'If you want to shine like the sun, first you must burn like it.'
-Adolf Hitler


  • Here is the long-awaited part two of the Ahmed Rami interview. The feedback we received from part one was phenomenal! And I must say, part two is even better and even more eye-opening. As one commentor on the interview said 'This is not just another interview, this interview is special and it should be spread far and wide', and I couldn't agree more. Nothing and no one fights their lies and propaganda about the Middle East, Arabs and Islam more than Ahmed Rami. Enjoy...

  • Extra Special thanks to our comrade Amir for making this highly enlightening interview possible! Amir took the time to meet with Rami in person, conduct the interview in Swedish and then translate and transcribe it into English. And of course, last but definitely not least, our warm thanks to Ahmed Rami, for taking the time and thought to do this interview for us.

    Summer, 2015


    [Ahmed]: After the Algerian independence, there was a term called “black feet”, namely those who came back to France after the colonial era, they were Jews. But they don't call them Jews, and there were many that are now famous, many advisors and even presidents. Even Hitler's struggle to liberate Germany from Jewish power, that was also a part of our (Arab) struggle to liberate our countries from Jewish power and their plans to occupy Palestine. The ones that defend colonialism the most is the Jewish power in France.

    I have forgotten to cover one subject, about the Halal-slaughter, it has been discovered that both in Sweden and France, the owners of these enterprises are Jewish. The Jewish powers try to make money on everything. The most important thing for us, for me, is that Hitler was a role model, even today for many Muslims and Arabs. Because it is like this, we don't see the Germans and Hitler with “Jewish eyes” or “European eyes”, we have a more independent way of seeing things over there. For us it was the Colonial French that were evil, not the Germans. For us, Hitler and his intentions were good, Israel and the Jewish power were evil.

    Hitler wanted to not just liberate his own country, but help other countries liberate theirs, like with Russia, help them liberate themselves from Jewish power. He supported and armed millions of Russians, because the Russian Revolution was not a revolution, but a coup, even Putin himself said that 80-85% of the leading Bolsheviks were Jews.

    [Amir]: You can find it easily on Youtube, “Putin 80-85% Bolsheviks”.

    [Ahmed]: I think the future will show whether Hitler had any flaws, I think it will show that he was too humane. Actually, he has been too nice to the Jews. He never had any intention to exterminate the Jews. He wanted them for once to work a bit, instead of them earning money without producing anything. The purpose of the concentration camps was to teach them how to work.

    [Amir]: Just like the British had camps for the Boers in South Africa and the USA's camps for the Japanese and Germans. I have read a little about the German-occupied areas in the Arab world, that Arabs felt for the first time how it is to live without “Apartheid-like" conditions. One example is public transportation, they used the same as the Germans, but when the French ruled they had to use separate transportation.

    [Ahmed]: Actually all occupations are cruel, but if you compare the French occupation to the German one, the latter was more humane, even in France, Norway etc., they were very civilized. You cannot compare the Germans to the barbarian French and British. There is a big difference, even when I was in the military academy the French told us that the German military were civilized gentlemen. Even Rommel is a legend for the French military, they talk about him like an epic tale. There is a story about a British Colonel that was a prisoner in German-controlled Libya who had managed to escape. When the German military caught him once again, Rommel requested to meet this man and congratulated him: “If I was a prisoner like you, I would also have fled, very good!” It is unthinkable that an Israeli General would behave like this to a Palestinian for example.

    [Amir]: The Allied and Jewish propaganda in the media constantly demonized the German National Socialists as being racists, but in my (author of mourningtheancient.com) extensive research, I, along with many other historians, have found much proof of the opposite. Here is a letter written by the Prime Minister of Iraq (Axis) in October 1942, to Germany's Dr. Walter Gross' Office of Racial Policy:

    “The Axis enemies in their propaganda state that the Germans consider the Arabs among the lower castes. In my capacity as the Premier of Iraq, I can give an assurance that the Arabs do not give this claim any importance after what they have seen and felt Germany's treatment and help to them. But as the enemy propaganda goes on repeating these lies, I should like to receive an answer from an official source regarding the German consideration of the Arab race. I should be very grateful to get from you a reply on the opinion of Germany on the subject.

