• Excerpt from Hitler's speech in the Reichstag of December 11, 1941 (4 days after Pearl Harbor)

    "Why is there now another American president determined to incite wars and, above all, to provoke hostility against Germany to the point of war? National Socialism came to power in Germany in the same year [1933] that Roosevelt came to power in the United States. At this point, it is important to examine the factors that explain the current situation.

    First of all, the personal side of things: I understand very well that there is a world of difference between my own vision of life and attitude, and that of President Roosevelt. Roosevelt comes from an extremely wealthy family. Of birth and origin (Roosevelt) belongs to that class of people who are privileged in a democracy and who are guarantors of progress. I was only the son of a small and poor family, and I had to struggle, work and strive to live, despite the enormous difficulties.

    As a member of the privileged class, Roosevelt experienced the [First] World War in a position under the shadow of Wilson [as Undersecretary of the Navy]. As a result, (Roosevelt) only knew the pleasant consequences of a conflict between the nations of which some produced gains while others lost their lives.

    During this same period, I lived very differently. I was not one of those who made the story or those who benefited, but rather one of those who carried out the orders. As a private during those four years, I tried to do my duty in the face of the enemy. Of course, I returned from the war as poor as when I entered the fall of 1914. So I shared my destiny with millions of people, while Mr. Roosevelt shared with his ten thousand call from above.

    After the war, while Mr. Roosevelt tested his skills in financial speculation in order to personally benefit from inflation, that is, from the misfortune of others, I still lay in a military hospital with many other hundreds of thousands of people. With experience in business, economic security and enjoying the patronage of his class, Roosevelt finally opted for a career in politics. During this same period, I fought as a total stranger for the rebirth of my nation, which was the victim of the greatest injustice in its history.

    Two different paths in life! Franklin Roosevelt assumed power in the United States as the candidate of a fully capitalist party, which helps those who serve him. When I became Chancellor of the German Reich, I was the leader of a popular nationalist movement, which I had created myself. The powers that supported Mr. Roosevelt were the same powers against which I fight , because of the concern for the destiny of my people, and of a deep inner conviction. The "group of experts" that served the new president of the United States was composed of members of the same national group against which we fought in Germany as a parasitic expression of humanity, and which we began to withdraw from public life.

    And yet we also had something in common: Franklin Roosevelt took control of a country with an economy that had been ruined as a result of democratic influences, and I assumed the leadership of a Reich that was also on the verge of complete ruin, Thanks to democracy. There were 13 million unemployed in the United States, while Germany had seven million unemployed and another seven million part-time workers. In both countries, public finances were in chaos, and it seemed that the economic depression that was expanding could not be stopped.

    From then on, things developed in the United States and the German Reich, so that future generations will have no difficulty in making a definitive assessment of the two different socio-political theories . While the German Reich experienced a huge improvement in social, economic, cultural and artistic life in a few years under the national-socialist leadership, President Roosevelt was not able to carry out even some limited improvements in his own country.

    This task should have been much easier in the United States, with just 15 inhabitants per square kilometer, compared to 140 (inhabitants per square kilometer) in Germany. If economic prosperity is not possible in that country (the United States), it must be the result of the lack of will on the part of the leaders or the complete incompetence of the men in charge. In just five years, the economic problems were solved in Germany and unemployment was eliminated. During this same period, President Roosevelt greatly increased the national debt of his country, devalued the dollar, further altered the economy and kept the same number of unemployed.

    But this is not surprising when one realizes that the intellects designated by this man, or more accurately, who designated him, are members of that same group who, like Jews, are interested only in disorganization and never in the order. While we in the National Socialist Germany take action against financial speculation, it flourished enormously (in the US) with Roosevelt. The legislation of this man is false, and therefore the biggest mistake experienced by anyone. If their economic policies had continued indefinitely in times of peace, there is no doubt that sooner or later they would have overthrown this president, despite all their dialectical intelligence. In a European country his career would undoubtedly have ended in front of a national court for recklessness to squander the wealth of the nation. And it would have hardly prevented a prison sentence by a civil court for a criminally incompetent business management.

