German NSDAP members who converted to Islam after the war:

Altern, Erich. Post-war name: Ali Bella. Was a Regional Chief of the SD and worked within the Jewish Affairs office in Galicia. In the 1950s he worked in Egypt as an instructor in Palestinian camps.

Appler, Hans. Post-war name: Sakah Chaffar. Worked with Goebbels in the Information Services. In Egypt in 1956 he was the Minister of Information.

Bartel, Franz. Post-war name: El Hussein. He was the Assistant Chief of the Kattowitz Gestapo (Poland). After the war, starting in 1959, he was in charge of Jewish Affairs of the Ministry of Information in Cairo.

Baurnann, ?. SS Standartenführer. Helped crush the communist/Jewish Warsaw uprising. After the war held the post of Minister of War in Cairo and was an instructor for the FLP (Liberation Front of Palestine).

Becher, Hans. Gestapo Jewish affairs, Vienna. After the war he lived in Alexandria, Egypt and became a police instructor.

Beissner, Dr Wilhelm. Section Chief VI C 13 RSHA. After the war he lived in Egypt.

Bender, Bernhardt. Post-war name: Bechir Ben Salah. Gestapo, Warsaw. After the war he was a police consultant in Cairo.

Birgel, Werner. Post-war name: El Gamin. SS Officer. Relocated to Cairo, Egypt after the war and worked in the Ministry of Information.

Boeckler, Wilhelm. SS Untersturmführer. In 1949 he relocated to Egypt and was employed with the Department of Information Bureau in Egypt.

Boerner, Wilhelm. Post-war name: Ali Ben Keshir. SS Untersturmführer and guard at Mauthausen camp. After the war he worked at the Egyptian Interior Ministry and was an instructor of the FLP (Liberation Front of Palestine).

Brunner, Alois. Post-war name: Georg Fisher and Ali Mohammed. SS officer and Chief of Drancy camp in France. He lived in Damascus, Syria after the war and was a Consultant for Special Services. He was protected against extradition by the Syrian government.

Buble, Friedrich. Post-war name: Ben Amman. SS Obergruppenführer and Gestapo. After the war he was the Director of Egyptian Public Relations Department in 1952 and was also a consultant for the Egyptian police force.

Bunsch, Franz. SA officer. Obersturmführer who worked with Joseph Goebbels. After the war he worked for the Information Ministry in Cairo, Egypt.

Daemling, Joachim. Post-war name: Jochen Dressel or Ibrahim Mustapha. Chief of Gestapo in Dusseldorf. Postwar he was a consultant for the Egyptian penitentiary system and was an active member of Radio-Cairo (Radio-Le Caire).

Eisele, Dr Hans. Chief doctor of Buchenwald camp. Died in Cairo in 1965.

Farmbacher, Wilhelm. SS Lieutenant-General in the Wehrmacht and served on the Eastern Front. He was also a Supervisor in Vlassov's army in 1944. After the war he became a military consultant for Egyptian President Nasser.

Gleim, Leopold. Post-war name: Lt-Col Al Nashar. Unit Chief in Warsaw, Poland. After the war he became a high ranking officer in the Egyptian national security department and was in charge of political prisoners.

Heiden, Ludwig. Post-war name: El Hadj. Journalist for the news agency Weltdienst. After the war he translated Mein Kampf into Arabic and lived in Egypt.

Heim, Aribert. SS Hauptsturmführer/doctor at Mauthausen camp. After the war he worked as a doctor for the Egyptian police.

Hitholfer, Franz. High ranking officer of the Gestapo in Vienna. He lived in Egypt in 1950s.

Luder, Karl. Chief in the Hitler Youth. Postwar he was a War Minister in Egypt.

Mildner, Rudolf. SS Standartenführer and Gestapo Chief in Kattowitz and was also the Chief of police in Denmark. In 1963 he moved to Egypt and was a member of the Deutscher Rat organization.

Moser, Alois. Gruppenführer. Postwar he became an instructor of paramilitary youth groups in Cairo.

Munzel, Oskar. SS General. During the 1950s he was a military consultant in Cairo.

Nimzel, Gerd von. Post-war name: Ben Ali Egypt.

Oltramare, Georges. Post-war name: Charles Dieudonne. Director of Pilori in France during the German occupation. After the war he was responsible for the television show 'La Voix des Arabes' (The Voice of the Arabs) in Cairo. Died in 1960.

Peschnik, Aehim. Dieter Post-war name: El-Said. Lived in Egypt after the war.

Rademacher, Granz. Post-war name: Thome Rossel. Led a section of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Was later a journalist in Damascus.

Rauff, Walter. Chief of SD in Tunisia. Lived in Syria until 1961. Was arrested and released in Chile in 1962.

Seipel, ?. SS Sturmbannführer. Post-war name: Emmd Zuher Gestapo in Paris. Converted to Islam. Security Services with Interior Ministry in Cairo.

Sellman, Heinrich. Post-war name: Hassan Suleiman, Chief of Gestapo in Ulm. Later worked for the Ministry of Information in Cairo and the Egyptian Special Services.

Thiemann, Albert. Post-war name: Amman Kader, SS officer in Information Ministry in Cairo.

Weinmann, Eric. SS Standartenführer Chief of SD in Prague. Reportedly faked his death in 1949, and is said to have became a consultant to Alexandria's police force in Egypt.

Muslim German SS-Officers during the Third Reich:

Ludwig Zind (1907-1973)

Ulrik Klaus

Heinrich Willerrman: SS Doctor

Joachim Däumling: Chief of the Gestapo in Düsseldorf.

Leopold Gleim - SS Standartenführer in Warsaw and head of the Gestapo department for Jewish affairs in Poland.

Bernhard Bender

Walter Baumann: SS Sturmbannführer

Erich Altern

Wilhelm Böckler: SS Untersturmführer

Alois Brunner: SS officer

Hans Appler: Associate of Joseph Goebbels

Werner Birgel: SS officer from Leipzig

Friedrich Buble: SS Obergruppenführer

Wilhelm Börner: SS Sturmbannführer

Albert Thielemann: SS chief in Bohemia

Heinrich Sellmann: Gestapo chief at Ulm

Ludwig Heiden: SS official who worked at the German news-agency.

Johan Von Leers: Professor and propaganda ministry official and was also an honorary Sturmbannführer in the Waffen-SS.

Ludwig Ferdinand Clauß: Anthropologist and influential race theorist.

Aribert Ferdinand Heim: Served in the Waffen-SS and was a doctor at the Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen and Mauthausen camps.