Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind

[Above: The Woman Against Time, Savitri Devi.]

'Respect the man of noble races other than your own,
who carries out, in a different place, a combat parallel to yours -- to ours.
He is your ally. He is our ally, be he at the other end of the world.'
-Savitri Devi

    Before you begin to mount feeble accusations of 'hater' and 'racist', let's get a few things straight: many countries fought on the side of Hitler's Germany in WW2, including several non-white ones. One of Germany's primary allies of the 'Tripartite Pact' (signed on September 27, 1940) was not white -- Japan. In fact, when the USA declared war on Japan the next year Germany honored the Tripartite Pact and declared war on the United States.

     Indians, Asians, Arabs and blacks not only fought on the side of National Socialist Germany, but also wore the eagle and swastika proudly on their breast. Dozens of nationalities volunteered for the elite Waffen-SS and many non-whites of a wide range of ethnic backgrounds served the Axis in many capacities. In fact, it was the largest multi-racial fighting force in history! Not to mention also the most religiously diverse as well.

     Commando Extraordinaire Otto Skorzeny describes the diverse nature of the Waffen-SS in his 1975 memoirs:
'...from 1942 European soldiers from many lands and peoples could be found: Albanians, Bosnians, Britons, Bulgarians, Cossacks, Croats, Danes, Dutch, Estonians, Finns, Flemings, French, Georgians, Greeks, Hungarians, Italians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Norwegians, Romanians, Russians, Serbs, Slovakians, Swedes, Swiss, Ukrainians, Walloons, Armenians, Byelorussians, Hindus, Kirghizes, Tartars, Turkmen and Uzbeks served under their own flags in the Waffen-SS. Almost all of these peoples were represented in my unit.'

[Above: Handsome and dashing Austrian Otto Skorzeny -- without a doubt the greatest commando of WWII.
The Americans called him 'Scarface' because of his prominent scar, which he received while fencing as a university student in Vienna. (As a curious side note and to learn more about his scar, see the book 'Mensur & Schmiss: German Dueling Societies, described as '...the first photographic history of the student academic duel, the Mensur, practiced in Germany since the eighteenth century. The slashing swordplay of this fascinating Western European ritual often resulted in a Schmiss, or facial scarification. The Schmiss scar was a record of one’s courage, cherished as a badge of honor that signified masculinity and high social position...') *Special thanks to Gustl for the information!]

     By the end of the war foreign members of the Waffen-SS outnumbered Germans! An average of six out of every ten men in the Waffen-SS were foreign volunteers. The English historian Antony James Beevor has this to say about what developed between these enormously brave and courageous men:

'an extraordinary comradeship of the damned had grown up among the foreign volunteers defending the last bastion of German nationalism.'
(Berlin: The Downfall, 1945. (c)2003)

     During the terrible 1944/45 siege of Budapest a wide variety of nationalities and races fought under the swastika:

'The SS units comprised almost all nationalities -- in addition to ethnic Germans, [...] French Alsatians, Hungarians, Serbs, Slovaks, and Romanians, and Finnish, Flemish, Swedish and Spanish volunteers. The baggage trains of the SS divisions included Russian, Ukrainian, Tatar, and other auxiliaries. One artillery detachment consisted mainly of Poles, and several of its members were buried in Polish uniforms with German insignia.'
-The Siege of Budapest, (c)2005, Krisztián Ungváry, pg. 75

     These were men ready to die for their beliefs, and many of them did. They believed strongly and passionately for their cause. Together, as one, come what may. Despite the so-called 'democracies' preventing them from defeating communism, their efforts and sacrifices most likely prevented communism from infecting all of Europe, and likely the world.

     The Germans did not segregate their troops. Blacks, Asians, Arabs and Whites all fought and lived and died side-by-side. A sharp contrast to the American and British treatment of non-whites that fought for them. These unfortunate troops were often used as cannon fodder and not even allowed to fight with white troops.

     Consider the following passages from The Censored War (George H. Roeder Jr., (c)1993):

     'Nine out of ten [American] whites believed white and black soldiers should not train together; three out of four blacks believed they should. In 1940 almost all black sailors did menial labor in ship galleys. Blacks in the army served in strictly segregated units. The War Department advertised that "applications from colored persons for flying cadet appointments or enlistments in the Air Corps are not be accepted," and the Marine Corps continued its tradition of not enlisting blacks.' (p. 44-45)

     Following the typical propaganda script, the film discussed below makes the German into the racist, when in fact it was the opposite. Consider the fact that a combined force of Arabs and Germans were annihilated defending the gates of Berlin.

     'In the 1943 Columbia film Sahara a black (Libyan) soldier [...] displayed much more dignity then a captured German who complained, as the soldier secured him, that he did not want to be touched by a member of an inferior race. The MGM production chief Dore Schary had a black included in the group of soldiers featured in another film made in that year, Bataan, even though this led to the depiction of something that did not then exist in the real army, an integrated combat unit.' (p. 45-46)

     And lastly:

     'The Negro Soldier (1944), a government-produced film, showed black and whites together for large-scale activities where integration might be efficient, as when black and white soldiers did calisthenics together. In its depictions of living quarters and other intimate social situations the film kept blacks segregated, as they in fact were in all the military branches.' (p. 46-47)

     The Japanese Americans who volunteered for the U.S. military were fighting for a country who had interned their families in concentration camps. Over 110,000 Japanese people who lived on the Pacific coast were interned with no crime other than being born Japanese.

[Above: George Takei]

     George Takei, of Star Trek fame, was one of the many victims of American racist policy. Here's his account of his experience in American concentration camps during WWII:

     'I was only a child when soldiers with bayonetted rifles marched up our driveway, banged on our door, and ordered us out. I remember my mother's tears as we gathered what little we could carry, and then were sent to live for many weeks in a single cramped horse stall. Our bank accounts were frozen, our businesses shuttered, and our homes with most of our belongings were left behind, all because of what we looked like.'

     'A few months later, we were shipped off to the swamps, over a thousand miles away, by railcar. They placed in all one hundred twenty thousand of us inside barbed wire fences, machine guns pointed down at us from watch towers. We slept inside bug-infested barracks, ate in a noisy mess hall, and relieved ourselves in common latrines that had no walls between the stalls. We were denied adequate medicines, shelter and supplies. I remember as a child looking up toward a U.S. flag in the room, as we recited the Pledge of Allegiance, those ironic words echoing, "with liberty, and justice for all."'

     'Executive Order 9066, signed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was issued on the premise that anyone of Japanese descent could not be trusted and was to be treated as an enemy, even those of us who were American citizens, born in this land. We were viewed not as individual people, but as a yellow menace to be dealt with, and harshly. The guns pointed at us at every point reminded us that if we so much as tried to stand up for our dignity, there would be violent consequences. The order and the ensuing confinement was an egregious violation of the constitution and of due process as we were held, without trial and without charge, awaiting our fate.'

     The American government turned the war against Japan into a race war. A mountain of American WWII posters and other propaganda materials center on race. They pounded it into the public's head that the Japanese were less than human, even akin to rats. This caused numerous atrocities against Japanese soldiers and Japanese civilians during the war, as the American soldier was taught that these people weren't human.

     '...the Marines disavowed a "license for hunting Japs" distributed by their recruiters in Chicago. Yet for the Seventh War Loan campaign the following spring the War Department produced for public viewing the film Action at Anguar, which had the narrator speak this line as viewers saw actual footage of Japanese soldiers burning alive: "By this time we had shot, blasted, or cooked six hundred of the little apes." '
--The Censored War, p. 87, George H. Roeder Jr., (c)1993

[Above: Japanese were rats according to the American government.]

    Japanese-Americans were also treated as subhumans by the United States government. During a search of the barracks of one camp:

'...soldiers aimed the machine gun at the unarmed prisoners and forced them to stand in the snow for hours in their underwear...'
-Inside America's Concentration Camps, James L. Dickerson, 2010, pg.143

The quote below accurately points out that Japanese-Americans in fact had no rights at all.

'The government violated at least half of the ten amendments comprising the Bill of Rights with its decision to remove Americans of Japanese ancestry, the majority of them U.S. citizens...'
--The Censored War, p. 90, George H. Roeder Jr., (c)1993

     President Roosevelt even referred to the camps as 'concentration camps' on a few occasions. And that's exactly what they were.

'...the camp itself was startling. Six tanks were lined up in a threatening way.
A double barbed-wire fence was built around the camp. And the guard was increased to more than one thousand armed soldiers....
-Inside America's Concentration Camps, James L. Dickerson, 2010, pg.140

    Author James L. Dickerson rightfully referred to these Japanese people as 'a people who had been stripped of their freedoms and imprisoned in camps just a notch above dog kennels...'

[Above: The United States used 'atrocity propaganda' in many ways against Japan. A favorite was lying about Japanese treatment of their enemy in China. This poster claims the Japanese used poison gas. The American media pressed repeatedly for America to use gas against Japan with headlines like 'We Should Gas Japan' (1943), 'You Can Cook 'Em Better With Gas' (1944) and 'Should We Gas the Japs?' (1945). Roosevelt issued stern warnings to the Japanese about using chemical weapons. But who was really preparing to use chemical warfare? America and Britain. Want proof? Read on.]

  • By the end of the war America had produced and stockpiled a colossal amount of chemical weapons - 135,000 tons! That's 20,000 tons more than every nation fighting in WWI!
    [A Higher Form of Killing, Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman, p. 130, (c)1982]

    [Above: A massive American stockpile of liquid mustard gas in the days leading up to America's entry into WWII.]

    America and Britain were itching to use their gigantic stockpiles of chemical weapons. They snuck huge amounts of chemical weapons to every front. While secretly shipping a load of mustard gas to the Italian port of Bari in 1943, a disaster second only to Pearl Harbor occured. An Allied ship loaded with the deadly chemical was bombed by unsuspecting German bombers. Sailors, soldiers and civilians were exposed, many of them dying a cruel and unspeakable death. All the while the American President and the British War Cabinet lied and covered up the incident. They even lied to the dead soldiers families. But eventually they realized they could not contain it, people who witnessed the horrible event were talking. Read an in depth account of the disaster at Bari and other appalling Allied war crimes below. This information is honestly some of the most shocking, disappointing and disgusting I've ever read:

    A Higher Form of Killing
    The Secret Story of Chemical and Biological Warfare

    [Above: Here is an article from the propaganda magazine Life which blatantly lies about German gas:
    'Weeks of careful checking of sources and the perusal of published and unpublished evidence from Germany have convinced me that the Germans' V-3, (Vengeance Weapon No.3) is poison gas and that it is scheduled to be used in late August.'
    [Life's Reports - Inside the Reich - Desperate Nazis prepare a Wagnerian Tragedy, pg. 17, August 21, 1944, vol.17 no.8.]

    In 2010 the U.S. Army announced that a stockpile of WWII era chemical weapons were dumped 5 miles off the coast of Oahu (Waikiki beach). A huge total of 16,000 pounds of bombs were dumped at this location when WWII ended, worse still, each bomb contained 73 pounds of mustard gas. A US House of Representatives investigation found that WWII chemical weapons were dumped in at the very minimum of 26 locations off the coast of 11 states!

    [Above: Straight from the dog's mouth. A very threatening prediction. But like most Allied 'intelligence' it was another lie. The Stars and Stripes, Daily Newspaper of the U.S. Armed Forces in the European Theater of Operations, January 8 1943, vol 3, No.57]

    The dehumanizing propaganda campaign by the American government and media led to deep hatred and bloodlust amongst its soldiers on the field. It is widely recorded that Allied soldiers in the Pacific campaign collected Japanese skulls, ears, teeth and other grotesque 'souvenirs'. The Japanese code of honor limited the number of their soldiers who surrendered, but when they did they were often killed and showed no mercy.

    '...close to half of all American soldiers agreed with the statement "I would really like to kill a Japanese soldier." '
    --The Censored War, p. 87, George H. Roeder Jr., (c)1993

    [Above: New Guinea, 1944. Here we see a Japanese skull which has been bracketed to a vehicle. Did the Japanese or Germans ever do something like this with American or British skulls? Absolutely not.]

         The taking of so-called "trophies" by American soldiers was so widespread that, by September 1942, the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet ordered that 'No part of the enemy's body may be used as a souvenir', and any American servicemen violating that order would face 'stern disciplinary action'.

         Trophy skulls were a favorite souvenir, but the American soldier also liked Japanese teeth, ears and other such body parts. The teeth would be made into necklaces and the ears would be attached to belts or necklaces...

         The following quote from a February 1946 issue of The Atlantic by war correspondent Edgar L. Jones says it all:
    'We shot prisoners in cold blood, wiped out hospitals, strafed lifeboats, killed or mistreated enemy civilians, finished off the enemy wounded, tossed the dying in a hole with the dead, and in the Pacific boiled the flesh off enemy skulls to make table ornaments for sweethearts, or carved their bones into letter openers.'

    [Above: A young woman ponders a Japanese skull her boyfriend sent her from the Pacific. Can you imagine the grotesquery?! Note the writing all over the skull. How utterly disrespectful. But I guess the Japanese weren't humans. So fuck it. Source: Life Magazine.]

         Eugene Sledge remembers fellow Marines yanking out gold teeth from Japanese corpses, and if stealing from the dead wasn't bad enough, he recalled a time when a Japanese soldier was still alive during the grotesque theft:

         'But the Japanese wasn't dead. He had been wounded severely in the back and couldn't move his arms; otherwise he would have resisted to his last breath. The Japanese's mouth glowed with huge gold-crowned teeth, and his captor wanted them. He put the point of his Ka-Bar [combat knife] on the base of a tooth and hit the handle with the palm of his hand. Because the Japanese was kicking his feet and thrashing about, the knife point glanced off the tooth and sank deeply into the victim's mouth. The Marine cursed him and with a slash cut his cheeks open to each ear. He put his foot on the sufferer's lower jaw and tried again. Blood poured out of the soldier's mouth. He made a gurgling noise and thrashed wildly. I shouted, "Put the man out of his misery." All I got for an answer was a cussing out. Another Marine ran up, put a bullet in the enemy soldier's brain, and ended his agony. The scavenger grumbled and continued extracting his prizes undisturbed.'

    [Above: What could he be cooking you ask? He's boiling the flesh off of a Japanese head so he can have the bare skull as a souvenir! This is a new level of disgusting. Niall Ferguson wrote that 'boiling the flesh off enemy [Japanese] skulls to make souvenirs was not an uncommon practice.']

    [Above: Just chillin' with the boys with my human skull. Author and serviceman Weinstein stated that ownership of skulls and teeth were widespread practices.]

    Here an American soldier in the Pacific even admits to purposely not taking prisoners because... get this: because he is angry that the prisoners got clothing after being captured! You couldn't make this up.

    'We'd sneak up on those little lean-tos where the Jap soldiers were sleeping. The first time we went out on patrol, we figured we'd be nice and captured three of them and took them back to battalion headquarters. We checked on them the next day, and hell, the military had given them all new socks, shoes, underwear, caps, and dungarees -- the works. We'd been wearing the same rotting clothes for over a month. We thought, to hell with this. After we saw that, we didn't taken any more prisoners.'
    -Voices of the Pacific, by Adam Makos, quoting R.V. Burgin, pg. 129, (c)2013

    [Above: 'Kill the Bastards'! Here is an incredible sign meant to whip the Allied soldiers into a frenzy and to teach them to dehumanize the Japanese.]

  • Let's take a glimpse at the Philippines. America did not 'liberate' anyone or anything. They were brutal occupiers of the Philippines. Between the years 1899 and 1913 the United States carried out a genocidal war against the Filipino people.

    [Above: Some Filipino folks who have been given a taste of democracy -- American style!]

    Bernard Fall, as quoted in E. Ahmed's 'The Theory and Fallacies of Counter-Insurgency', called the conquest of the Philippines as 'the bloodiest colonial war (in proportion to population) ever fought by a white power in Asia; it cost the lives of 3,000,000 Filipinos.'

    'In November 1901, the Manila correspondent of The Philadelphia Ledger reported: The present war is no bloodless, opera bouffe engagement; our men have been relentless, have killed to exterminate men, women, children, prisoners and captives, active insurgents and suspected people from lads of ten up, the idea prevailing that the Filipino as such was little better than a dog...
    Our soldiers have pumped salt water into men to make them talk, and have taken prisoners people who held up their hands and peacefully surrendered, and an hour later, without an atom of evidence to show that they were even insurrectos, stood them on a bridge and shot them down one by one, to drop into the water below and float down, as examples to those who found their bullet-loaded corpses.'

    [Above: Here's a sarcastic article that sums things up.]

         It is also a little known fact that thousands of Americans of Italian, Latin-American, and German ethnicity were also thrown into American concentration camps. Even Aleut people in Alaska were interned. A neatly hidden fact.

         There are many books that document this scarcely known treacherous act. Some examples are:

  • Una Storia Segreta : The Secret History of Italian American Evacuation and Internment During World War II by Lawrence Distasi (c)2001

         American wartime law greatly restricted the freedoms and required identity cards of 600,000 Italian 'resident aliens'. 10,000 Italian-Americans along the West Coast were forcibly relocated and 250 were actually imprisoned in concentration camps for up to two years. Some Italian Americans were even forced to abandon their own homes and businesses. Even baseball legend Joe DiMaggio's parents were declared 'enemy aliens'.

    [Above: Una Storia Segreta : The Secret History of Italian American Evacuation and Internment During World War II.]

  • Shattered Lives, Shattered Dreams: The Untold Story of America's Enemy Aliens in World War II by Russell Estlack (c)2011

    [Above: Shattered Lives, Shattered Dreams: The Untold Story of America's Enemy Aliens in World War II.]

         The tyrannical lunacy these Americans were forced to endure by the American government is staggering. Some camps, during freezing cold winters, did not even have heat!

    'Italians were required to remove pictures of Mussolini from display in their homes. U.S. officials went to Italian homes and collected guns and shortwave radios.
    Josephine Pandolfi Belenchia said that they even took an Italian version of Romeo and Juliet from their home.'
    -The Delta Italians, Paul V. Canonici, 2003

         More than 10,000 German-American civilians were thrown into concentration camps in America during WWII. None of them were ever compensated for the loss of property or the time they spent in concentration camps.

  • We Were Not the Enemy: Remembering the United States' Latin-American Civilian Internment Program of World War II by Heidi Donald (c)2007

    [Above: We Were Not the Enemy: Remembering the United States' Latin-American Civilian Internment Program of World War II.]

         Here is the description of the book:

    'The United States clandestinely funds the operation of a huge prison in Cuba. Men, women, and children are spirited away from their homes and imprisoned indefinitely. No charges are made; no legal counsel is allowed. Newspapers fill with stories of espionage and enemies. Current events? No. During World War II, the United States used tactics remarkably similar to those in use today against presumed terrorists. By 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt had covertly authorized J. Edgar Hoover's Secret Intelligence Service to begin surveillance of Axis nationals in Latin America. Believing that "all German nationals without exception [are] dangerous," the United States surreptitiously pressured Latin-American countries to arrest and deport more than four thousand civilians of German ethnicity to the United States. There, many languished in internment camps, while others were shipped to war-torn Germany.'

  • The Prison Called Hohenasperg: An American Boy Betrayed by His Government During World War II by Arthur D. Jacobs (c)1999

    [Above: The Prison Called Hohenasperg: An American Boy Betrayed by His Government During World War II.]

         The book's own description best describes this unbelievable and truly insane book:

    'Unknown to most Americans, more than 10,000 Germans and German Americans were interned in the United States during WWII. This story is about the internment of a young American and his family. He was born in the U.S.A. and the story tells of his perilous path from his home in Brooklyn to internment at Ellis Island, N.Y. and Crystal City, Texas, and imprisonment, after the war, at a place in Germany called Hohenasperg.

    When he arrived in Germany in the dead of winter, he was transported to Hohenasperg in a frigid, stench-filled, locked, and heavily guarded, boxcar. Once in Hohenasperg, he was separated from his family and put in a prison cell. He was only twelve years old! He was treated like a Nazi by the U.S. Army guards and was told that if he didn't behave he would be killed.'

         One of the famous American 'Tuskegee Airmen', Alexander Jefferson, wrote a book called 'Red Tail Captured, Red Tail Free' where he talks about being a second class citizen in his own country. He was shot down and put into a German P.O.W. camp where for the first time in his life he wasn't segregated from the white troops. He recalls the incredible irony of finally being freed and returning home and no sooner did he walk off the ship when he was told 'Whites to the right, niggers to the left'! And it went on. The Tuskegee Airmen, by American law, weren't even allowed to fly planes upon their return from the war.