    Many respected Americans also share this opinion. A threatening opposition grew around this man, which led him to think that he could be saved only by diverting public attention from his national policies towards foreign affairs. In this sense, it is interesting to study the reports of the Polish ambassador in Washington, Potocki, who repeatedly point out that Roosevelt was aware of the danger that his entire house of economic cards could collapse, and that, therefore, it was absolutely necessary to divert the attention to foreign policy.

    The circle of Jews around Roosevelt encouraged him to this. With the vengeful nature of the Old Testament they considered the United States as the instrument that they and (Roosevelt) could use to prepare a second Purín [massacre of the enemies] against the nations of Europe, which were increasingly anti-Jewish. So it was that the Jews, with all their satanic baseness, gathered around this man, and he trusted them.

    The president of the United States increasingly used his influence to create conflicts, intensify existing conflicts, and, above all, to prevent conflicts from being resolved peacefully. For years, this man sought a conflict anywhere in the world, but preferably in Europe, which he could use to create political entanglements with the economic obligations of America to one of the contending parties, which would then consistently involve the United States in the conflict. and thus divert attention from their own confused internal economic policies.

    His actions against the German Reich in this sense have been especially forceful. Beginning in 1937, he began a series of speeches, including a particularly despicable one on October 5, 1937 in Chicago, in which this man systematically incited the American public against Germany. He (Roosevelt) threatened to establish a kind of quarantine against the so-called authoritarian countries. As part of this constant and growing campaign of hatred and incitement, President Roosevelt made another offensive statement [on November 15, 1938] and then called the US ambassador in Berlin to Washington for consultations.

    As of November 1938, he systematically and consciously began to sabotage any possibility of a European peace policy. In public, he hypocritically claimed to be interested in peace and, at the same time, he threatened every country that was willing to follow a policy of peaceful understanding, by blocking loans, economic reprisals, collecting loans, and so on. (*) In this sense, the reports of the Polish ambassadors in Washington, London, Paris and Brussels provide a striking vision.

    This man increased his campaign of incitement in January 1939. In a message to the US Congress. He threatened to take all measures except the war against the authoritarian countries.

    (Roosevelt) He repeatedly claimed that other countries were trying to interfere in American affairs, and he talked a lot about defending the Monroe Doctrine. From March 1939 he began lecturing on European internal affairs that are not of any concern to the President of the United States. In the first place, he does not understand these problems, and secondly, even if he understood and appreciated the historical circumstances, he has no more right to deal with the affairs of Central Europe than the German head of state has to take positions or do judgments about conditions in the United States.

    Mr. Roosevelt went even further. Against the norms of international law, he refused to recognize governments that he did not like, would not accept new ones, refused to fire ambassadors from nonexistent countries, and even recognized them as legal governments. He even concluded treaties with these ambassadors, who in turn gave him the right to simply occupy foreign territories [Greenland and Iceland].

    On April 15, 1939, Roosevelt pronounced his famous appeal to me and the Duce [Mussolini], which was a mixture of geographical and political ignorance combined with the arrogance of a member of the millionaire class. We were called to make statements and conclude non-aggression pacts with a number of countries, many of which were not even independent, either because they had been annexed or turned into protectorates subordinated to the countries [Great Britain and France] allied with Mr. Roosevelt.

    You will remember, my deputies, that later [on April 28, 1939] I gave a direct, but direct response to this meddlesome gentleman, who managed to stop, at least for a few months, the storm of gossip from this sophisticated warmonger.

    But now the honorable woman [his wife Eleonor] took her place. She and her children [said] that they refused to live in a world like ours. That is at least understandable, because ours is a world of work and not of cheating and organized fraud . After a short break, however, (Roosevelt) was back.

