*Special thanks to Dimitris from Greece for the translations seen here and on the main page. You rule!

[Above: Members of the Greek National Organisation of Youth (EON) with Ioannis Metaxas]

[Below: The text says 'TRUMPETER'S MANUAL' and 'E.O.N.' (National Youth Organization).]

[Below: The text says 'Our Beloved Leader - I. METAXAS - THE GREAT COMMANDER']

[Below: The text says 'THE HEALTH OF THE PEOPLE - THE GREAT RACE' and the shield symbol says '4th of August']

[Below: The text says 'THE SUN GUIDES US HAIL THE 4th OF AUGUST']

[Below: The top text says 'WE SHALL WRITE HISTORY', the book cover says 'TOME 3' and the book spine says 'BYZANTINE EMPIRE']