    [Above: 'Red Tail Captured, Red Tail Free' (c)2005]

         And then there was that other Tuskegee. The infamous Tuskegee syphilis experiments. If you don't know about these, you should look it up and view a truly evil part of history in America. Briefly, these clinical studies were conducted between 1932 and all the way to 1972 by the United States government. Its purpose was to observe the natural history of untreated syphilis. American blacks were lured into the study by free health care, meals, and free burial insurance for participating in the study by the United States government. The government worked in collaboration with the Tuskegee University, a historically black college in Alabama. They told the guinea pigs that the study would only last six months, it lasted forty years! Hundreds of black men were infected with syphilis and never told they had the disease, nor were they offered penicillin to treat it. Instead the evil scientists said they had 'bad blood'. Additionally the scientists prevented the victims from accessing syphilis treatment programs available to other residents in the area. Worse still, forty wives were infected and contracted the disease and nineteen children were born with congenital syphilis. Keep in mind this horrid experiment went on during WWII, all while calling the Germans 'racist'. What a joke.

         While America was supposedly fighting for 'freedom' and 'democracy' in Europe, blacks were rioting and violently fighting for their rights back in America. For example, in 1943 black Americans rioted in the city of Detroit, where the heavy hand of 'freedom' killed twenty-four of them!

         Another example of America's hypocrisy and outright brutality was the inhuman treatment of WW2 veteran Isaac Woodard, Jr. (March 18, 1919 – September 23, 1992). This black American was attacked by South Carolina police in 1946, while still in his army uniform, just hours after being honorably discharged from the United States Army! This attack was so brutal it blinded Woodard for life!

         Ironic that when America occupied Germany after the war they brought with them their racist policies which were previously unknown in Germany.

         The book The Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944, by Rick Atkinson (Macmillon, 2007) gives us some very interesting statistics of Allied racism:

    'When War II began in September 1939 fewer than 4000 blacks served in the U.S. Army; more than two years later the U.S. Navy had only six black sailors-excluding mess stewards. At the time of the Anzio landings (May 1944), the U.S. Army had 633,000 officers, of whom only 4,500 were black. The U.S. Navy was worse, with 82,000 black enlisted sailors and no black officers; the Marine Corps which had rejected all black enlistments until President Roosevelt intervened, would not commission its first black officer until several months after the war ended...
    ...blacks were shunted into quartermaster companies for duties such as truck drivers, bakers, launderers, laborers and the like.'

  • Now the Hell Will Start by Brendan I. Koerner (c) 2008

    [Above: Now the Hell Will Start. Click the image to see more pictures!]

         Blacks performed the jobs no one else wanted. They were subjected to 16 hour work days in the sweltering jungle heat, along with leeches, legions of mosquitoes, malaria and dysentery. It was called 'the toughest job ever given to U.S. Army Engineers in wartime.'

         One particular story of this hell was brought to light by the case of a black soldier who killed another soldier and became the subject of 'the greatest manhunt of WWII'. These American blacks were little more than forced labor gangs. Beasts of burden. But every dog has his day. Perry had his. And died a man.

    'An African American GI assigned to a segregated labor battalion, Perry was shipped to South Asia in 1943, enduring unspeakable hardships while sailing around the globe. He was one of thousands of black soldiers dispatched to build the Ledo Road, a highway meant to appease China's conniving dictator Chiang Kai-shek. Stretching from the thickly forested mountains of North-East India across the tiger-infested vales of Burma, the road was a lethal nightmare, beset by monsoons, malaria, and insects that chewed men's flesh to pulp. Perry could not endure the jungles brutality, nor the racist treatment meted out by his white officers.'


    '...Perry won the admiration of officers forced to witness the execution for his cool courage in the face of certain death. Never once did he break even as he walked up stairs to the gallows platform'
    -Now the Hell Will Start by Brendan I. Koerner, pg. 299, (c)2008

        On the way up to the gallows, rather ominously, Perry said to the guard escorting him: 'Now, the hell will start.'

    [Above: PVT. Herman Perry]

         A 1944 German propaganda leaflet targeting black American soldiers stated truthfully:

    'In World War I they promised your father's racial equality as a reward for fighting the war.

    What did they get? What did you get?

    The lousiest jobs.
    The lousiest flats.
    The lousiest pay.
    The lousiest chances.

    Poverty, Unemployment, Race Riots, Lynching, Hanging and Burning!


    The general contempt of all Whites in the U.S.A.



    [Above: This is the flip side of the leaflet bearing the text above.
    It says: 'Race War' (top left) and 'Fleeing Negro, who is already hurt, is chased by Detroit mobsters. Lead pipe (center) was later used in finishing him off.']

    [Above: This was first published in 1944 by the Dutch SS-Storm magazine in the Netherlands. It's interesting that the 'horrible racist Nazis' would point out America's racism. They use the head of a Ku Klux Klan member, show blacks in a cage and dangle a noose, pointing to America's lynching of blacks. The figure is like Frankenstein's monster, a collage of the all-destroying Judeo-'democratic'-American culture. A Jewish/Masonic apron is tied to the drums of war. A foot of a bloody bomb...]

    [Above: Black Americans were given the unenviable job of handling corpses. This picture, never released to the American public, shows how the corpses of American 'heroes' were handled.]

    [Above: The American government actually considered African-American achievements during WWII a 'threat to national unity'. In 1944 newspapers refused to run a photograph of a black man named Dempsey Travis, who was a prize-winning manager, because they felt it would offend the public. The government made it a policy to not allow many photos released of black soldiers because it would 'overemphasize black achievements'. Are you getting a hint of who the real racists were yet?]

    [Above: This is the nose of a C-47, also called a Dakota or Skytrain. The C-47 served in all theaters of war for a multitude of purposes, this particular one participated in D-Day. The good old Allies named this one 'BIG NIGGER'. Who were the racists again?]

    [Above: Just look at this Nazi painting this racist art on this plane! Oh wait, this is an American... ]

    [Above: The Germans knew very well about the plight of the black man in the USA. Here is another leaflet reminding American black troops what they were fighting for: a society which viewed them as less-than-human. The example used here about the two blacks and the church might or might not have happened, but there are probably millions of incidences like this and far worse that happened in the USA. What happened, happened. There is no use crying about it now. But let's be truthful: Germany's Third Reich was not the 'racist' country we've been taught, the USA and Britain, however, well we don't need to look very far to see who the real haters and racists were.]

    [Above: Kämpft für die Demokratie!
    In ihr bleibt jedem unbenommen,
    Auf leichte Art schnell hochzukommen.'

    Translates as:

    'Fight for democracy!
    In it, everyone remains free,
    To rise quickly in an easy way'.

    (as in, rise while being lynched)]

         The black historian and sociologist W.E.B. Du Bois visited National Socialist Germany in 1936. He related that he received more respect from the German academics than from his white colleagues back in America. He was treated like a human being in Germany, and stated: 'The National Socialists did not show any trace of racial hatred toward blacks.'

    [Above: W.E.B. Du Bois, circa 1918]

         Furthermore, the American diplomat and author Lawrence Dennis, who was bi-racial, born to a black mother and white father, also visited National Socialist Germany. Like Du Bois and other blacks who visited, he was treated warmly and like a human being for one of the first times in his life. He met and had discussions with the highest level of National Socialist authorities, including Adolf Hitler himself. Dennis even attended the Nuremburg rallies. He was so impressed with Adolf Hitler's Germany that he thought National Socialism could also save the United States, as it did Germany.

    [Above: Lawrence Dennis, who was also a defendant in America's Great Sedition Trial of 1944, believed by all to be a mockery of justice.]

         So much for the lies of WWII Germany being a bunch of racists huh? That was all carefully implemented to get the world to hate Germany and trick them into helping the Judeo-tyrants destroy her.

         Again, let's shatter our expectations and learn a fact many Germans soldiers learned after the war: black Americans did not hate German soldiers the way their white counterparts often did. The reasons behind this are varied, but as we discuss on later pages, one of the main reasons was the black Americans understood the Germans' plight, and indeed many of them saw Adolf Hitler as the liberator that he was. Additionally, many Black Americans were not as taken by the Allied propaganda and downright lies as were white Americans. Perhaps it wasn't so easy to believe the words of an authority they largely viewed as their historical oppressor.

    Here is an interesting quote regarding the treatment of German P.O.W. soldiers after the war from Waffen-SS Panzergrenadier Hans Schmidt:

    'Black American soldiers were nicer to us than were the white ones. Most of the white Americans with whom I had to deal with were oafs.'
    [Hans Schmidt (1927 - 2010), SS Panzergrenadier, page 334, (c)2002]

    [Above: Hans Schmidt.]

    [Above: Black American soldiers guarding German prisoners, France, August 18, 1944. It is a strange truth that black American soldiers had more empathy with the German prisoner than most white soldiers. Numerous Germans mention this fact in their memoirs or post-war interviews.]

    Another instance of black American soldiers treating German POWs better than their white counterparts is echoed in a 1984 interview with Otto Weidinger, Regimental Commander of 2. SS-Panzer Division 'Das Reich' and SS-Panzergrenadierregiment 4 'Der Führer', who said:

    'It may interest you that some of the best treatment was by your black soldiers. Rarely did I hear of mistreatment by them...'

    [Above: Otto Weidinger.]

         When the capital of the German Reich, Berlin, crumbled there were over a dozen nationalities defending it. There were Americans, British, French, Italians, Russians, Waloonians, Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Iranians, Spaniards, Africans... the list goes on and on. In fact the bulk of defenders were not even German. Artur Axmann, leader of the Hitler Youth, when fleeing through the fiery ruins of Berlin, was shocked when suddenly his group stumbled on:

    'What we saw before our astonished eyes was a kind of SS international brigade-very few Germans but a lot of
    Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Dutch, Belgians, Latvians and that French group called Kampfgruppe Charlemagne.'

    (O'Donnell, The Bunker, page 304)

        Imagine that. The last stand of the Third Reich, defended by foreign born troops. They met a fiery death because they believed in what they were fighting for. Look it up.

        Everywhere the German and Axis armies went they brought with them a high standard of living previously undreamt. To many remote parts of Russia they brought with them modern civilization itself. The liberating German and Axis armies encountered poverty and despair on a level that shocked them to the core. The deathly policies of communism had not only crushed people's livelihoods, but destroyed their spirits. Joseph Goebbels described it best in one of his last writings, on April 20, 1945, in a newspaper piece called 'Our Hitler', celebrating the Führer's 56th birthday:

    'Our enemies claim that the Führer's soldiers marched as conquerors through the lands of Europe — but wherever they came,
    they brought prosperity and happiness, peace, order, reliable conditions, a plenitude of work, and therefore a decent life.
    Our enemies claim their soldiers came to the same lands as liberators — but wherever they come there is poverty
    and misery, chaos, devastation and destruction, unemployment, hunger and mass death.'

         There were plans for the German armies and its allies in Russia, fighting Communism, to link up straight-away with the Japanese armies. Imagine, these great world powers, allies for many years, of such different races and cultures, meeting as friends on the battlefield, and then fighting together for a common goal. The Land of the Rising Sun and the Sons of the Swastika.

         Japan wanted an Asia for Asians. The European occupiers had practically enslaved the Asian people in their 'colonies.' Germany and her European allies were also fighting those same world powers. They also believed that a people should be led by their own race. The world would then be in balance, the way nature intended. In fact, when Japan liberated the Asian islands and nations previously occupied by Europeans, they asked Germany if it wanted a share of these lands, and the answer was no! For too long empires, conquest, and ultimately greed, had set out to enslave foreign lands.

         The real reason why America drove Japan into WWII was the same reason Britain and France declared war on Germany: money and influence. Japan was a rising power, as was Germany. In 1920 the famed author Lothrop Stoddard wrote a book called 'The Rising Tide of Color'. It is incredibly prophetic and provides an excellent snapshot of what was happening and more so what was to come:

    'Whatever may be its ultimate goals, Japanese foreign policy has one minimum objective: Japan as hegemon of a Far East in which white influence shall have been reduced to a vanishing quantity. That is the bald truth of the matter — and no white man has any reason for getting indignant about it. Granted that Japanese aims endanger white vested interests in the Far East. Granted that this involves rivalry and perhaps war. That is no reason for striking a moral attitude and inveighing against Japanese "wickedness," as many people are to-day doing.

    These mighty racial tides flow from the most elemental of vital urges: self-expansion and self-preservation. Both outward thrust of expanding life and counter-thrust of threatened life are equally normal phenomena. To condemn the former as "criminal" and the latter as "selfish" is either silly or hypocritical and tends to envenom with unnecessary rancor what objective fairness might keep a candid struggle, inevitable yet alleviated by mutual comprehension and respect.

    This is no mere plea for "sportsmanship"; it is a very practical matter. There are critical times ahead; times in which intense race-pressures will engender high tensions and perhaps wars. If men will keep open minds and will eschew the temptation to regard those opposing their desires to defend or possess respectively as impious fiends, the struggles will lose half their bitterness, and the wars (if wars there must be) will be shorn of half their ferocity.'

    [Above: A dashing and handsome young Lothrop Stoddard. He would pen other very prophetic books in his time.]

    [Above: Women in The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. Note the flags of Manchukuo, Japan and China.]

         A Japanese leaflet from 1944 explains Japanese intentions in a few words [Note: Nippon = Japan]:

    'Nippon today is engaged in the most titanic struggle against Anglo-American aggression for the purpose of freeing all Asians from their odious encroachment. Nippon is resolutely determined more than ever to crush Asia's foes decisively in order to establish lasting peace and prosperity in East Asia and emancipate the one billion Asians from centuries of Occidental domination.'

         The Allies pushed lies about German racism throughout the Arab world, but the Arabs laughed at such claims. German actions spoke much louder than Allied lies. Here is an important quote from a letter written by the Prime Minister of Iraq, Rashid Ali Al-Gaylani, to Germany's Dr. Walter Gross' Office of Racial Policy in October 1942:

    'The Axis enemies in their propaganda state that the Germans
    consider the Arabs among the lower castes. In my capacity as
    the Premier of Iraq, I can give an assurance that the Arabs
    do not give this claim any importance after what they have
    seen and felt Germany's treatment and help to them. But as
    the enemy propaganda goes on repeating these lies, I should
    like to receive an answer from an official source regarding
    the German consideration of the Arab race. I should be very
    grateful to get from you a reply on the opinion of Germany on the

    Rashid Ali Al-Gaylani

    [Above: Rashid Ali Al-Gaylani (1892 - August 28, 1965).]

         Dr. Gross, a German physician who was head of the Office of Racial Policy for the NSDAP from 1933 until his suicide at the end of WWII, officially replied to Al-Gaylani as follows:

    'In answer to your Excellency's letter of 17th October, 1942,
    I have the honor to give you the racial theory regarding the
    Arab caste. The racial policy has been adopted by Germany to
    safeguard the German people against the Jews who,
    biologically, are different from the Middle East races.
    Accordingly, Europe has been opposing Jews for decades. The
    Germans do not fight the Jews because they are Semitic or because
    they come from the East, but for their character, egoism and
    their hostility to society... while Germany forbids the
    entrance of the Jews into her territory, she welcomes all Arabs
    of Semitic origin and cares for them. The attitude of the
    Germans for the Arabs is that of respect. Not a single
    official German source ever stated that the Arabs originated from
    a lower caste. On the contrary, the racial theory of National
    Socialism considers the Arabs of a very high caste. The
    oppression of the Arabs of Palestine is being followed in Germany
    with great interest and Germany confirms the demands of the Arabs.'

    [Above: Dr. Walter Gross (October 21, 1904 - April 25, 1945).]

         Also highly illuminating is an article written by Dr. Walter Gross, who, I remind you again because of its importance, was head of the Office of Racial Policy for the NSDAP:

    National Socialist Racial Thought

    -Dr. Walter Gross

    'Most open to misinterpretation are National Socialist views on the relations between the various races of the world. It has been questioned whether the fundamental racial principles of the new world theory must not breed condescension, even contempt of people of different race. Quite the contrary; these very principles offer the very best guarantee for mutual tolerance and for the peaceful co-operation of all.

    We appreciate the fact that those of another race are different from us. This scientific truth is the basis, the justification and, at the same time, the obligation of every racial policy without which a restoration of Europe in our day is no longer practicable. Whether that other race is "better" or "worse" is not possible for us to judge. For this would demand that we transcend our own racial limitations for the duration of the verdict and take on a superhuman, even divine, attitude from which alone an "impersonal" verdict could be formed on the value or lack of such of the many living forms of inexhaustible Nature. But we of all people are too conscious of the inseparable ties of the blood and our own race to attempt to aspire to such an ultra-racial standpoint, even in the abstract.

    History, science and life itself tell us in a thousand ways that the human beings inhabiting the earth are anything but alike; that, moreover, the greater races are not only physically but especially spiritually and intellectually different from each other. Yesterday one passed this fact by, and in attempting to unify political, economic, cultural and religious standards for all nations of the earth, one was sinning against Nature, violating the natural attributes of various racial and national groups for the sake of a false principle. Today we bow to the racial differences existing in the world. We want every type of being to find that form of self-expression most fitted to its own particular requirements.

    The racial principles of National Socialism are, therefore, the surest guarantee for respecting the integrity of other nations. It is incompatible with our ideas to think of incorporating other nationalities in a Germany built up as a result of conquests, as they would always remain, because of their alien blood and spirit, a foreign body within the German State. Such foolhardy thoughts may be indulged in by a world which has as its goal economic power or purely territorial expansion of its frontiers, but never by a statesman thinking along organic, racial lines whose main care is the preservation of the greatness and along with it the essential unity of his people held together by the ties of blood relationship.

    For this reason, we have nothing in common with chauvinism and imperialism because we would extend to other races peopling the earth the same privileges we claim for ourselves: the right to fashion our lives and our own particular world according to the requirements of our own nature.

    And if National Socialism would wish to see the unrestricted mixing of blood avoided for the individual, there is nothing in this to suggest contempt. After all, we Germans ourselves, viewed ethnologically, are a mixture. The National Socialist demand is only that the claims of the blood and the laws of biology should be more closely observed in future.

    Here again our standpoint is not so very far removed from that of other people with a sound mental outlook. The American Immigration Laws, for instance, are based on definite racial discrimination. The Europeans and the inhabitants of India, the Pacific Islands, and so on, have instinctively held aloof from a mingling of the blood, and both sides genuinely regard any transgression as very bad form. Nevertheless, this natural attitude in no way detracts from the possibility of close co-operation and friendly interaction. And, speaking on behalf of the new Germany, let me once more emphasize:

    We do not wish our people to intermarry with those of alien race since through such mingling of the blood the best and characteristic qualities of both races are lost. But we will always have a ready welcome for any guests who wish to visit us whether of kindred or foreign civilization, and our racial views only lead us to a fuller appreciation of their essential peculiarities in the same way as we would want our own peculiarities respected.'

    Furthermore, let's look at what SS Obersturmbannführer Ludwig Eckstein has to say (Eckstein published many writings during and after the 3rd Reich, many under the central office of the Reichsführer-SS):

    'While supporting our own race -- and if necessary fighting against other races to protect its right to existence -- we should not overlook the fact that almost all races display something in themselves that is sound and biologically resolved and therefore beautiful, natural and valuable...
    Each race carries first of all the measure of worth in itself. When once we understand this then we do not foster feelings of inferiority in others, a consequence that the hitherto existing race theories have too often achieved...'

    --SS Obersturmbannführer Ludwig Eckstein, Rassenlieb und Rassenseele, Zur Grundlegung der Rassenseelenkunde [Racial Love and Racial Soul, On the Foundation of Racial Psychology], pg. 71, Gregor, A. James. "National Socialism and Race". The European 11 (July 1958), pgs. 273-91

         They've invested untold riches in hiding the facts presented on these pages from us. They've hidden the fact that Europe was fighting for its very existence. Far from what they've shoved into our heads, Germany was not alone in this fight. Europe and the world knew what was at stake. Adolf Hitler defined it best, in a speech on January 30, 1942:

    'Lord God, give us the strength that we may retain our liberty for our children and our children's children,
    not only for ourselves but also for the other peoples of Europe,
    for this is a war which we all wage, this time, not for our German people alone,
    it is a war for all of Europe and with it, in the long run, for all of mankind.'

         Anyone who knows the truth, knows that countries didn't lose the Second World War, mankind itself lost. The same age-old powers-that-be had won again. Their victory came at a terrible cost. They butchered tens of millions with their indiscriminate bombs. Over ten million Germans died in concentration camps of starvation and the elements after the war was over. Look it up. Communist soldiers, berserk with propaganda, raped millions of German women, MILLIONS, from ages 6 to 90! Many of them after the war was over.

    The Allies had the audacity to charge many Germans with using P.O.W.s as 'slave labor', when they themselves used millions of German P.O.W.s for a variety of purposes, from deathly mines in Africa, to building and farming, they were sent all over the world and used into the 1950s! The USA had 511 POW camps in itself and nearly half a million prisoners!
    [Nazi Prisoners of War in America, Arnold Krammer, 1983]

    Britain dared call Germany a warmonger, when Britain was responsible for invading most of the world! Check out this new study as reported by Jasper Copping from The Telegraph (November 4, 2012):

    'A new study has found that at various times the British have invaded almost 90 per cent of the countries around the globe.
    The analysis of the histories of the almost 200 countries in the world found only 22 which have never experienced an invasion by the British.
    Among this select group of nations are far-off destinations such as Guatemala, Tajikistan and the Marshall Islands, as well some slightly closer to home, such as Luxembourg.
    The analysis is contained in a new book, All the Countries We've Ever Invaded: And the Few We Never Got Round To.'

