• The truth is dark beyond imagination:
    '...atrocities against Spanish Catholics by left-wing [communist] militia were front-page news. Readers learnt bloody details of the thirteen bishops, 4,184 priests, 2,365 monks, and 283 nuns murdered... most in the opening months... Many killings were sadistically carried out. A priest was gored to death in a corral of bulls near Madrid; militiamen forced rosary beads into the ears of monks... until their eardrums burst; other priests were buried alive.'
    --Franco's International Brigades, Christopher Othen, pg. 125, 2013

    An absolutely stark and evil reality showed itself in the Spanish Civil War, but do not be so naive and deluded to think that it is unique. It is communism. It is Bolshevism. It has already taken control of most of the countries of this dying planet, including yours. Germany and its allies in WW2 tried to stop it with all their blood and might, but failed and only slowed it down.
    An Irish volunteer in Franco's nationalist army wrote home:
    'You should see the chapels here... their altars torn down and burned and the skulls of the nuns all about the place. It's awful. It would make your blood boil.'
    --Franco's International Brigades, Christopher Othen, pg. 133, 2013

    [Below: In one of the most gruesome, disturbing and horrific actions to come out of the bloodsoaked 20th century, here are two pictures of communists in Spain during the civil war. The picture on the top shows communists who have taken the corpses of nuns from a Catholic monastery in Barcelona to defile and pose with the bodies! The bottom shows the same done elsewhere. In fact, this inhuman practice happened all over Spain, wherever the communists controlled or passed through. Like in Russia after the communist 'revolution', they even turned churches into stables for animals to defile them. Truly unbelievable stuff which reveals the ghastly stark evil of communism.]

    [Below: This is the communist 'Death Brigade' commanded by Pascual Fresquet (center, left). This murder machine was responsible for more than 200 murders between July and September 1936. Note the many religious artifacts being defiled amongst this group of animals. After murdering any religious figure within, they would defile and destroy any items they found, including the church itself.]

    [Below: Coffins of nuns ripped from the catacombs where they were interred.]

    [Below: Religious artifacts from plundered churches being burned on the streets after the end of street fighting, July 20, 1936.]

    [Below: Coffins and corpses being mocked and defiled by the communists.]

    [Below: A group of communists shooting at a statue of Jesus...]

    [Below: Heaps of religious books, statues and artifacts in a massive pile before being burned.]

    [Below: A communist takes a pickaxe to a statue of Mary.]

    [Below: Commies hold up the heads of a statue of Jesus and a saint.]

    [Below: Imagine doing this. I mean, maybe if you were some 13-year-old goth kid trying to look evil. Just ridiculous.]

    [Below: Communist-idiot-monsters show off their priest skulls and ugly degenerate faces.]

    [Below: Commie tough guys hold pistols to the heads of priests while mocking them for the camera.]

    [Below: A group of nuns in civilian clothes (probably so they aren't targeted by commies), being protected by Franco's government militiamen in a Toledo convent.]