The following interview, done in November 2012, is done with Lance and The Many...

[On September 14, 2019 Lance passed away, at the age of 51.
Nathan Joel Pagano (The Many) preceded him in death on February 21, 2017, he was only 32 years old.
Lance told me it was probably a suicide. Such amazing talent and great guys lost forever, way too soon.]

Mourning the Ancient: Greetings and thanks to both of you for your time and thoughts. First I'll ask about your music histories.
LG: You did the well-known 'zine Ultima Comparatio and eventually decided to move into writing and recording music yourself. What made you take this leap?

LG: Greetings to you! Well, I have actually been a musician for some 25+ years and I used to play in some progressive dark metal bands in the 80's, the best being False Messiah, it was kind of like Mercyful Fate styled music with a bit harsher vocals, not quite Black Metal, but still quite nasty for the time. So upon doing Ultima Comparatio and being taken back by this fantastic new music that was coming out of Scandinavia, I was doing the zine and then I saw a change in the scene, the music became much more polished, technical and terms like "Sophisticated Black Metal" were used. In my assessment, the man responsible for the explosion was Euronymous and what the scene became was not his vision. I decided to start writing some music that I felt would capture some of the old spirit and add a bit of my own style to it. That was really about it.

The Many: I know you've been involved in a handful of music projects before Bitter Peace, including a musical project under your moniker 'The Many'. What is your musical history, where did it begin for you? The Many: It was always inside me. Even from a young age, I was always fascinated, sitting in front of the stereo, staring at J-card artwork and wondering how the sound got trapped on the cassette tape. Recording and using music as a medium became the goal early on; obtaining the knowledge, skill, and equipment to be able do just that. By this point, I've achieved this goal, but there are always ways to make a better method and improve. THE MANY is my personal pet project, and the Plastik Musik website does an accurate & precise job of going back to the early 2000's to catalogue my entire published music history. BITTER PEACE is, at this point, one of my favourite things to do. Black Metal is a genre of music that I am very passionate about.

OPUS II Mourning the Ancient: I have to say, what I've heard of the new release 'OPUS II' is shockingly good. Superb dark and grim atmospheres and excellent vocals. The guitar work is also excellent. It is a very different release from your first 'Glorificus Vis', and my personal favorite. That's not to say 'Glorificus Vis' wasn't good itself, it was and I liked it, but it is very different. Unlike Bitter Peace, so much music these days has grown boring for me. There seems to be an over saturation of bands and labels not putting out anything worthwhile or new. 'OPUS II' however, is a breath of fresh air. I'd even go so far as to say that it is one of the best black metal albums I've heard in some time. Tell me your thoughts on this new release.

LG: First of all thank you for your compliments on the album, it is great to see someone who has grown as bored as I have with the scene in general but can still find something of worth in the music we are putting out. I actually would say I probably wouldn't change a thing about it, it isn't perfect but overall I am really pleased. Those songs are actually quite old, I wrote and recorded them shortly after Glorificus Vis came out, in fact there was a version of "I spite" on the MySpace page with Dakota on vocals, it was quite different than the version on Opus II.

Mourning the Ancient: The first track, 'I Spite', is a great example of your new superb sound. I especially liked the slowed down segment, great atmosphere all around! Do either of you have any favorites off the new release?

LG: "I Spite" will always be a favorite of mine, it was the first song written after Glorificus Vis and it was deliberately aggressive and nasty, I was fairly pissed off with Glorificus Vis and it came through in the music and lyrics of that song. But overall, I think "Elevation of the Profane Host" has become my favorite, if you had asked me before THE MANY did his part on the album "Elevation..." would not have even been mentioned, but he did some fantastic work on that song. Ironically when I spoke to him, he said he felt musically that was his favorite right from the beginning, in the end it is mine as well.

The Many: It's hard to pick a favourite at this time. Maybe in a year, if there's a song on it that I'm not sick of hearing, I'll know then the song that stood out to be a favourite. I think the album is best to be listened to from start to finish; that's how we designed to be listened to, for most deadly experience and results. Most hands are in agreement that "Elevation Of The Profane Host" seems to be the single cut that will pull the most interest to the album as a whole. It wasn't intentionally planned that way, but as we went thru production, post-production and label shopping, it seemed everyone was keen to the energy of that song.