    Research it all for yourself. You'll be amazed at what's been hidden from us.

    [Above: The infamous Der Untermensch. We were taught that this book was overflowing with hatred for the Poles, Russians and Slavs in general. But like most things we've been taught about WWII it is a lie! It's recently been reprinted so you can see for yourself, as I did. The truth is there is no racial hatred at all within its pages. The Untermensch is more a character of man. Read the back of the book here for a detailed description.]

         Recently declassified United States documents reveal that the president of the United States knew about the impending attack on Pearl Harbor and did nothing about it. In fact, he and his administration took measures to hide it. Not only did they know about it in advance, but they also instigated it. They would do anything to bring America into WW2, and since Japan was a friend and ally of Germany, they knew that by instigating a war with Japan, Germany would have to follow. They violated Japan's waters and even strafed her boats with machine gun fire.

         Read a short essay on Pearl Harbor by Jeffrey St. Clair - Alexander Cockburn entitled The Good War, Revisited: H E R E

         Read an excerpt from Adolf Hitler's speech in the Reichstag of December 11, 1941 (4 days after Pearl Harbor): H E R E

         This speech details American aggressions against Germany in preparation of causing a war between the two countries. I implore everyone to read it, it is a superb look into the truth.

    [Above: Professor Revilo Pendleton Oliver (July 7, 1908 – August 20, 1994), professor of classical philology, Spanish, and Italian.]

         Professor Revilo Oliver commented on this treasonous action by those controlling the United States government:

    'When I left the mephitic atmosphere of Washington late in 1945, I had no great misgivings about the future of our nation. On the basis of the best estimates that I could then make, I was confident that our future was assured by a popular reaction which I deemed inevitable within the next five years. I felt certain that the secrets of Washington would quickly become known and that our nation would be swept with moral indignation and revulsion when Americans saw exposed to the light of day even a small part of the foul record of the diseased creature that had squatted in the White House for so many years, surrounded by his appalling gang of degenerates, traitors, and alien subversives.

    I knew that the secret of Pearl Harbor would be quickly disclosed, and that Americans would soon know how the Japanese had been maneuvered and tricked into destroying our fleet and killing so many of our men. I was sure that the public would soon learn of the old conspiracy between Roosevelt and Churchill (who was at that time a private citizen in what was still Great Britain), and also of Roosevelt's persistent efforts from 1936 to 1939 to get started in Europe the insanely fratricidal war that devastated that continent, that destroyed so much of what is the most precious and irreplaceable treasure of any race -- the genetic heritage of its best men -- and that inflicted on our own country a great squandering of life and wealth in a war that was deliberately conducted to assure the defeat of the United States and Great Britain no less than that of France and Germany. I was sure that we would quickly, once peace had come, see that we had fought for the sole purpose of imposing the beasts of Bolshevism on a devastated land. I was sure that we would quickly see the nature of the great treason trap called the United Nations. I thought that decent men's stomachs would turn when they learned of the officially admitted strategy of the British government which, in deliberate violation of all the conventions of civilized warfare, had initiated the vicious bombing of unprotected German cities for the express purpose of slaughtering so many defenseless German civilians that the German government would be forced to bomb unprotected British cities and slaughter enough helpless British civilians to work up in Great Britain some enthusiasm for the suicidal war that the British government was imposing on its reluctant people -- the first example in history, I believe, of a government at war deliberately having its own citizens massacred for the purposes of propaganda. I thought that the truth about such domestic outrages as the infamous Sedition Trial in Washington would necessarily become known, and excite the feelings that such crimes must excite in the breasts of decent men.

    And I was sure that a thousand other infamies, unsurpassed and only rarely equaled in recorded history, would be disclosed with the result that all the steamships outward bound from our shores would, within a few years, be crowded to their very rails with hordes of vermin desperately fleeing from the wrath of an aroused and angry nation.

    In 1945 I really believed that by the year 1952 no American could hear the name of Roosevelt without a shudder or utter it without a curse. You see; I was wrong.'

         We implore you, question what you've been taught. We've all been taught lies. The good guys lost World War Two. Mankind lost World War Two. And based on the revolutionary protection laws instituted by National Socialist Germany of protecting nature and animals, even they lost WWII. The tyrants won. But the war isn't over. Free men and women, white, black, red, yellow and brown are learning the truth.

         The truth will make you angry. The lengths they have gone to lie to us. No matter your country of origin you are a victim of the same propaganda lies. It is international. They want to divide and conquer us. They want us to hate and fear one another. But in reality, it is They who hate all of us. And it is They who shall learn to fear us as well.

         Given time, all races and religions shall unite and wipe this tyrant from the face of the earth. And this blue planet will sigh, bearing a lighter load, less millions of its killers and enslavers. And all of this terrible dark time will be a story to tell our children's children. It is a fated time to come. After the fire. A world anew.

         But pictures speak louder than words! Don't take our word for it, look and see for yourself! And ask yourself, why did they hide this truth from us?

  • [Most pictures - Click to enlarge]

    [Above: German military postage stamp from Tunisia, North Africa, circa March/April 1943. Click image to see other examples.]

    [Above: The Illustrirte Zeitung Leipzig, July 1942.]

    [Above: A member of the Africa Corps by the famous artist Wolfgang Willrich.]

    [Above: Afrika Korps cuff bands]

    [Above: The German-Italian African Campaign Medal. This award was issued to soldiers who participated in the joint campaign with German and Italian soldiers in North Africa.
    Click on the picture to see a soldier wearing the medal.]

    'In the absence of orders go find something and kill it.'
    --Erwin Rommel

    [Above: Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel (November 15, 1891 – October 14, 1944).]

    Erwin Rommel, the 'Desert Fox' hardly needs an introduction. We've all learned about him since birth practically. He was the only 'Nazi' that had a conscience. He was involved in a plot to kill Adolf Hitler and was forced to kill himself.
    But is any of this true? Absolutely NOT!

    I implore you to read the book below to learn the truth!

    [Above: Rommel - The End of a Legend. Originally published as 'Rommel. Das Ende einer Legende' by Ralf Georg Reuth in 2004.
    The English translation was first published in Great Britain in 2005 and reprinted in 2009/2010.]

  • You may be shocked to learn that Rommel was a devoted National Socialist. That he was not involved in the plot to kill Adolf Hitler and when probed by the conspirators they found him loyal to Germany and his Führer. The traitors wanted Rommel's name attached to their criminal deeds -- to add some sort of 'legitimacy' to their cause. But they never told him of their plans. Rommel was an old-school soldier, who believed in his oath to his country above all else, and, what the controlled history books 'forget' to tell us, he was a hardcore National Socialist.

    So why did they lie?
    Read the book.
    It's time the Desert Fox comes home.
    From the hands of the enemy and back to mankind.

    [Above: Rommel being congratulated by Adolf Hitler. They believed in each other until the end.]

    [Above: An autographed postcard from Rommel dating back to August 20, 1943. This was during the time Rommel's headquarters were relocated to Lake Garda (Italy's largest lake) in northern Italy. He was given command of the 44th Infantry Division, the 26th Panzer Division and the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. Click the picture to read the accompanying letter.]

  • Click here to see more pictures Erwin Rommel

    [Above: An Afrika Korps postcard.]

    [Above: An Afrika Korps soldier and his Italian comrade force a British soldier to his knees.
    The poster, by Gino Boccasile, says 'I saccheggiatori di Bengasi saranno messi in ginocchio' = 'The looters of Benghazi will be forced to their knees'.]

    [Above: An Afrika Korps soldier holds a little Arab girl.]

    [Above: An ominous soldier protected from the harsh desert winds. Click to see more!]

    [Above: This is the Sd.Kfz. 11 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug - special motorized vehicle).
    This German half-track saw use on many theaters of war in WWII.
    While its main role was as a prime mover for medium towed guns, it could also carry eight troops in addition to this.
    Of a special note is the emblem on the door of the vehicle--the palm tree and swastika, the symbol of the Afrika Korps.]

    [Above: 1942 Christmas postcard, it says: 'Tapfer und Treu' (Brave and True).]

    [Above: Women also served in the Afrika Korps. This is Ilse Schulz from the German Red Cross. Click picture to see more.]

    [Above: African volunteers with their Wehrmacht counterparts.]

    [Above: African auxiliary and two German Afrika Korps soldiers. Note the distinct German 'pith' sun helmet worn by the rear soldier.]

    [Above: Two German paratroopers with the Afrika Korps and their local guide in Tunisia.]

    [Above: A local Arab ally chats with Luftwaffe officers.]

    [Above: This is an unissued postage stamp depicting the Afrika Korps.]

    [Above: Afrika Korps Christmas card from North Africa.]

    [Above: Afrika Korps ink stamps sometimes found on envelopes and postcards. 'D.A.K. stands for 'Deutsche Afrika Korps'. These ink stamps were unofficial, done by soldiers and units as a way to show their pride.]

    [Above: Afrika Korps calendar for 1942. Click to see more.]

    [Above: Afrika Korps feldpost envelope from May 1942. Click on the image to see the letter and a larger view.]

    [Above: Front/back. Now this is interesting. This is a postcard sent from an Afrika Korps P.O.W. in a British concentration camp in Egypt, July 30, 1943.]

    [Above: Wash day in Africa.]

    [Above: Here is an issue of Julius Streicher's newspaper Der Stürmer from July 1941 featuring an Africa Korps soldier on the cover.]

    [Above: Here is the March 1942 issue of the popular magazine Der Adler (The Eagle) featuring a cover of the Africa Corps.]

  • Click here to see more Afrika Corps ink stamps

  • Click here to see more pictures of the Afrika Corps

    'I know I haven't offered you much; sand, heat, scorpions... but we've shared them together. One more last push, and it is Cairo. And if we fail,... well, we tried,... together.'
    --Erwin Rommel

    [Above: The national emblem of India. Below the lions is an abacus; below which is the motto inscribed in Devanagari script: 'Truth Alone Triumphs'.
    This is a quote from Mundaka Upanishad, the ending part of the sacred Hindu Vedas.]

    'Dear Friend...
    We have no doubt about your bravery or devotion to your fatherland,
    nor do we believe that you are the monster described by your opponents.'

    -A telling sentence from Mohandas Gandhi's letter to Adolf Hitler, December 24, 1940

  • The British rulers were especially evil to their Indian subjects during their long occupation of India. The British East India Company first reared its demonic head in India in 1612. Prior to WWII millions of Indians had died due to famines caused in no small part to heavy British taxation and cruelty.

    During WWII, unknown to most, was the 'Bengal Famine' of 1943-44, a genocide the British engineered largely for profit and war motives. This 'artificial famine' murdered almost four MILLION Indians! The un-hung war criminal Winston Churchill knowingly diverted supplies of medical aid and food that was being dispatched to starving Indians to the already well supplied soldiers in Europe.

    [Above: 'Death Toll Grows in India'... meanwhile, 'the greatest fish bowl in the world is here'...]

    [Above: A child and dog succumb to Churchill's evil. Bengal, 1943.]

  • In the book Churchill's Secret War, by author Madhusree Mukerjee, a grisly picture is painted:
    'Parents dumped their starving children into rivers and wells. Many took their lives by throwing themselves in front of trains. Starving people begged for the starchy water in which rice had been boiled. Children ate leaves and vines, yam stems and grass. People were too weak even to cremate their loved ones.
    No one had the strength to perform rites... Dogs and jackals feasted on piles of dead bodies in Bengal's villages... Mothers had turned into murderers, village belles into whores, fathers into traffickers of daughters...'

    [Above: A horrific photograph taken during the Bengal Famine. Note the vultures feasting on the dead.]

    The British prime minister mercilessly turned down appeals from two successive Viceroys, his own Secretary of State for India and even the President of the US!

    Subhas Chandra Bose, who was with the Japanese at the time building the Indian National Army in hopes of freeing India, offered to send rice from Burma, but his offer didn't even get past the censors.

    Millions of dead Indians mattered not to the blood-thirsty powers-that-be. What mattered was annihilating the Germans and any other souls who dared resist the hidden world power's plans for global slavery.

    [Above: Here is a German leaflet dropped on Russian soldiers on the battlefield. It's informing the Russians about what monsters their British allies were. It basically says 'This is the 'their' second front. Shooting unarmed and hungry Indians is, of course, less dangerous than fighting the Germans.']

    [Above: The horrific Bengal Famine of 1943. And they erected statues of this mass murdering coward Winston Churchill, and made him a national hero.]

    [Above: What if the 'good guys' actually didn't win World War Two? What if in fact we were all tricked and lied to about who was good and evil? We need only look around the world today to see that this is indeed the case. We are in invisible chains, all of us, white, black, red, yellow and brown.]

    Britain's Indian slave army fared no better. Unlike the Axis, who treated their Indian volunteers as equals, the British treated the Indians as their lesser in every way. They earned half of what white soldiers were paid and were discriminated againt in many other ways, like living conditions, food and worst of all on the battlefield. According to Kundan Singh, a veteran of the Indian National Army, the British kept Indian soldiers on the front lines while white British soldiers remained 'safe behind the wall of Indian soldiers.'

    [Above: The British had a dispicable way of killing those they didn't like. In this shocking photograph holy men (Hindu sadhus), are tied to the fronts of cannons, which were then fired.]

    But this was nothing new. Britain treated its Indian soldiers no different in WWI, even using child soldiers, some as young as ten years old!
    [Shrabani Basu, For King and Another Country: Indian Soldiers on the Western Front 1914-18, (c)2015]

    Furthermore, British nurses were not even allowed to help wounded Indian soldiers at field hospitals! They were only allowed to supervise orderlies. Imagine that, crossing an ocean to fight another man's war, getting wounded, and then not being good enough to even be treated by a professional.

    [Above: No shortage of food here. 'V' is for victory for world slavery!]

  • Winston Churchill left this charming comment to history:
    'I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion. The famine was their own fault for breeding like rabbits.'

    And further showing his monstrous soul:
    'I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favor of using gases against uncivilized tribes.
    The moral effect should be good... and it would spread a lively terror...'

    -Winston Churchill, Great Britain's then Colonial Secretary, referring to the Kurds in Iraq, in an official communication, 1921

    [Above: Azad Hind sleeve shield]

    'India has only one enemy: England; the other enemies which India is supposed to have only exist in the imagination of the Anglo-Americans.'
    -Representative of the Indian National Council of Bangkok, in a broadcast speech. Quoted from The Star (Guernsey), No. 58, April 30, 1942.

  • Initially called the 'Infantry Regiment 950' while a part of the German Wehrmacht and later called the 'Indische Freiwilligen Legion der Waffen-SS', it was also known as the Azad Hind or Free India Legion. The legion was formed mostly from Indian POWs captured in Greece and North Africa. These men developed into a highly trained and superbly equipped division, but unfortunately this force never saw fruition of its mission, nor did it see large scale combat. It did however see some fighting. Its 9th company was transferred to Italy where it saw some action against the Allied invaders. Additionally, while in France, soldiers of the Free India Legion saw action against 'Maquis' terrorists in which a few Indians were killed in action and several others were honored afterwards for heroism.

    [Above: Order of Azad Hind, First Class Star. This rare medal was made by Rudolf Souoval. It is made of silver tombak (a brass alloy with high copper content and 5–20% zinc content). It's a large, beautifully made medal, measuring 60x60mm.
    The Azad Hind decorations were instituted by Subhas Chandra Bose while he was in Germany for the Azad Hind Legion, to be awarded for bravery in battle. Both Indians and Germans were eligible for the decorations. Later, the same awards were instituted by the Azad Hind government for the Indian National Army during its campaign in South-East Asia. Click to see the case and reverse of the medal.]

  • There are reports that Russian soldiers at war's end found many dead soldiers in the area around the Reich Chancellery that were guessed to be 'Tibetan' or 'Turkestani', but there are other reports that say that they were men from the Free India Legion. We may never know the truth about who these men were, since there were so very many different races defending the capital of National Socialism, Berlin.

    In 1943 Chandra Bose, the leader of the Free India Division, would later raise an army in the Pacific known as the 'Azad Hind Fauj', or the Indian National Army (INA). Chandra Bose was a tireless warrior for India's independence and freedom from colonial slavery. He found fertile ground for his dreams and eager comrades in Germany. He met with Adolf Hitler several times and was respected greatly by the Germans. Adolf Hitler even gave him a pure gold cigarette case!

    Today there are statues to Bose all over India. He is viewed with great respect and admiration by many Indians today. Indians have expressed to me that he is like India's George Washington.

    [Above: Symbol of the Indian National Army - the text says 'Long Live Free India']

    [Above: Azad Hind means 'Free India', it was also a rallying cry for independence. India was under colonial occupation by the British.]

    'It does not matter who among us will live.'
    -Defiant and courageous saying of the Indian National Army.

  • 'We should have but one desire today, the desire to die so that India may live, the desire to face a martyr's death, so that the path to freedom may be paved with the martyr's blood.'
    -Subhas Chandra Bose

    [Above: Subhas Chandra Bose.]

  • Subhas Chandra Bose (January 23, 1897 – August 18, 1945) was an Indian nationalist and leader of the Azad Hind and Indian National Army. Today he is celebrated as one of India's greatest heroes.

    [Above: Subhas Chandra Bose meeting with Adolf Hitler, May 29, 1942.]

    [Above: Subhas Chandra Bose with Gandhi at the Indian National Congress, 1938.]

    At a mass gathering on July 4, 1943 in Singapore, Rash Behari Bose (no relation), handed over to him the leadership of the Indian Independence League. The following day Bose reviewed for the first time his beloved Indian National Army (INA), which then comprised about 13,000 men. It was the realization of a dream. He spoke to them fondly:
    'Soldiers of India's army of liberation!...

    'Every Indian must feel proud that this Army -- his own Army -- has been organized entirely under Indian leadership and that, when the historic moment arrives, under Indian leadership it will go to battle...

    'Comrades! You have voluntarily accepted a mission that is the noblest that the human mind can conceive of. For the fulfillment of such a mission, no sacrifice is too great, not even the sacrifice of one's life...

    '...Today is the proudest day of my life. For an enslaved people, there can be no greater pride, no higher honor, than to be the first soldier in the army of liberation. But this honor carries with it a corresponding responsibility, and I am deeply conscious of it. I assure you that I shall be with you in darkness and in sunshine, in sorrow and in joy, in suffering and in victory. For the present, I can offer you nothing except hunger, thirst, privation, forced marches and death. But if you follow me in life and in death, as I am confident you will, I shall lead you to victory and freedom. It does not matter who among us will live to see India free. It is enough that India shall be free, and that we shall give our all to make her free.

    'May God now bless our Army and grant us victory in the coming fight!'

    [Above: Chandra Bose (middle), The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammad Amin al-Husayni (left) and Iraqi Prime Minister Rashid Ali al-Gaylani in Berlin, 1943.]

    Chandra Bose wrote two books, the first detailing his life up until 1921, and the second from 1920-42.

    [Above: An Indian Pilgrim - an unfinished autobiography (birth - 1920) and The Indian Struggle - 1920-42.]

    [Above: Division Azad Hind (Free India) volunteer, Monte Casino, Italy.]

    [Above: These Azad Hind (Free India) postage stamps were made in Berlin in 1943 for the Indian Legion, but were never issued due to worsening conditions of the war. Note the first stamp, an Indian soldier bears a German machine gun (MG-42), and the last stamp depicting India breaking the chains of colonialism. Bose supervised the design of these stamps, even providing pictures of the nurse and the ceremonial swords.]

    [Above: This is the highest value Azad Hind stamp, and also the rarest.]

    [Above: Purported Azad Hind banknotes. Click on the picture for more examples and information.]

    'Dear friend [...] We have no doubt about your bravery or devotion to your Fatherland, nor do we believe that you are the monster decribed by your opponents.'
    (Mohandas Gandhi, writing to Adolf Hitler, December 24, 1940)

    [Above: Bose with German officers of Azad Hind.]

    [Above: Indian officers. Note the German award ribbon on the left soldier's jacket. This ribbon represents the Iron Cross medal, which was a coveted decoration, awarded for feats of bravery.]

    [Above & below: Indian volunteers (Free India or 'Azad Hind' Legion) of the 950th Infantry Regiment on the 'Atlantic Wall' (Bay of Biscay) being inspected by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, circa summer 1944.]

    [Below: Azad Hind propaganda poster.]

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  • Click here to see pictures of Azad Hind and Indian National Army propaganda leaflets

    Click here to download an .mp3 of the Indian National Army anthem

    Click here to download an .mp3 of the Indian National Army anthem (Calcutta Youth Choir)

    [Above: Membership badge from the 1930s from the British 'Imperial Fascist League' (IFL).]

    'THERE IS REALLY ONLY ONE WAR AIM! We are fighting the Jews' Chief Enemy for the Jews! Poland and Czechoslovakia are not British Interests but Jewish Interests.'
    1940 pamphlet by Arnold Leese, 'Leese for Peace'

    [Above: Arnold Spencer Leese, circa 1936.]

