Hello Jeff, this is Molly from Mourning the Ancient. I heard you went through some rough stuff lately and have given up on the NSM and your fight. I'd really like to know what happened. Or maybe you don't want to talk to me because I am against what you now stand for? I was quite shocked when I heard the news of your reversal of beliefs. So tell me, are white people no longer being replaced systematically? Are the Jewish overlords now the good guys? Your Great Uncle Hardo, who you were so proud of in our conversations, no longer is a hero? He now didn't fight against the dark force that is destroying our world and race? I am so confused by all of this. Do you remember talking about how our race was under attack? Is it no longer being attacked? No longer in danger? All the degeneracy the 'other' Jeff despised, is it now something to celebrate?

Didn't you say, after your stunning transformation to their side:

“They feel white people are being replaced,” and “They feel there’s white genocide happening.”

Then you even went further:

“There is something out there that is better than being involved in this,” and “The movement is a dead end. It’s a dead end for so many people.”
[Washington examiner, October 19, 2019]

Will you celebrate with your new friends, like the SPLC's Morris Dees, the coming day when our race is a minority in America and the world? I can't imagine that you would... surely a six year old transvestite still makes your skin crawl? Or is it now 'progressive'? All of the good and honest men who fought in our ancient struggle are now no longer heroes to you? Robert Jay Mathews' name no longer fills your heart with pride and hope? I can't believe that, Jeff. Is Robert Mathews now a criminal in your eyes? Are the brave Bruders just common criminals to you now? I won't believe it. Do you remember writing a piece for the book Unbroken Warrior - by Richard Scutari? You called them 'great men', and you had the honor of meeting Debbie Mathews, Bob Mathews' wife, would you now look at her and tell her that her husband died for something evil? If you stood before Bob Mathews, what would you say? You wrote Richard Scutari and David Lane for YEARS and you even called Scutari a 'friend', 'mentor' and an 'iconic figure in our struggle'. You called Scutari 'unbreakable', what broke you, Jeff? You asked people to put money on the surviving Bruders' books in prison, I suppose you would now say let those racists starve?

I used to listen to you speak and think, 'Wow, here is a man with passion'. Did that passion turn to bitterness? I know all about the so-called 'Movement' and its many long, dark days, thinking 'How are we going to fight them? It is like David and Goliath. What can we possibly do?' It can seem insurmountable and impossible. The world is full of fools and talkers, I'm sure their kind weighed heavy on your shoulders. Decades of fighting must have been hard, and I'm sure you were tired. Tired not just in your body and mind, but in your spirit. Drained. Empty. Alone with all the others. It is a lonely fight at times. It can weigh on a person in the dark hours of the night. Alone with your thoughts, I'm sure you questioned 'What am I doing?' But that's only human. We can be weak at times and need the shoulder of another comrade. Did you not have that shoulder?

Two quotes come to mind. The first is Horace's Ode on the Just Man:

'The just man, firm to his purpose, is not to be shaken from his fixed resolve by the fury of a mob laying upon him their impious behests, nor by the frown of a threatening tyrant, nor by the dangers of the restless Adriatic, when the stormy winds do blow, nor by the loud peals of thunder as they rend the sky; even if the universe were to fall in pieces around, the ruins would strike him undismayed.'

And the second, from The Lightning and the Sun, by Savitri Devi:

'...the last National Socialists; the men of iron who will have victoriously stood the test of persecution and, what is more, the test of complete isolation in the midst of a dreary, indifferent world in which they have no place; who are facing that world and defying it with every gesture... and, more and more (in the case of the younger ones) without even the personal memory of Adolf Hitler's great days to sustain them. They are the ones who will, one day, make good for all that which men against time have suffered... They are... the last battalion, in which Adolf Hitler has put his confidence.'