Mourning the Ancient: Lance, imagine for a moment back in time, to the days of Ultima Comparatio 'zine. It might be difficult, but how do you think you would have reviewed the new Bitter Peace 'OPUS II'? How about the previous release? Would you have any complaints of either?

LG: Ahh, this is difficult, with my own music I will always find criticism.. But I think overall I would review both favorably, Glorificus Vis I would have some problems with certain songs, "Killing Time" comes to mind, musically it is fairly complex with some very eerie melodic parts, those were the parts that were intended for vocals, but for whatever reason, Dakota chose to sing over guitar solo's and left the melodic parts blank. Also, "Choir of the Dead", to me was the focal point of the album (Musically), but the vocals really didn't do the song justice, to me that was supposed to end the album unbelievably strong akin to "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" but it really falls short. Fortunately on the next release, the music to that song has been re-recorded and THE MANY will do something completely different over it, so there is hope to resurrect that song. Overall I like the industrial feel, Mysticum was another band I have always enjoyed and that CD gets a lot of comparisons to that great band and while I don't feel it is remotely close to that band, it is flattering to hear. Opus II, I think I would probably give a very good review to, the only complaint would is it's overall length.. Just under 40 minutes, which is definitely full length, but still a lot of room for more material. Unfortunately those songs were all recorded on older equipment and I couldn't come up with that same sound again so any new material would have to be used on another release entirely.

The Many: Ha!! This is a great question. What a way to give yourself a mindfuck.

Mourning the Ancient: I read somewhere that you were going to use Mikael Andersson of Thy Primordial infamy as a guitarist for Bitter Peace. Anything ever come of this? I must say, I have great respect for Mikael as a musician. He wrote one of the best music pieces for our Mourning the Ancient video and was also a good friend to me.

Lance LG: Yes, that is actually true.. Initially he was going to do bass, then it was going to be a second guitar as well, unfortunately we both had different studio programs, I use Protools and he used Cubase and neither of us were skilled enough to work with each others program. I think there may be a possibility of us working together as he has 5 or 6 songs that are quite good that we were going to use, hopefully in the future he and I will work together on something, wether it is with Bitter Peace or another project. We have been friends for many years and it would be great to work with him.

Mourning the Ancient: Lance, the other person who was in Bitter Peace with you for your first release went back to his original band. What I've read it sounded like you had two different visions of the band. The current line-up however seems very sure of itself. How did you two meet?

LG: He was very unopen to anything with melody, in fact when he heard "Great Harlot.." he said he wouldn't sing over it. He was primarily a Gore/Death metal person, and if you listen to his other band you will see where his heart is. I wish him the best of luck but it was best to part ways. THE MANY and I met through the internet, just got talking about websites, he remembered when I hosted which was home to ABIGOR, SETHERIAL, DEMONCY, PROFANE GRACE and many other bands websites for many years.. Then he mentioned he was a producer and asked if I wanted to send some material his way for Mixing.. I sent what is now OPUS II to him and things just grew from there. We work well together I would say, not that there hasn't been slight disagreements, in the end it is worked out very easily.

Mourning the Ancient: The Many, had you read Lance's 'zine in the past before knowing him? What are your thoughts on what he has released so far?

The Many: No, I had not known of Lance's zine before BITTER PEACE. I was familiar with some of his work with the website building and maintaining. was a great web-ring for Black Metal bands. I also have a copy of YAMATU CD release from Ultima Comparatio, but I still didn't know Lance. Once I heard the material he was working on, I wanted to be involved. From there I learned the history of Ultima Comparatio, the zine, the releases, etc. For the work that I am aware of, I can say the material that Ultima Comparatio has released is quality, with dedicated individuals involved.

Mourning the Ancient: I may be mistaken, but are there David Koresh samples used on 'OPUS II'? Regardless, since he and many of his followers were murdered by the federal government, it invokes an interesting question. What do think of the rising tyranny of the United States government? This country is doing exactly what its founders warned it against. The loss of more and more of our freedoms and liberties is happening faster than ever before. Allow me to be 'evil' and 'controversial' for a moment and say that this country is the great cash cow and blood bank of Israel. Of course, many Americans insanely believe that they are our friend and ally. Truly a masochistic and suicidal belief. We give Israel our jets, our missile technology, our firearms, etc., plus billions of dollars and they steal our secrets and sell them to China, spy on us, and get us into endless wars. Any thoughts not shared by the television on this matter?

