This is a 1983 interview done with Wilhelm Brachmann, pastor, professor and German Christians member, Munich

Thanks for agreeing to meet me; my aunt said you were a hard man to reach. I would like to ask you some questions regarding the Church during the Third Reich. May I first ask what brought you become a Pastor?

Wilhelm: Yes, you understand why we have to watch with whom we speak. I came from a small town that now is part of Poland; you could say I followed my father’s footsteps, as he was an academic. I was called to service in the Kaisers army in 1918, and was among Germans from every region. This helped develop a sense of comradeship, as I saw we are all the same. After the war, my eyes were becoming open to the problems facing my people.

I was called to serve God, and after passing tests was admitted to seminary. I started to see that long ago infiltrators had snuck into our faith, mostly from Marxist leanings. These people tried to foster false teachings on the people to confuse them. At this time, Hitler had his putsch in Munich, which was an attempt to stop the red revolution. I took notice of his party, and started to study more about NS. I was at this time made a pastor, and sent close to home in Hertwigswaldau to be a part of the Church; I saw some of the border tensions up close. Many in this area were farmers, and Czechs would steal their crops and equipment, just like the Poles, and no one could do anything about it.

I understand you were a member of the German Christians, how did you come to be a part of this?

Wilhelm: Well, it was mainly through friends that this idea was formed. It was nothing new; Martin Luther was the first German Christian. I made up my mind that Adolf Hitler was correct, and his party was the idea that Germany needed. I was deeply religious and searched for ways to promote NS through the Church. I was moved to the Far East to further build my resume, while much was happening in Germany. I also had completed schooling to teach; I developed a talent for speaking, and saw the people of God very hungry for his word.

The problem I saw was that the Church was at war, but had no idea enemies were at the gate. Some were so consumed by interpretations, dogma, and money that they lost sight of our enemies. In the span of 20 years much changed in the Church, even to the point of criticizing Luther as an agent of the devil, because he warned about Jews. It is coming around again today, with calls to banish him from the Church he bore. Many in the faith, including me, stood up and revolted against this. I met men like Ludwig Muller and Otto Huth who understood that Jews were quietly working to erode our faith and history, poison God’s word, and lie about historical events. They owned the majority of the press, so it was easy for them. As you look at these statues, carvings, and paintings in this place of God, you see the same people, not a mixture, but one people. It was so very clear to me that the God of the European peoples made this people separate, and distinct. We are blessed above all others, bonded by blood, sanctified by His grace. No other peoples on this earth share what we have, yet our creator has given all people a distinct way to worship his creation.

The Jew blurs this, and tries to mix it together to weaken the whole. By removing the distinctness of race from religion, they understood they could destroy God’s way of giving people strength through identity, which keeps his creation healthy. This is their poison, and it kills very slowly. We would often have talks regarding the loss of identity in Gods people, who they were and who they are not.

By 1933, Hitler was elected as chancellor, which prompted me to join the NSDAP. I had made many contacts within the new government, and particularly the party, Alfred Rosenberg being one you might know. Many Christians were unhappy with the Church, and this gave way to us forming the German Christian movement, which was in a way a revolt against the modern corrupted one. Alfred was a very good writer, and he asked me to write my conscious out so it could be published.

Our basic tenant was that the people who call themselves Jews, and who bribed their way into writing parts of the Bible, are not the Israelites the Bible is written to, for, and about. Jews tend to have distinct bloodlines, which are more related to the East, not the Holy Land. While they seem to be most welcoming, and tolerant of Christians, they work behind a mask to secretly destroy. Their main goal is to get us to forget how important race is to our creator, that way they can promote our destruction.

Many in Europe understood this, and we were put to work in the universities, and seminaries to spread the truth, and issue the warning. At first we were met with some hostility, they infiltrated the Church, and revolted against being exposed. We now had a government that supported us, and we had many voted out. Some even going to prison for lying to attain positions, and stealing from the Church. When it was voted on to form this union, a warmth of peace came over us all. The breath of God it was called.

Was not the government anti-Church, and anti-Christian?

Wilhelm: Not in any way, under NS Germany was the most religious friendly it has ever been since the age of Charlemagne. One of the Führer’s first acts was to start rebuilding crumbling Churches. He did have to battle a few in the Catholic Church, who wanted to try to use him to achieve an imbalance of power, to turn the nation to its side, and he refused. Peace was made in the end.