And what of Adolf Hitler? You cannot tell me that you no longer love him. I wouldn't believe it if you scratched it in granite. I wouldn't believe it. I wouldn't. No way, Jeff. When a man awakens, truly awakens, to all the horror of the truth, to all the beauty and tragedy of our struggle, he can't go back to sleep. All the men and women who died trying, feverishly giving their lives to stop the madness that now wraps around us like a snake. I see their footprints and fingerprints everywhere. Their shadows in history are golden, they make my heart skip a beat just thinking of them. There are so very many of them, we could never name them all. Your name was to be writ among them, old comrade. What happened?

Did the rock on your back get too heavy? Why didn't you ask for help? Did it feel like you were in a cage of your own design? Instead of taking a break, you ran to a den of vipers. Are you really going to let them use you as their new 'anti-racism' poster boy? But now we are the racists, right Jeff? Not the ones behind it all, not the ones who cause the racial strife, not the ones in power, huh? Remember my webpage Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind? It is they who are the liars. Our side was the good guys, with every race under the sun fighting and dying beside the swastika. While your new friends segregated black soldiers and used them to stack corpses, for cooking duty and as mules in hot jungles building roads to all the degeneracy of today.

[Above: Black Americans were given the unenviable job of handling corpses. This picture, never released to the American public, shows how the corpses of American 'heroes' were handled.]

All of this evil and so much more is a part of the victors' world. It's not my world, how is it now yours, Jeff? Is my webpage fake? Do all those thousands of pictures lie? Why didn't they teach us about this explosive truth, Jeff? Why did they go through so much trouble to hide it? Did you see the picture on my website of the American plane who participated in D-Day which was called BIG NIGGER? Your new side were the racists, not mine. They can prance about with their purple hair spewing out slogans they've been brainwashed with, about how evil and racist we are, but the truth is quite the opposite. Can you argue this truth?

[Above: This is the nose of a C-47, also called a Dakota or Skytrain. The C-47 served in all theaters of war for a multitude of purposes, this particular one participated in D-Day. The good old Allies named this one 'BIG NIGGER'. Who were the racists again?]

In an email you wrote me on February 26, 2018, you said:

'Your site is seriously the best when it comes to covering these lesser known NS facts, and I am not just being nice, I do not say nice things unless they are true, your site is very important do not ever stop!'

Were you a liar after all, Jeff? Were you 'just being nice' after all? You told me to never stop, shall I stop now? Have you changed your mind that fast?

An old comrade of yours and mine told me his best guess was that you might have had financial and legal problems which resulted in a lot of stress and that you finally just "broke."

You'll never convince me that when you see Adolf Hitler walking down the path surrounded by thousands of German soldiers at the Nuremberg rallies that that feeling doesn't wash over you. You know the one, it's magical. I know I'd see a smile on your face and a gleam in your eyes that you'll do your best to hide. That's not very kosher now, is it? The millions of dead Axis soldiers, who fought until they couldn't fight anymore, of dozens of nationalities and races, side by side, you mean to tell me they were wrong? That they died for nothing?

I won't believe that you could say such a thing. You probably already know that your new side, the 'good guys', killed millions and millions of civilians AFTER the war. Some for fun, some for target practice, some to hear those 'little German rats' scream and some just for the hell of it. The millions of women who were raped and murdered by your 'good guys' look at you from beyond, with tear-laden eyes and hell in their hearts. The children, all of the dead little children, firebombed and machine gunned or bayoneted and tied down and fucked with a communist dagger before being raped to death by 100 men. Is that now okay? Or how about all those dreadful 'nips' that were compared to rats and were dealt an atomic holocaust just to scare the Russians. This is your side now, Jeff?

What is your opinion about people who betray something they once fought for?

In Dante's descent into hell, he reserved the Ninth Circle as the “lowest, blackest, and farthest from Heaven”—for the sin of treachery. The worst sinners, in his underworld, were the traitors—those who betrayed their loved ones, their country, and their God.