    Rashid Ali Al-Gaylani”

    Dr. Walter Gross responds:

    “In answer to your Excellency's letter of 17th October, 1942,
    I have the honor to give you the racial theory regarding the
    Arab caste. The racial policy has been adopted by Germany to
    safeguard the German people against the Jews who,
    biologically, are different from the Middle East races.
    Accordingly, Europe has been opposing Jews for decades. The
    Germans do not fight the Jews because they are Semitic or because
    they come from the East, but for their character, egoism and
    their hostility to society... while Germany forbids the
    entrance of the Jews into her territory, she welcomes all Arabs
    of Semitic origin and cares for them. The attitude of the
    Germans for the Arabs is that of respect. Not a single
    official German source ever stated that the Arabs originated from
    a lower caste. On the contrary, the racial theory of National
    Socialism considers the Arabs of a very high caste. The
    oppression of the Arabs of Palestine is being followed in Germany
    with great interest and Germany confirms the demands of the Arabs.”

    [Amir]: Do you have any comments on this?

    [Ahmed]: I think this is a very interesting statement from an official source. As he states here, the Germans are not against the Jews because they are Semites, Semite means somebody speaking a Semitic language. The Jewish propaganda wants to portray all criticism against Judaism as an illness, but as he said, it's because of their behavior. [two famous examples of this are Ezra Pound and Knut Hamsun, two giants of poetry and literature, who were both deemed insane by the victorious Allies for supporting National Socialism before and during the war -- ed.]

    [Amir]: The Allies/Jews tried to turn every possible German ally against Germany with propaganda about the Germans being racist against Arabs.

    [Ahmed]: Precisely, that is why it is important for modern National Socialists to read this statement. I hope this will be spread.

    When it comes to issues, the Islamic world and all peoples that are victims of domination, colonialism and Zionism, have a similar perspective to what is happening in the world. Both the National Socialists and Muslims solely want justice. While Hitler looked down upon leaders like Churchill, he received the Palestinian leader Amin al-Husseini with respect, as a head of state! The worst racists, the ones who look down upon people, are the Zionists and the Jewish religion, while the ones who believe in equality among peoples, are the Germans and the National Socialists.

    Some idiots today, they are not pedagogical, during the 1920s-1930s, the word “race” didn't have a negative undertone. Today the word “race” has a different undertone, Hitler, he spoke the language of his time, even Marx used these terms. If Hitler lived today, he would have not used the word today, because Hitler was very pedagogical.

    [Amir]: Maybe “People (Volk/Folk in German/Swedish)”.

    [Ahmed]: Precisely. Instead of saying the “Germanic Race”, saying the “Germanic People”. The word “People” has a more positive undertone. It is a pedagogical way of speaking the language of your time.

    As I usually say, modern National Socialists should not start where Hitler started, but rather continue where Hitler ended, and speak the language of today. For example the worst racists, the Jews, they don't use the word “Race” anymore. Once again I think this statement is very important for modern National Socialists.

    [Amir]: It is an antidote to “Hollywood-Nazism”.

    [Ahmed]: There is a document written by Hitler called “My Political Testament”, where he speaks positively about Islam, for example that Islam fits the Germans better than Christianity.

    [Amir]: Christianity today is very liberalized.

    [Ahmed]: It is occupied by Judaism. Therefore it is important what he says here about Islam. The (complete) testament is only available at RadioIslam.org. Modern National Socialists don't like Islam so much because they are indoctrinated to hate Islam. Modern National Socialists, if they are proud of Hitler, they should ask themselves, can Hitler be proud of them? Namely are they on the level of Hitler's message? I think the future will tell us that Hitler was right!

    [Amir]: I have a personal question, today there are many immigrants, Muslims that have grown up in Sweden specifically, that have been brainwashed into believing that Hitler hated Africans, Arabs etc. What are your thoughts on this?

    [Ahmed]: Those who are born here, they are of course under the influence of the media here, but in the future, when they look at the question of Palestine, they will truly see who is the enemy. I think I am more representative of the Muslims than those who grew up in Rinkeby [a ghetto in Sweden-ed.], but in the future, a lot will change. The Muslims you are talking about, and even the Swedes, will discover the truth... I believe the Zionist propaganda in the future will no longer be successful. I believe that there will be some sort of revolution in Europe, in the whole world, against the Jewish power. I think a “Hitler” will arise in every country.

    [Amir]: There are many immigrants that are materialistic in the West who don't give a damn about their homeland. Sure, some do post patriotic stuff about their country on Facebook every now and then, but they themselves never do anything for their cause, rather bragging about their materialistic successes in their new country.

