[Below: These are the perforated versions of the stamps.]

[Below: These are the imperforate versions of the stamps.]

[Below: This design is the highest value of the Azad Hind stamps shown above. It is also the rarest and by far the most expensive. The two stamps on the left are examples of rare color variations, with the one of the right being the complete example.]

[Below: This is an extremely rare proof stamp, only 200 printed! There are other proofs which are printed on the backs of advertising cards.]

[Below: On these variations the tiger's color is offset, as is the orange stripe on top of the flag.]

[Below: An offset pair showing an even worse offset.]

[Below: Rare block of four - one color.]

[Below: Rare block of four - two color.]

[Below: The rarest of them all. This orange color variation is a proof and is extremely scarce.]

[Below: These stamps were prepared for use in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (a group of islands situated in the Bay of Bengal), which were under Azad Hind administration since December 29, 1943, but were never used. Note that these stamps, unlike those above, have no surcharge.]

[Below: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands had been liberated from British occupation in 1942 by Japanese forces. They continued to use British stamps even under the Azad Hind Government. These two stamps contained overprints as a surcharge and were used solely on these islands.]

[Below: Here is a commemorative 'Jai Hind' postmark using an overprinted strip of British stamps. 'Jai Hind' was a popular Indian National Army battle cry and a patriotic slogan.]

[Below: Here are some rare blocks. Click on image to enlarge.]

[Below: This is a rare 'empty field variety' (the blank stamp on the bottom). Such rare errors are precisely cataloged in specialty books.]

[Below: A couple of very strange items...
In 1964, to commemorate 67 years since Chandra Bose's birth, the Indian post office sold envelopes with the 1943 Waffen-SS Azad Hind stamps.
Apparently the Indian post office purchased thousands of Waffen-SS Azad Hind stamps from old stock!
This was done purely for philatelic (stamp collecting) purposes.
Very odd and ironic that it took 21 years to use these stamps, since they were never used in 1943 due to the war!]