light, Jews and their allies are on the side of satanic darkness.

This topic comes up infrequently in my writing, but it does come up — just because it has to. I wish this were something we didn’t have to discuss, but we are up against millennia of Jewish indoctrination. Undoubtedly, some small mind out there will interpret all this to mean, “Oh, so we worship Lucifer!” No — no one has said that. These are all symbols. The story is not the symbols; the story is the substance behind the symbols. The substance is Light and Dark, Aryan and Jew. Don’t worship a symbol — revere the Light! Go be creative, exercise your divine will with honor and loyalty — failure to do this means you were never Aryan at all.

[Above: 'Lucifer' by the German artist Fidus. Fidus was a member of the NSDAP and even did works of Adolf Hitler.]

18) Okay, let's go off the rails a bit and let me ask you a few hypothetical questions. First, something most of us have dreamed of: if you could go back in time and had five minutes with Adolf Hitler, in the spring of 1939, what would you tell him? Or ask him? You could tell him about the arch traitor Canaris. Or the despicable Paulus. Information about Kursk, the Ardennes Offensive, Dunkirk, etc. Of course, I'm asking you to throw aside the idea that everything happened as it was supposed to be according to fate, etc.

I would suggest to Hitler that he send his most loyal friend and ally into the compromised heart of the “Aryan land with the Jewish soul,” Britain, in May of 1941 — vying for peace, but knowing only demise waits in return. I will tell him what he already knows: that the meaning of all reality rests in the fulfillment of this sacrifice.

Every Aryan has had this encounter with Hitler; and we will have it again.

19) Your thoughts on General Patton's untimely death? There is a lot of evidence that has come to light that he was murdered. I'm sure you heard of the rather explosive quotes from the letters he wrote home to his wife? That he would run for president after the war, that the USA was fighting the wrong enemy, the extremely anti-Jew sentiments... Did you also know that he thought that if the Germans had successfully reached Antwerp during the Ardennes Offensive, that they would have cut the Allied armies in two, breaking its supply lines, and carrying the war into 1946. He also commented that if this were to happen that the American people would have demanded an end to the war. American propaganda called this  operation 'The Battle of the Bulge', but in fact it was nearly successful, and resulted in extremely high Allied casualties. I've read that the morgue freezers in France were overflowing with Allied dead... your thoughts on all of this?

Patton was likely murdered by the satanic forces that occupied (and continue to occupy) his own government. Another rift, less well known but not long after this, is worth researching as well: Why did Truman essentially fire MacArthur during the Korean War?

There’s much to reflect on regarding the war — much sacrifice, heroism, tragedy, salvation. There are many poignant memoirs available, if one looks beyond what’s for sale or loan at the local Marxist bookstore or library.

My ode to what was is captured in my essay “Against All Odds” (Myth and Sun).

20) Beyond the well-known names like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Göring, etc. who are your favorites and why?

Like so many of that era, Jochen Peiper was done a great disservice, demonized as he was for the Allied Myth of Malmedy (i.e., the lies of Malmedy). It’s important for people to know the lies the Judeo-Allies coaxed and propagated. A few books might describe the lie, but I haven’t found one better than Leo Kessler’s (Charles Whiting’s) SS Peiper. Kessler was definitely not sympathetic to Peiper or Germany, but he was compelled to tell the truth of the Malmedy event. Kessler establishes what any sensible person would see as a definitive case against the Allied lies. He also relates what happened to Peiper years after the war and subsequent trial. For those who don’t know his postwar story, I won’t detail it here; but it is an all-too-familiar one.

21) Lastly, any future books you are working on or planning? Anywhere on the web where we can read any of your writings? Your last words to the waiting world...?

Thank you for this chance to talk with you and, by extension, the readers of the wide world. I hope that many who made it this far are good and honorable people, and I hope they inspire such traits in others.

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