    [Ahmed]: This is a disease that has affected many countries, today's youth, they have no dreams anymore to change the world, to improve it. They have became egoistic and apathetic. I believe this is only temporary, I think it will change, but yes they should be more idealistic, ready to risk their lives. It is not only in the Arab world but also in the West, the Swedish youth, they are very materialistic and with no dreams to change the world, but of course this also has something to do with the media.

    [Amir]: You have gone through a sea of attacks because of your beliefs, your passion and dedication to the truth, it has made you a big target. Can you tell us about our common enemy, how they have tried to silence you?

    [Ahmed]: I believe that one is preprogrammed by nature. I was born the way I am, even as a child I was always the way I am now. In Morocco I discovered that you could criticize everything and everyone but the those who held the power, namely the King. And of course I tried to do something about this. If there had been a potential future in Morocco for elections etc., I would not have considered joining the army to make a coup. My role model was Nasser who abolished the monarchy in Egypt. Of course the coups in Morocco failed, but at the same time people discovered there are still idealists that try and risk their lives for a better future in Morocco.

    When I came to Sweden under political asylum, I continued my struggle, as I usually say “Think globally, act locally”, so I thought, what can I do here in Sweden? Then I was shocked when I realized that it's the same in Sweden! Here as well, you can criticize everything but the one who holds the power. There is a quote from Voltaire: “If you want to know who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize”, so I came to the conclusion that Jews rule the country. Then I engaged the Jewish power directly by creating Radio Islam. I actually got this idea from Anna Lindh, who later became foreign minister. I mentioned to her about the history classes in Sweden, that it is Jewish propaganda. She said “Yes it is, they have the power here. But the question is, what do you as Muslims do? Instead of condemning the darkness, bring the light with a candle. Do something.” So then I thought that I have to do something, hence Radio Islam as a light in the darkness.

    If I only was a careerist, I would also become something within the Social Democrats, but I say what I think and I fight for justice. All evil powers fought me, there were trials in court eventually leading to my imprisonment in Sweden.

    [Amir]: Through a law that was created after the Second World War lobbied by Jews.

    [Ahmed]: Precisely, actually, they created this law camouflaged to protect the weak, but on the contrary is used to protect the powerful, the Jewish power. But, I think that... I have tried to do my duty as a citizen of Sweden. I only follow the principle of the Swedish school that one should dare to question, be brave and express your opinions. That's the only thing I have done actually, I have not tried to hurt anybody or commit violence, they are just opinions. They should respond to my opinions rather than throw me into prison.

    The youth today, is not affected by what you say but by what you do, because they see what you do – you should be correct, you should be honest, you should be pure. I have never been corrupted, I have never let myself be bought by anyone. Even during the trial against me the Chief Rabbi in Sweden called me, he is actually from New York. They criticized me because I stated in Radio Islam that the Jews have the power over the mass media here in Sweden. So he called me and said: “Now you are forbidden in all media, but I have a suggestion, a compromise: That you will stop talking about Israel and Palestine, you may talk about Islam, you can broadcoast the Quran all the time if you want, we can then even give you benefits, help you pay the costs of running Radio Islam. All the newspapers etc. that you aren't allowed in, they can come to me and be allowed to run.” I told him: “You just said you don't have the power in the mass media, now what you tell me proves that you have the power, by allowing me to express myself in the mass media again.”

    [Amir]: Did he comment on it?

    [Ahmed]: No, he went silent. I can say this, the Jewish power is like bacteria, a virus, it just does its job. The question is, what do we do? The strength of the Jews is based on that they are organized, it is our weakness that makes their strength, they are not facing any opposition. Instead of just crying over spilled milk, try to do something, the smallest thing, anything! There is always something one can do, for example I started Radio Islam before the internet even existed. Today we have the internet. There is always opportunity to resist, to struggle. One should not be a defeatist nor pessimistic, but optimistic, and tell yourself that this struggle is between good and evil, that the Jewish power symbolizes, 100%, the evil. The good is eternal, there is no end to it. It's like the human body, there is bacteria and antibodies. The Jewish power is the virus, and those who fight for Freedom, Freedom of Speech and Democracy, they are the antibodies. They must be active, if they are not active you will get cancer and it will be irreversible.

    [Amir]: If you look at Sweden, which political movement is the most difficult for the Jewish power to corrupt? I personally believe the Nordic Resistance Movement, those whom interviewed you before. They are the most difficult to buy.