But I suppose you don't think you are a traitor to yourself, do you? I'm not sure what sort of twisted definition you could possibly have that would state otherwise. But oh well. I mean, you even stated that you work for the government against your former comrades. You didn't just drop out or retire, no you went full throttle against everything NS or white defense in general. Suddenly any white person proud of their race, or wanting to defend their race from its enemies, became a villain in your eyes.

On February 19, 2016 you emailed me:

'I just read your interview with Rev. Matt Hale on the Free Matt Hale website, great interview with a great man. I was with Matt the day the Federal Marshalls grabbed him, and remember it like yesterday. Before that we had done a number of rallies together, he was and is a tremendous activist, speaker, writer, and as far as the system is concerned he is dangerous. That is why this tyrannical system wanted to silence him! I had not seen your site before until today, so I just wanted to say keep up the good work fighting for National Socialism, and thank you and salutes for the interview with Rev. Hale.'

Is Matt Hale now a 'monster' and a terrible man? Your awakening began in the 1990s, as the email said you knew Matt on a personal level. In the interview I did with you, you called him a friend and a good man. How could you possibly say anything but good about him? You know he was unjustly sentenced for a crime he didn't commit to silence him. Jeff, how could you say otherwise? Also in the interview I did with you, you said: 'Rev. Hale's case is one of the scariest set-ups I can think of... an absolute travesty of justice.' So now it was actually justice and Matt belongs there for the rest of his damn life? Would you dare say that?

You are an extremely intelligent guy, a rare thing in this world, I know you don't suddenly believe their lies. Did someone threaten you? Your family?

You flirted with the idea of going to Valhalla when your tour of duty was over. What will your ancestors think of you now? Your god(s)? Every single one of your ancestors was cheering you on from the beyond. Every single one of them believed what you believed. That's a fact. Our ancestors would be horrified to see the world our enemies have built. What will you say to them now?

We won't even get into WWII, but I will quote an email from November 9, 2016, from you:

'Stalingrad has always interested me, my Great Uncle Hardo Klein (not sure if I told you the story before) my grandmother's brother was a General there and was captured by the Russians. He was amongst the very last group of German prisoners who got out alive sometime in the 1960s. He was released and sent back to Germany, he was nearly starved to death which was the fate of most of the Germans captured, worked and starved to death, he weighed about 90 pounds when he came home. I have a picture of him in dress uniform with the Knight's Cross and other medals he achieved here in my office.'

You were so proud to have had an ancestor there, in the blood and the mud, in the great wheel of time, your blood, before you were born, flowed on the frozen ground of Stalingrad. 100,000 men surrendered there. 5,000 lived to see their homes again. 95,000 men were butchered by your new side AFTER the war. Millions more were killed in American and British concentration camps AFTER the war. Is that cool? What would Hardo say? Would you argue with him about how communism is great and multiculturalism is the future. Would you call him an evil Nazi racist?

Maybe throw in a little 'it's cool to let children have sex changes and men to go into little girls' bathrooms, Hardo... for politicians to celebrate on television that white people will be a minority in nearly every country on earth in a few years... that it is impossible to be racist against a white person... for little white children to be taught that they are evil... for 'migrants' to rape and ruin all over Europe unchecked because 'it is a cultural thing', they can rape a white boy and be told 'well he didn't understand our culture'... These are the people you have sided with?

Surely not. Jeff?

Is it now okay to go to jail for questioning the Holocaust? How do feel now about the old man who said something like 'Holocaust? Bah Humbug' and went to jail for Holocaust denial? How about the thousands of others jailed across Europe who have questioned the Holocaust? How about the beautiful 89 year old Grandma Ursula Haverbeck, called a 'serial Holocaust denier', recently jailed again. Is that now cool, Jeff?

How about senior fellow Mark Potok of the South Poverty Law Center getting caught with a piece of paper on his wall during an interview that told of falling white birth rates? Was that just showing his interest in Caucasian demographics? Or was it something else? You know damn well what it was, Jeff.