LG: The samples I will let THE MANY answer, other than the Sample at the end of "Great Harlot.." the rest is his doing. The second part of your question, well you are spot on... Israel is the source of so many of our problems, people in the country are convinced that 9/11 happened because the Islamist extreme's "Hate our way of life", quite simply, it is they hate our foreign policy. We back Israel unconditionally on any conflict despite the fact that Israel is basically state sponsored terrorism, basically we have been their puppet for far too long. The current regime in the white house is perhaps the worst in my life-time, I have seen so many people that have been hard working individuals all their lives that are now on unemployment and have potential to get a job but cite that "It isn't worth giving up the unemployment benefits" because they are working on the side and have insurance handed to them. There is no real incentive to get back to work.

The Many: The samples you are referring to are from the Aurora, Colorado Theatre Shooting of 2012 in the USA. I've heard many bands sample serial killers, and hear them talk, but never did they sample their murders (they probably were never recorded). Current technology allows for us to record video rite on the phone, and people were able to record the actual carnage and chaos taking place with the real sounds of authentic agony. The whole album has a devotion to chasing chaos, and things of nature that have no reason, and no rhyme. The US is filled with horror like this, you mentioned Waco, TX, and this was just one for the time that this album was being molded. When I encountered this, I knew I must use it.

[Actually I was referring to samples on the later tracks, no matter.-editor]

The Many

Mourning the Ancient: Our beloved music, black metal and death metal, which once earned the hatred and revulsion of the masses has been heading mainstream for some years now. You can even 'play' an At the Gates track in Rock Band or hear various black and death metal acts in movies and games everywhere. Toyota even has a record label and sponsors various once underground bands like Enslaved! I suppose I could go on and on, but instead, I'd like to hear your thoughts on all of this nonsense.

LG: It is somewhat of a joke, it wasn't really meant for such a movement, it was really for people that walked a bit of a different path. Unfortunately, the "Big" magazine coverage after the events in Norway took place. It was a bit irritating to see considering magazines such as mine, Slayer Mag and Petrified zine were covering the events as they were taking place and had a legitimate admiration for the music and cause. After it became big news it exploded and really went in a horrible direction.

The Many: For the big business, it's become a worthwhile investment to put money into "extreme" forms of metal, because they now have an established listening group (market/target audience) to sell to. In a movement of rebellion, the underground will revolt and make something new and more repulsive, and the masses will reject it. Over time, a market for this "taboo/extreme " will become established and the investors will come and commercialize and fuck that up too. The cycle repeats itself...the same terrible fates awaited other types of musik...but still, there are always bands that play the essence, they just will never been seen by the masses in pop media. Rock Band is a terrible product that helps make people more stupid and dulls their mind. I have nothing but disdain for that product.

Mourning the Ancient: There is always the argument that politics should be kept out of music. Personally, I think whoever believes this is deluded, as politics have always been a part of music, especially black/death metal. What do you guys think?

LG: I have no problem with politics in our music, especially when I actually consider some of my lyrics to be definite NS ideology. With the band FUNERE MUNDI that I am also in I wrote all the lyrics for the album that will eventually surface and there are some definite political overtones, there is one song called "Rid the Disease" which is really about a corrupt nation and a political ideology. So as long as the politics are done with a bit of knowledge of such topics I have no problem with it. However that said, I have seen some Nazi bands that are based in countries that the Nazi’s were less than hospitable to, it just makes little sense to me for a band to take that stance.

The Many: Policy is in everything. All creatures abide to a code, whether they are aware or not. Politics are always part of music because the composers of the music are subject to the law of the land they are composing in; whether they are consciously aware of it or not is another matter. Music and songs explore many focus points. It's about the agenda of the artist/songwriter. If someone wishes to write an authentic love song, they must experience authentic love to be able to write of it. If someone has a problem with an authority or controlling power, and wants to write a song about it, they should also be passionate about it, and boldly state that certain politics are part of that of that music. It's all about the message of the music. But who is really left to decide, the listener is...

Mourning the Ancient: Let's move on to the philosophical end of the interview. Let's start by asking you both your thoughts on the tumultuous state of this planet. I've been watching things get worse and worse over the years of doing interviews for Mourning the Ancient. We've always asked those we've interviewed their opinions on society and the deteriorating situation of the world, and for the most part, nearly everyone has agreed that things are getting worse daily and that we are heading to destruction. What are your thoughts? Will things get even worse in our lifetimes?

