[Below: PVT. Herman Perry]

[Below: Reward poster]

[Below: December 21, 1944 wanted notice appearing in the local theater newspaper CBI Roundup.]

[Below: Wanted poster in Kachin and Burmese languages distributed amongst native workers in the area.]

[Below: Perry after his capture. Seen here (left to right) is Pvt. George Crosby, Maj. Earl Cullum, Pvt. Herman Perry, Sgt. Earl Gainor and Cpl. Bernard Black.]

[Below: Perry receiving medical treatment in the stockade at Chabua. He was wounded during his capture.]

[Below: Perry's wounded foot is examined by Major Cullum and a medic.]

[Below: Perry after his capture.]

Perry not only escaped from a military jail after his first capture, but also was wounded multiple times during his escape, and most shocking of all, he lived with a local headhunter tribe and married the chief's daughter and even had a child!