The things you said in some interviews since you 'left' the side of truth, are downright shocking. You now work with the FBI, you mentioned. Wow. Does it go something like --

'Special Agent Schoep, at your service. I'm on the case of some evil white boys who are proud of their race.'

Did you give your membership lists to your former enemies? Well let me tell you, they have nothing to hide, it is an honor roll. Those that stood against the madness.

Maybe I slipped into some bizarre alternative reality, and none of this has happened. I wish. I can't believe you, Jeff. You are such an intelligent, passionate guy. Why would you betray everything and everyone? Does the enemy's pat on the back feel good? You get to be on TV big guy, and talk about all those evil racists, and cry about how you were once one of them. Boo fucking hoo.

So are you now with those brainless fools who say 'borders are racist!'? Should we just open our country to Africa and Mexico and any other place (as long as they aren't white, right?)? Remember in our interview you said, very correctly, if I might say:

'...it is not the poor illegal immigrant family that we must fight against, it is those who have orchestrated the madness behind their plight, and those whom have propped open our borders, granted amnesty and have brought our Nation to the brink of collapse.'

So let me get this straight, this isn't happening now? Since your 'revelation' do you now believe that all the races (especially the white ones!) should mix together into one big happy raceless, cultureless... thing? Maybe I'll see you at a protest, chanting 'No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA!', while standing beside your new friends, a purple haired lesbian man-hater with 185 piercings and a transvestite communist who identifies as 'their'. Haha I can see you now, Jeff. You better start studying the new genders of your new buddies, so far there are:

Cis Female
Cis Male
Cis Man
Cis Woman
Cisgender Female
Cisgender Male
Cisgender Man
Cisgender Woman
Female to Male
Gender Fluid
Gender Nonconforming
Gender Questioning
Gender Variant
Male to Female
Trans Female
Trans* Female
Trans Male
Trans* Male
Trans Man
Trans* Man
Trans Person
Trans* Person
Trans Woman
Trans* Woman
Transgender Female
Transgender Male
Transgender Man
Transgender Person
Transgender Woman
Transsexual Female
Transsexual Male
Transsexual Man
Transsexual Person
Transsexual Woman
[The 58 gender options identified by ABC News, there are probably many more!]

And then there is you, Jeff. What do you now identify as? Ex-Nazi? Ex-proud white man? Ex-truth seeker? It's fun to think about what you identify as now. Gosh we could think about this all day, couldn't we?

Here's something else of interest you said in the interview we did together:

'...it is something people so often misunderstand about National Socialism and our stance on White Rights in general. NS is NOT about hate, it never was, and it never will be. Sure, we all hate what has happened to our Nation and what is happening to our Folk, but what motivates us is not hate, but rather love for our people, land, and heritage... all of mankind should be fighting for National Socialism against our common foes which are the International Zionists, communists, and their allies.'

So please explain to me now how I suddenly am about 'hate'? Since you've inverted all of your beliefs, how does the above statement sound today? Am I now an evil Nazi? Please Jeff, I must know! Quickly, ask your new handler what you should say! Hurry!

Lastly, you also said in the interview that 'White people of Europe will either have to rise up again, or our Race there will be finished, I for one believe that they will rise up and history will repeat itself and halt the invasion!'

So... now you believe we should just go back to bed and smile and enjoy the genocidal ride? Wow Jeff, I can't believe you would say that, you would hurt my evil Nazi feelings.

So you also now agree with the infamous Barbara Lerner Spectre of the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, who so 'beautifully' said:

'Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.'

Maybe you could say hi to her for me and thank her for wanting to destroy my race.

[Above: The prophetess of doom, Barbara Spectre]

Your new self speaks a lot of evil dehumanizing Nazis... remember the Talmud Jeff? Ask your new friends what they think of you, goy-boy. Honestly, how does it feel to be their puppet, Jeff? You seem to think you are R-E-A-L important now, doing little interviews here and there and speaking in little halls with your new buddies. Even the California State Assembly's Committee on the State of Hate. Wow, they even gave you a name plate! You made it, kiddo. You talked about how you were all about hatred, yet I interviewed you about hatred of other races, and you said you were not about that at all. Did you forget? No, you didn't. With your new job it sounds much better to say you were this terrible Nazi monster, huh Jeff?