  • Arnold Spencer Leese (November 16, 1878 – January 18, 1956), after joining and becoming dissatisfied with the British Fascists in 1924 founded the Imperial Fascist League and ran a newspaper called 'The Fascist'. The I.F.L. operated between the years 1928 and 1939. Leese was a prominent veterinarian, author, publisher and politician. In 1924 he was historically elected 'Councillor' in his home town of Stamford, Lincolnshire. Running as a fascist, his comrade and he were the first constitutionally elected fascists in England. Like all political dissenters, he was jailed at the start of WWII for no other reason than his beliefs.]

    [Above: Imperial Fascist League belt buckle.]

    'If I am killing a rat with a stick and have him in a corner, I am not indignant if he tries to bite me and squeals and gibbers with rage.
    My job is, not to get angry, but to keep cool, to attend to my footwork and to keep on hitting him where it will do the most good.'

    -Arnold Spencer Leese, speaking at a reception, February 17, 1937, upon his return from prison where he was jailed for writing an article entitled 'Jewish Ritual Murder'.

    Leese was also a staunch defender of animals. He protested the inhumane killing of animals for religious reasons. He authored an article on this subject called:
    The Legalized Cruelty of Shechita:
    The Jewish Method of Cattle-Slaughter

    [Above: Female I.F.L. member said to be Mrs. Leese outside their offices in Charing Cross.]

    [Above: B.U.F. armband]

    [Above: 'The Fascist' --the newspaper of the B.U.F. Click to see other issues.]

    [Above: Leese was also a talented artist and did most of the illustrations of his publications himself.
    Note that the figure on the bottom left hand corner is Leese.
    This is from the front page of issue 68 of 'The Fascist', January 1935.]

    [Above: A meeting poster of the Imperial Fascist League.]

  • Click here to see more pictures of Arnold Spencer Leese

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  • Our Seditious Cartoon Book by Arnold S. Leese

  • 'The Jewish Rotting of China' by Arnold Leese

  • 'The Legalized Cruelty of Shechita:
    The Jewish Method of Cattle-Slaughter' by Arnold Leese

  • 'The Era of World Ruin!
    (The Era of Democracy)' by Arnold Leese

  • 'O U T O F S T E P :
    Events in the Two Lives of an Anti-Jewish Camel-Doctor' by Arnold Leese

    PDFs by Arnold Leese:

    - Freemasonry -

    - Gentile Folly: The Rothschilds -

    - My Irrelevant Defense: Jewish Ritual Murder -

    - Our Seditious Cartoon Book -

    - P. E. P. (Political and Economic Planning) or Sovietism by Stealth -

    - Psychology and Jews -

    - Race and Politics -

    - REX vs. Arnold Leese Trial -

    - The Fascist; The Organisation of Racial Fascism (Established 1929) -

    - The Jewish War Of Survival -

    [Above: Waffen-SS Walloon sleeve shield]

    [Above: Waffen-SS Walloon sleeve cuff-band]

    [Above: Walloon Rexist flag. Note the symbolism of the armored sword-bearing arm coming out of a cloud = a divine force or God.]

    [Above: Léon Degrelle]

  • Léon Joseph Marie Ignace Degrelle (June 15, 1906 - March 31, 1994) was the leader and founder of Belgium's Fascist Rexist political party. He joined the Waffen-SS Walloon Legion as a common soldier and after three years of heavy combat in the East he rose to command the 28th SS-Freiwilligen Grenadier Division Wallonien. He was a devoted, beloved and highly capable leader and retained his political beliefs until the day he died.]

    [Above: Armband of Rexist party. Click for another example.]

    [Above: Walloon volunteers. The Walloonian people are a French speaking minority of Belgium.]

    [Above: Walloon volunteers on the march.]

    [Above: A postage vignette honoring the Waffen-SS Walloonian Legion's fight against Bolshevism.]

    [Above: A Walloonian Waffen-SS recruiting poster. It says: 'Come with us!']

    [Above: Another Walloonian Waffen-SS recruiting poster. 'To defend Belgium...']

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  • Click here to see more pictures of Walloonian Waffen-SS commander Léon Degrelle and the Rexist Party.

  • Click here to see material that was issued for the Walloon Waffen-SS Legion and the Rexist party.

  • -Léon Degrelle's Letter to the Pope (May 20, 1979)-
    (.pdf format)

    'Nobody who dies and finds good from God would wish to come back to this world even if he were given the whole world and everything in it, except the martyr, who – seeing the superiority of martyrdom – would wish to come back to the world to be killed again.'
    -The Prophet Muhammad, Hadith 4:53

  • Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia, bordered by Kazakhstan to the northwest, Uzbekistan to the north and east, Afghanistan to the southeast, Iran to the south and southwest, and the Caspian Sea to the west.

    Turkmenistan was once an important crossroads of civilizations for centuries. Its city, Merv, was one of the great cities in the Islamic world during medieval times. It was also an important stop on the Silk Road, the trade route with China.

    Turkmenistan was forcibly annexed by the Russian Empire in 1881, which resulted in the country playing a prominent role in the anti-Bolshevik/communist movement in Central Asia. The communists eroded centuries of culture and virtually ended their all-important nomadic lifestyle.

    These things said, it is easy to see why the people of Turkmenistan found allies with National Socialist Germany and the Axis during WWII.

    [Above: ' Sigerbai Kusherbai is from Turkestan. The Turkomans, including Usbeks, Kirghiz, Kalmucks, Kasachs, Tadshaiks, Karakalpaks and hordes of other names, settled in the vast territory stretching from the Caspian Sea to Pamir and to the borders of China. The Turkomans number between 25 and 30 million people. A recent census taken by the Soviets numbers them at less than half this figure, but these statistics were dictated by political intentions. Today many of the Turkomans, who never willingly submitted to the Soviet system for national reasons, are fighting with the Germans.'
    -Signal magazine, English edition.]

    [Above: The 'Ostvolk Decorations for Bravery or Merit on the Eastern Front', otherwise known as The Eastern People's Medal, established on July 14,1942. This medal came in three grades, first and second class (gold, silver and bronze), with or without swords. It was awarded to volunteers who fought alongside the Germans from the former Soviet Union. Seen here are two examples, the top being a second class in gold (on ribbon) and a first class in silver (both without swords). Note the size difference between the two medals.]

    [Above: Turkmen volunteers.]

    [Above: Turkmen volunteers.]

    [Above: Turkmen volunteers in France captured by communists.]

    [Above: An interesting newspaper article depicting an Asiatic Nazi soldier.]

    [Above: An Asiatic Wehrmacht soldier with his comrades and an American Military Police officer.]

    [Above: 'Neu Turkistan' newspaper with a handbook overlaid called 'Muslim Turkistan'.]

  • Note: 'Turkistan' does not denote a single country but rather a region.
    As of 2015 this term includes present-day Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Xinjiang ('Chinese Turkestan').
    Turkistan literally means 'Land of the Turks'.

    [Above: Another newspaper for volunteers from Turkistan. ]

  • Click here to see more pictures of volunteers from Turkistan.

    'It is not a question of one nation in Africa having lost its freedom – on the contrary practically all the previous inhabitants of this continent have been made subject to the sovereignty of other nations by bloody force, thereby losing their freedom.'
    – Adolf Hitler

    [Above: German military postage stamp from Tunisia, North Africa, circa March/April 1943]

    [Above: Graphic from a French bank note of the period.]

    [Above: An African volunteer arm-in-arm with his German comrade.]

    [Above: African volunteer with the Africa Korps, Tunisia.]

    [Above: African volunteers with German soldiers.]

    [Above: 1000 Francs bank note from German liberated Tunisia, circa 1942. The Germans used old French stocks which they overprinted. Front.]

    [Above: 1000 Francs bank note from German liberated Tunisia, circa 1942. The Germans used old French stocks which they overprinted. Back.]

    [Above: Must have an interesting necklace...]

    [Above: Germans posing with a French prisoner of war, France, 1940.
    Well we've all heard about how the Germans killed black soldiers under French employ.
    I guess this time they must have forgotten! Silly Germans...]

    [Above: Conscripted French P.O.W.]

    [Above: Conscripted French Senegalese troops taken prisoner by the Germans.]

    [Above: More conscripted French Senegalese troops taken prisoner by the Germans.]

    [Above: The communists forced many races that they had crushed to fight for them. Here is a Mongoloid man (and his comrades) after his surrender to the Waffen-SS.]

    [Above: Possibly a French P.O.W., this photo says quite a lot about German and black P.O.W. attitudes and relations.]

    [Above: Drinking a beer with your friends. Taking a time out from World War Two. This picture must have been right before they killed him for being black, right?
    That's what our lying teachers would like us to believe. That's what the rotting system absolutely needs us to believe. Divide and conquer.]

    [Above: Graphic from a French bank note of the period.]

  • Click here to see more pictures of Africans taken prisoner by the Germans.

    It's important to note that many of these men would later volunteer to fight with Germany against communism on the eastern front. Amongst the French Waffen-SS volunteers there were many non-white soldiers:

    'A further 1,400 volunteers came out from France in December [1941] with the object of forming a 3rd Battalion at Debica. Some 200 of the new draft were colored (mostly Algerian Arabs).'
    --Foreign Legions of the Third Reich - Vol. 1: Norway, Denmark, France. By David Littlejohn, pg. 149, July 1987

    'Work, Family, Fatherland.'
    -Slogan of Vichy France. (The previous slogan was 'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.')

    'Arise, children of our Nation,
    The day of glory has arrived!
    Against us tyranny's
    Bloody banner is raised,
    Do you hear, in the countryside,
    The roar of those ferocious soldiers?
    They're coming right into your arms
    To cut the throats of your sons, your women!
    To arms, citizens,
    Form your battalions,
    Let's march, let's march!
    Let an impure blood
    Soak our fields!'
    -La Marseillaise, the French national anthem since 1795, by Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lise

    [Above: Waffen-SS French sleeve shield]

  • Three French Waffen-SS volunteers were awarded Germany's highest decoration, The Knight's Cross. They are:

    Legion-Unterscharfuehrer Francois Apollat (April 29, 1945)
    SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer Henri-Josef Fenet (April 29, 1944)
    Legion-Unterscharfuehrer Eugene Vaulot (April 29, 1945)

  • French Waffen-SS volunteers ranged from 18,000 to 22,000 men. They were loyal and ferocious soldiers who stood with their German comrades until the very last moments of WWII. It has been recorded that the French Waffen-SS forces also included a number of personnel from the French colonies, including French Indo-China (what the French colonialists called Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia), and even a lone Japanese soldier! Four black men (one was from Martinique) are also recorded to have volunteered, and were accepted. They fought on the Eastern Front and at least one of them is known to have fallen in action.

    The last battalion of the 33rd Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Charlemagne, known as the known as Charlemagne Battalion, under the command of SS-Hauptsturmführer Henri Fenet, fought in the Battle of Berlin in the Nordland division.

    These shining French heroes, only 320-330 men left of their proud force which once stood in the thousands, fought with a tenacity and bravery seldom seen in history. In the central sector of fighting they destroyed at least sixty Russian tanks alone!

    They viciously defended the approach to Adolf Hitler's bunker in the final days of the war. In fact, they were amongst the very last defenders of the bunker! Surrounded, hungry, wounded and knowing all was lost, their heroic spirits proved their undying loyalty to Adolf Hitler and Europe. Until May 2, after Adolf Hitler had already martyred himself for earth, they resisted the Russian advance.

    The last of these beautiful men, including their leader Henri Fenet, were captured at this date. They were the last and only unit still defending the bunker. They purposely robbed the communist invaders of their plans for a victory celebration of May 1st, a day important to them.

    Speaking of the brave French assault brigade of the Waffen-SS, Charlemagne, we have this shocking information:

    'Of the volunteers themselves, some of the "Frenchmen" were from Indo-China (now Vietnam) and Laos, and there were even, incredible to say, some Jews (who had volunteered for the German para-military forces in occupied France [...]). There was also one Japanese and a black ex-milicien from Martinique...'
    --Foreign Legions of the Third Reich - Vol. 1: Norway, Denmark, France. By David Littlejohn, pg. 149, July 1987

    [Above: Beautiful French lottery ticket from 1942. Click to see more.]

    [Above: A postcard with the image of Marshal Pétain.]

    [Above: Pierre Laval]

  • Pierre Laval (June 28, 1883 – October 15, 1945) was a French politician. From January 27, 1931 to February 20, 1932 he served as Prime Minister of France and also headed another government from June 7, 1935 to January 24, 1936.
    His most important and historic role however was his prominent role as vice-president of Vichy's Council of Ministers from July 11, 1940 to December 13, 1940. Furthermore, he served as the head of government from April 18, 1942 to August 20, 1944.
    After the Allied occupation of France in 1944, Laval was arrested for 'treason'. In a mock show-trial, Pierre Laval was found guilty of loving his country and murdered by firing squad.

    [Above: Pierre Laval and Adolf Hitler]

    [Above: The death of a patriot, The Daily Telegram, October 15, 1945. And like clockwork -- 'Tokyo Jitterbugs' -- let the degeneracy begin!]

  • Click here to see more pictures of Pierre Laval.

    [Above: Two men from 'The Legion of French Volunteers Against Bolshevism'. This force of volunteers saw action on the Eastern Front, where many of them fell in defense of Europe. The remainder of this courageous force was almost completely annihilated defending Berlin.]

    [Above: Hauptsturmführer Henri Joseph Fenet]

    'We didn't think of death at all. Not at all. Only of fighting, keeping on fighting. We lived and fought only to fight. Loyal to the end. Loyal to the end.'
    -French Waffen-SS volunteer Henri Joseph Fenet

  • Henri Joseph Fenet (July 11, 1919 – September 14, 2002) , one of the last recipients of the coveted Knight's Cross (April 29, 1945), he also was awarded the Croix de Guerre by France. This hero was sentenced to 20 years of hard labor for his service to humanity. He was finally released in 1959.

    [Above: Unterscharführer Eugène Vaulot]

  • Eugéne Vaulot (June 1, 1923 – May 2, 1945) was a Frenchman Unterscharführer in the Waffen-SS Sturmbatallion Charlemagne. He was also one of the final recipients of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. His heroic life was taken three days later in the early hours of May 2nd by a communist sniper. Eugène Vaulot we remember you on this night and forever after.

    [Above: Jacques Doriot]

  • Jacques Doriot (September 26, 1898 - February 22, 1945) was a French politician prior to and during World War II. Doriot founded the ultra-nationalist 'Parti Populaire Français' (PPF) in 1936. His party was a strong supporter of France being structured like National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy. When France declared war on Germany in 1939 Doriot was a dedicated and vocal supporter of Germany and supported the occupation of Northern France by Germany. He gave all his energies to various anti-communist projects, including Radio Paris.

    In 1941 Jacques Doriot would take a step that would forever cement his name in the pages of history--he co-founded the Légion des Volontaires Français (LVF) with Marcel Déat. The LVF was created so that French men could fight communism on the Eastern Front. Doriot practiced what he preached, he joined the LVF and saw combat on the Eastern Front in 1941. Doriot fought with the LVF until it was nearly destroyed and then joined the Wehrmacht where he was awarded the Iron Cross in 1943.

    Jacques Doriot was killed on February 22, 1945 while driving from Mainau to Sigmaringen (a town in southern Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg). His car was strafed by Allied fighters. He was buried in Mengen (in Württemberg).

  • Click here to see more pictures of Jacques Doriot.

    [Below: Posters]

    [Below: Vichy France patches -- 'Un Drapeau Un Empire' = 'A Flag An Empire']

    [Below: Postcard and stamp honoring the French Legion Tricolore, which were French volunteers to fight Bolshevism on the Eastern Front.]

    [Below: Two Milice members at attention.]

  • The Milice Française (French Militia), better known as the Milice, was a paramilitary force created by the Vichy regime on January 30, 1943. It was primarily created to help fight the communists and their allies in the French Resistance. The Milice was headed by Prime Minister Pierre Laval.

    The soldiers of Milice (known as miliciens), wore a blue uniform jacket, brown shirt and a wide blue beret shaped like a boat. It employed both full-time and part-time personnel, and also had a youth wing. Many of Milice's men were working-class civilians who believed in the aims of the organization. They understood the threat of communism and its soulless sister capitalism. At its height in 1944 the Milice membership reached 25,000–30,000 members.

    When the Allies invaded France many of the Milice fled to Germany to avoid the bloodthirsty communist rampages that the Allied invasion enabled. Many of them would later join the valiant Waffen-SS Charlemagne division, where fate would have them be amongst the final defenders of the ruins of Berlin.

    [Below: Milice members at attention.]

  • Click here to see more pictures of Milice Française.

    [Below: 'Our Mother Europe' circa 1942. A strange and funny postcard from France. Check out the British chick going into the Jewish/American trap-box! Two other chicks, Sweden and Switzerland, being neutral countries, are sort of wandering around not sure what to do.]

    [Below: Philippe Henriot. Circa 1934.]

  • Philippe Henriot (January 7, 1889 - June 28, 1944) was a man of many talents. He was a poet, a politician, a journalist and alas he was a Minister in the French government at Vichy. He was a beloved director and orator of political broadcasts. He was also a part-time member of Milice, which he joined in 1943. He believed 'with a deep-seated conviction that Christian civilization was engaged in a life and death struggle against Bolshevism.'

    Philippe Henriot was a devoted Roman Catholic. In 1936 the head of the FNC, General de Castelnau, described Henriot as 'an ardent defender of religion, the family and society.' It was such beliefs that led Henriot in 1941 to support the Axis invasion of the communist Soviet Union. He stated correctly: 'Bolshevism is the enemy of Christianity.'

    In 1943 Henriot was appointed Secretary of State for Information. As the government's spokesman he created many broadcasts and programs for Radio Paris. He also broadcast twice a day on Radio Vichy. He was beloved by many for his passionate speeches. Eloquent and dedicated, when Philippe Henriot's voice crackled through the radio waves all of France listened, even his enemies. Indeed he was so beloved and influential that 'Families shift their meal times so as not to miss him. There is no-one left in the street at the time he speaks.' His enemies called him the 'French Goebbels'.

    On January 6, 1944 his talents led him to be made the French Minister of Information and Propaganda. Only five months later, on June 28, 1944, a group of cowardly assassins murdered him in cold blood outside his home at the Ministry building.

    Philippe Henriot was given a State Funeral in Paris, presided over by Cardinal Suhard in Notre Dame Cathedral. Many thousands of mourners paid their last respects to this beloved national hero.

  • Click here to see more pictures of Philippe Henriot.

  • After France was occupied by the invading Allied armies, many thousands whom had helped free their country and/or had worked for the Vichy government were murdered by communists and other human monsters. An astounding 300,000 people were arrested which resulted in 'guilty' verdicts of 124,613 people, of which around 50,000 of those received jail sentences. 6,763 were condemned to death in civil courts (767 were actually passed sentence on), and an equal number were condemned in military tribunals. Over 50,000 others were stripped of their civil rights. Another 25,000 professionals, administration and otherwise, were also penalized. Democratic justice in all of its hypocritical, iron-fisted glory. An untold thousands of women were raped, humiliated and beaten. Their crime: they were accused of being having romantic relationships with Germans. One book estimates the number of women targeted to be over twenty thousand! (Virgili, p. 52)

    [Below: A young women is being forced to look into the camera as a smiling ghoul is cutting off her hair.]

    [Below: A young women is forced to kneel with swastikas and other childish scribbling smeared on her face.]

    [Below: A woman has had her clothes torn off in public by criminal perverts. What kind of animals would do these things?!]

  • Click here to see other pictures of post-WW2 assaults on women.

    It's important to understand that many French people did NOT welcome the Allied invasion. Many French saw the Germans as liberators and protectors against the threat of communism. The thousands and thousands of French who volunteered to fight beside the Germans on the Eastern Front is a testament to this. There was a also a great deal of hatred and animosity between the British and the French people. When the Allied invasion finally happened the French learned firsthand of the extreme brutality and violence of the Allies, who ruthlessly leveled cities and towns throughout France and killed thousands of French civilians. Here are some quotes from the so-called liberators themselves:

    'The French population did not seem in any way pleased to see us arrive as a victorious army to liberate France. They had been quite content as they were and we were bringing war and desolation to their country.'
    -Sir Alan Brooke, British Army Chief of Staff

    'I saw absolutely no evidence of German abuse of the population... The attitude of the French was sobering indeed. Instead of bursting with enthusiasm they seemed not only indifferent but sullen. There was considerable cause for wondering whether these people wished to be "liberated." '
    -John Eisenhower, General Dwight Eisenhower's son

    'I am informed the Germans did not loot either residences, stores, or museums. In fact the people claimed that they were meticulously treated by the Army of Occupation.'
    -General LeRoy Lutes, US Army

    'I see SHAEF communiqué said yesterday that the town had been liberated. Actually, it has been completely flattened and there is hardly a house intact; all the civilians have fled. It is a queer sort of liberation.'
    -Field Marshall Montgomery, referring to the French town of Carentan

    'Most Frenchmen speak of the correctness of the German Army's behavior. They seem particularly impressed that German soldiers were shot for incivility to women and compare this with the American troops' bad behavior toward women.'
    -Captain B. H. Liddell Hart

    [Below: A German soldier's photo album from the occupation of France, 1940-41. Click here to see over 200 previously unpublished photos!]