    [Ahmed]: Yes, but when I read the comment section about the interview...

    [Amir]: The “Hollywood-Nazis”?

    [Ahmed]: Yes, it is a shame. The leaders who interviewed me, they have understood the whole problem.

    [Amir]: There are many, what can you call them, like “rednecks”, Sweden Democrats.

    [Ahmed]: I think they should just keep Hitler as the role model. They have Mein Kampf, Hitler has made it available for everyone and they should keep themselves to his way, his morals. The Nationalists here in Europe, they have everything they need, they have good leaders. Even though Hitler is dead, when you see the photos of him you can see “what a Great Germany, what a Great People, what a Great Leader”, so Hitler can still inspire an intelligent and powerful resistance against the Jewish power to liberate all of Europe and the whole world from the evil.

    [Amir]: Most people only see as far as their noses can reach. For example, the first Muslim you encounter in Rinkeby, is allegedly your greatest enemy.

    [Ahmed]: Haha! Yes exactly, that's why I usually say, with these useful idiots the Jews don't have to do as much anymore. All they have to do is hand the microphone to these idiots. They reveal themselves, regardless if they are an idiotic Muslim or alleged National Socialist.

    [Amir]: It is not them that the media tries to silence, but rather us, those like me who speak about the things like the Arabs, Africans and even Jews who fought for Hitler's Germany. This is very, very dangerous information because it delegitimizes the Allied war effort and their assault on Europe.

    We continue to the next question, the media and the West have convinced people that Muslims are evil personified ever since the attack on the WTC on September 11th. Anyone with a brain knows that it was because of the combined effort of Israel and the traitors in the USA. The media has demonized Muslims and they have been very successful in this ridiculous goal, to make people believe that Islam is ready to take over the world at any moment. Israel and its agents have finally convinced the Christian goys (a derogatory term for any non-Jew, like calling a black person “Nigger”) to hate the traditional enemy of the Jews, whom are the Muslims. Of course the fact is that it is the West who has slaughtered, occupied and raped the Middle East for a very long time and not the other way around. For centuries Muslims have not tried to invade Europe, except recently due to the borders being opened. But none of this was instigated by the Muslims, they just fled wars. What are your thoughts on this, that the Jews have succeeded in mobilizing Christians against the wrong enemy?

    [Ahmed]: The last time I met Ben Bella, the legendary leader who led the revolution against the colonialists and became the first president after independence, he told me that when Jean-Marie Le Pen criticizes the Muslims, he actually means the Jews, since he cannot criticize the Jews who rule. Everybody knows that the Muslims have no power.

    [Amir]: It would only take one day to kick out all the Muslims, but the Jews... that would be a lengthy process.

    [Ahmed]: Yes, about all this World Trade Center (WTC), ISIS, Syria etc... The WTC, everybody knows it was not the Muslims, but Israel, Mossad. And all those who now give a bad image of Islam, are puppets of Mossad. To villify Muslims is just an attempt to divert attention away from Judaism, Jewry and Israel, to Muslims. The question today is, since the Muslims cannot even liberate their own countries from Jewish power, how would they be able to occupy other countries? Those who are coming to Europe now are only so called “digestive systems”, they are modern slaves. A Swede or a Frenchman has never read the Quran, for him Islam is that unemployed illiterate that strolls around in the street, that is Islam. They are just garbage resulting from our problems. The chaos that Israel is stirring in the Middle East is driving people to flee the region to Europe. The Republican slaves of Israel, like the USA, they destroy Arab countries. Today in Libya there is chaos, there is no state, no infrastructure, no army – complete chaos. In Iraq it is the same, they eliminated the army and now there is only chaos and anarchy.

    In the beginning Islam was only a “Christian” cult, no difference. The Quran mentions Jesus more often than Mohammed. A Muslim is actually also a Christian. In both books, contrary to the Old Testament, there is no encouragement to infiltrate and occupy other nations. In the Jewish bible (Old Testament) it states that God gave them the right to occupy Palestine and kill its inhabitants. If the Quran said that God has given Sweden to the Muslims, with the right to kill the Swedes, then I would myself be against Islam. But there are no such principles in Islam whatsoever. By the way, in our countries there are probably 1-2% who practice Islam completely, while the rest are just born Muslim. In Sweden, there are more practicing Muslims than in, for example, Morocco.