While there was a strict separation of the state and Church, so that no one denomination could bribe, or try to usurp power, the state was pro Christian. Our enemies made up this lie to convince the masses that NS is ungodly, and hostile to Christians. Nothing could be further from the truth. The proclamations, and acts by the party made sure the Church could not dictate to the state sure, but the state was clear the Church in Germany was the most important thing we have as it signified our bond by blood to the creator.

The Führer again, and again, used God in his speeches and talks. Telling the German people, we are working for a higher power and we must be charitable to all, and show them Gods love. This was the man we were proud to call our leader. He loved our country, our God, and us, so we loved him.

I have wanted to ask why some Germans, even veterans come out today, agreeing with the Allies that Hitler was bad, and had to go. That Germany caused the war and brought Gods wrath on the people by doing the devils work.

Wilhelm: That is quite a question boy, one that deserves an honest examination and response. The opponents of NS and Hitler seem to be many. I have seen that a few who were in the inner circle or children of our leaders have condemned the past. To understand this, you must understand the end of the war. The Allies conducted the war with the utmost hate, ferocity, and revenge. Revenge in the sense they were outraged Germany fought so hard, and with conviction, that we caused the Allies heavy losses. These victors accuse Germany of crimes to cover their own.

Once Germany fell, the Allies descended on our people like a plaque, they imprisoned millions, some in the very diseased camps they took over at wars end. It is my opinion that more Germans died after the war, than during. The Allies starved the people, and allowed acts of barbarity to take place by our enemies. It is not spoken of today, but millions of German women were attacked and raped by both east and west. The majority of Germans were forced to literally bow to the will of the Allies, and do whatever they were told to do; this is why we fought so hard against unconditional surrender.

The people who lived through this have been forced to keep quiet, unless of course they want to say critical things about the Führer, or German war effort. This is openly encouraged at all levels, even a few churches, which were infiltrated again by lying clergy, preached against the Reich.

This created a mental paralysis that made them forget the good times and after a few years develop the mind of a slave. The people were forced to go through denazification processes, and the children forced to attend schools now staffed by those who left NS Germany, returning with a mindset of revenge. Communists returned and went to work pushing their agendas on the children, with Allied blessings.

Germans are smart people, and many learned that if you wanted to live, or have a future either you fled the country to a place of safety, or you conformed to what the victors wanted. Many had no way to start life anew, so they stayed and adopted the way of the victor. Some were encouraged to tell their stories, which Jewish editors helped embellish to push what they want people to believe. Others told stories completely made up. The better the anti-NS slant, the more it was promoted, making them rich. This started to have an effect by the 50’s, children now believed their elders were evil and fought for a bad leader. To try to correct and teach the truth would land one in court, losing everything. Children were told to turn in parents and grandparents, spying was encouraged. This caused more to begin telling wild stories to get attention so they avoided being called a Nazi. If a lie is told long enough you will start believing it, this is why some seem very emotional and honest today.

Some stories are outright lies that could never have happened; others take a little bit of truth, and twist it to suit a narrative. Some have made good livings doctoring diaries to make up fairytales, which became truth, deceiving even honest people. It is my opinion that many Germans succumbed to war fatigue, and syndromes. Where they have convinced themselves the Allies really did liberate them by trying to exterminate them. They have become convinced the vast evils visited on them were Ok, since their leaders did far worse. Even decent Germans today believe our men committed horrible acts, and they are ashamed. The media is again in the hands of Jews, they do their fathers bidding by forcing ideas on God’s children that are designed to destroy them. With this power, they will continue to vilify our Führer, and our brave soldiers who fought for a new Europe free from hate and war.

I remember seeing a message scrawled on the sacred Feldhernnhalle, listing the names Dachau and Belsen, saying, “I am ashamed to be German”, a communist, freed from Dachau wrote it, and the Americans provided him the paint. My point would be that any anti-Hitler sentiment came from political opponents, and the Allies who forced this idea on the people. The vast, vast majority who lived back then know, they know the truth, and quietly under our breath, we still say Heil Hitler to each other.