LG: Things will continue to get worse, humans are single handedly the most self destructive species on the planet. I can’t really predict when destruction will happen, but it seems like we are destined for destruction. Reverting back to your question earlier about Israel and the US, well Israel wants us to be at war with Iran next and it almost seems that is a guarantee. I can assure all that if people thought Iraq was bad the second time we were there, it will seem like a walk in the park compared to Iran. We have no need for any conflict with them, the Zionist liberal media depicts Ahmadinejad in such unfavorable light and putting partial quotes of him to make him appear as the devil. Regardless, a conflict there would really be a mistake.

The Many: The puppeteers love what's happening, because it helps make the minds of the masses that more helpless. All great orders fall to chaos, and all great chaos becomes ordered. It's just questions of time, and the only direction we are heading is closer to it. Can't give a damn, it is what it is, just keep the wheel churning, creating, and maintain the plotted course. It is a special thing to be part of a movement that began long before you, and will exist long after you. Being of the pieces to the puzzle is at least one blessing/curse that I cannot be denied.

Mourning the Ancient: In line with the last question, what would you say are the worst aspects of living in today's world? What aspects of society would you say are contributing most to its end?

LG: Worst aspect of living in today’s world?? People, honestly just the people. I have very little patience for people.

The Many: Our current "instant gratification" high technology society in the USA is destroying the way we think. Not only that, if we want to stay competitive, we have to submit to using it. The overload of information is surely to be contributing elements of stress to our everyday lives. We also surround ourselves with drama-filled TV, even on networks like Discovery or History!! Not that any networks are totally reliable in the first place...but now their writers don't even have to think to lie to us, they just show fake "reality" drama nonsense. I'm sure this programming kills brain cells, I have no proof, but I'd wage a bet on it. This type of programming is not going to help elevate/educate the mind. It's no wonder people are so fucking stupid.

Mourning the Ancient: When the curtain falls on this life, do you believe that the show is over? Humans have believed in some form of an afterlife since time immemorial, but is this wishful thinking? Also, there is a quote which holds an interesting concept:

'Immortality is not a gift, immortality is an achievement; and only those who strive mightily shall possess it.'

If this were true, what would you say would be the ways of achieving immortality?

Glorificus Vis LG: Interesting question.. I really don’t know what happens next, I would hope there is more but don’t feel it is a guarantee. This world is such shit that it seems like a dose of misery at times to exist on such a place. Achieving immortality, well it is an interesting question, no matter if you believe in Jesus Christ as being what he is portrayed as he is or not, he has achieved immortality in that his legend is taught to this day and I don’t see that as stopping. Also to play devils advocate, I would also say someone such as Adolph Hitler as Immortal, at least as long as the Zionists control media and teachings.

The Many: There is afterlife. I believe in the soul, and it living on past the mortal shell / vessel that holds it in this existence. I have thought of the immortality before, and there are two ways which I can perceive this. First, is that enlightenment was achieved during your lifetime, so you are prepared to join into afterlife of the heavens/cosmos in a different form of energy that returns to the void. Second, is that you become so well known during this life and contribute to society that all will know of you even after you are gone, and thus you have in a way achieved "immortality" among the earth. In that your ideals live on after you. Hitler, Jesus, Euronymous, are good examples of people that are now dead, but their deeds are still celebrated and remembered, or hated and remembered. Of these two, I believe they work together in a way, but I am much more focused on the first way, than looking into the second, because it requires being "validated" by certain masses of the world, and I am not into that at all. Even if BITTER PEACE were to have a more successful career than EMPEROR, at the end of the road when people are no longer interested, it will still only be Lance and myself left to compose songs for ourselves, just as in the beginning of this partnership, before anyone was interested. At the end, is the beginning where you started. A metaphor to life also, as old age seems to invite a return to innocence.

Mourning the Ancient: Let me ask you a few escapist, hypothetical questions. First, if you could go back in time to any age, would you leave this age behind? Where would you go? And what if you could only take one item? What would it be?

LG: I am actually not one to look back to be honest with you, I look forward all the time and I feel it usually pointless to reflect on a time I would rather be at. Sorry for a rather uninteresting response, but it is just the way I have always been.

The Many: I would not leave this age, I feel this is my place, and my contributions are to be valid among this time. If I did go, I would go back to the beginning, so I can know for certain what happened. How it all began... Just for kicks, perhaps I would journey back to Jerusalem during the days of Jesus. The item I would bring is a Holy Bible. I would examine the texts accuracy to the events. Also, I'd relay this information of the next 2000 years to Jesus, and see if he still wanted to continue teaching, with now knowing how the world will rape Christianity. If someone were to do this to me, what a mind fuck that would be...