  • Click here to see additional French Waffen-SS volunteer pictures.

  • Click here to see French Waffen-SS related posters, political posters and newspapers.

  • Click here to see postage material including that issued to benefit the French Waffen-SS Legion.

  • Click here to see French currency, bonds and coupons of the era

    [Above: German military postage stamp from Tunisia, North Africa, circa March/April 1943]

  • An Arabic edition of Mein Kampf was published in 1939. A picture of Adolf Hitler graced its cover under the heading of 'The Strongest Man in the World'.

    'In NS Germany, groups such as Muslims and Buddhists were accorded full respect, and allowed to practice their religion freely. In the pre-war years, NS Germany helped organize a pan-Islamic world congress in Berlin... The Berlin Mosque held regular prayers even during the war years, attended by Arabs, Indians, Turks, Afghans... While the British in Egypt and Palestine were treating the Arabs as conquered subjects, the Germans were treating them as equals, as comrades.'
    –David Myatt

    [Above: North African Luftwaffe volunteers standing with German airman.]

    [Above: A German soldier poses with North African children.]

    [Above: A German soldier barters with a North African child.]

    [Above: German soldiers talk with a Muslim man and woman in a burka.]

    [Above: Another photo showing German soldiers talking with a Muslim woman in a burka. Note the mosque in the background.]

    'Had we been on our own, we could have emancipated the Muslim countries dominated by France; and that would have had enormous repercussions in the Near East, dominated by Britain, and in Egypt. ...All Islam vibrated at the news of our victories. The Egyptians, the Iraqis and the whole of the Near East were all ready to rise in revolt. Just think what we could have done to help them, even to incite them, as would have been both our duty and in our own interest! But the presence of the Italians at our side paralyzed us. ...The memories of the barbarous reprisals taken against the Senussi are still vivid. ...The Italians prevented us from playing our best card, the emancipation of the French subjects and the raising of the standard of revolt in the countries oppressed by the British. Such a policy would have aroused the enthusiasm of the whole of Islam. It is a characteristic of the Muslim world, from the shores of the Atlantic to those of the Pacific, that what affects one, for good or for evil, affects all.'
    –Adolf Hitler

    Muslims were not the enemy of Adolf Hitler. Quite the opposite is true, they were his allies and admirers. Outside of the Germans themselves, the Arab Muslim people were amongst the first to recognize Adolf Hitler's divinity and holy mission.

    Do not be tricked to see Muslims as your enemies. They are not. Do not be tricked into thinking all Muslims are a barbaric people, they are not. Like all peoples there are good and there are bad. It is important to note that in their own country no race is our enemy. Every race is in harmony with nature in their indigenous lands. National Socialism will see to it that all races shall return to their own historic lands. Here's an interesting example from Saint Savitri Devi:

    'Few people even among the so-called greatest ones, have ever had enough pluck to stand all their lives, day after day, against the suggestions of economic pressure — to become poorer still, while poor already, generously, for the sake of a higher urge; to be openhearted and openhanded, noble in their treatment of creatures, while themselves hungry and despised. We knew such a person in India, a humble woman, living in wretched surroundings and crippled, who begged for her food, and yet who could not witness an animal's distress without doing something to relieve it. She still picks up and feeds the poor unwanted kittens that other human beings have thrown into the street; she once adopted a puppy she had found, half dead, under a heap of rubbish; and at the time we knew her she managed to feed some twenty or twenty-five starving cats and several stray dogs of the locality. ...The woman happens to be a Muslim. Her name is Zobeida Khatun'
    -Savitri Devi

  • On December 21, 1941, a mutual offensive and defensive alliance pact was signed between Thailand and Japan. The Thai government declared war on Britain and the United States on January 25, 1942.

    The leader of Thailand, Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram, went to great lengths to modernize Thailand, issuing 12 mandates.

    'we must be as cultured as other nations otherwise no country will come to contact us. Or if they come, they come as superiors. Thailand would be helpless and soon become colonized. But if we were highly cultured, we would be able to uphold our integrity, independence, and keep everything to ourselves.'

    Here is a quote from the cultural mandates or state decrees, issued from 1939-1942:

    'Another six cultural mandates followed between March 1940 and January 1942. Two stressed the importance of working hard and the need to assist aged-people or invalids, while one banned all men from appearing in public bare-chested or with loose shirt-tails. They must wear either uniforms or western-style suits. Women were also encouraged to adopt a more westernised appearance by wearing not only skirts and hats but also gloves with matching handbags and shoes. On September 8, 1940, a cultural mandate emphasizing the need to use time efficiently was issued. Thais were instructed to organize their lives by dividing the day into three: between six and eight hours had to be allocated for sleep, the daylight hours to work, and the rest of the time to physical exercise, gardening, cultural pursuits and listening to the radio. It was also decreed that no more than four meals should be eaten per day, and the chewing of betel nut – which blackened teeth - was banned altogether, with provincial governors being instructed to destroy all betel trees unless some industrial use could be found for them.'

    Unlike practically all of its neighbors, Thailand was never colonized. Yet they were surrounded by British and French colonies: Burma and Malaysia by the British and Laos and Cambodia by the French. There are various reasons and theories about why Thailand was never colonized. We won't go into that here, but a lot of Thai people will certainly attribute this near miracle to their slickness and guile!

    [Above: King Prajadhipok (November 8, 1893 – May 30, 1941) was the seventh monarch of Siam. He was also the last absolute monarch and the first constitutional monarch of the country.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler and King Prajadhipok at the Berlin Tempelhof Airport, Germany, 1934.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler and King Prajadhipok at the Berlin Tempelhof Airport, Germany, 1934.]

    [Above: King Prajadhipok and Queen Rambhai Barni with German Foreign Minister Konstantin von Neurath, Berlin, 1934. The original description is:
    'Arrival of the King of Siam (Thailand). From left to right:
    Dr. Hans Heinrich Lammers, Queen of Siam, Dr. Otto Meißner, King Prajadhipok (Rama VII.), Constantine Baron von Neurath; July 1934'

    'This afternoon at [...] the Siamese royal couple arrived at the Lehrter train station with the scheduled express train coming from Hamburg']

    [Above: Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram (July 14, 1897 – June 11, 1964), was the dictator (1938-1944) of Thailand during WWII and later Prime Minister (1948-1957.]

    It's sad to think about Thailand today compared to then. Imagine the degeneracy of Bangkok today, and now imagine what Plaek Phibunsongkhram would think about it. One big party, drink and drugs everywhere, prostitutes wandering the streets, transvestites, tourist child rapists, all of it. The sickness of this modern world. The mandates were sometimes harsh, but if they had been used as guidelines this degeneracy never would have happened.

    The degeneracy reaches the highest levels of Thailand, from official corruption to police collusion, which is all rampant in Thailand.

    Not that anything is different anywhere else in the world. All of us are being ruled by corrupt millionaires and downright monsters.

    [Above: 'Sex tourists' are very common in Thailand, there are even pedophiles who go to Thailand to assault children.]

    [Above: Half naked girls like these seen here are very common. It's interesting looking at Mandate 10:

    On Thai dress, issued January 15, 1941, consisted of two items:

    'Thai people should not appear at public gatherings, in public places, or in city limits without being appropriately dressed.
    Inappropriate dress includes wearing only underpants, wearing no shirt, or wearing a wraparound cloth.'

    'Appropriate dress for Thai people consists of:

    'Uniforms, as position and opportunity permits;
    'Polite international-style attire;
    'Polite traditional attire.'

    The Mandates, however harsh sometimes, would have protected Thailand's greatest treasure: it's women and children. But in this age of darkness and degeneracy, everything's for sale.]

    [Above: Here is a poster showing Thai dress before and after the Mandate 10]

    [Above: Thai volunteer in the service of the Wehrmacht in southern France, circa 1944.]

    [Above: Thai air force.]

    [Above: Thai bugle call.]

    [Above: Thai poster, early 1941.]

    [Above: Thai paramilitary women's organization.]

    [Above: Thai and Japanese soldiers united for an Asia free from colonial occupation.]

    [Above: Thai leaflet:
    'Thai brethren!
    You must have unity. Believe in your government and your army.
    Ensure that we must win!... You should know that news from the enemy is always an assault against us.'

    Click to see more!]

    [Above: Standard of junior soldiers.]

    [Above: Rare Thai envelope, Kelantan, 1944, to Syonan, Japanese boxed black censor mark.]

    [Above: Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram speaking to Chulalongkorn University students, 1940.]

  • Click here to see more photos of Thai soldiers

    [Above: Symbol of the Spanish Falange political party. The word Falange = Phalanx, as in the tight military formation popularized by the Roman legions.]

  • Adolf Hitler approved the use of Spanish volunteers on June 24, 1941. Massive amounts of volunteers flocked to recruiting offices all over Spain. There was such a turn-out that over two divisions worth of men showed up to volunteer. It had been planned by the Spanish government to send only 4,000 men, but they soon realized that there were more than enough volunteers to fill an entire division! There were 18,104 men in all, with 2,612 officers and 15,492 soldiers.

    The Spanish were extremely eager to fight Communism, which had nearly destroyed their country during the Spanish Civil War a few years earlier (not to mention pay back their German comrades who had fought alongside them in their civil war). After a grueling nearly 700 mile march to the Russian Front, the brave and tenacious Spaniards proved their worth under fire.

    [Above: Waffen-SS Spanish sleeve shield]

    [Spanish volunteers of the 'Division Azul' or 'Blue Division.']

  • Even after the fortunes of war turned against Germany and its Axis partners and the leader of Spain ordered the division home, thousands (close to 3,000)
    refused, choosing instead to fight on with their German comrades, who previously in 1936 had helped Spain win its civil war against the communists.
    On the Eastern Front, if Russian commanders found out they would be facing the Spanish division, they were known to lie to their men and tell them they would be facing 'regular' army soldiers. Such was their reputation for courage and fighting ability. These utterly loyal and ferocious Spaniards would later fight to the death defending Berlin. They were amongst the very last defenders of the ruins of the capital of the Reich, attached to Division Nordland, in the 'Unit Ezquerra' (named after their captain, Miguel Ezquerra, a veteran of the Blue Division).

    [Above: Miguel Ezquerra Sanchez.]

  • Miguel Ezquerra Sanchez (January 10, 1913 - October 29, 1984) was a Spanish Falangist and a veteran of the Spanish Civil War. Loyal to his German comrades who helped Spain against the communists during its civil war, upon the outbreak of WW2 he immediately attempted to volunteer to help Germany. Although initially declined, when finally Spain decided to send volunteers to fight communism on the Eastern Front he eagerly signed up.

    When Spain repatriated the division on April 2, 1944, under Allied pressure, Miguel Ezquerra secretly crossed the border and returned to Germany to fight on. Many other Spanish veterans returned as well and they joined the Waffen-SS.

    In December of 1944 Miguel Ezquerra took part in the Ardennes Offensive (Battle of the Bulge) and led a small group of his countrymen to great effect.

    In the closing days of WWII Miguel Ezquerra was in Berlin, amongst the hundreds of other Spanish volunteers defending Adolf Hitler's bunker. Once again he commanded a unit of the last of his brave countrymen. These exceptional human beings were known as Unit Ezquerra. This group of Spaniards destroyed many T-34 Soviet tanks trying again and again to take the German Foreign Ministry building and chancellery.

    After the war was over Miguel Ezquerra was arrested and ordered to be deported to a concentration camp in Russia, luckily he was able to escape, however. After a long odyssey which took him through numerous countries eventually he returned to Spain.

    In an interview many years later, in 1982, he revealed that during those hellish final moments in Berlin, when the forces of darkness were poised to destroy everything beautiful, he was personally awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross by Adolf Hitler himself. Furthermore, he was even granted honorary German citizenship personally by Adolf Hitler. (Source: Cfr. Interview Magazine, Vol. 339, Madrid, November 1982)

    Later in life he wrote a book entitled 'Life and Death in Berlin'. He died in Madrid in 1984, at 71 years old and was cremated. In 1995 his remains were placed beside his comrades of the valiant Blue Division in the Pantheon of the Blue Division of the Almudena Cemetery in Madrid, located on the 3rd plateau, Zone A of the cemetery.

  • Click here to see more photos related to Miguel Ezquerra Sanchez

    [Above: Spanish Division Azul graphic]

    [Above: Division Azul poster]

    [Above: Spanish Division Azul in Madrid]

    'In a poetic sweep we will raise this fervent devotion to Spain; we will make sacrifices, we will renounce the easy life and we will triumph...
    Our place is out in the clear air, beneath a moonlit sky, cradling a rifle, and the stars overhead. Let the others party on.
    We outside in tense vigil; earnest and self-confident we divine the sunrise in the joy of our hearts.'

    --José Antonio Primo de Rivera

    [Above: José Antonio Primo de Rivera y Sáenz de Heredia (April 24, 1903 - November 20, 1936). The founder of the revolutionary Spanish Falange political party.]

    [Above: Painting honoring José Antonio.]

    [Above: Falangist charity stamps honoring José Antonio, 1936-1938.]

    [Above: Pilar Primo de Rivera (November 4, 1907 – March 17, 1991), José Antonio's sister and founder of the women's Falange section. Pilar was also a Frauenführerin in the Axis NS-Frauenorganisation.]

    [Above: Pilar Primo de Rivera.]

    [Above: Pilar Primo de Rivera shakes hands with Reichsjugendführer Artur Axmann. To the right stands BDM leader Jutta Rüdiger.]

    [Above: Leocadio Jiménez Caravaca was famous for his daring exploits on the Eastern Front during WWII. After the war he continued to fight communism in his homeland of Spain. In 1977, two years after the collapse of Franco's regime, he was arrested for supplying weapons for what was known as the Atocha Massacre of 1977. On the night of January 24, 1977 five communist lawyers were killed by Spanish patriots. Caravaca was sentenced to four years in prison in 1980 and died in 1985 of laryngeal cancer.
    A dashing warrior until the end, he is believed to have said: 'The best part of my life was spent blowing up communists, I never once thought of retiring.']

    [Above: Here are girls from Spain's Fascist 'Falange' party. On their chests is the symbol of the Falange party. This is taken from a magazine cover.]

    [Above: 'En España empieza a amanecer...' = 'The Dawn begins in Spain...']

    [Above: Falange girl holds her banner to the heavens.]

    [Above: Agustín Muñoz Grandes.]

  • Agustín Muñoz Grandes (January 27, 1896 – July 11, 1970) was a Spanish general, politician, vice-president of Spain and minister with Francisco Franco multiple times. But what makes him special to us is that he was the commander of the Blue Division (between 1941 and 1943).

    In 1941, Muñoz Grandes was given the command of the División Azul (Blue Division), Spain's volunteer unit created to fight communism with the Germans in Russia.

    During his command Muñoz Grandes was decorated with the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, with Oak Leaves personally added by Hitler. He was recalled to Spain in December 1942, his post on the Eastern Front being taken up by Emilio Esteban Infantes.

    [Above: Lt.Gen. Muñoz Grandes receives the Oak Leaves to his Knight´s Cross directly from Adolf Hitler in 1942.]

  • Click here to see more pictures of Agustín Muñoz Grandes

    [Above: Striking German 'Dance of Death in Spain' postcard from 1937. This postcard shows the 'Bolshevism with the Mask Off' exposition.]

    [Above: Campaign Medal for the Spanish Volunteers of the Blue Division who fought in Russia.
    It was officially known as the 'Commemorative Medal for Spanish Volunteers in the Struggle Against Bolshevism'.
    This medal was commissioned January 3, 1944. Note that the shield design above bears the symbol of the Spanish Falange party.]

    [Above: Metal donation badge in support of Spanish volunteers on the Eastern Front. '¡Rusia es culpable!' = Russia is to blame, i.e. communism.]

  • Click here to see pictures of Spain's Falange party, the Blue Division and the German Condor Legion

  • Click here to see Falange party stamps and postcards from Spain honoring their German and Italian allies

  • Click here to see pictures of Spanish currency of the era

  • Click here to see pictures of Spanish Falanage art and posters

  • Click here to see pictures of Spanish Falanage founder José Antonio Primo de Rivera

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  • Click here to see communist desecration of churches and corpses during the civil war

  • Click here to hear an .mp3 of a Spanish version of Horst Wessel Lied (Camisa Azul)

  • Click here to read the lyrics in English

    'Let us be under no illusion. The Jewish spirit, which was responsible for the alliance of large-scale capital
    with Marxism and was the driving force behind so many anti-Spanish revolutionary agreements, will not be got rid of in a day.'
    -Francisco Franco, leader of Spain, during his victory speech in Madrid, on May 19, 1939

    [Above: Free Arabian Legion sleeve shield]

  • The Free Arabian Legion was a German military unit formed from Arab volunteers from the Middle East and North Africa. They would later fight in Greece and the Caucasus. The Free Arabian Legion was formed with the assistance of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, whom said:

    'The Arabs are Germany's natural friends... They are therefore prepared to cooperate with Germany with all their hearts and stood ready to participate in a war, not only negatively by the commission of acts of sabotage and the instigation of revolutions, but also positively by the formation of an Arab Legion. In this struggle, the Arabs were striving for the independence and the unity of Palestine, Syria and Iraq.'

    [Above & below: Muslim volunteers in the 'Free Arab Legion.']

    [Below: A column of Arab volunteers with German personnel. Note the white armband, which is pictured below.]

    [Below: Arab commandos armed with the new MP44 assault rifle. It is a little known fact that Adolf Hitler coined the term 'Assault Rifle' and that the MP44 was a major influence on the AK-47.]

    [Below: 'In Service of the German Armed Forces'.]

  • Click here to see more pictures

    [Above: This is a very cool photo for a variety of reasons. It shows a Mongolian volunteer of the Wehrmacht.
    This is a German Press Corps photo with a description of 'while serving in a German tank hunter battalion in France during the D-Day invasion.' Check out the Panzerfaust in his hand.]

    [Above: Eastern Front. A very interesting picture showing a wide variety of gear.]

    [Above: German P.O.W.s of Mongolian/Georgian descent taken prisoner by the Americans in Normandy, circa July 1944. U.S. Army Photo]

    'I am still the sword
    Of my Emperor
    I will not be sheathed
    Until I die'
    -Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

    [Above: Two young naval men of Germany and Japan sit down for a game of checkers.]

  • One of Germany's strongest and most able allies, Japan fought on until the bloody end. On September 27, 1940 the Tripartite Pact, or Three-Power Pact, was signed.
    The fates of three remarkable peoples, Germany, Japan and Italy, were one, come what may.

    Germany sent Japan some of its most sensitive and secret technology, right up until the end of the war.
    U-boat U-234 was sent to Japan loaded with priceless technology on March 26, 1945. This extremely valuable information and technology included: fighter jet blueprints including various engine designs, infrared proximity fuses and even atomic research--sending Japan a supply of heavy water, mercury and uranium, on the very last U-boat mission of the war. U-234 also included eleven military scientists.

    Adolf Hitler bestowed the title 'honorary Aryan' upon the Japanese following the Anti-Comintern Pact on Communism in 1936. They were granted this status, which granted them numerous privileges in Germany, not simply for economic, military, or political reasons, but more so because of their racial integrity. This distinction was viewed by the Japanese people with pride and as a great compliment.

    [Above: This is a pin for German-Japanese Day, 1939.]

    Karl Haushofer, a German general, geographer, and geopolitician, saw Japan as the brother nation to Germany. He traveled the Orient extensively and fell in love with Japan during a 1908 military mission to Tokyo to study the Japanese Army and to be an advisor. During his time in the Orient he learned Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin, adding these languages to his repertoire of German, Russian, French, and English. He called the Japanese people 'The Aryans of the East'.

    When all was lost in Europe for the Axis cause Japan invited Hitler and Mussolini to seek refuge in Japan. They declined, both of them would choose death fighting for the countries they loved. Banzai!

    [Above: German magazine 'Der Adler' (The Eagle) honoring the Japanese. Circa August 1939.]

    [Above: The Tripartite Pact is signed. Adolf Hitler shakes hands with Japan's representative Saburo Kurusu.]

    [Above: Celebration and libation. German and Japanese officers share a taste of sake.]

    [Above: Japanese women honoring the Axis, September 5, 1938.]

    [Above: Japanese women honoring the Axis, September 5, 1938.]

    [Above: Japanese girls in traditional costumes. They are holding popular Japanese dolls in glass cases.]

    [Above: 'Good friends in three countries' - Japanese poster from 1938 celebrating the cooperation between Japan, Germany, and Italy.]

    [Above: Birds flying in the formation of the swastika. Some very neat Japanese imagery.]

    [Above: This charming postcard shows the various races within the Japanese empire being protected by the faceless soldier.]

    [Above: German and Japanese comrades at a submarine base in the Pacific.]

    [Above: Germany and Japan fostered the exchange of their youth in one another's country. There the youth would learn about various cultural and societal customs.]