    [Amir]: More radical.

    [Ahmed]: Not just more radical. For example the Pentecostalists would have no success in Morocco, but in Sweden they and the Jehovah's Witnesses have hundreds of thousands of members. The Swedes are more naive and credulous.

    Today the Muslims are not practicing Islam, if they practiced Islam, Israel would not exist today. Today we don't believe in anything, we Muslims have transformed hypocrisy into a religion, we say a lot but do nothing. A Swede once asked a Japanese person on a TV show why Japan is advancing and we are regressing, he responded: “It's because we follow our books”. Swedes who convert to Islam actually practice Islam, while a Muslim who was born Muslim doesn't practice it.

    If you take Morocco, it has the most democratic constitution, but in practice it has one of the worst dictatorships in the world. Everything is hypocrisy! Islam was powerful when it was practiced. The Chinese are now very powerful, everything is made in China etc., they would succeed with any ideology. They are good! They work hard, they are organized, you would never see them dragging around in the streets doing nothing, but if you go to Rinkeby you see people doing nothing but banter. What we actually need today, in the Arab world, is a new Hitler. A good leader, then you will see we will become a great nation.

    The Germans are not born the way they are, it is in their culture. When Hitler came, he was the right person that came to right place in the right time. If Hitler came today, no one would listen to him. Right now in Sweden, he would not accomplish much.

    I believe that in the right time, a real Hitler will come in Germany, everything will begin in Europe, it always begins in Germany, it is the engine of Europe. In the Arab world it is Egypt, the change will commence, maybe also in Algeria.

    [Amir]: What is Egypt like today?

    [Ahmed]: A catastrophe. It is the Muslim Brotherhood that were hypocrites and always cheating. They talk about Islam but in reality they are just a form of Freemasonry. Note this, all Muslim leaders who wear a tie are Freemasons. All Muslim brotherhood leaders wear ties. Khomeini didn't wear this, if he did he would not be the same. Wearing a suit and tie is proof that they are Jewish Freemasons. Morsi in Egypt wore a suit and tie.

    [Amir]: Many people, including the author of mourningtheancient.com, feel that change is in the air. It feels like people are waking up to the truth, do you also feel this change? If so, what can you refer to?

    [Ahmed]: I believe now, despite everything, that the internet is the best thing that has happened. I remember in Morocco, to spread the truth was a very difficult task, we had to print flyers and follow instructions on how to spread them. Today all my books are available on the internet, they cannot stop this. I think the internet is a fantastic tool that should be used to the max.

    [Amir]: It is much more difficult to control compared to physical media.

    [Ahmed]: Yes. I am very optimistic, I believe anything is possible, especially in the Islamic and Arab world. I think this chaos that is occuring is the beginning of something good that is about to happen, because this cannot continue. The Palestine question is the most important question, the most efficient argument against the Jewish power is talking about what the Jews are doing in Palestine. In Palestine it is so clear who is evil and who is good. That's why they want to start wars all over the world and divert debates away from Palestine.

    Nationalists, National Socialists in the USA, Sweden etc., should have the Palestine question as number one, because there you can see the truth of Jewish behavior. It also gives Nationalists and National Socialists humanistic credibility and not just an impression of egoism, but rather shows the goal to build a better world for all of humanity.

    [Amir]: You want to break the shackles and not abandon everyone else.

    [Ahmed]: Precisely.

    [Amir]: I have a personal question, many Nationalists see modern Russia as a resister against the West, Marxism, Feminism, Homosexuality, while defending family values, and now Putin also protects Assad. They have stopped some interventions by the West in the Middle East. What do you think about this?

    [Ahmed]: Russia can play a big role. It is always better with two competing devils than one. It is just that Russia no longer has the tools for their ambitions. Today Russia is very weak, decadent and corrupt. If there is any power on the advance, it is China. It is fortunate that the Soviet Union dissolved since they would not win a war against the USA. Today, 70 years of Communism has destroyed everything, it is rotten. The Russian TV shows are run by Jews, and Putin bought an apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel. He goes around in a kippah etc., I mean, a good leader should not do this.

    [Amir]: It is suspicious.

    [Ahmed]: Yes, I don't believe the Chinese would do this and shill for the Jews. Russia shouldn't humiliate itself in this way. The Jewish power is everywhere, I will say, Radio Islam would never be able to exist in Russia.

    [Amir]: I have seen a list of Putin's staff and some were certainly still Jews, from Soviet times.