To address your statement of God punishing Germans, on the surface it may look like it. Bad things happened yes, but who was responsible? Reckless clergy who fell for the Jews lies had preached this after the war. For this to be true, all the accusations against Germany would have to be true. The Jews would indeed have to be God’s chosen people, the camps indeed were extermination centers, and our soldiers raped and pillaged everywhere they went. The Churches would have been closed and destroyed, and God kicked out of Germany. This fits Soviet Russia under the Jews more.

We did remove unqualified and usurping Jews from positions of importance, we interned some in the east so they would be removed from Europe. A nation at war will do things that are sometimes extreme to protect its people. The majority of Reich Jews were left alone; they only fled after the war, as their homes were gone. It is a big lie that most all Jews were put in camps. The prisoners who died in the camps close to wars end died because the Allies bombed the only ways to get them food and medicine.

The Reich did not intentionally harm anyone, and indeed Germany fought as a Christian nation against the forces of darkness. Our Father sent his son to die a horrid death on the cross, amid great suffering and torture. Perhaps Germany had to die that same death, to bring God’s true message to earth, born in fire to sanctify this truth. God tells us his ways are not our ways, our understanding is often not correct; perhaps he was showing far more with the Führer than what we can understand.

Did you ever have any run in’s with the SS, were they anti-Christian?

Wilhelm: No, this is again a favorite target of the forces of darkness; they like to cast the SS as some dark idea loyal to the devil. I was friends with RFSS Himmler, and had great admiration for what he was doing. I can tell you the SS was a holy caste, meant to be a vanguard for the new age of Aryan man. I worked closely with men from the Ahnenerbe who traced our Christian roots, by tracing our bloodlines.

They found evidence that shows Jews and Arabs were not the original people in the Holy land. They found evidence of Aryans in India, China, and more importantly, Iran, Iraq, and the Middle East. This shows that Aryan Europeans were there first, before migrating up into Europe. I am afraid much of their work has been stolen and put away so the world will not see it. With the creation of the state of Israel, they can now contort the truth, and hide important finds to mask the true decedents of the promises of God, claiming them as their own.

Many SS men attended services, got married, had child christenings, and were escorted to their graves by clergy. Most had no animosity to the church; they only sought the God of our ancestors, not the modern church view of God. There is no nobler a cause than seeking truth. Those who speak against the SS do so out of ignorance or opportunity. I saw nothing wrong with the ideas they embodied, they were loyal and truly fought for their people.

The blessings of our Father shined all over the new Reich, his people were very happy and filled with charity. This is what he wanted and our Savior spoke about, the SS was the model for this example. Now, there were some you might say who did not believe in God, and it was their right, but they were few. Himmler based the SS on ancient Germanic history, but always told his men it was our creator that we owe our existence to, this included our history. In including Germanic symbols, he was honoring our history and ancestors, yet keeping our creator as the focus.

Can you speak about about the Christian dissenters who refused to believe in NS and Hitler?

Wilhelm: There were very few, so I do not understand the question. If you mean the conspirators of July 20, they had nothing to do with the Church. If you mean men like Niemoller, I will say they allowed themselves to be used as pawns by the Allies. I know Niemoller, and he is not the anti-Nazi he is portrayed as in the media. In his own words, he was a party member, and supported most all of the Führer's decrees. He only got into trouble due to harshly speaking about and encouraging disloyalty to the policies of the Führer. He was well treated and allowed special privileges denied to others.

Because of being chastised for speaking about issues he never understood, he turned into a puppet of the Allies, and willingly spread their lies to the people. These types did very well after the war; the Allies had them paid well.

Most all of us actually dissented against the Allies, many men of the Church going to prison for defending the Führer, and our ideas. Many were thrown out of their parishes, and Churches, even the Vatican had to cave to the Allies. The Allied occupation forced me from my position, fired and forbidden to preach or teach, under penalty of death.

That the world is silent about this real persecution that destroyed many lives, because of the beliefs we held is not surprising. The devil and his liars who today speak as morally superior, Jew loving idiots won the battle. They trip over each other to see who can be the lap dog of the power elites. In the end, the Bible tells us there will be terrible judgments, and they will feel the wrath of God for the pieces of silver they received to turn on the Führer.

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