    [Above: Here is a German-Japanese youth exchange badge.]

    [Above: Japanese magazine: 'Willkommen Hitler-Jugend' = Welcome Hitler Youth.]

    [Above: In this Italian postcard a striking image of a samurai rises from the Pacific Ocean and destroys American and British warships.]

    [Above: Another Italian postcard honoring the Axis. It says: 'tre vertici... una vittoria!']

    [Above: A masterful propaganda photograph showing a wide variety of weaponry, from basic 'Arisaka' rifles with bayonets, 'type 11' machine gun, samurai and a 'knee mortar'.]

    [Above: Japanese nurses are trained in archery, 1937.]

    [Above: Japanese soldiers were masters of jungle warfare and camouflage techniques. This photo is taken from a period Japanese magazine.]

    [Above: Magazine cover]

    [Above: Japanese propaganda leaflet dropped on British/American troops in the Pacific]

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  • Click here to see pictures of magazines, posters and other paper material

  • Click here to see an excellent period video of the German reception of visiting Japanese Foreign Minister Matsuoka

    'Sometimes a nation has to fight to stay great, even if it is hopeless.'
    -Ioannis Metaxas

    [Below: Figure in traditional Greek dress found on a postcard from 1941.]

    [Above: General Ioannis Metaxas, the prime minister of fascist Greece from 1936-1941. His party was called 'The 4th of August Regime'. He died under mysterious circumstances. Many believe that the British assassinated him.]

    [Above: General Ioannis Metaxas and Joseph Goebbels, Athens, 1936.]

    [Above: An assembly of members of the Greek National Organization of Youth (EON) salute the presence of Ioannis Metaxas.]

    [Above: A Greek orthodox priest greets the Germans as liberators.]

    [Above: Letter of thanks from the Greek people.]

    'Heroes never die; instead they fall, and the soil, by drinking their blood, gives birth to them again.'
    -Ioannis Metaxas

    [Above: A new Greece...]

    [Above: Poster: 'The English are the bearers of communism'.]

    [Above: Note the double bladed axe, which was the symbol of the Metaxas regime. The text says 'HAIL VICTORY' - and the shield symbol says '4th of August']

    [Above: Another view of the double bladed axe. The French Vichy regime also used the symbol of the double blade axe. The text says 'DISCIPLINE: AN ETERNAL HELLENIC VIRTUE']

    [Above: An issue of Adler von Hellas from February 1942. This was a magazine for the Luftwaffe in Greece that was released from 1941-1944. This issue illustrates the camaraderie between the Japanese and German airmen.]

    [Above: A postwar booklet showing Greek postage stamps used during WWII. This is only an example, not a complete showing of the stamps used.]

  • Click here to see more pictures of Greek fascists

  • Click here to see pictures of Greek volunteers for the Waffen-SS

  • Click here to see pictures of period Greek newspapers with translations

  • Click here to see pictures of Greek postage during WWII

  • Greek edition of Signal Magazine, April 1943 [.pdf]

  • Click here to see a video showing footage of the Metaxas and The 4th of August Regime

    *Also of note are the unit of 300 Greek Wehrmacht volunteers who served under the German general Ulrich Kleemann in Rhodes.
    These men and 6,000-8,000 Germans formed the Sturm-Division Rhodos, formed in 1943.

  • Despite the mountains of Judeo-Allied propaganda stating otherwise, the Germans did not view the Russians as 'sub-humans' or the pathetically popularized term 'untermenschen'. Millions of Russians fought communism side-by-side with the Germans. To understand what the Germans and their allies were up against, and why, you must first grasp the deadly threat communism posed to Europe.

    [Above: 'Hitler the Liberator', an Adolf Hitler postcard featuring art by Willy Exner with Cyrillic text (publisher Heinrich Hoffman Nr. 442 L-0602).]

    [Above: 1941 German aerial leaflet 'Hitler the Liberator' urging Russian soldiers to 'come over to the German side'. Click to see the reverse of the leaflet.]

    'You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.'
    -Alexandr Solzhenitsyn (December 11, 1918 – August 3, 2008)

    [Above: Otto-Ernst Remer. Click on photo to see more images.]

  • Otto-Ernst Remer (August 18, 1912 – October 4, 1997) was a highly respected German Wehrmacht officer who played a decisive role in stopping the July 20, 1944 plot against Adolf Hitler. During the war he was wounded nine times in combat and ultimately promoted to Generalmajor (brigadier general). After the war he co-founded the Sozialistische Reichspartei (SRP). He remained a fervent National Socialist until the end of his days and is seen as a 'Godfather' in the postwar underground. The enemies of mankind sought to imprison him for denying the Jewish 'holocaust'. Here is an interesting quote from a 1990 interview with General Otto Ernst Remer by Stephanie Schomen:

    Schomen: Is it true that the Germans referred to the Russians as "subhuman"?

    Remer: 'Nonsense! The Russians are human beings just like everyone else. Your question, whether we called the Russians "subhuman," is nonsense. We had a first-class relationship with the Russian people. The only exception, which was a problem we dealt with, was with the Soviet Commissars, who were all Jews. These people stood behind the lines with machine guns, pushing the Russian soldiers into battle. And anyway, we made quick work of them. That was according to order. This was during a war for basic existence, an ideological war, when such a policy is simply taken for granted.'

  • It is also important to understand that Stalin was poised to invade Europe in 1941. It was for this reason that Germany was forced to invade the Soviet Union first. Many of the frontline soldiers and especially the Luftwaffe pilots were amazed at the amount of troops, equipment, weapons and supplies that were captured in the opening days. Germany's greatest pilot and the most highly decorated serviceman of the war, Hans Rudel, was shocked at what he saw when flying above Soviet territory in the opening stages of the invasion. In his 1951 book 'Stuka Pilot' he describes his amazement at masses of new military construction everywhere. A massive Soviet army was poised to strike.

    [Above: Hans-Ulrich Rudel (July 2, 1916 – December 18, 1982).]

  • Let's read what Remer has to say once more:

    Schomen: Did you agree with Hitler's policies, particularly his policy toward Russia?

    Remer: 'Regarding the military campaign against the Soviet Union: First of all, it should be clearly understood that at the time of the Balkans campaign in Yugoslavia and Greece in early 1941, when we had ten divisions on the entire length of the Soviet border, the Russians had stationed 247 major military formations on our border. After the conclusion of the Balkans campaign, we then quickly placed at most 170 major military units on the border with the Soviet Union. The Russians had readied themselves for an attack.

    The initial successes of our forces against the Soviets were due to the fact that the Russians were not stationed in defense positions, but were instead positioned right at the front for attack, which made it possible for us to quickly encircle large Soviet forces. Thus, in the first weeks of the war, we were able to capture more than three million prisoners of war as well as enormous quantities of war equipment, all of which was on the frontier, positioned for attack.

    That's the truth of the matter, which can be proven. I recently spoke with a Mr. Pemsel, who was a long-range aerial reconnaissance pilot. In the period before the beginning of the Soviet campaign, he flew as far as the Don River and observed and reported on this enormous concentration of Soviet forces on the border.

    I also know from my own experience in the Russian campaign, and with the Russian prisoners, about the preparations by the Soviets for an imminent attack against Europe. The Russians were hoping that we would move against Britain so that they could then take advantage of the situation to overrun Europe.'

    [Above: Léon Degrelle (June 15, 1906 – March 31, 1994.]

  • Léon Degrelle experienced the Eastern Front firsthand and emerged one of the greatest and most beloved soldiers of WWII. In interviews and books he described the Waffen-SS meeting with Russian civilians. He personally passed through countless newly liberated Russian villages during the war. Here is one of many interesting passages from his fantastic works:

    'The natives received us with obvious joy. Often we were the first troops to enter their hamlet. The good people immediately went to the outbuildings, removed their icons from their former hiding places, and hung them once more on their dried mud walls, tears streaming down their faces.
    The greatest gift that one could confer on them was to give them a portrait of Hitler. Often they would hang it next to their icons... They loved Hitler very much for having liberated their village.'

    -Léon Degrelle (The Eastern Front, page 98, (c)Institute for Historical Review)

    [Above: Three examples of POA patches - embroidered (left and right) and the other silkscreened.]

  • The Russian Liberation Army, abbreviated in Cyrillic as 'POA' and in Latin as 'ROA', was also known as the Vlasov Army.
    In 1944 it was officially renamed the 'Armed Forces of the Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia (VS-KONR)'. In 1943 there were nearly a half a million Russian volunteers serving on the front lines, and another one hundred thousand or more serving in other 'non-combat' positions. This is a massive role played by ex-prisoners of war and showed that the Germans had nothing against the Russians as a people, but instead against communism.

    [Above: Waffen-SS collar tab for Russian volunteers. This was made in the Dachau labor camp and is machine embroidered.]

    A Russian soldier who fought for the Germans after being captured explains the motivation behind many of the Russians:
    'You think, Captain, that we sold ourselves to the Germans for a piece of bread? Tell me, why did the Soviet Government forsake us? Why did it forsake millions of prisoners? We saw prisoners of all nationalities, and they were taken care of. Through the Red Cross they received parcels and letters from home; only the Russians received nothing. In Kassel I saw American Negro prisoners, and they shared their cakes and chocolates with us. Then why didn't the Soviet Government, which we considered our own, send us at least some plain hard tack? ...Hadn't we fought? Hadn't we defended the Government? Hadn't we fought for our country? If Stalin refused to have anything to do with us, we didn't want to have anything to do with Stalin!'
    -Summer, 1945, Thomas Goodrich, page 140, (c)2018

    [Above: General Andrey Vlasov.]

    'Fellow citizens, brother and sisters living in Europe
    A return to the homeland is only possible following a victory over Bolshevism
    You number in the millions and the success of our mutual struggle depends on you
    Don't forget that from now on you are working for a common cause for the heroic Liberation Army
    Officers and soldiers of the Soviet army, put an end the the criminal war whose purpose is the oppression of the peoples of Europe
    Turn you weapons on the Bolshevik usurpers who have enslaved Russia and brought hunger, misery and lawlessness to the country'
    -Andrey Vlasov, speaking to his men of the POA/ROA

  • Andrey Andreyevich Vlasov (September 14, 1901 – August 2, 1946) was a Russian Soviet general who joined Germany and the Axis in their holy war against communism. He was one of the most important Russians of WW2. He saw the truth that the Germans were not invaders, rather liberators. They planned on destroying communism before it destroyed them and all of Europe and the world. Vlasov was a respected general under the communists when he began to see that they were the enemies of Russia. Under the communists he played an important role in the defense of Moscow. His picture was printed in the Soviet newspaper Pravda with the headline 'the defender of Moscow'.

    Later Vlasov's army was surrounded by the Germans after being abandoned by the communists. His army was cut off and deep in German territory. He was offered an escape by airplane, but he refused to leave his men behind. His army was decimated and for ten days he hid in German occupied territory before being captured.

    Fate had handed him to his 'enemies' -- the Germans, when he was captured and became a P.O.W. But the Germans respected him, and it wasn't long before they were working together against the communist occupiers of Russia. Vlasov saw Stalin as 'the greatest enemy of the Russian people'.

    Boris Vasiljev, an author of several history books and patriotic novels, who was a Soviet officer and veteran of WWII, had this to say about Vlasov:
    'Vlasov was magnificent, a proper Russian national military Commander! He decided to revenge himself upon Stalin, who committed terrible crimes against all peoples of Russia. Vlasov had high ideals of a Free Russia, as well as a real sense of responsibility towards his soldiers.'

    Vasiljev goes on to condemn the Red Army generals en masse:
    'There were killed 1,300,000 Russian soldiers near Rzhev — through Soviet commanders' faults only, and nobody speaks about the terrible tragedy so far in my country!'

    [Above: General Andrey Vlasov, a fierce anti-Communist, persuaded many of his Russian countrymen to fight for the Axis.]

    [Above: General Andrey Vlasov highlights in a 1944 V1 rocket dropped leaflet.]

  • In the summer of 1944 General Vlasov and Heinrich Himmler met and ironed out details of the formation of a massive new army composed of Russians. They went over what was called the Smolensk Manifesto (written in 1942), which declared in the new Russia '...every people will obtain national freedom, including the right of self-determination. The realization of this right to national independence and freedom is possible, however, only after destroying Stalin and his clique.'

    In thirteen points, the Manifesto declared and promised the following: (1) abolition of compulsory labor, (2) abolition of collective farms, and land grants to the peasants, (3) reintroduction of private commerce and handicraft, (4) termination of terror, (5) personal freedom, (6) freedom of faith, conscience, speech, press, and assembly, (7) free choice of work, (8) guarantee of free development for all nationalities, (9) release of all political prisoners, (10) rebuilding of towns, villages and factories at the expense of the state, and (11) a guarantee of minimum subsistence for all invalids and their next of kin.

    Himmler and Vlasov agreed that there would initially be five divisions organized from Russian POWs and workers from the occupied eastern territories, whose number by then had reached over FIVE MILLION!

    The Smolensk Manifesto was eventually expanded into what was known as the Prague Manifesto, which further outlined Russian goals of freeing Russia from communist occupation.

    Unfortunately it was too late. The communist-democratic armies were in full swing. The fortunes of war were against Germany and her armies of liberation, and, largely speaking, this dream army of free Russians, never came to be.

    Vlasov and his men were later betrayed by the American government and he and his men were handed over to the Russians, even after making a deal that they wouldn't. The Americans knew that handing over Vlasov and the thousands of men with him would be death. But they didn't care, they did this to an untold legion of Russians, Tatars, Tartars, Cossacks, etc.

    Vlasov hung on August 1, 1946. The great Russian warrior's sword was finally sheathed and the dreamers quest for his people's freedom was over.

    Recently the town of Vlasov's birth, Lomakino, garnered controversy by the local Jews, communists and 'anti-fascist' groups. The local administration sought to erect a monument to him and additionally open a museum honoring his memory and preserving the house that he grew up in. Despite the screams and threats of the communists and their ilk the idea had tremendous support from the locals and donations flooded in.

    [Above: 'Fiodr Ivanov is a Russian. Since the beginning of the eastern campaign numerous members of this people have volunteered to take part as soldiers, farmers or mechanics in the liberation of their native land from Sovietism. The Russians, who had been cut off from the rest of the Continent by the wall of Bolshevism, have thus joined in the fight for the liberation of Europe. Their conception of Germany derived from more than twenty-five years of Bolshevist propaganda is undergoing a complete revision.'
    -Signal magazine, English edition.]

    [Above: Waffen-SS Free Russian Legion 'Don' sleeve shield]

    [Above: Russian volunteer sporting a combat version (less colorful) of the above 'Don' patch. Circa 1943.]

    [Above: Russian volunteers for the Luftwaffe. They are wearing 'ROA' patches. Germany and its Axis allies were at war with communism, not the Russian people, therefore many Russians were eager to join them.]

    [Above: Somewhere in the vastness of Russia Adolf Hitler is honored. This popular poster says: 'Hitler the Liberator'.]

  • 'Hiwi' is a word meaning 'helper' that was designated for people of many nationalities who had volunteered to help the German/Axis war effort.
    Hiwi is a German abbreviation of the term 'voluntary assistant' or Hilfswilliger, meaning 'willing to help'.
    Hiwis served in many vital capacities, from mundane farm work, police functions, drivers, cooks and even frontline battlefield service.

    A captured Hiwi told the dreaded communist People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (Narodnyy Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del, or NKVD) interrogators:

    '...Hilfswillige [Hiwis] made up of local people or Russian prisoners who volunteer, or those Red Army soldiers who desert to join the Germans.
    This category wears full German uniform, with their own ranks and badges. They eat like German soldiers and they are attached to German regiments.'

    There you have it, the Hiwis wore the same uniform, ate the same food, were awarded the same medals (they even had special medals made just for the 'Eastern Peoples') and fought and died beside German soldiers.

    [Above: Russian female 'Hiwis' in German service.]

    [Above: Russian female auxiliaries. Note the Waffen-SS style camouflage and military boots issued to them.]

    [Above: Some rather ragged 'Hiwis' in German service. The wretched state of poverty found in Russia under communism was astounding.]

    [Above: German soldiers pose beside female 'Hiwis' in German service.]

    [Above: A rural Russian school -- on the wall in the background is the famous poster bearing the image of Adolf Hitler with the words 'Hitler the Liberator' beneath it.]

    [Above: This is a postcard of the National Russian Choir.]

    'We pray to the all-powerful that he gives Adolf Hitler further strength and power for the final victory over the Bolsheviks!'
    -'For the Homeland!' newspaper printed in Pskow, Russia, December 1942.

    [Above: Cyrillic version of the popular Signal magazine, 1945.]

    [Above: This anti-communist magazine made humor and parodies out of the lies and madness of Russia/America/Britain.
    In Russia, it was called 'Scourge' and was first published in 1944. Click on the image for more pictures!]

    [Above: 'For the freedom of nations'. Circa 1941. Made in Germany for the liberated Soviet territories.]

    [Above: Russian Legion postage stamps. Known as the 'Vlassov postal issues'. Printed in July 1943 for Russian territories. These were most likely never used, but instead were made for collectors. The word which resembles 'NOYTA' is Russian Cyrillic for 'mail' and is pronounced as 'Pochta'.]

    [Above: Watch a 3.83 MB .mp4 showing General Vlasov and Russian volunteers to the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS.]

    The Russians proved to be extremely courageous allies to the Germans, even when worse came to worst. In one instance, in one of the bloodiest and hopeless battles of WWII, during the Axis defense of Budapest, Russian Waffen-SS volunteers lived and died with their German brothers.

    'One of the most daring exploits of the siege took place at that time. A 40-ton motor barge manned by Russian SS volunteers and carrying ammunition began a 140-kilometer journey from Gyor, slipping through the mine barrier on the Danube and running aground 17 kilometers from Budapest near the village Leányfalu. It was only thanks to the gaps in the Soviet occupation of the villages along the Danube Bend that the enterprise did not end in disaster. With the help of a Hungarian assault-boat platoon, the crew transported part of its cargo into the city, probably under cover of the trees in the flood plain.'
    -The Siege of Budapest by Krisztián Ungváry, Pg. 128

    If I were to tell you that there were many Russians who fought in France, on the side of the Germans, during D-Day, would you believe it? Check out the picture below.

    [Above: Russian volunteers in Paris march beneath the Arc de Triomphe (Arc of Triumph).]

    Here is a quote from a German paratrooper who was there:

    'I remember our situation was so funny to me that we had a Panzer regiment close by, it was all old French tanks supported by Russians who spoke little German. That might baffle you to hear, but we had many eastern soldiers there in Normandy and they mostly were killed in the first few days. The German army by now was so short-staffed that they allowed many from the east to serve. There were many I remember, they had German officers mostly, and we would see them drill sometimes. They manned a lot of the beach fortifications by us, or flak positions. One unit shot down a 4 engine bomber in the daytime.'
    --Interview with Gunter P., Fallschirmjager Regiment 6 veteran and Normandy fighter. Frankfurt, 1989.

    [Above: The various ethnic groups united against the communist monster.]

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  • Click here to see photographs of General Andrey Vlasov

  • Click here to see Russian civilians greeting German liberators

  • Click here to see posters of the Russian territories

  • Click here to see a Wehrmacht soldier's scrapbook in the East

    [Above: Waffen-SS Free India Legion sleeve shield]

  • The Indian Legion was initially raised as part of the German Wehrmacht, but it was later transferred to the Waffen-SS in August 1944. Indian freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose founded the legion in 1941, after appealing to Adolf Hitler personally for aid. The Legion's aim was simple: India's independence. With German assistance Bose planned to take the war to the oppressor of his country -- Britain. Bose made his courageous dream a reality until his untimely death in August of 1945. He lived to be 48 years old.

    [Above: A young Subhas Chandra Bose (January 23, 1897 – August 18, 1945). Founder and spiritual leader of the Wehrmacht/Waffen-SS Indian Legion and the Indian National Army (INA). He lived for some time in Berlin during the Third Reich. While it is believed that he died on August 18, 1945 in a plane crash above Taiwan, some say he never died and faked his death. His statue, in military uniform, stands in the Indian parliament with those of India's two most revered leaders: Mohandas K. Gandhi, and the country's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. What are said to be his ashes are kept at Renkoji Temple near Tokyo.]

    [Above: Chandra Bose and Captain Werner Musenberg on the deck of submarine U-180. In February 1943 Chandra Bose (on the right) traveled to Japan to continue his fight for India's independence. Once there he would meet Japan's Premier Hideki Tojo and the Emperor Hirohito himself. The cargo of U-boat 180 was also very significant. It contained samples of various German weapons and machine parts, a sample of quinine for future shipments to Japan (quinine is a drug used to treat malaria and was badly needed for Japan's tropical war in the Pacific), blueprints for jet engines and V-1 and V-2 rockets, as well as other items for Japanese technical evaluation. It is a little known fact that the Germans and Japanese were very close allies and friends. The fact that they shared their most top secret weapons and technologies is a testament to this. Below is an example of such shared technology. The German Me 163B Komet interceptor's blueprints were shared with the Japanese and used to build a Japanese version.]

