[Below: The Kriegsmarine flag of NS Germany and the flag of Finland.]

[Below: Even the owls were rooting for the Axis! These two owls were orphaned in 1942.]

[Below: Finnish Waffen-SS volunteer Ermo Juhani Raappana, son of Major-General Erkki Raappana.]

[Below: The ladies men of the 'Finnisches Freiwilligen Battalion der Waffen SS'!]

[Below: This picture marks the official formation of the 'Finnisches Freiwilligen-Battalion der Waffen-SS. Seen here is the Finnish Military Attache in Berlin, Colonel Walter Horn. Horn is talking to the Finnish Volunteer Battalion Commander. On this occasion the Finnish volunteers were sworn in and a unique color was presented to them by Horn. This took place at Gross Born on the Baltic coast on October 15, 1941.]

[Below: European brotherhood. German, Finnish and Russian soldiers waiting for action. September 17, 1941.]

[Below: Squad leader Uscha Taisto Kuuri with his men and his new puppy. They are on the Eastern Front at The Kalmyk steppe, January 9, 1943.]

[Below: One hour after these Finnish soldiers were discharged from the Waffen-SS they were already wearing Finnish army uniforms to keep on fighting the Bolsheviks. They are pictured here in Hanko, Finland's most southern town, July 11, 1943.]

[Below: Alf Silverberg, Finnish Waffen-SS volunteer. He wears a tank destruction badge on his arm sleeve for single-handedly destroying Soviet tanks.]

[Below: Finnish General Malmberg welcomes back war-blinded Finnish Waffen-SS- volunteer Uscha Matti Alonen. Tampere-Finland, June 3, 1943.]

[Below: Finnish Waffen-SS in Paris picking up vehicles for their battalion.]

[Below: Finnish officers from the Wiking Division, early 1943. Top row - Mauri Sautio, Heikki Mansala, Kauko Ingerö. Bottom row - Olli Somersalo, Kalervo Kurkiala, Yrjö Tenomaa.]

[Below: A Finnish Waffen-SS battalion returning home from the Eastern Front.]

[Below: Finnish Waffen-SS on the march. This is a good shot of the lion patch on their sleeves.]

[Below: A Luftwaffe Lieutenant and a Lieutenant of the Finnish Air Force.]

[Below: A Finnish soldier with a crude homemade armband leads a civilian work force. July 1941. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]