Joseph Goebbels said: 'There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and the truth will triumph again'. Anyone, regardless of politics or persuasion, can see that day is not far off.

One of the greatest travesties of justice came on January 8, 2003, when a young American was found guilty of one crime that the system couldn't ignore: he loved and was proud of the wrong race, his own: the White race. He was willing to sacrifice everything to wake up his people to the terrible dangers it faced.

But this was no ordinary man, and the system's unquenchable hate for him was extraordinary and wouldn't stop with his imprisonment for decades. They threw him in their dungeon, alone. For years upon years, alone. Such confinement breaks many men. But Matt Hale is no ordinary man. He didn't waste a second. He wrote articles, multiple books, letters to lawmakers and supporters and used his extensive knowledge of the law to fight for justice.

But his enemies, your enemies, the enemies of anyone who values freedom and justice, weren't done with him. Since solitary confinement and rigid, draconian rules didn't silence him, they abused their power even greater.

After years of writing Matt and getting to know him, I can say he is one of the strongest, most honorable men I've ever met in my life. A man of history. A living legend.

I could in fact sing his praises all day long. But compliments are not what he needs now. So I decided to do an experiment. I wanted to show YOU the political persecution he endures every single day. They want to silence Matt above all things. Cut him off from the world, from his friends and supporters. So they started by restricting his mail. Let's have a look at the mail guidelines from his website:

Mail guidelines from the Free Matt Hale website:

  • '(1) Letters to Matt must have a return address on them or they will not be delivered to Matt.

  • (2) White envelopes only.

  • (3) Stamped or hand-written addresses only "to and from" (i.e. no address stickers).

  • (4) No sticky tape of any kind.

  • (5) When sending Matt cards, color cards are OK but they must be in a white envelope.

  • (6) No words in letters like Creativity, Creator, no racist rant or talk.

  • (7) No threat of any violence suggested or implied.

  • (8) Cannot contain anything about racial occurrences happening out here, rallies, etc..

  • (9) Don't address Matt with the title "Reverend", "Brother Hale" or just "Matt" seems to get through for now.'

    And, something I know from firsthand experience, you also have to register your name with the Bureau of Prisons and be approved to even write to him. For Godís sake he can't even get your letter or card anymore, no the prison has to photocopy it in black and white and give him the copy!

    Most recently, you can't even write him at all! That's right, no one but close family is now allowed to write to him.

    Mail guidelines for child killers, child rapists, cannibals and extremely dangerous serial murderers and even those on death row:


  • Yet, a brilliant young lawyer, a classical violinist and an accomplished leader, who only saw an approaching danger to his people, would be so dangerous that he is held under the most strict security imaginable. A man who the Bureau of Prisons constantly harass and abuse at will, despite Matt's appeals for justice and the many people who love him and see the absolute travesty of justice in his detention.

    But why? Why would they single him out like this? Why did the corrupt FBI go after him so ravenously? Again and again trying to get him to slip up with his words so they could arrest him. Why? Why did the also corrupt American judicial system deny all of his appeals, despite mountains of evidence that he was corralled and led by the FBI in a clear case of entrapment? Even with the evidence of his inefficient counsel, and more importantly a juror who after Matt's trial had ended in his conviction, proudly announced he knew who Matt was and hated what he represented, and said he would have found him guilty regardless of the evidence of his innocence.

    Why? Why? Why?

    Why can you write serial killers, literal cannibals, child rapists and murderers and people on death row, with nothing left to lose, with absolutely no restrictions? Yet Matt Hale...

    So I decided to test the system. I wrote a handful of very dangerous 'monsters' under anyone's definition. Most wrote back. Even I was shocked at what I found. Keep reading and prepare to be shocked yourself.


  • Fredrick Baer, known as 'Death Row's most hated inmate', slit mother Cory Clark's throat and mercilessly chased down her four year old daughter Jenna Clark, brutally slitting her throat too. At the time Baer was also facing charges for burglary and rape. He has admitted to five rapes. He is serving 189 years in prison. He admits that he deserves to be killed for his crimes.

    [Above: Baer murdered Cory Clark, 26, and her four year old daughter Jenna in 2004.]