    [Ahmed]: Take Medvedev [Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia, May 7, 2008 – May 7, 2012], both his parents are Jewish and some say Putin's mother is Jewish.

    When I meet German people, Japanese people, Chinese people, they are organized and honest people, but when I meet Russian people they tend to be corrupt. When you buy stuff today you see “Made in China”, never “Made in Russia”. I say America has not defeated Russia, it has seduced Russia. They talk big about switching to their own system but still Russians use the dollar. No, this is rather suspicious, after all, from the start, it was just a Jewish revolution (1917), all KGB (and NKVD) were Jews. No new revolution has occurred, it is the same KGB in effect, Putin is former KGB.

    [Amir]: Do you think NATO should attack Russia?

    [Ahmed]: They don't have to. What Russia did with Ukraine does not show that they are strong, but that they are weak. They managed to anger everyone around them. Poles and Balts today go so far as that they would rather get bought by Abramovitch, a Russian-Jewish oligarch, than have Russia ruling over them. If Swedes would vote, they would join NATO because of everything that is happening.

    [Amir]: But they would be sent to the Middle East instead.

    [Ahmed]: The more foreign intervention in the Middle East the more chaos, but now they are already entangled. All of these groups in the Middle East have forgotten Israel and fight each other instead, even Hezbollah is busy in Syria rather than Israel. Is there any greater victory possible for Israel?

    [Amir]: I actually have one more thought, Pakistan has, since March 2015, upgraded its nuclear missiles, they now can reach Israel. At the same time, documents have been leaked that Mossad or Shin Bet, I don't remember which agency, concluded that Iran is not producing nuclear weapons. They said it themselves, but still Jewish leaders are trying to provoke Iran, but Pakistan has nuclear weapons, they don't talk about that.

    [Ahmed]: This is why, from the beginning, Israel knows that the whole Indo-Pak conflict is only between Pakistan and India. If the weapons were directed towards Israel, Pakistan would have been in the same situation as Iran today.

    If I had any dream it would be that Iran, Turkey and Pakistan would become a form of united states and they would have nuclear weapons. They are all neighbors, they need to stop with the petty conflicts, look at it as a whole, build on what they have in common and not fight each other for the things they do not have in common. They can use the Quran as a reference and Mohammed as well, the rest is just stupidity. Mohammed was neither Sunni or Shia, he was just Muslim.

    [Amir]: They didn't slaughter each other 60 years ago, now they do it out of nowhere.

    [Ahmed]: They should unite, stop this Sunni vs. Shia stupidity. It is Israel that fosters this conflict. When I was in Saddam's Iraq I never heard about this Sunni vs. Shia stuff, I didn't even know it existed. I was invited to Iran as well, they invite all Muslims, they didn't see any difference. Again, I'd like to see unity between Iran, Turkey and Pakistan.

    [Amir]: Turkey is very complicated it seems.

    [Ahmed]: They are good, they are organized. Iran, the leader is good. Also in Pakistan. The core of the power is the Army.

    [Amir]: Their (Pakistan's) “state religion” is actually that the military has built the country.

    [Ahmed]: This is good. Their intelligence agency is controlled by the military.

    [Amir]: Pakistan actually has a similar problem like Palestine, although not as severe, Kashmir.

    [Ahmed]: I believe it is neither good for Pakistan or India to start a war, a nuclear war for Kashmir. That would make everyone lose. A compromise is better. It is not like the Palestine question, in Palestine they are exterminating the Palestinians. In Kashmir they don't have the same desperation. Even in India there are a hundred million Muslims, in India there is another “Pakistan”.

    Think about it, Europe had two World Wars and massacred each other, now they are united under the European Union. There have never been similar wars between Pakistan, Iran or Turkey for example, why can't they have it? I am optimistic, they need an intelligent leader. In 20 years China will be greater and more powerful than the USA, also militarily. Now it's the USA. I don't say that China is good. The most dangerous thing would be if...

    [Amir]: Jews infiltrate China.

    [Ahmed]: They try. I have some articles about it, for example the founder of Facebook, Zuckerberg marrying a Chinese woman and attempting to infiltrate China. I met this man Jan Myrdal, he said: “It is not easy to be a Jew in China”.

    [Amir]: I'm out of questions, so let's finish this?

    [Ahmed]: Haha yes, it is a lot.

    [Amir]: Thank you again for this interview!

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