• Like the acid eating away these newspapers, the truth has slowly been eroding away the lies of this world. Because of the tyrant's worst enemy, the internet, information is available like never before. Gone are the days of controlled information, for now.

    In the dark days of WW2 the only way people could obtain daily information was through media sources like newspapers and magazines. And as anyone knows, these outlets are highly controlled, edited and stylized to impress the newspaper's views upon the reader. Like today, the reporting was very one-sided, censored, and carefully tailored to give the reader just enough truth to seem realistic, while maliciously inserting a brainwashing agenda along the way. The propaganda they used was time tested to steer the unknowing public like cattle. Indeed, many of the techniques used on our grandparents are still used today.

    Our grandparents believed the media almost religiously, seldom did they even question what they were told by their newspapers and magazines.

    They usually had the view "Why would they lie to us?"

    For immeasurable reasons:

    To shape our opinions.

    What we buy.

    What we wear.

    What we say.

    What we read.

    What we eat.

    What we believe.

    What we love.

    And what we hate.

    And there is nothing that we are taught to hate more than Adolf Hitler.


    Since we can first understand language it is pounded into our heads.

    Over and over and over again. There is nothing more evil.

    He killed millions they scream.

    His way, the absolute opposite of ours, is terrible and evil, they proclaim.

    Our way is the right way!

    As we're brainwashed and locked away.

    As our world sinks into deeper darkness. As people's hearts rot and turn to stone. As once beautiful cities turn to filthy slums. As men become monsters. As the pitiful pursuit of gold becomes the absolute goal of life. As the prisons burst at their seams. As sprays of blood stain our darkening streets. As our populations are drunk and drugged just to make it through the day. As we're enslaved with debt till death. As laws become libraries. And the tyrants grow stronger, feeding on our hate and the chaos they've made.

    But His way was the wrong way?

    An end to usury. No interest loans. Free housing for families in need. Free medical care for all. Worker's rights. Mother's rights. Pioneering animal rights. Nature reserves. Wage increases. Incentives for couples to marry--including interest free loans for furniture of 1000 RM. Real profit sharing. Respecting the past and forging the future. Explosions of brilliance in science, art, music, technology, medical science and architecture.

    Something to be proud of.

    A reason to wake up.

    A light in this darkness.

    An arrow in the face of death.

    Laughter in the face of despair.

    [I came upon this old photo album overflowing with crumbling newspaper clippings from mostly 1944-1945. I thought I might share with you the childish propaganda and vitriolic insults that fill these clippings. The rancor and savageness of the Allies' propaganda agents is often very humorous. It's especially entertaining how they made the Germans and their allies into an army of retarded bumbling cowards, and themselves into a small brigade of selfless heroes. The truth, from the soldiers who were there, from ALL sides, is very different than the foolishness presented here. The war was savage and senseless, and anything but easy. By presenting the story like this--as if the Americans just walked in and stole victory, they do a great injustice to the innumerable dead. By presenting the Germans as spineless blundering fools these writers must have forgotten that one of the largest ethnic groups in America were Germans. And indeed, many of the American soldiers were Germans themselves.]

  • NOTE: This will be an ongoing project of adding hundreds of other articles from the scrapbook--so check back often.

  • Poor little traitor...

    [Note: This just stinks of falsity. They LOVE to publish books after the supposed author is dead. After all, the publisher has the alleged original manuscript, and can alter and rewrite the work at will. In recent years this has been the case with many of Adolf Hitler's secretaries and staff. Take note, this is true on many occasions involving Adolf Hitler. With the author dead there is no one to protest. And they certainly aren't having an open house involving original manuscripts. Look at the case of Anne Frank's supposed diary. Historians aren't even allowed to examine the original.

    Ciano is a classic example of a traitor. He was a die hard fascist and supporter of Mussolini UNTIL things went bad. He even betrayed the Germans by leaking a warning of imminent invasion to Belgium in 1940.

    In the case of Ciano, many historians have already denounced the diary as a forgery, or at least heavily altered. I wonder where he hid the supposed diary pages in his prison cell? The diary itself is over 600 pages, and I'm unsure of how many pages he supposedly wrote in his prison cell. Maybe his cellmate was a Mexican 'mule' who taught him the fine art of smuggling. 600 pages. Ouch.]

  • Evil undisguised...