    On November 4, 1939, the Law of Neutrality was revised and the arms embargo was repealed in favor of a unilateral supply [of arms] to the adversaries of Germany. In the same way, (Roosevelt) pushed East Asian economic entanglements with China that eventually lead to effective common interests.

    On April 9 [of 1940] (Roosevelt) he froze all the assets of Norway and Denmark [in the US], under the false pretext of preventing them from falling into the hands of the Germans, even though he knew very well, for example, that Germany has not interfered, much less taken control of the administration of the Danish government or its financial affairs. Along with the other governments in exile, Roosevelt now recognizes one for Norway.

    On May 15, 1940, the Dutch and Belgian governments in exile were also recognized, and at the same time the Dutch and Belgian assets [in the US] were frozen.

    And now he feared that if peace were to happen in Europe, the billions he had squandered on military spending would soon be recognized as an obvious case of fraud, because no one would attack America unless America itself provoked the attack.

    On June 17, 1940, the President of the United States froze the French assets [in the US] in order, he said, to prevent them from being seized by Germany, but in reality it was to seize the gold that It was brought from Casablanca on a US cruise.

    In July 1940 Roosevelt began taking many new steps to bring the war, such as allowing the service of American citizens in the British Air Force and the training of British air force personnel in the United States.

    In August 1940 a joint military policy of the United States and Canada was established. In order to make the creation of a credible US-Canadian joint defense committee for the stupidest of people, Roosevelt periodically invented crisis and acted as if the United States was threatened by an immediate attack. Suddenly canceled trips and quickly returned to Washington and similar things in order to emphasize the seriousness of the situation to his followers, who really deserve pity.

    (Roosevelt) moved even closer to the war in September 1940, when he transferred fifty American naval destroyers to the British fleet, and in return took control of the military bases on British possessions in North and Central America. Future generations will determine the extent to which, in addition to all this hatred against socialist Germany, the desire to easily and safely take control of the British empire in its time of disintegration may also have played a role.

    After Britain was no longer able to pay for American deliveries in cash, (Roosevelt) imposed the Loan and Lease Act against the American people. As President, he obtained the authority to provide loans and leases of military aid to countries that Roosevelt decided, it was in the vital interests of the United States to defend. When it became clear that Germany would not respond in any case to his continued rude behavior, this man took another step forward in March 1941.

    As early as December 19, 1939, an American cruiser [the Tuscaloosa] that was inside the security zone maneuvered the [German] Columbus transatlantic into the hands of the British warships. As a result, he had to be sunk. That same day, the US military helped in an effort to capture the German merchant ship Arauca.

    On January 27, 1940, and once again contrary to international law, the American cruiser Trenton reported the movements of the German merchant ship Arauca, La Plata and Wangoni to enemy naval forces.

    On June 27, 1940, (Roosevelt) announced a limitation on the free movement of foreign merchant ships in US ports, totally contrary to international law.

    In November 1940 (Roosevelt) allowed American warships to chase the German merchant ship Frigia, Idarwald and Rhein until they finally had to sink themselves to avoid falling into enemy hands.

    On April 13, 1941, American ships were allowed to pass freely through the Red Sea, in order to supply the British armies in the Middle East.

    Meanwhile, in March [1941] all German ships were confiscated by the US authorities. In the process, the German citizens of the Reich were treated in the most degrading manner, ordered certain places in violation of international law, subjected them to travel restrictions, etc. Two German officers who had escaped from captivity in Canada [to the United States] were handcuffed and returned to the Canadian authorities, in the same way completely contrary to international law.

    On March 27 [of 1941], the same president who is [allegedly] against any aggression, announced support for [General] Sinovia and his clique of usurpers [of Yugoslavia], who had come to power in Belgrade after the fall of the legal government. Several months earlier, President Roosevelt had sent the [OSS chief] Colonel Donovan, a much inferior figure, to the Balkans with the order to help organize an uprising against Germany and Italy in Sofia [Bulgaria] and Belgrade.