In all seriousness, Jeff. It was a really confusing and sad day when I learned of your fall. I couldn't believe it. Then I watched some new videos of you and some podcasts. Like the one on something called 'The Godless Spellchecker' (you've made it to the BIG time) where you announce, very proudly I might add, that you now advocate for peace. But Jeff, you already advocated for peace while you were still a proud white man? Remember?

It's embarrassing watching you speak now, Jeff. It’s so cringey and downright dishonest. It's like you are saying things hoping you'll get good-goy points. Hoping your big swarthy boss will put down his little boy sex slave for a moment and pat you on the head and say 'I'm proud of you my boy, we're going to put a statue of you in Israel one day.'

Do you crave their driveling acceptance so badly? Does it make you feel like a big man when you get their approval? But something is still missing... perhaps you should grow out your hair and dye it pink? That would give you +2 good-goy points. Maybe wear a dress to the next state assembly instead of those ill-fitting suits they've given you?

In one of your little super-dooper-uber-cool-insider-meetings, you hilariously compare proud white people and National Socialists with someone with a crack cocaine addiction. Why do you hate us so badly now, Jeff? Why do you have to be so corrosive and... well, hateful?

Do you remember when you were on the Rolonda Show sometime in the mid-1990s? You were so young and innocent, but with a definite fire burning in your eyes. You had learned all their dirty little secrets, and wanted to share them with the world. But the world wasn't listening... yet. I remember what it was like in those days, without the internet. You said something interesting on the Rolonda Show. One of the other guests was a traitor to the Movement and you had some strong words for him:

'...He's a racial traitor. He came into the movement a while back and now he's basically saying that he doesn't believe in it anymore.
Well he probably never believed in it in the first place. He is a white racial traitor.
I don't know he's probably sold his race out for a bag of nickels'

--'I'm Young and I'm Racist', The Rolonda Show

It's odd that you were describing yourself then. I wonder what the young Jeff would say if we told him one day he would be what you are today? He'd probably get very angry and swear up and down that he would never betray the truth he'd hard earned. He wouldn't believe it. But don't worry young Jeff, it's hard for us to believe it too.

I read the interview with your ex-wife on the internet, before I would have taken it with a BIG grain of salt... but now it's looking truer and truer by the minute. Were you really in it for the money? That's pretty hilarious if it's true. You could have bred cocker spaniels for more money than squeezing money from the Movement. But I guess you had a lot of people buying CDs. One of the only ways it seems to make money in the Struggle is selling CDs. Resistance Records made a million dollars in their last year, I've read. But I guess that's all changing, with the mass of people waking up and joining our cause the situation gets better by the day.

It's all very sad because I know you know the truth, more so than the average person in the Movement even. You knew that it was all of us against them. All races against them. And now you are Them. You are your worst enemy, Jeff. I know right now you've got a lot of people patting you on the back and telling you how great you are. You are probably excited about all the attention. You even took a trip to Turkey and talked about how evil us 'Nazis' are. But who would be your friend now? Everyone, their side and ours, knows you are a backstabber. You have to know they are just using you as a puppet. So then what's your end game? Maybe you have a ship to outer space and you are going to fly away and say 'Fuck all you humans! Fuck Nazis and fuck you Jews too! I've got ten girlfriends on Mars and I'm never coming back!' Is that it Jeff?

I'm sorry, I've been kinda mean, haven't I? But really I'm being nicer than 99% of your former comrades would be. I haven't once mentioned the word 'traitor' or 'coward' or 'Benedict Arnold'. Maybe Tacitus was right when he said 'Traitors despise even those to whom they have rendered service.'

Is that it, Jeff, you hate us both?

Do you hate yourself too?

Mourning the Ancient
The Rising Tide

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