    [Note: This has to be against every rule of war. A war crime and a crime against morality, not that these soldiers had any. If black metal bands want to look evil they should dress up like WW2 American soldiers. Pitiful, arrogant, apathetic, brainwashed evil.]

  • Atomic cheaters...

    [Note: It's interesting how America, who screamed "RACIST!" at Germany for years was undoubtedly the most racist of any of the belligerents of WW2. Blacks were second class citizens in America. Japanese Americans were in concentration camps. American Indians were on hell-hole reservations, etc.! We all know of the propaganda about how the Germans were insatiable bloodthirsty racist devils. The American establishment especially loved to degrade the Japanese racially. There were literally a sea of racist posters and advertisements comparing the Japanese to rats, for example. Caricatures of the Japanese being presented as less than human were extremely common. Using the racial slurs 'nip' and 'yellow' were favorites too.

    [Below: A tiny example of the violent racism against Japanese-Americans in America during and before WWII.]

    [Below: A selection of American depictions of the Japanese. The 'racist' Germans never did such things. In fact they considered these 'yellow rats' brothers.]

    [Below: A cocky American terrorizes a Japanese woman.]

    At the point in which America sold its soul and dropped two atomic bombs on two civilian cities, Japan was bombed to ruin. Its air force and navy were devastated. Its leaders were moving toward a surrender, and America knew it. When the American Pacific commanders learned that an atomic bomb would be dropped they were shocked. Why would we drop atomic bombs on a nation that was days away from surrendering? Truthful historians have one simple, inhuman and disgusting answer:

    To scare Russia.

    140,000 human beings died nearly instantly in the city of Hiroshima.

    80,000 human beings died nearly instantly in the city of Nagasaki.

    By 1950 200,000 more people died of atomic bomb related diseases or injuries. Many more were forced to live with permanent disabilities.

    That's 420,000 people dead.

    To scare Russia.

    Stalin, the leader of communist Russia, who the American government and media had trumpeted for years as a great guy and a friend of the American people. We sent his communist armies unimaginable amount of war materials during WW2. We saved communism from the Germans and their allies at all costs. Stalin had already murdered thousands of Poles and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. But he had just begun. By the time he was through he would murder 20-60 million more human beings.

    Our great and brave ally. If America hadn't saved him Germany and her allies would have liberated Russia from communism. There never would have been a cold war. 20-60 million human beings wouldn't have died. America is an accessory to genocide and mass murder. This would be true in any court of law.

    But how many people give a shit about any of this?

    20-60 million, I suppose.

    Oops, that's right, they're dead. Never mind.]

  • Death before dishonor...

    [Note: It's funny that the Allies couldn't comprehend the fact that Adolf Hitler chose to die with his people rather than run. They weren't used to such valor and dedication, since they had never felt it themselves. Take General MacArthur for example, the 'great American hero'. He left his men and officers to die in the Philippines and ran to Australia. Remember his famous quote: 'I shall return'.

    Adolf Hitler said he would choose death rather than abandon the people and the capital of the Reich. And he did just that. It took many years for the Allies to finally face the facts.

    We're willing to die for the truth.
    Are they willing to die for their lies?]

  • A three year old's fantasies...

    [Note: This is comedic propaganda at its best! The American soldier going to sleep one is comedy gold. Or how about the one where the Germans dig a 'deep hole' so they can change their clothes?! Who thought of this bullshit? A child? How about all the typos at the end? I guess they got the same toddler who made up the story to type it too! Those crafty Americans!]

  • Many inconsistencies...

    [Note: There are several things about this picture and story that smell of bullshit. Why would the evil cruel 'nips' have a nice, spacious and clean-looking hospital for those they planned on killing? And if the Japanese abandoned the hospital it was because of advancing American troops. Not time enough for a skull to be sitting there on the bed. That skull stinks of your grandfather's Photoshop. Among other things, the forehead of the skull looks gigantic. Who is to say the picture is even in the Philippines?]

  • War profiteers and an uneasy truth for veterans...

    [Note: This is a very rare and interesting article that somehow escaped censorship. Unhappy veterans. War profiteers. Civilians bloated with war propaganda.

    I especially like the greedy woman making money off the war who said 'she hoped the war lasted ten more years.' But the real profiteers were the weapon manufacturers. They made gargantuan fortunes off the deaths of sixty million.