    [Above: Note the words 'WARNING: Not responsible for contents.' Meaning this letter was not read or censored in any way. They even go on to warn you about cashing money orders from inmates (trying to scam you).]

    [Above: Another example.]

    [Above: Here the inmate uses a normal blank envelope, in which case the prison ink stamps the usual warning on the back (see below).]

    [Above: Prison ink stamp.]

    [Above: This was pretty surprising. Someone serving 189 years in prison can send a plant. But I guess when the prison doesn't look at the mail whatsoever, who knows what could be sent?]

    [Above: Fredrick Baer sporting a black eye after being attacked by another inmate. Child killers aren't treated kindly behind bars.]


  • Here is a criminal in a whole other category than Fredrick Baer. One much, much more dangerous. Meet Heriberto Seda, also known as the 'Zodiac Killer' of New York, who murdered three and shot six others, four of those critically wounded. Seda would hunt his victims in sequences and use horoscopes and astrology to target people. He taunted the police, sending them letters with encrypted messages, using international maritime signal flags as symbols. He would only kill if certain stars were visible. Seda struck terror in the hearts of New Yorkers for three years, from 1990-1993, eventually being caught in 1996. He made his own firearms, seeking to make them untraceable. Seda was no doubt a very dangerous serial killer. The police assigned a FIFTY detective task force to catch him, but gave up and by luck he was eventually caught. He was sentenced to 232 years.

    [Above: Heriberto Seda isn't your average murderer by a long shot.]

    [Above: I read this book years ago about the New York Zodiac Killer. On the right you can see an example of the killer's code. The odd phrase 'Sleep my little dead how we loathe them' seems to be from Edgar Allen Poe's 'Sleep, those little slices of death, oh how I loathe them'. It's a very strange comment I think you'll agree.]

    [Above: Heriberto's envelopes weren't marked with the usual warning of no censorship, but the fact that he was able to get my letter, where I purposefully talked about his symbols and encryption methods, shows that the prison either didn't look at it, or didn't care. Either way it is shocking. Would they allow him to speak in code to someone? I believe they would, because what they don't know they can't stop.]

    [Above: Letter from Heriberto Seda.]

    [Above: Envelope from Heriberto Seda.]

    [Above: Letter from Heriberto Seda.]

    [Above: Example of the backs of the envelopes from Heriberto Seda.]

    [Above: An original letter from the San Francisco Zodiac, who was never caught. Heriberto Seda was inspired by him and would have never been caught either if not for a random domestic violence incident.]


  • William C. Gibson is a true monster. A creature of the sick and tormented age we live in. He is an American serial killer and rapist who is currently on Indiana's death row for the sexually motivated murders of two women in 2002 and 2012, in addition to serving a 65 year sentence for a third murder committed in 2012. Gibson has claimed responsibility for upwards of 30 additional murders across multiple states. A necrophiliac, he raped the dead bodies of his victims and even cannibalized their corpses. This monster even kept the severed breast of one of his victims for future sexual gratification. He is currently awaiting execution on Indiana's death row.

    [Above: Gibson had a tattoo done on the back of his shaved head, which says "Death Row X3", celebrating the deaths of his three victims. Interesting that while on death row he could even get a tattoo. Very nice security huh?]

    [Above: As we can see here, this envelope states the prison is not responsible for contents, in other words, they don't read the letters or open the envelopes. Not even for death row!]

    [Above: Well the letter starts off nice enough... note that this monster is allowed to send, let alone possess, crime scene and autopsy photos from his victims.]


  • Now let's look at a random selection of Matt's letters. You'll notice one thing that is different about Matt's envelopes versus the monsters above: there is no mention of censorship. No warnings that the communication is not monitored. Of course, this is because it is indeed HIGHLY controlled and censored. His political crimes of wanting to ensure the survival of his race are far, far worse in the evil eyes of the system than killing a child or cannibalism. Two of the greatest taboos of our civilization aren't a danger to anyone, while being white and loving your people is indeed a gargantuan risk.

    Back in 2003 if you told a random person that there was in fact a plot to annihilate the white race most people would think you were crazy, while in July 2023 a Twitter poll of nearly 100,000 people revealed that 84% agreed that there was indeed an ongoing plan to destroy and genocide white people. By far, Matt wasn't the first person to warn his people of this unholy plot to destroy them. But he was one of the youngest, most organized, energetic and most intelligent that the fight against extinction had ever seen.

