-Matt Hale: In Dungeons Deep, 18 Years Without Sleep-

-News from Germany
A Third Reich newsletter from 1939-41 in English for Americans-

-Der Weg
(The Way, a magazine published in Buenos Aires by National Socialists in exile from 1947–1957. Issue III No 4)-

-Richard Walther Darré & Blood and Soil-

-Hermann Göring's 1946 Letter to Churchill-

-1931 article about Adolf Hitler [.jpg & .pdf]-

-SS Marschiert in Feindesland [.mp3]-

-From Allied Camps to the Revisionist Camp by Hans von der Heide-

-A Small Tribute to Walther Darré-

-Adolf Hitler's Oration at the Funeral of SA leader Viktor Lutze (May 7, 1943)-

-Struggle for Berlin - Joseph Goebbels- (.pdf)

-German War Crimes? by Anonymous-

-The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon by Rudyard Kipling-

-The Measure of Greatness by Dr. William Pierce-

-Julius Streicher's Political Testament-

-Fascism and National Socialism by Rudolf Hess-

-One Thousand Suns-

-Beginning at the End
The Truth about Oskar Dirlewanger-

-An Open Letter to Jeff Schoep-

-A Psalm of Life-

-The Return of the Huron-

-A Visual Tribute to Horst Wessel-

-A Visual Tribute to Albert Leo Schlageter-

-The Year 2000 by Joseph Goebbels-

-In 'Eisenhower's Death Camps':
A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers-

-Living in Hitler’s Germany by Hans Schmidt-

-Interview with Major General Otto Ernst Remer by Ahmed Rami-

-Goodbye My Vienna by Joe Badoglio (contributed work)-

-World War One: A Discussion of Fact and Fallacy-

-Letter celebrating Adolf Hitler's 55th birthday-

-Das Schwarzekorps, April 20, 1944-

-I Talked to Hitler, by British Prime Minister David Lloyd George-

-Interrogation of Hitler's sister Paula on July 12, 1945-

-Interrogation of Hitler's sister Paula on June 5, 1946-

-Statement of Hitler's sister Paula in 1957-

-Hermann Goering's letter to Winston Churchill (October 10, 1946)-

-Leon Degrelle's Letter to the Pope (May 20, 1979)-
(.pdf format)

-An Ancient Pact Betrayed-

-Inge - A Dialogue, by Robert Ley-

-Adolf Hitler's Last Will and Testament-

-Faith in the Struggle by Ian Stuart of Skrewdriver-

-The Snow Fell by Ian Stuart of Skrewdriver-

-Animal Rights in National Socialist Germany-
(Medizin im Nationalsozialismus)

-Robert Jay Mathews' Last Letter-

-Robert Jay Mathews' Declaration of War-

-Robert Jay Mathews' Letter to Congress-

-Robert Jay Mathews' Letter to the Editor-

-Robert Jay Mathews' Rise My Sons-

-Valhalla-Fact or Fiction - by David Lane-

-Wotanism (Odinism) - by David Lane-

-Seven Years of Stupidity, Lies, and Ignorance - by Hendrik Möbus-

-Open Letter to German Nationalists - by Hendrik Möbus-

-Brave New Germany - by Hendrik Möbus-

-The Swastika and the Crescent Moon- by Hendrik Möbus-

-The Mystery of Rudolf Hess-
[A look back to May 13, 1941]

-The Mystery of Rudolf Hess-
[A look back to May 15, 1941]

-The Wisdom of Bob Caputo-

The following books, in PDF form, are full copies made available from The Savitri Devi Archive. They are put here as a mirror, or a secondary download location. Many thanks to R.G.F. for his tireless efforts in bringing so much of Savitri Devi's writings to light. Special thanks to Gabriella at vaidilute.com for her work.

A Warning to the Hindus [1939]

The Non-Hindu Indians and Indian Unity [1940]

Joy of the Sun [1942]

A Son of God [1946]

Defiance [1951]

Pilgrimage [1958]

The Lightning and the Sun [1958]

Impeachment of Man [1959]

Long-Whiskers and the Two-Legged Goddess [1965]

Souvenirs et Reflexions D'une Aryenne [1976] (in French)

The Savitri Devi Archive

The following two .pdfs are highly interesting works by James Larratt Battersby.

The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler [1952]

The Book of Aryan Wisdom and Laws [1951]

A very interesting book written on Positive Christianity in Germany.

Positive Christianity in the Third Reich by Cajus Fabricius [1937]

A banned children's book by George Lincoln Rockwel of the American Nazi Party.

The Fable of the Ducks & the Hens
A Dramatic Saga of Intrigue, Propaganda and Subversion [1959]

An excellent booklet on the Spanish Civil War.

Moscow - The Executioner of Spain (Moskau der Henker Spaniens) [1936]

A very interesting article from the Reich Minister.

Reorganization of Our Thinking by Richard Walther Darré [1940]

Important period documentation on the atrocities committed against German civilians which led to the invasion of Poland. Understand that these were not 'Poles' who carried out these massacres, but the Evil which had overtaken Britain and most the world.

The Polish Atrocities Against the German Minority in Poland [1940]

A shocking work of period data detailing the horrible evils of Soviet war crimes against German soldiers (including cannibalism).

Crimes Against the Wehrmacht [1939-1944/2015]

Two books published in the Third Reich about Adolf Hitler in World War One (in German). The first is a 1937 book entitled 'Adolf Hitler im Felde 1914-1918' (Adolf Hitler in the Field 1914-1918). The second is a 1940 book entitled 'Mit Hitler, Meldegänger' (With Hitler, Messenger).

Adolf Hitler im Felde 1914-1918

Mit Hitler, Meldegänger

Here is a Chinese language version of Mein Kampf. Strange eh? You need to have the Asian language pack in your .pdf reader to properly see it. Adobe Acrobat Reader will prompt you to download the Asian language pack and even take you to the website where you can install it. Anyway, don't ask me why I'm putting this up. I guess I just found it interesting.

Mein Kampf (Chinese)