• Credit: Extra special thanks to Dietrich L. for the time and devotion to history in translating these forgotten gems. You rule!

    [Above: 'Germany's power grows every day... this is why Germany will be victorious!']

    [Above: 'The torturers are gone [in fear and trembling], and they will never be able to return.' Made for the liberated Soviet territories. Circa 1942.]

    [Above: This poster says: 'Hitler the Liberator.' ]

    [Above: This poster, in Russian, says: 'Adolf Hitler the Uniter'.' ]

    [Above: This poster, in Russian, says: 'Annihilate the bandits and all who help them. It's you who they harm most of all! Who allows their action is a bandit himself! Report immediately all suspicious people to the local German authorities, military or police.' ]

    [Above: This poster, in Russian, says: 'Your work in Germany hastens the end of the war!' ]

    [Above: This poster, in Russian, says: 'Germany has liberated you from Bolshevism. Now [get ready for the] reconstruction of your Fatherland!' ]

    [Above: 'Vinnitsa'. Made in Germany for the liberated Soviet territories. Circa 1941.
    The people shown on this poster are the relatives of the victims who are trying to find their loved ones amongst the unearthed corpses. This poster represents a mass murder of innocent people by the communists in the town of Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

    This horrid murder spree was known as one of Stalin's 'purges' of human beings. It took place in 1937-1938. Mass graves were discovered by the Germans in 1943 after the Ukraine was liberated. Most of the victims were murdered in the local NKVD prison after being considered enemies of the communist regime. The majority were killed by a .22 caliber pistol fired into the back of the neck. Many had to be shot two or three times due to the small caliber of the bullet. 395 of the victims had their skulls broken in addition to the .22 caliber bullet (they had also been beaten to death). Nearly all of the male corpses excavated had their hands still tied. Old women were dressed, while younger female victims were naked, logic telling you that they were also raped before being murdered.

    All in all, 91 mass graves were unearthed in three locations. 9,432 bodies were ultimately found.

    Stalin and his murderous regime, whom the Germans and their allies fought to stop until the very last man, killed upwards of 60 million human beings. That's 40,000 every week, even during peace time!!!]

    [Above: 'Red Army man! Are you going to "free" other nations? First free yourself from your oppressors!']

    [Below: 'One year ago the fight for your freedom began! Your gratitude is your work..]

    [Below: 'Soldiers of Hilter - friends of the nation'.]

    [Below: 'Jews are the infection of nations!']

    [Below: 'Who profits from war today?
    Nations fight and die for them!
    And Jews make money on their deaths.'

    [Below: Here is a variation of the above.]

    [Below: This basically says: 'Get the Jewish-Bolshevik warmongers out of Europe!']

    [Below: This says: 'Down With Bolshevism!']

    [Below: This says: 'Careful... they are coming...']

    [Below: This speaks for itself! The common man crushed by communism, while the German soldier attempts to free him.]

    [Below: This says: 'Under the Jewish flag...']

    [Below: Leaflet dropped on Russian troops. Left: 'Jews, like rats, devour the wealth of your nation! Throw the Jews out of the country, the only way you’ll end this senseless war!' -

    Right: 'Red Army Man! Jews are the most dangerous and sneakiest of vermin, undermining the foundations of our world. You fight for them, sacrificing your well being, health, and life, so they can continue to dine in style and fill their pockets. Only when the last Jew is expelled from your homeland will there be peace. Beat the Jewish brats! Destroy this scourge of humanity and you will end this war! This is the only way you can achieve a better future for your country and happiness in your life. This leaflet is considered a safe-conduct pass'.]