In the Norse-Germanic religion of our ancestors it was said that a warrior who did not die the straw death went to a realm called Valhalla. In this realm he would spend his days in heroic battle, while nights would consist of rewards for valor. The major reward being sensual erotic pleasures with beautiful maidens called the Valkyrie.

    This teaching of course is not unique to Wotanism, but it is found in many religions founded by Adepts in the ancient "Mysteries." For example, Islam teaches that he who gives his life for Allah will have 70 virgins in paradise. Of course middle eastern religions have corrupted the mysteries.

    So what does Valhalla signify and how does it relate to our struggle against genocide? The bottom line is reincarnation on Midgard. The daily battles represent successive incarnations on Midgard, i.e. Earth. The Valkyrie represent reward because beautiful women are the greatest desire and motivation of healthy young men.

    Let us explore whether the teachings of our ancestors have value and validity in this desperate age. First let me clarify some words from an earlier treatise. Everything that exists consists of electromagnetic forces and patterns, moderated by wave lengths and vibrations. This includes atomic structure, biological life forms, and thoughts or ideas.

    In the ancient mysteries the patterns of energy that produce thought were called the soul because patterns of electromagnetic energy can exist outside of biological life forms. Therefore for the rest of this treatise I will use the terms 'soul' and 'pattern' together or interchangably. Energy of course is immortal, although it can change form.

    According to our indigenous Wotanist (Odinist) religion, and the Mysteries, upon the death of our physical bodies our soul-pattern chooses whether to return to Asgard, which means merge with the cosmic mind, symbolized as Allfather, or go to Valhalla, which means reincarnating to another cycle of struggle on Midgard, i.e. Earth.

    Those soul patterns who coasted through life without fighting were called Thralls. Upon physical death their patterns were said to dissolve into an energy chaos without form or thought. This is the Hel or Helgard of Norse Religion.

    Allfather hates the soul which refuses to fight. Even in the hidden coded messages in the book of Revelation in the Christian bible, in chapter three, "God" demands that mortals be either hot or cold, but the luke warm he will spit out. The reader should be aware that when the Christians murdered, tortured and killed the followers of Wotanism the Adepts infiltrated the church and coded the mysteries into the bible, especially the King James Bible.

    The point is that the cosmic mind, the compilation of the electromagnetic patterns of the universe will not tolerate Thralls who refuse to struggle. We could accurately call Allfather an emotion vampire. That which is eternal and immortal cannot feel the emotions that mortal biological life feels. Allfather cannot fear death or feel the elation of escaping death. Allfather cannot feel the pleasure of intense orgasm with a beautiful woman. So we were created over eons of time, by guided evolution, so that Allfather can vicariously experience emotion. Woe to the Thrall who obstructs Allfather's plan.

    Allfather is not moral in the sense declared by alien religions. Allfather created lions to eat lambs, wolves to eat deer, hawks to eat sparrows, and the races of men to battle for women, territory, power and life. The battles are neither good or evil. They are just the facts of Allfather's plan. A people who deny the plan will perish. In the cycles of soul-patterns, warriors win and Thralls perish, either in this cycle or another.

     Some have asked, does this mean there are no physical rewards for warriors in the realm of Midgard? And women have asked if they are condemned to be souless rewards for martyrdom? Let us look at nature's laws and the teachings of the Mysteries.

    According to the Mysteries each time the soul returns it brings a little more memory of past incarnations with it. So that eventually in a physical body the warrior will enjoy his rewards. Under nature's laws the superior male must breed with many females and the Thralls should not breed at all. So it all works together as Wotan's plan and natural law.

    As for women, the physical body reflects the soul. The evolving, reincarnating women will pick even more beautiful faces and bodies. And since in the natural world nothing makes a woman happier than to be desired by a great warrior, the role of Valkyrie will also be a reward.

    These beliefs are why our Viking forefathers had no fear of death, be it in war or crossing oceans in tiny craft. They were the creators of emotion for Allfather while on a journey to Valhalla. They were Wotans lions, wolves and hawks, in human form.

    Today as the descendents of the north folk, the offspring of Vikings, face extinction at the hands of a Muspelheimer plot, perhaps nothing is more important than to look at our roots, including our indiginous religion?

    Since race-mixing and the inevitable miscengenation that follows are genocide, maybe we need to know that destruction of the different contestants (races) violates the plan of Allfather? Maybe the Fourteen Words, "WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN" are a divine command of Allfather, the cosmic mind, the creative electromagnetic super soul of the universe?

    It appears there was a reason the murderers of our race persecuted our indigenous religion so viciously? Let us remember again that nature and nature's laws are the work of, and therefore the intent of Allfather. And the first and highest law of nature is the preservation of one's own kind. Then go forth to accomplish the Fourteen Words, fearing nothing. Not prisons, not the slander of the Muspelheimers or their treasonous shabbaz goy, not even death.

    Unless we want to call our heroic forefathers fools and liars, then Victory and Valkyrie are our certain reward, either in this cycle or another.

David Lane

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