    It's no wonder the soldiers were shocked and even angered by the state of America when they came back. While they were gone unknowingly fighting a war for global tyranny, mom and pop were being force fed unending propaganda and lies. Lies about how cowardly and stupid the Germans and Japanese were. How their heroic G.I. Joes were single-handedly taking down hundreds of enemies.

    Look at how the Americans presented the 'Battle of the Bulge' to the world. The Germans called it the 'Ardennes Offensive', and a terrible and bloody offensive it was. Approximately 610,000 American soldiers were involved in the battle, of which nearly 110,000 were either killed or injured. It proved to be the most violent and hellish battle of WW2 for the Americans. General George Patton even declared how close the Germans had been to winning and driving the Allies from Europe, thus extending the war into 1946.

    Yet, the propaganda liars spun the battle as only a small 'bulge' of the American lines on a map. No big deal. No biggie that behind the American lines they were being flooded with dead bodies so fast they couldn't keep up. I remember reading how shocked those in charge of this grisly job were. They were stunned because it didn't match the reports. What a big, fat, bunch of bullshit.]

  • A beautiful communist utopia?...

    [Note: Throughout WW2 the Americans and British loved to present Stalin and communism as a force of good and righteousness. Even after the Katyn Forest Massacre and the genocide committed in the Ukraine. 4-5 MILLION Ukrainian people were murdered through calculated starvation and even far worse means between 1930-1933. Another million were starved to death in the North Caucasus, and another million elsewhere in the Soviet Union. A study by Michael Ellman estimates that ‘about eight and a half million people were victims of famine and repression' , combined, in the period of 1930–1933.]

    [Below is a picture of the victims of Stalin's genocide against the Ukrainian people. I wonder where the 'steaks broiling all day long' were for these children?]

    This genocidal madness is what America and Britain sustained and protected when Europe rose to stop it. America sent nearly endless arms and aid shipments to Stalin. Without this aid communism surely would have perished. Instead half of Europe was enslaved and plunged into darkness for the next fifty years.]

    [Above: Newspaper clipping.]

    [Above: Just a few of millions... This is what the United States rescued by saving the Soviet Union from defeat and liberation at the hands of Germany and its European allies. This is a scar on the soul of the United States, it knew what communist Russia had done to untold millions of innocent people under its control (it was well publicized at the time). Yet the United States sent mountains of supplies of all kinds to save communist occupied Russia.]

    [Above: This is from a postage stamp label from the Ukraine government in exile.]

  • Dead Puppy!...

    [Note: Those gosh darn evil Nazis beating up on children! Especially those 'blue-eyed and blond' ones! They hated those ones the most! I mean damn, couldn't they find a poor, noble Jew to kick around?! Maybe get a couple of puppies and smear the blood all over their bodies! Okay... where was I?

    Oh, that nine year old war booty, innocently smuggled into the USA. This story is just insane. I'm sure this nine year old later became a 'holocaust' survivor. Yep, those monstrous Nazis they killed three of his fathers, all six of his mothers, and ten million of his grandmothers. And his puppy.]

  • Easy as pie?...

    [Note: This might be the stupidest 'news' article ever. I can't imagine what was going through the mind of the idiot who came up with this lie. Let's see, one hundred 'Jerries' (slang for Germans) are on their way any minute now, but don't worry American newspaper reader, our brave soldiers are standing their ground in front of the oven!? If need be these two heroes will take on the entire German army! Damn it our boys need freshly baked bread and pie crusts... plus you know what the 'Jerries' do with ovens!

    Over one million Americans were killed or maimed during WW2 and some jackass is sitting around writing articles that make it seem like a comic strip. Despicable.

    I remember reading about someone's account in 'Graves Registration', which was a service within the United States Army Quartermaster Corps tasked with the retrieval, identification, transportation, and burial of deceased American military personnel. Since 1991 it is more amply named 'Mortuary Affairs'.

    Anyway, this person working in The Graves Resistration Service had the unenviable task of being in the rear areas during the Ardennes Offensive, what the Americans egotistically called 'The Battle of the Bulge'. The person couldn't believe the amount of corpses being shipped back to Graves Registration. Floods and floods of shredded American bodies. So many bodies they didn't know what to do with them all. And of course, the person wondered why the amount of bodies they were receiving didn't match published casualty reports.

    Reminds you of another more recent account of American service personel remains. The Washington Post reported in 2011 that 'at least 976 body parts of 274 U.S. soldiers recovered from war zones abroad were ditched in a Kings County, Va., dump after arriving at Dover Air Base between 2004 and 2008.'