    [Above: The German Me 163B Komet]

    [Above: The Japanese Mitsubishi J8M Shusui. Japan manufactured this jet fighter from German blueprints even though one of the submarines carrying half of the data was sunk on its way to Japan. Top secret information was often given in multiple parts in case it was to fall into enemy hands.]

    [Above: German jet Me-262, another outstanding piece of German technology freely shared with Japan.]

    [Above: The 'Nakajima Kikka', a naval attack fighter. This was Japan's first jet. It was flown for the first time on July 7, 1945. It was based on the above German Me-262 jet. Click on the picture to see other images.]

    [Above: This is a piloted Japanese version of the German V-1 rocket, called the 'YokoSuka MXY7', also known as 'Cherry Blossom'. It is said to have been a kamikaze plane. Note the 'sights' in front of the windshield for aiming the plane! Click on the picture to see other pictures. Click on the picture to see other images.]

    [Above: Ki-94-1 was designed by Tachikawa to intercept B 29s. It was the first twin-boom monoplane with two 1,641 kW (2,201 hp) Mitsubishi Ha211 18-cylinder engines, driving two 4-blade propellers in a push-pull configuration. It was to be equipped with two deadly 37 mm/1.46 in and two 30 mm/1.18 in cannons. It never made its maiden flight due to the end of the war. Click on the picture to see other images.]

    [Above: The Kyushu J7W1 Shinden 'Magnificent Lightning' fighter was a propeller-driven aircraft that was built in a canard design. The wings were attached to the tail section and stabilizers were on the front. The propeller was also in the rear, in a pusher configuration. The Magnificent Lighting was developed by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) as a short-range, land-based interceptor, the J7W was a response to B-29 Superfortress raids on the Japanese home islands. For interception missions, the J7W was to be armed with four forward-firing 30 mm cannons in the nose. On August 3, 1945, the first prototype flew, two more subsequent flights were made, for a total of 45 minutes airborne. The only surviving example is a prototype dismantled by the US Navy and is currently in storage at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. Click on the picture to see other images.]

    [Above: American newspaper article.]

    [Above: American newspaper article.]

    [Above: American newspaper article from the 'Evening World Herald', from Omaha Nebraska, circa April 14, 1945. Click on image for full article.]

  • Read Chandra Bose's farewell message to U-boat 180

  • Located on the island of Penang (Malaysia) was a major base for the Indian National Army. It is believed to have been occupied by up to 10,000 men (in 1942), which had joined the Axis cause. One feature at this base was a training school, the 'Swaraj Institute', which sent agents into India for espionage and propaganda work.

    [Above: This envelope, sent on December 15, 1968, bears two commemorative Azad Hind (Free India) stamps for the 25th anniversary of the 'Azad Hind Government,' bearing Subhas Chandra Bose's image. Strange to see a post World War Two image honoring ANYTHING Axis related huh? But it's common in India.
    Over the years they've built hundreds of statues of Bose and showered his image on products galore. An Indian person told me about how even cafes and other businesses were commonly named 'Azad Hind' so and so.]

    [Above: Here's one example of the widespread use of 'Azad Hind', as talked about above. This lock is from sometime shortly after WWII.]

    [Above: Even more strange than the Azad Hind lock, this one sports an engraving of Chandra Bose and Gandhi! Believe it or not many copies of this lock were sold, each one hand engraved, some better than others, some you can barely tell what it is.]

    [Above: Can you see Bose? He's on the left -- look at his round glasses! Gandhi is on the right with his arm raised...]

    [Above: Here's another one with just Chandra Bose on it. Note on the top of the lock it says 'Subhas Babu'. Babu was an honorific title and a term of endearment for a loved one.]

    [Above: Close-up. It shows Chandra Bose waving a flag.]

    [Above: 1942 coin from Palestine]

    [Above: A German Third Reich postcard of the Balkans and the Middle East (Palestine is near the bottom right written under its German name 'Palestina'). Publisher Kyffhäuser-Verlag, Berlin W 30.]

    '...all Arab nations will join the Axis and they will fight against our common enemy: the Anglo-Jewish coalition.'
    -The Grand Mufti el-Husseini, from a January 22, 1941 letter to Adolf Hitler.

    [Above: The Grand Mufti Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini of Jerusalem (1897 - July 4, 1974).
    El-Husseini was an honored and highly respected Palestinian Arab nationalist and Muslim leader.
    An ally of Germany and the Axis, he used his extremely influential position to help Germany recruit Muslims into the Waffen-SS.
    He personally met with Adolf Hitler several times during the war. As a historical note, he is also the uncle of Yasser Arafat.
    Commando extraordinaire Otto Skorzeny met with al-Husayni several times and considered him 'One of the most amazing men I ever met'.
    He described him as a visually 'striking man', with blue eyes and a long white beard.
    ('Otto Skorzeny - My Commando Operations - The Memoirs of Hitler's Most Daring Commando'. First published in 1975.)]

    [Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop (April 30, 1893 – October 16, 1946), April 1, 1938]

    Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop was honored to have the Mufti visit Germany:

    '...Ribbentrop expressed his pleasure at seeing the Mufti here. Even as a child his imagination had often been captivated by the idea and personality of the Mufti and in later years he had followed his activities more closely still, for he had become to some extent a mystical personality. As a nationalist he felt much sympathy for such a dauntless champion of his people, who had never given up the struggle.'
    -Adolf Hitler: Anti-Racist!
    The Myth of Aryan Evil Exploded and the Real Roots of Racial Hatred Exposed, pg. 9, Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, England
    (cited from: FO 371/52585, pages 53-54)

    Ribbentrop, like Adolf Hitler, was sympathetic to the Arab struggle:

    'Finally the Foreign Minister asked the Mufti to expound this train of thought again in detail during the coming conversation with Hitler and he assured the Mufti, who asked him to speak to Hitler on the matter of the statement, of his warmest sympathies for the Arab people.'
    -Adolf Hitler: Anti-Racist!
    The Myth of Aryan Evil Exploded and the Real Roots of Racial Hatred Exposed, pg. 9, Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, England
    (cited from: FO 371/52585, pg. 58)

    [Above: Here el-Husseini is meeting with Adolf Hitler.]

    [Above: Here a soldier from the Waffen-SS division 'Handshar' pins up a picture of the Grand Mufti.]

    'Woe to the wavering, the feeble in faith!
    Woe to him who is as a feather in the breeze!
    Woe to him who is unstable, irresolute!
    Arabs and Moslems, fortify yourselves with your faith!
    Faith is a fundamental element of victory.
    Sacrifice for your God and country.'

    -The Grand Mufti el-Husseini, in a Berlin broadcast in Arabic to North Africa, October 1943

  • Click here to see more pictures of The Grand Mufti and Muslim volunteers of the Waffen-SS

  • Click here to see to read the words and writings of The Grand Mufti

  • Islam is not the enemy of the West. Nor are Muslims the enemy of the white race, despite the brainless propaganda touting such. During WWII thousands of Muslims and Arabs fought beside their German friends. The great undying cause of truth and freedom is shared between all peoples.

    The Arab world, much like India and all over the world, was extremely supportive of Adolf Hitler:
    ' In 1939 the Moslem University of Aligarh was said to be displaying 'pro-Nazi propaganda'.
    One Indian university professor published a pamphlet extolling Hitler as a great friend of Islam!'
    -Adolf Hitler: Anti-Racist!
    The Myth of Aryan Evil Exploded and the Real Roots of Racial Hatred Exposed, pg. 9, Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, England
    (cited from: Jewish Chronicle, July 21, 1939, pg. 26)

    Germany and the Arab world shared a longtime friendship. One of cooperation, understanding and respect. In January 1944 Heinrich Himmler met with a group of Bosnian Muslim military commanders in Silesia. What he said to them is very telling:

    'What is there to separate the Muslims in Europe and around the world from us Germans? We have common aims. There is no more solid basis for cooperation than common aims and common ideals. For 200 years, Germany has not had the slightest conflict with Islam.
    Germany had been friends with Islam, not just for pragmatic reasons but out of conviction. God — "you say Allah, it is the same" — had sent the Führer, who would first free Europe and then the entire world of the Jews.'
    (The Swastika and the Crescent, by David Motadel)

    [Above: Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler.]

    On what is believed to have been sent on November 2, 1943, the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, Himmler sent a telegram to the Grand Mufti:

    'To the Grand Mufti Amin El Husseini,
    The National Socialist movement in Greater Germany has written the fight against world Jewry on their banner since its creation. It has therefore always followed with particular sympathy the struggle of freedom-loving Arabs, especially in Palestine, against Jewish interlopers. The recognition of this enemy and of the common struggle against it form the solid foundation of the natural alliance between the National Socialist Greater Germany and the freedom-loving Muslims of the whole world. In this sense, I submit to you on the anniversary of the unfortunate Balfour Declaration my warmest greetings and best wishes for the happy realization of your struggle until the final victory is secured.'

    [Above: The original telegram quoted above.]

    It is further believed that Himmler sent the telegram to the Mufti while he was attending a huge rally at the Luftwaffe Hall in Berlin which was organized to condemn the Balfour Declaration. The following is an excerpt from the German radio broadcast:

    'We are in the Luftwaffe building in Berlin, where Arab leaders are gathered to protest against the Balfour Declaration. The hall is festooned with Arab flags and poster portraits of Arab patriots. Arabs and Muslims from every land pour into the hall. Among them are Moroccans, Palestinians, Lebanese, Yemenites, men from the Hedjaz, Indians, Iranians and Moslem representatives from all over Europe. Among the latter are a great many Germans friendly to the Arabs, high government officials, civilian and military, one of the S.S. chiefs, representatives of foreign embassies and at their head, representatives of the Japanese Embassy. The audience runs into hundreds, and here now I see the Mufti of Jerusalem making his way into the hall. He is shaking hands with a number of notables and mounts the steps to the stage to deliver his address.'

    [Above: The Grand Mufti attending the above anti-Balfour event.]

    But actions speak much louder than words. During Germany's crusade to free Russia from monstrous communism, and its entry into the Caucasus and the Crimea, the Wehrmacht was tasked with reviving Islamic culture and religion, which had been stamped out by communism.

    Upon arriving in the North Caucasus, for example, Wehrmacht officers set about reopening and rebuilding mosques and reestablishing religious holidays and celebrations.

    The German liberators lifted the bans on public displays of Arabic and Koranic script in public, which had been banned by the Soviet occupiers. Muslim leaders welcomed the German armies as friends and liberators. Freedom of religion was restored by the sons of the swastika.

    [Above: This Arabic poster reads 'Long Live Hitler'.]

    In Africa the Germans and the Arab people were both allies and friends. The German government, in accordance with Arab and Muslim leaders, printed leaflets which they spread throughout the Arabic population, telling the people that they must help fight for their liberation. One such leaflet, from 1943 in Arabic, was printed in one million copies and said:

    'O Arabs, do you see that the time of the Dajjal [comparable to the Antichrist, an end times figure -ed.] has come?
    Do you recognize him, the fat, curly-haired Jew who deceives and rules the whole world and who steals the land of the Arabs?
    O Arabs, do you know the servant of God?
    He [Hitler] has already appeared in the world and already turned his lance against the Dajjal and his allies...
    He will kill the Dajjal, as it is written, destroy his places and cast his allies into hell.'

    The Grand Mufti Haj Mohammed el-Husseini of Jerusalem, was an iron ally of Germany and the Axis. Like many other Muslims, he lived in Germany in exile during the war. Adolf Hitler personally promised him that he would liberate the Arab peoples.

    The Mufti admired Germany and had great respect for the German people. He said that Germans were 'a people with boldness, perseverance, toughness, and a love of order' and declared that 'Every Muslim throughout the world is a friend of the Germans.'

    Even after the war, the Arab people did not forget the Germans' sacrifice and commitment to them. They opened up their hearts and their doors to thousands of Germans fleeing the murderous, bloodthirsty Allies. They helped these Germans obtain new identities, gave them jobs and new lives. One such person was the German Johann von Leers.

    [Above: Dr. Johann von Leers.]

    Dr. Johann von Leers (January 25, 1902 – March 5, 1965) was a devoted National Socialist and Old Fighter for the cause. He was a professor and propaganda ministry official and was also an honorary Sturmbannführer in the Waffen-SS.

    After the war he converted to Islam and changed his name to Omar Amin von Leers. He served in the Egyptian Information Department and was even an advisor to the president of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser.

    In the May 29, 1953 issue of the Deutschland-Brief, von Leers praised the natural affinities between the German and Arab peoples. He wrote:

    "[...] This is no doubt due to the moving humanitarian reception which hundreds, perhaps thousands of German refugees, found after the war among the Muslims of the Middle East. Islam's simple all-God doctrine which is not tied to Judaism, and its enmity against the Jews, won the allegiance of many of these refugees. The repercussions are gradually being felt in Germany.'

    There were a number of notable German Muslims during the Third Reich and many other Germans who converted to Islam after the war. Click here to see a small list:

  • National Socialist German Muslims

    Also of interest is a December 1942 essay von Leers published in the journal Die Judenfrage entitled 'Judaism and Islam as Opposites':

    'Mohammed's hostility to the Jews had one result: Oriental Jewry was completely paralyzed. Its backbone was broken. Oriental Jewry effectively did not participate in [European] Jewry's tremendous rise to power in the last two centuries. Despised in the filthy lanes of the mellah [the walled Jewish quarter of a Moroccan city, analogous to the European ghetto] the Jews vegetated there. They lived under a special law (that of a protected minority), which in contrast to Europe did not permit usury or even traffic in stolen goods, but kept them in a state of oppression and anxiety. If the rest of the world had adopted a similar policy, we would not have a Jewish Question (Judenfrage)... As a religion, Islam indeed performed an eternal service to the world: it prevented the threatened conquest of Arabia by the Jews and vanquished the horrible teaching of Jehovah by a pure religion, which at that time opened the way to a higher culture for numerous peoples...

    For his writings, Omar Amin von Leers was pursued by his Jewish enemies and the countries they controlled until his death in Cairo in 1965.

    [Above: von Leers published a handful of books in his lifetime, including this one 'Juden sehen Dich an' (Looking at you Jews). This book explains Jewish crimes and plots in depth.]

    'Christianity destroyed for us the whole harvest of ancient civilization, and later it also destroyed for us the whole harvest of Mohammedan civilization. The wonderful culture of the Moors in Spain, which was fundamentally nearer to us and appealed more to our senses and tastes than that of Rome and Greece, was trampled down (I do not say by what sort of feet) Why? Because it had to thank noble and manly instincts for its origin because it said yes to life, even to the rare and refined luxuriousness of Moorish life! The crusaders later made war on something before which it would have been more fitting for them to have grovelled in the dust a civilization beside which even that of our nineteenth century seems very poor and very "senile." What they wanted, of course, was booty: the orient was rich. Let us put aside our prejudices! The crusades were a higher form of piracy, nothing more! [...] Intrinsically there should be no more choice between Islam and Christianity than there is between an Arab and a Jew. The decision is already reached; nobody remains at liberty to choose here. Either a man is a Chandala [lower caste -ed.] or he is not. "War to the knife with Rome! Peace and friendship with Islam!": this was the feeling, this was the act, of that great free spirit, that genius among German emperors, Frederick II.'
    -Friedrich Nietzsche, The AntiChrist, 1888/1895

    [Above: An incredible Mussolini stone head somewhere in North Africa. Note the German Afrika Korps soldier posing in the picture to the left.]

  • During WWII there were many diverse peoples and fighting forces from Africa on the side of the Axis. Here are but a few...

    [Above: This picture is from Tripoli, March 1937. Mussolini is seen here with the air marshal and governor of Libya, Balbo (extreme left). They are inspecting a unit called Meharisti. The Meharisti were colonial troops that were tailor-made to fight in the Saharan desert environment.]

    [Above: Italian Zaptié camel cavalry in 1940. The Zaptié was the designation given to locally raised gendarmerie units in the Italian colonies of Tripolitania, Cyrenaica, Eritrea and Italian Somaliland between 1889 and 1942.]

    [Above: Zaptié camel cavalry, Tripoli.]

    [Above: Colonial Libyan soldiers serving under Italian command, belonging to the 9th Battalion Agadabia. Also pictured here are their German allies, perched on Panzer III (PzKpfw III) medium tanks of the 8th Panzer Regiment, Company 1.]

    [Above: Italian General Giuseppe Tellera reviews Italian Zaptie troops.]

    [Above: German leader of the Sturmabteilung (SA) Viktor Lutze (left) visits new Italian settlements in Libya. In this picture, Lutze and His Excellency Russo inspect ranks of Askaris (a generic word for 'native soldiers') in Nalut, Libya, February 1939. Previously, in February 1939, Lutze reviewed a parade of 20,000 Blackshirts in Rome before setting off on a tour of Italy's Libyan frontier with Tunisia.]

    [Above: This poster depicts a Dubat warrior, who fought for the Italians in Africa. The Dubat people originated from Italian Somaliland, the word 'dubat' itself was derived from a Somali phrase meaning 'white turbans'. The poster compares the Dubat warriors to lions, and it would seem to be correct, as their record in combat was very good. They proved to be loyal, effective and well-disciplined troops. Note the yellow partial Fascii symbol in the background.]

    [Above: Dubat warriors assemble before the Italian flag in their camp.]

    [Above: Dubat warriors atop the 'horse of the desert' -- the camel.]

    It has been respectfully said about the Dubat:
    'With the courage of their race - fueled by love for the flag and the belief in the higher destinies of Italy in Africa, [they] gave during the war, many proofs of the most brilliant heroism. With great generosity, and similar faithfulness, [they] gave their blood for the consecration of the Italian Empire.'

    [Above: 'VII Battaglione C.C. N.N. A.O.'.]

    [Above: 'One for all - all for the Duce'.]

    [Above: This is a colonial medal, the reverse of it says:

    'L'Adunata Delle Truppe
    Coloniali A Roma
    Nel Primo Anniversario
    Della Fondazzione

    (The Gathering Of Colonial
    Troops In Rome
    on the First Anniversary
    of the Founding of The Empire).
    Circa 1937. Click to see reverse.]

    [Above: 1936 Fascist colonial membership card. Click to enlarge and see other examples.]

    [Above: This striking postcard from Bengasi, Libya from the 'IIA Legione Libica Permanente M.V.S.N.' (Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale, better known as the 'Blackshirts') whose motto was "Vivi pericolosamente" (Live Dangerously). Click to enlarge and see the reverse.]

  • Finland's war against Communist Russia began on November 30, 1939, when Russia invaded Finland. The Soviets possessed three times as many soldiers, thirty times as many aircraft and one hundred times as many tanks! However, the Finns fought like wolverines. In one battle alone the communist invaders suffered 7,000-9,000 casualties, compared to a mere 400 Finnish casualties! The arms and material the Finns captured in this battle ('Battle of Raate Road') was enormous, and much needed. They captured dozens of tanks, hundreds of vehicles, thousands of horses, artillery pieces, anti-tank guns, medical supplies, rifles and ammunition.

    Unfortunately, the Soviet juggernaut proved to be too much in the end. The god of battle favors numbers, and the communists had nearly endless human drones. What was known as 'The Winter War' ended in a peace treaty in March 1940. Finland lost eleven percent of its land and thirty percent of its economy.

    When Germany and its Axis allies preemptively invaded Russia in 1941 Finland finally had its chance to bring the war to its communist enemies.

    [Above: Finland and Germany united against communism!]

    Shamefully when the fortunes of war turned against Germany and the Axis Finland obtained a separate peace with Russia. They signed an armistice with Russia on September 19, 1944. Russia demanded all German troops be kicked out of Finland immediately.

    What followed was known as the 'Lapland War' (September 1944-April 1945). It was a moment of dishonor for Finland and especially its brave soldiers. They were forced to fight their previous ally, Germany. However, numerous Finns refused to turn their guns on their German comrades. These honorable Finns fought beside Germany and the Axis until the bitter end. Instead of returning to their homeland they chose to stick it out with their brothers and die if they must. A true example of selfless bravery and camaraderie.

    [Above: Adolf Hitler gave this painting to Finland's famed Marshal Mannerheim when he personally visited him in Imatra, Finland, 1942. The artist was Karl Truppe (1887–1952), who painted this in 1941.]

    [Above: Here is the color version.]

    [Above: Finland and Germany North Front commemorative medals - 1941-1942 and 1941-1943.]

    [Above: Finland and Germany badge - 'Saksa - Suomi' (Germany - Finland), 1935.]

    [Above: Simo Hayha (December 17, 1905 - April 1, 2002), AKA 'White Death'.
    Simo fought in the Winter War (1939-1940) between Finland and the Soviet Union, where as a sniper he obtained the highest recorded number of confirmed sniper kills ever.
    505 kills.
    Five Hundred and Five men!
    And to add to his legend he only used the iron sights of his Mosin-Nagant rifle to avoid an enemy seeing a glare from his scope. He would also keep snow in his mouth so that he wouldn't have frosty breath!]

    [Above: Finnish soldiers during its conflict with the USSR. Note the strange and interesting skull and crossbones unit markings on their helmets!
    Click on the photo to see other helmets of similar design.]

