-The Return of the Huron-

-A Visual Tribute to Horst Wessel-

-The Year 2000 by Joseph Goebbels-

-In 'Eisenhower's Death Camps':
A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers-

-Living in Hitler’s Germany by Hans Schmidt-

-Interview with Major General Otto Ernst Remer by Ahmed Rami-

-Goodbye My Vienna by Joe Badoglio (contributed work)-

-World War One: A Discussion of Fact and Fallacy-

-Letter celebrating Adolf Hitler's 55th birthday-

-Das Schwarzekorps, April 20, 1944-

-I Talked to Hitler, by British Prime Minister David Lloyd George-

-Statement of Paula Hitler-

-Hermann Goering's letter to Winston Churchill (October 10, 1946)-

-Leon Degrelle's Letter to the Pope (May 20, 1979)-
(.pdf format)

-An Ancient Pact Betrayed-

-Inge - A Dialogue, by Robert Ley-

-Adolf Hitler's Last Will and Testament-

-Faith in the Struggle by Ian Stuart of Skrewdriver-

-The Snow Fell by Ian Stuart of Skrewdriver-

-Animal Rights in National Socialist Germany-
(Medizin im Nationalsozialismus)

-Robert Jay Mathews' Last Letter-

-Robert Jay Mathews' Declaration of War-

-Robert Jay Mathews' Letter to Congress-

-Robert Jay Mathews' Letter to the Editor-

-Robert Jay Mathews' Rise My Sons-

-Valhalla-Fact or Fiction - by David Lane-

-Wotanism (Odinism) - by David Lane-

-Seven Years of Stupidity, Lies, and Ignorance - by Hendrik Möbus-

-Open Letter to German Nationalists - by Hendrik Möbus-

-Brave New Germany - by Hendrik Möbus-

-The Swastika and the Crescent Moon- by Hendrik Möbus-

-The Mystery of Rudolf Hess-
[A look back to May 13, 1941]

-The Wisdom of Bob Caputo-

The following books, in PDF form, are full copies made available from The Savitri Devi Archive. They are put here as a mirror, or a secondary download location. Many thanks to R.G.F. for his tireless efforts in bringing so much of Savitri Devi's writings to light. Special thanks to Gabriella at vaidilute.com for her work.

A Warning to the Hindus [1939]

The Non-Hindu Indians and Indian Unity [1940]

Joy of the Sun [1942]

A Son of God [1946]

Defiance [1951]

Pilgrimage [1958]

The Lightning and the Sun [1958]

Impeachment of Man [1959]

Long-Whiskers and the Two-Legged Goddess [1965]

Souvenirs et Reflexions D'une Aryenne [1976] (in French)

The Savitri Devi Archive

The following two .pdfs are highly interesting works by James Larratt Battersby.

The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler [1952]

The Book of Aryan Wisdom and Laws [1951]

A very interesting book written on Positive Christianity in Germany.

Positive Christianity in the Third Reich by Cajus Fabricius [1937]