    In April [Roosevelt] promised loan and lease to Yugoslavia and Greece. At the end of April he recognized Yugoslav and Greek emigrants as governments in exile. And once again, in violation of international law, I freeze Yugoslav and Greek assets.

    Beginning in mid-April [1941] US naval patrols began expanded operations in the western Atlantic, reporting their observations to the British.

    On April 26, Roosevelt delivered twenty high-speed patrol boats to Britain. At the same time, British warships were usually being repaired in US ports.

    On May 12, Norwegian vessels operating in Britain were armed and repaired [in the US], contrary to international law. On June 4, transports of US troops arrived in Greenland to build airfields.

    And on June 9 came the first British report that a US warship, acting on the orders of President Roosevelt, had attacked a German submarine near Greenland, with depth charges.

    On June 14, German assets in the United States were frozen, also in violation of international law.

    On June 17, on the basis of a false pretext, President Roosevelt demanded the withdrawal of the German consuls and the closing of the German consulates. He also demanded the closure of the office of the German press agency "Transocean", the German Information Library [in New York] and the German Reichsbahn [national railway].

    On July 6 and 7 [1941], the US armed forces acting under Roosevelt's command occupied Iceland, which was in the area of ??German military operations. (Roosevelt) hoped that this action would undoubtedly, in the first place, finally force Germany into war [against the US], and, secondly, also neutralize the effectiveness of German submarines. At the same time, he promised military aid to the Soviet Union.

    On July 10, Secretary of Marine Knox suddenly announced that the US Navy I was under orders to fire on the Axis warships.

    On September 4 the American destroyer, the Greer, acting under his orders, operated with British aircraft against German submarines in the Atlantic.

    Five days later, a German submarine identified US destroyers. as escort ships with a British convoy.

    In a speech delivered on September 11 [of 1941], Roosevelt at last personally confirmed that he had given the order to fire on all the ships of the Axis, and repeated the order.

    On September 29, US patrols attacked a German submarine east of Greenland, with depth charges.

    On October 17 the American destroyer, Kearny, operating as an escort for the British, attacked a German submarine with depth charges.

    And on November 6, the armed forces of the United States seized the German ship Odenwald, in violation of international law, took it to an American port, and imprisoned its crew.

    I will pass over as meaningless the offensive attacks and rude statements of this so-called President against me personally. (Roosevelt) calls me a gangster, this is particularly pointless, since this term did not originate in Europe, where such characters are rare, but in the United States. And aside from that, I just can not feel insulted by Mr. Roosevelt because I consider him, like his predecessor Woodrow Wilson, to be mentally unstable.

    We know that this man, with his Jewish supporters, has operated against Japan in the same way. I do not need to go into that here. The same methods were used in that case too. This man first incites war, and then lies about its causes and makes unfounded accusations. He disgustingly wraps himself in a cloak of Christian hypocrisy, while at the same time slowly but steadily leading humanity towards war. And, finally, as an old Freemason, who calls God as a witness that his actions are honorable. Their blatant misrepresentations of truth and violations of the law are unparalleled in history.

    I am sure that all of you have considered it an act of liberation for a country [Japan] to have finally acted to protest all this in the same way that this man had really hoped, and that should not surprise you [the attack on Pearl Harbor ] After years of negotiations with this liar, the Japanese government finally had enough of being treated in such a humiliating manner. All of us, the German people and, I believe, the rest of decent people around the world also consider this with deep gratitude.

    We know the power behind Roosevelt. He is the same eternal Jew who believes that the time has come to impose the same fate on us that we have all seen and experienced the horror in Soviet Russia. We (the Germans) have come to know first-hand the Jewish paradise on earth. Millions of German soldiers have personally seen the lands where this international Jewry has destroyed and annihilated people and property. Maybe the President of the United States does not understand this. And if you understand it, that shows your intellectual narrowness.