    [Above: Finnish Waffen-SS volunteer sleeve shield (first type -wire).]

    [Above: A Finnish 'Waffenbruder' meaning 'brother in arms' of the Waffen-SS.]

    [Above: Finnish soldiers of the '1.Kp.Finnisches Frw.Bn.d.W-SS' at Gross Born Truppenlager, 1941.]

  • Adolf Hitler decreed in November 1942 that 'from now on Finland and the Finnish people be treated and designated as a Nordic state and a Nordic people'.
    This was considered one of the highest compliments that the National Socialist government could bestow upon another country.

    [Above: Finnish Stug III tanks. Note the swastikas painted on the front of their tanks.]

    [Above: Many Finns fought with the Axis even after their country called them home from fighting on the Eastern Front. When the war was over many Finns were still serving in Waffen-SS Division Nordland.]

    [Above: A Finnish postage stamp from 1943 bearing a 'Stahlhelm' and swastika.]

    [Above: A Finnish postage stamp from the same set, also from 1943.]

    [Above: Finnish nurse in the Waffen-SS. She served with the 3rd SS Division Totenkopf in Russia. Circa 1942.]

    [Above: Cover of a matchbox, circa June 1941. It says: 'Way to Freedom'.]

    [Above: Bitter sign the Germans left in Lappland 1944 after the Finnish government betrayed them. It translates into something like: 'In gratitude of brotherhood-in-arms NOT demonstrated.']

    [Above: Captain Arvi Kalsta.]

  • Arvi Kalsta (born Arvid Daniel Grönberg, October 14, 1890 - 1982) was the leader of the 'Suomen Kansan Järjestö' (SKJ), the Finnish Peoples Organization. In WWI he fought on the German side on the Eastern Front and later returned to Finland to take part in the Finnish Civil War.

    [Above: Captain Arvi Kalsta.]

    In 1932 he visited Germany and was inspired to return home to Finland and forge his own National Socialist organization -- The Finnish Peoples Organization. Several times he was a guest in Germany thereafter at state sponsored events. In 1936 his organization was terminated, after gathering an estimated 20,000 members.

    [Above: A gathering of the Finnish Peoples Organization. Members wore a dark brown shirt.]

    In 1940 Kalsta returned to politics and founded the 'National Socialist Organization' (KSJ). The next year he bravely fought in the Winter War and Continuation War.

    [Above: This is from the Finnish Peoples Organization. It says:
    Free yourself from partisan slavery! Finnish working man!
    Free yourself from the internationalist yoke!
    The future of Finland demands YOU to fight for the integrity of our nation. Wake up Finland!'

    [Above: This Finnish poster from 1938 warns of air raids:
    'Danger threatens from the sky. Take air raid precautions'.]

    [Above: Carl Gustaf Mannerheim (June 4, 1867 – January 27, 1951). Note the German Knight's Cross around his neck, amongst other German awards.]

  • The Commander-in-Chief of the Finnish Defense Forces, Carl Gustaf Mannerheim, before being forced to accept Soviet demands of surrender, wrote these words to Adolf Hitler:

    'Our German brothers-in-arms will forever remain in our hearts. The Germans in Finland were certainly not the representatives of foreign despotism but helpers and brothers-in-arms.
    But even in such cases foreigners are in difficult positions requiring such tact. I can assure you that during the past years nothing whatsoever happened that could have induced us to consider the German troops intruders or oppressors.
    I believe that the attitude of the German Army in northern Finland towards the local population and authorities will enter our history as a unique example of a correct and cordial relationship...
    I deem it my duty to lead my people out of the war. I cannot and I will not turn the arms which you have so liberally supplied us against Germans. I harbor the hope that you,
    even if you disapprove of my attitude, will wish and endeavor like myself and all other Finns to terminate our former relations without increasing the gravity of the situation.'

    [Above: Adolf Hitler visited Mannerheim on his 75th birthday. He is seen here having a discussion with the president of Finland, Risto Ryti.]

    [Above: Feldpost from a German unit in Finland located in Petsamo Province, postmarked June 25, 1943. That soldier graphic is both rare and cool.]

    [Above: Close-up.]

  • Click here to see more photographs of Finnish soldiers

  • Click here to see a video of the Finnish Waffen-SS (5:59)

  • Click here to see more photographs of the Finnish Peoples Organization

  • Click here to see Finnish posters and magazines

  • Click here to see Finnish envelopes and postcards

  • Click here to see Finnish coins and currency of the era

  • Many Irish were eager supporters of Germany in WWII. In June 1940 when Germany occupied the British Channel Islands around 800 Irish laborers were to be found there. Asked to either go home or work for the Germans, nearly all of them chose to work for the Germans.
    Also of aid to National Socialist Germany were the 140 or so Irish men and women who worked in propaganda and espionage training departments in Ireland.

    Several volunteers from Ireland even fought in SS-Jagdverband Mitte (an SS unit formed from foreign volunteers which took part in the Ardennes Offensive). Two of them were SS-Uscha James Brady (aka de Lacy) and SS-Mann Frank Stringer (aka Le Page).

    Additionally, there was also a Waffen-SS Irish Brigade, which according to historian Robert Best, was said to be composed of around 400 men.
    [The British Free Corps: The Story of the British Volunteers of the Waffen-SS, Robert A. Best, (c)2010]

    Many more served as agents of the Abwehr and later of the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) alongside other foreign soldiers.

    [Above: Blue Shirts/Fine Gael badge. This shield is composed of the red St. Patrick's cross on a blue shield and the words 'Fine Gael' written above.]

    [Above: General Eoin O'Duffy. Circa 1933.]

  • Eoin O'Duffy (October 30, 1892 – November 30, 1944) was a skilled political activist, soldier, political leader and police commissioner. He was the leader of the Monaghan Brigade of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) during the victorious Irish War of Independence, and became their Chief of Staff in 1922. He was also a very early member of the political party Sinn Féin ('we ourselves').

    The next year in 1923 he aligned himself with the political organization Cumann na nGaedheal ('Society of the Gaels') and became their leader of security in an organization known as the Army Comrades Association (Blueshirts).

    In September 1933 Cumann na nGaedheal, the National Center Party and the Blueshirts merged to form one party.

    [Above: A young Eoin O'Duffy. In January 1921 he became the IRA Chief of Staff, thus becoming the youngest general in Europe until Francisco Franco was promoted to general.]

  • Eoin O'Duffy later became the popular leader of the 'People's National Party' which was closely aligned with Germany and its aims. O'Duffy even sent Adolf Hitler an offer that he would raise a 'Green Legion' of Irishmen to fight on the Russian Front. O'Duffy was no stranger to battle, he had previously led a 700 strong pro-Franco Irish brigade in the Spanish Civil War. In the 1940s O'Duffy spent time in Germany discussing a free Ireland and how he could assist the Axis in its war against Britain.

    [Above: Memorial banner of the Irish volunteers who traveled to Spain to fight communism.]

    [Above: Irish Spanish Civil War veterans who gave their limbs to save Europe from communism.]

    [Above: Booklet of the Irish Brigade in Spain. It lists the officers who sailed with O'Duffy from Ireland. These brave souls set sail from Ireland on November 20th and from Liverpool on the 21st in 1936, by S.S. 'Avoceta'. It lists the names of 32 volunteers from Dublin, Carlow/Kilkenny, Cork and West Ireland. Click to see other paper items.]

    [Above: The brave men of the Irish Brigade, who crossed an ocean to fight for people they didn't even know.]

  • Unfortunately, Eoin O'Duffy died in 1944 before he could carry out many of his dreams of Irish independence. He was given a state funeral and buried in Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin, alongside his comrades and other Irish freedom fighters.]

    [Above: The Irish National Socialist 'Blue Shirts'.
    Ireland has been fighting for its independence from Britain for hundreds of years.
    With the Axis, they would have finally been free.]

    [Above: A women's branch of the Blue Shirts. Circa 1933.]

    [Above: Young Blue Shirts show their allegiance at Charleville, County Cork, April 1934.]

    [Above: Eoin O'Duffy surrounded by eager supporters.]

    [Above: Germany and the Axis cause found many supporters and friends amongst the Irish people, who assisted the Axis war effort whenever possible. This included denying the Allies access to strategic ports and even assisting German U-Boats. British intelligence reported that 'Dingle Bay' and the inlets on the coast of county Kerry and Cork were open for use for the refueling of German U-boats, which in turn attacked Allied convoys and shipping.

    [Above: Eoin O'Duffy.]

  • Click here to see more pictures of the Blue Shirts

  • Mein Leben für Irland (My Life for Ireland) is a National Socialist German movie from 1941 directed by Max W. Kimmich. The film captures the story of Irish resistance and martydom under the British occupation of Ireland.

    [Above: My Life for Ireland promotional poster.]

    'Assembly: We must build new roads
    Leader: With what shall we build new roads?
    Assembly: With the bones of our enemy!
    Leader: And who is our enemy?
    Assembly: England!'
    -My life for Ireland, opening sequence between Irish revolutionaries

    [Above: My Life for Ireland promotional poster.]

  • A vast majority of Arab peoples supported the Axis during WW2. They saw in Adolf Hitler the same thing as their European, Asian and African counterparts. He was a savior. Since Germany had no colonial interests, he was to be their liberator.
    After France's defeat to Germany in 1940, jubilant Arabs chanted against the French and British on the streets of Damascus:
    'No more Monsieur, no more Mister, Allah's in Heaven and Hitler's on earth.'
    Posters in Arabic were common in shop windows and decorated various towns of Syria with the words:
    'In heaven God is your ruler, on earth Hitler'.

    [Above: A Muslim auxiliary in German service in the Balkans.]

    [Above: Arabic postcard showing Churchill and Roosevelt gorging themselves while the people starve. On the bottom it says 'Roosevelt, Churchill .....and the Arabs'
    *Special thanks to Kaci for the translation!]

    'The Mohammedan World is awaiting Him under the features of "the Mahdi," Whom Allah shall send "at the end of times," to crush all evil through the power of His sword — "after the Jews will once more have became the masters of Jerusalem" and "after the Devil will have taught men to set even the air they breathe, on fire."
    –Savitri Devi

    [Above: Tomoyuki Yamashita]

  • Tomoyuki Yamashita (November 8, 1885 – February 23, 1946) was a Japanese military genius amply nicknamed 'The Tiger of Malaya.'
    He is legendary for tricking the British into surrendering Singapore, even though his troops were badly outnumbered, low on ammunition, starving and suffering from malaria.
    The Japanese, at a cost of 3,000 dead and 30,000 captured, captured 130,000 British, Indian, and Australian troops, the largest surrender of British-led personnel in history and the loss of the 'invincible' fortress of Singapore.

    This fortress was considered to be amongst the most invulnerable in the world. A 'Times' article of the period describes it:
    'For 20 years we constructed this fortress. Two million tons of earth had to be moved and Great Britain spent 60 million pounds (60,000,000 pounds).
    Two months ago Singapore was still the mightiest base of Britain and the U.S.A. in the hemisphere of the world.'

    This amazing feat helped Yamashita to be executed by the vengeful Allies after the war. Talk about cowardly sore losers!
    He was officially charged with war crimes, even though the crimes in question didn't even happen under his jurisdiction, but under the Navy's and beneath his Japanese rival's command. It was apparent to all that he was innocent of these charges, the reporters covering his show trial even voted 12 to 0 to acquit him. In the end he was guilty of embarrassing the British and murdered for his cleverness.

    In World War Two he was never defeated.

    He was hung on February 23, 1946.

    His last words being: 'I will pray for the Emperor's long life and his prosperity forever.']

    [Above: Yamashita in Berlin greeted by German comrades. Before his stunning victory against the British in Malaysia, General Yamashita spent the previous Christmas as a guest in Germany, studying Blitzkrieg tactics. Before 1930 he had been Military Attachè in Vienna.]

    [Above: Yamashita in Potsdam.]

    [Above: General Yamashita giving a ceremonial sword to a German officer.]

    [Above: General Yamashita and German Luftwaffe officers studying the globe.]

    [Above: British surrender of Singapore, 2-15-1942. On the right foreground is Lt General A.E. Percival, British commander of Singapore. On the left is Tomoyoki Yamashita.]

    [Above: General Yamashita and staff surrender on September 2, 1945.]

    [Above: Check out this disrespectful and childish account of the General's death. The Allies murdered the greatest men of their day. They knew no chivalry whatsoever. I wonder where the BIG MAN who wrote this seething article was during WWII? Behind a desk in New York perhaps!?]

  • Click here to see more pictures of The Tiger of Malaysia

    [Above: German military postage stamp from Tunisia, North Africa, circa March/April 1943]

    [Above: 'Die Wehrmacht' was a popular magazine for soldiers, it was found in a wide variety of languages. Here a black African poses in Afrika Korp attire. This is issue number 14, circa 1942.]

    [Above: This volunteer wears an interesting 'uniform' of patchwork Luftwaffe parts.]

    [Above: A Luftwaffe officer speaks with a young African boy.]

    [Above: German Afrika Korps members pose with young African child. It looks like his clothes are about to rot off of him...]

  • Brazil was an important trading partner to Germany during the Third Reich. Brazil had vital raw materials, while Germany traded machinery and precision instruments.

    [Above: This poster says:
    'Ein Volk – Ein Führer – Ein Wille
    Das Fest der deutschen Volksgemeinschaft
    Rio de Janeiro

    (One People One Leader One Will
    May Day
    The Festival of the German People's Community
    Rio de Janeiro

    [Above: This poster says:
    'Der Nationalsozialist
    Mitteilungsblatt der Nationalsozialistischen deutschen Arbeiterpartei
    Ortsgruppe Rio de Janeiro'

    (The National Socialist
    Newsletter of the National Socialist German Workers Party
    Local Group Rio de Janeiro).]

    Yet another example of National Socialist Germany's good will toward other races and nations is their treatment of Roberto de Pessôa (Feb 25, 1910 - Sep 17, 2010).

    [Above: Roberto de Pessôa (middle) with two Wehrmacht friends).]

    Pessôa was an officer in the Brazilian Army who was sent to Germany to attend the Olympics in 1936. His goal was to study German athletes and learn their physical education methodology. Germany received a total of 89 medals (including 33 gold), a record for a united German team. National Socialist Germany beat every country in the world by a wide margin. 2nd place was the United States, who only earned 56 total medals. Interestingly, fourth place was Fascist Italy. These numbers are phenomenal when you consider the population of Germany versus the United States. A 1940 census of the United States showed 132,164,569 people, compared to a 1938 German census of 68,000,000 people, a difference of 64 million people! The United States almost doubled Germany in population, yet Adolf Hitler's Germany dominated it in Olympic medals. Brazil wanted to see if they could learn the secret behind this almost magical prowess of National Socialist German athletes.

    General Pessôa was given special access to the new Olympic stadium, the Berlin Sports Academy and the Olympic camp. The German army even gave him a special press pass. Pessôa wasn't only interested in German athletes, however, he was also interested in the German military. The Germans were open-armed, to say the least. They gave him access to Hitler Youth camps and even a paratrooper training camp.

    [Above: Pessôa (third from right) with Luftwaffe officers.]

    Pessôa himself was a career soldier who began his service when he was 15 years old in 1925. After five years in military school he was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in 1933. As a soldier, seeing the foremost military in the world must have been like a dream come true to him. Germany's openness and friendship toward Pessôa and Brazil was truly incredible. He was introduced to the Reichssportführer Hans von Tschammer und Osten, who introduced him to Adolf Hitler himself. The two shook hands warmly and Pessôa was even given the opportunity to sit beside the Führer during the games! He later recalled his meeting, saying 'it was a kind, friendly contact.'

    [Above: Pessôa and Adolf Hitler.]

    Pessôa was introduced to the leader of the German air force, Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring, who gave him access to attend a glider training course. This took place on Sylt island in northern Germany, where paratroopers also trained.

    [Above: Pessôa and Hans von Tschammer und Osten.]

    Pessôa would take what he learned back home to Brazil and try to introduce it to the Brazilian military. He was very impressed with the German military, recalling their incredible 'fiedelidade e soliedariedade' (faithfulness and solidarity).

    Pessôa went on to train with the American airforce and became Brazil's first paratrooper. After an incredible life, he passed away on Sep 17, 2010 in Rio de Janeiro. He was 100 years old.

    [Above: Roberto de Pessôa in his last days.]

  • Like many places around the world, Hitler Youth camps were also set up in Brazil:

    [Above: A branch of the Hitler Youth in Brazil.]

    [Above: This Brazilian Hitler Youth group is from Presidente Bernardes, a state of São Paulo, Brazil. Circa 1930-1935.]

    [Above: BDM art dealing with 'Young German Leaders in South America', 1940. The Hitler Youth (HJ) and the League of German Girls (BDM) had chapters in many countries all around the world. Click to see full image.]

    [Above: The Brazilian German language newspaper 'Deutscher Morgen' (German Morning), 'Wochenblatt der NSDAP für Brasilen' (Weekly Journal of the NSDAP for Brazil), 1932.]

    [Above: A National Socialist gathering - note the Brazilian flag next to the German flag behind the podium.]

    [Above: The Farroupilha Revolution centennial fair. This was held in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil to mark 100 years since the Farroupilha Revolution. The picture shows the pavilion of National Socialist Germany.]

  • Click here to see more pictures of National Socialism in Brazil

    [Above: Herbert John Burgman arrives at Bolling Field to face treason charges.]

  • Herbert John Burgman (April 17, 1894 - December 16, 1953) was an American who lived in Germany during WW2. He saw firsthand the truths and benefits of National Socialism and also the lies the Allies spread about it. He became a broadcaster to try to shed some light on the subject to his fellow Americans.

    Burgman was born in Minnesota and as a young man he served in the U.S. Army from 1918-1920. He was stationed in Germany in the American zone in the Occupation of the Rhineland.

    In 1921 he became a clerk and economic statistician for the State Department in the U.S. embassy in Berlin. He married Johanna Karhl, a German, in 1924 and had a son in 1925. When the Allies forced war upon Germany in 1939 he chose to stay in Germany instead of returning to the U.S. with the rest of the embassy staff.

    As the war raged on Burgman broadcast under the name 'Joe Scanlon' for 'Radio Debunk', the 'Voice of All Free America'.
    He tried to show Americans that it was Roosevelt and 'his Jewish and communistic pals', who wanted war. Burgman used his voice to fight a desperate battle to awaken Americans to the truth.

    Burgman was at his home in Rumpenheim, Frankfurt when he was arrested in November of 1945. He was temporarily released in 1946 on the condition that he reported in regularly to the U.S. Military Police for whom he then worked as an interpreter. But his semi-freedom didn't last long. By order of the Justice Department Burgman was rearrested on November 22, 1948 and was sent back to the U.S on February 4, 1949 for trial.

    [Above: Herbert John Burgman while facing treason charges, 1949.]

    Burgman was originally arraigned on 69 counts of treason but it was reduced down to 20 counts. During the trial he suffered a heart attack and had to go to the trial in a wheelchair. He was convicted of 13 acts of treason on November 15, 1949 and was sentenced to 6-20 years.

    Death interrupted Burgman's punishment for trying to keep America out of a senseless war, he died a few years later on December 16, 1953.

    [Above: The grave of a warrior for truth.]

    [Above: Flag of Carpathian Ruthenia, Carpatho-Ukraine or Zakarpattia (southwestern Ukraine)]

  • Carpathian Ruthenia is a historic region in the border between Central and Eastern Europe, mostly located in western Ukraine's Zakarpattia Oblast, with smaller parts in easternmost Slovakia and Poland's Lemkovyna. Rusyns, also known as Ruthenes, are a primarily diasporic ethnic group who speak an East Slavic language known as Rusyn.

    The word Ruthenia originated as a Latin rendering of the region and people known originally as Rus'. It is used to refer to regions of ancient Kyivan Ruthenia (modern day Ukraine) that were distinctly not under the influence of Russia, such as Carpathian Ruthenia, Red Ruthenia (Western Ukraine or sometimes southeastern Poland or Right-bank Ukraine), Black Ruthenia (western Belarus), and White Ruthenia (also known as Russia Alba or White Russia, is found in eastern Belarus).

    During World War Two, the region was annexed by the Kingdom of Hungary. After Hungary was occupied by Germany on March 19, 1944 a special administration was set up in the region. After the war, it became part of Soviet occupied Ukraine.

    Today, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Croatia officially recognize contemporary Rusyns (or Ruthenes) as an ethnic minority.

    [Above: 'Vassili Kigorovitch is a Ruthenian. The Ruthenians, numbering about eight millions, played a special role even in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Later the intellectuals were absorbed by the Poles and Russians, so that today the nation has more the character of a peasant people. As far back as the First World War, however, the Ruthenians remembered their individuality and, in spite of all the attempts of the Soviets, this national conciousness remained awake. Today, with the doors of freedom open to them, they are proving particularly receptive to Europeans tendencies.'
    -Signal magazine, English edition.]

    [Above: German and Slovak soldiers with civilians in Komancza Red Ruthenia, Poland 1939.]

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