Mourning the Ancient: Second, do you believe in other sentient life in the universe? There are some crazy, unfathomable projections on the number of planets out there. One says that if you take all the fruit that planet Earth has ever bore, there are that many planets and many more in the universe. If those planets are as rotten as our Mother Earth, they may indeed give the universe a terrible stomach ache, but something tells me that humans might be worse. We nuked civilians in WW2. Routinely murder each other in increasingly sadistic and creative ways. Our lust for money, which our sickly, capitalistic society teaches us is the highest achievement, leads us to all manners of stupidity and darkness. There is no limits to human greed, arrogance and treachery. So for the second part of this question I'd like you to talk about your thoughts on all of this.

LG: Wow!! Not sure where to begin, I would feel humans are worse, for the reasons you stated and more. I feel on the whole humanity values life less than any other thing in the world, but in retrospect that isn’t always a bad thing as there are so many that really are wastes.

The Many: Yes, I believe in more life in this universe. I think it is ignorant to think otherwise. As to the second part of the question, I believe human beings are very much bound to their carnal nature and fulfilling desires. When tolerance builds, we need to make the experience more enthralling to sustain the same feeling from it. Mastering ourselves is something impossible. The closer we get toward perfection, the farther away we realize that we actually are from perfection. There are no limits on greed, arrogance and treachery, I agree. The amazement I feel when I see what human beings are capable of lowering themselves to...

Mourning the Ancient: If you had the power to change one thing in this world instantly, what would it be?

LG: Population.

The Many: My ability to answer this question correctly...

Mourning the Ancient: What are your thoughts on political correctness and censorship? Have you had to deal with any of this in the past? Recently Twitter blocked a German website called 'Besseres Hannover' (Better Hannover) at the request of the German government. This is the first act of censorship by Twitter, which now blocks an entire country from viewing Better Hannover's site. Google also helped the Communist Chinese government block websites for China in return the Chinese government allowing Google to install equipment on Chinese soil! The internet is largely an unimpeded, uncontrolled source of knowledge, although sometimes it may take a lot of research, it's out there. The World Government wants to end this. I can see the day when the internet is censored everywhere. Maybe it will be under the guise of 'safety'! Your thoughts?

LG: Censorship is a problem that will never go away, the politically correct, a liberal attitudes is anything that is sensitive to someone bears the risk of being censored. Personally I think the web should be off limits to censorship, there is a wealth of knowledge there and the day you stop wanting to fill yourself with new knowledge is really the day you should consider it is time to lie down for the eternal sleep.

The Many: Censorship is something that I abhor. Even if someone is spouting complete nonsense, I believe that they are entitled to do that, and it's healthy to express yourself. Even if others take it as complete nonsense. It doesn't matter what color or shape the censorship comes in, it should not be there. It should be left up to the individual to decide what they want to or don't want to expose themselves to, no one should be able to decide that for you. That is one thing about America that we have freedom of speech, even tho now with hate laws, terror, Patriot Act, even our freedoms of speech are being infringed upon. Terrorism by definition is somewhere along the lines of "subversion thru fear" and that is exactly what the US government and other countries did to their own people to get them to go along with the mob mentality, but I've digressed... Who is this "government" to decide what is okay for the people to view? And how do they know better that it will affect people? I can see this made under the guise of safety, but for the safety of those in power to stay in power! I can see a generation of people and their tablet computers that can't receive any type of information except what the government "allows to filter in" - and with the demand for physical goods decreasing, doors to knowledge will be a guarded secret.

Mourning the Ancient: And back to music... 'Glorificus Vis' was released on Elegy Records, one of my personal favorite labels/distros, while Opus II will be released on Moribund Records, coincidentally also a past fave of mine. What were your experiences working with Rob from Elegy? What made you decide on Moribund Records?

LG: I have been friends with both Rob and Odin for many years, I love both labels as they have remained true to the underground and have been around a very long time. Not to mention, both are supporters of NS ideology. Deciding on Moribund for this release was easy for the above mentioned reasons, plus Rob isn’t ready to be able to release a new item and we have 2 full lengths very near completion, OPUS II is done and the next album is very close as well. So we are having Odin do Opus II and I believe the release date is February 26th 2013, and Rob will do the next one later next year.