    Furthermore, the nydailynews.com reported that 'In total, more than 2,700 incinerated body parts were chucked, according to Air Force records - though that number may just be the tip of the iceberg.'

    The Air Force reported that 'it has no plans to tell the families of the soldiers' whose body parts were identified'.

    Since being busted of this grisly practice the government has now made it policy to begin 'burying unidentified soldiers remains at sea from aboard Navy ships'.

    This news is truly disgusting and shocking. But what is worse is that when this news broke no one really cared. It was briefly mentioned in the media and then forgotten. So much for 'heroes' eh America?

    And of course there is more. Lots more. Missing body parts of soldiers. Graves in Arlington Cemetery empty or with the wrong bodies buried in them. Multiple pieces of different bodies thrown into the same 'bag'... It goes on and on.

    As one person on social media said it: 'left over pizza gets treated better.'

  • A bad taste in your mouth?...

    [Note: Maybe killing MILLIONS of European and Japanese women and children in TARGETED bombing campaigns has left a bad taste in their mouths? America and Britain had an indiscriminate bombing campaign in WW2, targeting solely civilians in many cases. Their reasoning: they dared resist, therefore they all deserve death.]

  • Murder Inc....

    [Note: Here is a case of murdering for murdering a murderer, although I wouldn't call the German civilians act of vengeance 'murder'.

    '...an unknown flier...'
    So they don't know who the guy was who was murdered?!

    No one will ever know the amount of civilians the 'good guys' intentionally murdered during WW2. Most estimates put the number around one million, although the number is probably higher. These deaths were not accidental, but premeditated. Here is a quote regarding this genocidal policy from Arthur Harris, commander of U.K. Bomber Command which was issued in a directive:
    "It has been decided that the primary objective of your operations should now be focused on the morale of the enemy civil population and in particular, of industrial workers.
    The aim is the destruction of German cities, the killing of German workers and the disruption of civilised community life through-out Germany.
    It should be emphasised that the destruction of houses, public utilities, transport and lives; the creation of a refugee problem on an unprecedented scale;
    and the breakdown of morale both at home and at the battle fronts by fear of extended and intensified bombing are accepted and intended aims of our bombing policy,
    they are not by-products of attempts to hit factories."

    Is that insane or what? Of course we're not taught that in history class are we? Nor does our wonderfully unbiased television mention it either.

    Most people by now have heard of the bombing of Dresden, Germany. Death-toll estimates range from 35,000 to 500,000! Mostly women and children. The Allies even knew that there were their own P.O.W.s there at the time, but bombed it to oblivion anyway.

    When ordering the bombing of Chemnitz following the destruction of Dresden, the Allied commander stated the motive to his pilots:
    “The reason you are going there tonight is to finish off the refugees who managed to escape Dresden.”

    Unbelievable. Absolutely something only the most depraved human beings could think up.

    [Above: Document released by Germany presenting evidence of British plans to destroy Germany as early as 1936.]

    In the 1930s Adolf Hitler pressed the rest of Europe to ban inhuman munitions like incendiary bombs. Britain, among others, refused. We must understand that the men dropping the bombs on women and children were and are just as guilty as those issuing the commands. Pilots would even brag about their homicidal works and even say things like 'Hamburgization' of German cities--named after the gruesome bombing of Hamburg, where tens of thousands of civilians died. One American bomber shot down over Germany was actually captured with a flight jacket on with his plane's name painted on the back. Guess what it was?

    "MURDER INC."!!!]

    [Above: German newspaper showing a picture of the American 'hero'. This murderer's jacket is the most truthful thing to come out of the war!]

    [Above: Front page of the Völkischer Beobachter, December 22, 1943. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: An American newspaper article on Murder Inc.]

    The official definition of 'murder' is:
    'the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.'

    [Above: Here's British leader and mass murderer Winston Churchill in a gangster-styled photo.]

    [Above: An M2 Light Tank lovingly named after American mass murderer and gangster Al Capone. This tank was produced under the Lend-Lease Act of the United States, to be sent to America's ally communist Russia, 1941. And shockingly, the United States government actually did work with the mob! Yes, that's right, they actually hired the mob to guard American ports and also to help them with the occupation of Italy [Mussolini had valiantly shut down the mob in Italy and kicked them out of the country]. Sounds absolutely absurd, doesn't it. But it is true. Criminals working with criminals, who would have thoughts?]