    Look around you today, if you have eyes to see then you have noticed as of years ago that white people are disappearing from the world at a startling speed. Whites are the only people not allowed a homeland. As the old meme states:

    Africa for Africans!
    Asia for Asians!
    Europe for everybody!

    Matt was the proverbial canary in a coal mine. He tried with all his might to warn his people that a terrible fate awaited them unless they woke up and resisted their murder. He was guilty of loving his people, which is only a crime if you are white, of course. Just take a look at the picture below:

    Let's see what their AI has to say about white people being proud:

    Okay, here are the letters from Matt.

    [Above: This was sent from the prison in Florence, Colorado, referred to as a 'supermax' prison. July 11, 2018. Front.]

    [Above: July 11, 2018. Reverse.]

    [Above: Eventually Matt was moved to a supposedly less restrictive prison in Marion, Illinois. It is considered a medium security federal prison. This would prove to be just the opposite. Recently Matt has been cut off from all his friends and supporters, who are no longer allowed to write him or him to write them. Unconstitutional, inhumane and downright evil, but try to fight it and you soon will see the tyrannical system thinks it can get away with anything. And usually they are right. The judges are on their side. Remember the system itself is setup to ensure the destruction of the white race. January 7, 2022. Front.]

    [Above: January 7, 2022. Reverse.]


    While many of you got married, had children, bought a handful of cars, maybe took out a mortgage on a house and all the other things that come with years. Maybe you had someone you loved die, perhaps even a parent or your own child. You faced the emptiness, and with others who shared your love of those passed on, you carried on. Time mended your wounds, as much as possible.

    But for Matt Hale, none of the aforementioned things happened. No, while you did all of life's mundane trivialities, he sat in a tiny cell, with only the stone walls to keep him company. He would have liked to have had some lucky girl to love, to have children with. Instead he had crushing loneliness. Letters from far away, they might as well be a million miles away, telling him he is a hero, an inspiration. But the grey, cold cement wall of his dungeon was no softer, no less terrible, no matter how many compliments he received.

    Never to feel his feet on grass. To look at the sun and stars without bars blocking his view. Decades have passed since he was able to hug and kiss his loved ones. His mother Evelyn, a beautiful soul, tirelessly fought for his freedom. In all those grey years she never tired and never gave up. Love was her fuel and truth her guide.

    [Above: Matt's mother Evelyn holding her son's picture and dreaming of the day she could hug and kiss him again.]

    But in a moment she was gone and Matt was more than alone in the indifferent world. At times I'm sure he feels forgotten. While we get on with our grudging lives, complaining about life's chores, laughing in the boredom and enjoying it when we can. But for Matt there is only darkness. A sleepless nightmare of an innocent man locked away without a key. Surrounded by sadists, his so-called guards, and under the heel of an evil system bent on destroying him. His dear mother now passed on, the prison monsters have banned anyone but close family from even writing him. Why? They don't need a reason anymore. Their power nears absolute.

    [Above: Through the torturous years alone. From an idealistic young man to a greying prisoner. Yet somehow, Matt has never given up hope that justice will one day set him free. That eventually if enough people hear about the crime committed against him then the system will have to give him back his freedom.]

    Below is a short article highlighting thirteen reasons why Matt Hale should be free. Read it if you haven't already, it will frustrate and infuriate you:

  • The Facts and Circumstances of the Case

  • Visit the Free Matt Hale webpage here:

  • Read a rather sad plea by Matt for his freedom:

    Why Do I Want To Be Free?

    I implore you, please, PLEASE, don't forget about Matt. Do everything you can to spread the word about this injustice. Matt never gave up on us, let's not give up on him. Write the Bureau of Prisons, the warden, the state politicians, make FREE MATT HALE stickers, flyers, shirts. Do everything you can. Our voices and actions are strong together. We won't forget who raised their voice for Matt when he needed us most.

    Spread this web page address:

    If enough of us raise our voices they will have to listen.

    There has never been a better, or worthier cause in our time. Let's make it our crusade to FREE MATT HALE!

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