[Here you will read an encounter of a Native American from the Huron tribe, who learns all too well the insanity of our enemies.]

-Why are we fighting? He asks.
-For Danzig.
-What is Danzig?
-It's a German city.
-So what?
-We donít want this German city to be German.
-And who, then, is opposed to this German city being German?
-Those championing the peopleís right to self-determination.

The Huron is no doubt under the impression that he is being taken for a fool, but as he is extremely polite, he is careful not to show his astonishment. With mounting curiosity, he asks further questions. He asks which allied nations are fighting for justice in Poland. Thus, he learns of the existence of Soviet Russia, Polandís ally, which is fighting a war so that Danzig, a German city, may be graciously preserved for Poland. He will also learn that so-called Soviet Russia came into existence by granting itself half of that same Poland which it now claims to defend.

-Therefore, said the Huron, ingeniously, Soviet Russia is an expansionist nation which preys on other nations.
-Shut up, vile little man, come the cries from all sides. Do not insult the fatherland of our brilliant patriarchal figure, Stalin. Russia is a democratic power, unfailingly attached to immortal principles and has nothing in common with expansionist nations which prey on others. There is no such thing among the allied nations.
-Well ok, but in this case, which are the nations doing the preying? No doubt they are nations which possess huge colonial empires?
-Youíve still not got it. Expansionist nations are described as such because they possess nothing. Expansionist nations are not judged on their spoils, but only on their intentions. They are thought of in the exact same way as other honest nations which do not indulge in expansionism.
-But please, will you tell me the names of these accursed nations?
-There were three nations all in all, came the reply. But there are only two and a half left. The third [understand: Italy] was cut in half. Its northern part is still expansionist while its southern part is a great and good democratic nation.

The Huron [...] wants to know more about Germany which has been burdened with the ugliest sins of the world. He will learn with horror that this accursed country is ruled by a dictator.

-What is a dictator?
-He is a man who governs against the will of his compatriots.
-But you have just told me that Hitler was voted to power by a massive majority of German people.
-It does not matter, Hitler is still a wicked dictator.
-And Stalin?
-Stalin is a legitimate leader.
-He therefore had an even more overwhelming majority in the elections than Hitler?
-No, he was not elected. He seized power.
-Why then does the United Nations not mobilize to impose democratic elections on Russia? Why doesnít the world stand up against Stalin?
-Because Stalin is a friend of the Jews. And that is enough to merit the distinguished consideration of the United Nations. Just as it is enough to be the enemy of the Jews in order to create a coalition of God's thunder against you. The Huron, of course, has some difficulty understanding this. The explanations are repeated and he asks that the meaning of the word "racist" be clarified for him. Once he understands that a racist - that is to say, the worldís most abominable creature - is an individual who distinguishes between the different races of man, who establishes a hierarchy between them, he bellows a roar of joy.

-But then, he exclaims, if you wage war against racists, you have to go to war against the Americans! Ah! Those bastards! Ah! The scum! I know them well and with good reason! They screwed up my entire race because of our red skin. As for the negroes, look at the way they're treated! Down with the Americans! Death to the American racists...

But our unfortunate Huron cannot say more. He is seized immediately by a few well-muscled thugs, thrown to the ground, trampled under foot, beaten and cast into a pit. For in a free country, one no longer has the right to juggle with oneís liberty.

Source: Le Petit Parisien, January 19, 1945
(translated to English by Alison Chabloz)
Presented by Vincent Reynouard

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