This was first published in 1944 by the Dutch SS-Storm magazine in the Netherlands.

The original color version (bottom of page) titled "Kultur-Terror", was created by Norwegian Harald Damsleth for the Nasjonal Samling party in 1943.

Dutch caption at bottom says: 'De USA zullen de Europeesche Kultuur van den ondergang redden', which basically says, in an obvious sarcastic tone, 'The USA wants to save European culture from decline'.

The symbolism contained here includes:
The decadence of American beauty pageants--women treated like objects.
Criminal syndicates like the mob and the gun violence they cause.
Racism against blacks. The Ku Klux Klan and blacks in a cage. A dangling noose, pointing to America's lynching of blacks.
Disrespect and mistreatment of American Indians (Miss America wears an Indian headdress)
The hidden presence of Jewish rulers in American society.

[Below: Color version]