Mourning the Ancient: Lance, if you had to chose, what was your favorite interview from your days doing Ultima Comparatio? What is your most memorable experience doing a 'zine and why did you decide to quit? Is the Ultima Comparatio label still active? What have you released?

LG: That is tough, a lot of interviews were very good, but the ones that stand out for me are Faust from behind bars, Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest and Attila. Those were all outstanding interviews. Sami from Thy Serpent was also a great interview, he was really into the questions and spilled the words out quite well. Another interview I will never forget is Henke from Dawn/Niden Div. 187.. I had sooooo much background information about him from friends from Sweden that he was very very awkward, given that it was a phone interview only compounded it. I asked him about a former band he was in called “Bas”, it was a drum & bass type disco’ish music, with that band they had a song that translated “Going downtown” or something, it made him very squeamish and denied writing the lyrics. Most memorable experience from doing the zine is just knowing the people that I know now, speaking with Jon from Dissection many times before his incarceration, my long time friendship with Faust and PK from Abigor, to most importantly having Marten from Algaion and Ebboth from Vergelmer both came to my house a couple of times and we had weeks of pure chaos. I quit doing it when the scene completely stagnated, I mean yeah I could have continued doing interviews with Setherial, Abigor and Marduk all the time because they still were true to the cause, but the zine would not have evolved any, and time just became an issue. Ultima Comparatio the label has been defunct for some time, the last release was Tugend’s “Optimism is for the weak”, I also released a couple versions of the Yamatu catalog. I am hoping to start the label up again and start releasing some shit again. New World Black Metal

Mourning the Ancient: The Many, you also do a label called Plastik Musik. You've released a handful of CDs over the years and a seven inch. Your most recent release will be a 7" split with the bands Bitter Peace/Esoterica/Krieg and your own side band 'The Many'. This release is special to me because a girl I've modeled with in the past makes an appearance on the artwork! hehe... What are your plans for the future? Hypothetically, if you could release a work from any band on Plastik Musik, what band would you choose?

The Many: I look forward toward the "New World Black Metal" 7" EP to be released on Plastik Musik. It features some great songs, and also great production. As with the "Opus II" album, mixing and production was done by myself at Plastik Musik and mastering at Necromorbus Studio. I liked the idea of putting together an EP with all sick, US bands to piss on the rest of the world. The artwork is grand, it's a privilege to use the photo you mentioned, it captures much of what I can relate this musik and mission to: duality of darkness/light, innocence lost, purity as myth, fairytales that are trampled under our boots. All songs will be exclusive to this release. BITTER PEACE offers a song recorded in a session after "Opus II", but will serve as a preface to the actual release of "Opus II". ESOTERICA play witching black metal, and Esoterica and I have worked together before with both CHAOS MOON and LITHOTOME material. The debut full length album of ESOTERICA will come soon, and that as well will be mixed by myself at Plastik Musik. All bands involved here have known Imperial of KRIEG for years, and it's great that he contributed a track to have all these bands on one EP. It should be released by early December. The future will hold at least more releases for THE MANY, as I can never free myself from the demon that has chained me to it. Another split 7" EP of BITTER PEACE is being planned...there are other activities as well, but nothing yet that I can announce. If I could release anything I wanted, I'd do a split 7" EP with BITTER PEACE & Austrian Black Metal Kings ABIGOR. It's very hard to choose just one, but ABIGOR were one of the first bands that I was exposed to that played Black Metal, and also one that I got into. It was actually quite a good thing, since ABIGOR are an excellent band anyway. The whole group of people and bands involved in that particular 90's Austrian circle of Black Metal are great...DARGAARD, SUMMONING, DIE VERBANNTEN KINDER EVA'S, AMESTIGON, HEIDENREICH, GRABESMOND, DOMINION III...

Mourning the Ancient: And finally, many thanks for your time. Your final thoughts to the waiting world?

LG: Many thanks for the interview and support, this was one I could not answer in one sitting, and that is rare. Keep it dark.

-Bitter Peace email-

The Many: To you Molly, asking relative questions and plastering up our dementia is very appreciated. You are an ally in arms. Thank you for the interview and support of BITTER PEACE; our official page online is: -Also check out the Plastik Musik website -, which has much information of Plastik Musik, various activities, contact info, etc. To the world, chase into the heart of rebellion...

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