[Above: 'France is the bastion of Europe. Defend it!']

[Above: 'Katyn - a paradise underground'. Circa 1943. A grim reminder of the communist massacre of thousands of Polish officers in Katyn forest.]

[Above: Another poster mentioning Katyn.]

[Above: A poster showing Soviet and Americans in Africa. After WWII Africa would be a battlefield of KGB and CIA proxy wars, revolutions and assassinations.]

[Above: 'Get out of here!' Circa 1942]

[Above: Poster]

[Above: Poster]

[Above: 'Bolshevism brings death for all nations'. Circa 1943]

[Above: 'Under the folds of the flag - Legion of French Volunteers - Fighting for Europe'.]

[Above: An LVF recruiting poster. The number of French volunteers was beyond anyone's expectation.]

[Above: An LVF recruiting poster.]

[Above: An LVF recruiting poster.]

[Above: An LVF recruiting poster.]

[Above: 'Europe United Against Bolshevism, 1943.]

[Above: Legion Tricolore recruiting poster]

[Above: Poster]

[Above: Poster]

[Above: 'Trust... His amputations continue systematically'.]

[Above: 'The Allies are advancing at a snail's pace', 1944.]

[Above: 'Leave us alone!', 1941.]

[Above: This poster shows a map of Jewish involvement in France and the total domination of Jewish money.]

[Above: Poster.]

[Above: Poster.]

[Above: Poster.]

[Above: 'Work in Germany for a stronger France'.]

[Above: 'Socialism against Bolshevism for a free Europe'.]

[Above: Poster.]

[Above: 'Men of France'.]

[Above: 'The women and children of Europe accuse the RAF', 1940.]

[Above: 'Thanks to the British, our cross we bear', 1940.]

[Above: This poster proclaims that the Jews are behind Roosevelt's decision to land American troops in French North Africa to fight the Germans. It says 'Who is stealing our North Africa? Roosevelt. Who urges him on? The Jew'. It shows Fiorello La Guardia, the Jewish mayor of New York City, whispering in Roosevelt's ear.]

[Above: This poster shows French General Charles de Gaulle as a Jewish puppet. It says 'The True Face of Free France'.]

[Above: 'They give their blood, give your work to save Europe from Bolshevism'. Circa 1942.]

[Above: Close-up.]

[Above: This French Waffen-SS recruiting poster basically says 'Elbow to elbow against the common enemy']

[Above: 'Victory - The Crusade against Bolshevism'.]

[Above: 'Victory - The Great European Crusade'.]

[Above: 'With your European comrades-with the SS symbol you'll overcome - Your comrades await you'.]

[Above: 'Frenchmen! You have neither been sold, nor betrayed, nor abandoned. Come to me with confidence.' The card shows Marshal Petain.]

The following posters were produced by the 'Parti Populaire Francais', a political party founded by the great Jacques Doriot in 1936. Their symbol was that below...

[Above: 'Communism is the enemy of France'. Circa 1942.]

[Above: Poster.]

[Above: Poster. Circa 1942-43.]

[Above: Poster.]

[Above: Poster.]

[Above: PPF brochure.]

  • Posters in use throughout France.

    [Above: Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]

    [Above: Paris, January 1944.]

    [Above: Paris, January 1943.]

    [Above: Frenchmen view a Waffen-SS recruiting poster.]

    [Above: Paris, December 1943.]

    [Above: Paris.]

    [Above: An operator of the Legion of French volunteers somewhere on the Eastern Front, circa 1943.]

    [Above: Potential recruits view posters outside the 'Legion des Volontaires Francais Contre le Bolchevisme' recruitment office.]

    [Above: A great picture of a French Waffen-SS volunteer somewhere on the Eastern Front.]

    [Above: A French exposition called 'Le Juif et la France' (The Jew and France). In its first days in Paris the exposition drew an astonishing 100,000 Parisians!]

    [Above: A couple gets up close and personal to a bust of the World Destroyer.]

    [Above: 'Devenir' - The Combat Journal of the European Community]

    [Below: French language signal magazine.]

    [Below: A page of signal magazine.]

    [Below: A page of signal magazine.]

    [Below: A 'falling leaf' leaflet the Germans dropped on Parisians during WWII. It says 'The leaves fall because of God but you will fall because of the English'.]

    [Below: Postwar newspaper article from the Times Herald of Washington DC. Circa August 10, 1945. What a farce these Allied trials were. Imagine entering a court room to defend yourself and the jury screamed and booed. The ruling tyrants sham-democracy at its finest. Marshal Petain, the unlucky accused, was a celebrated WWI hero of France. A patriot who only did what was best for his country during dark times. He was sentenced to life in a dungeon where he died. His only wish was to be buried under French soil. The souless 'good guys' denied his request and buried him on an island instead.]