    And we know that all your effort is directed to this goal: Even if we do not ally with Japan, we would still realize that the Jews and their Franklin Roosevelt intend to destroy one state after another. The German Reich of today has nothing in common with the Germany of the past. For our part, now we are going to do what this provocateur has been trying to achieve for years. And not only because we are allies of Japan, but because Germany and Italy, with their current directions have the vision and the strength to realize that this historical period is what determined the existence or non-existence of nations, perhaps forever (1) What this other world has in store for us is clear. They were able to take the democratic Germany of the past to starvation, and now seek to destroy the National Socialist Germany of today.

    (1) The existence OR NOT existence of nations: Here Hitler is speaking clearly against the New World Order that seeks the elimination of borders and the establishment of a world government and at the same time it is making clear who is behind this international conspiracy. A good listener few words.

    When Mr. Churchill and Mr. Roosevelt declare that they want to one day build a new social order, this is almost the same to a bald barber who recommends a guaranteed tonic to grow hair . Instead of inciting war, these gentlemen, who live in socially more backward countries, should care about their own people without jobs. They have enough misery and poverty in their own countries to keep busy ensuring a fair distribution of food. As for the German nation, which does not need charity, be it Mr. Churchill or Roosevelt - but it does demand its rights. He will do what he must to secure his right to life, even if a thousand Churchills and Roosevelts conspire together to prevent it.

    Our nation has a history of almost two thousand years. Never in this long period has she been as united and determined as she is today, and thanks to the national-socialist movement it will always be like that. At the same time, Germany has perhaps never been so far-sighted, and so aware of her honor. As a result, today I returned the passports to the American Charge d'affaires , and was bluntly informed of the following:

    The constant political expansion of President Roosevelt that is directed to an unlimited world dictatorship (2) . In pursuing this goal, the United States and Great Britain have used all means to deny the nations of Germany, Italy and Japan the prerequisites for their vital natural existence. For this reason, the governments of Great Britain and the United States have opposed everything possible to create a new and better order in the world, both for the present and the future.

    (2) Hitler again makes another reference to the New World Order, can there still be people who believe that Hitler was an agent of the NOM?

    Since the beginning of the war, US President Roosevelt has committed steadily more and more serious crimes against international law. Along with illegal attacks on the ships and other property of German and Italian citizens, there have been threats and even arbitrary deprivation of personal liberty for internment. The increasingly hostile attacks of the American President Roosevelt have reached the point that he has ordered the US Navy, in complete violation of international law, immediately and in any place, to attack and sink German and Italian ships. . US officials have even bragged about destroying German submarines in this criminal manner.

    American cruisers have attacked and captured German and Italian merchant ships, and their peaceful crews were taken to prison, President Roosevelt's plan to attack Germany and Italy with the military forces in Europe in 1943 at the latest, was made public in the United States [by the Chicago Tribune and several other newspapers on December 4, 1941], and the American government made no effort to deny it.

    Despite the years of intolerable provocations by President Roosevelt, Germany and Italy, they tried with sincerity and patience to prevent the expansion of this war and maintain relations with the United States . However, as a result of their (Roosevelt's) campaign, these efforts have failed."


    During a meeting with the British war cabinet, on August 19, 1941, Winston Churchill, referring to Roosevelt's attitude towards war, said:

    " [Roosevelt] Obviously he is determined to enter the war ... [Roosevelt] will make war, but without declaring it, and he will become increasingly provocative. [And if the Germans bother] they can attack the American forces ... [Roosevelt] has made it clear that he will be looking for some 'incident' that justifies him initiating [openly] hostilities. "

    - "Churchill and America", by Martin Gilbert - Pocket Books 2006, Cap. 23 " A MEANS OF WAGING MORE EFFECTIVE WAR ", p. 2. 3. 4.

    I think it is worth mentioning that the "incident" that Churchill referred to ended up being the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

    *Special thanks to the translator, whoever you are!