[For those still unaware, this article was written by Hendrik of the black metal band Absurd.]

Honored Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Comrades:

I am sure that my name is known to you. Likewise I am sure that this knowledge comes mostly from the system's press -- and what you have read there does not make it particularly easy for me to appear in a sympathetic light.

As much as we may be conscious of manipulation by the media, we are still influenced by it. Probably everyone of us is a victim of the system's propaganda. It is therefore not amazing that the upright Nationalist wants nothing to do with me -- a "Satanic Murderer," "Nazi-Satanist," or "Child of Satan."

I do not want to even repeat the lies that are spread in the media about me, but these lies play a key role in the system's campaign. Anyone who doubts my ideological integrity can check with Dr. Pierce of the National Alliance as to my world view.

I would like to make it clear why it is in the interest of the national resistance to take up my case. It is because this would go against the intentions of the system and benefit all Germans faithful to the Fatherland.

I did not leave the FRG to escape a "fair punishment." I left to escape an inquisition-like pursuit by the political police and courts after I discovered they wanted to make an example of me. All my "offences" since 1998 (when I was released from a prison for juveniles) are political in nature. These political "crimes" hurt nobody and destroyed nothing. I was, nevertheless, treated as a "dangerous right-wing menace."

This is not an unusual fate for a dissident in Germany these days. However, unlike the political prisoners in the FRG, I have the possibility of seeking political asylum in the United States of America.

Consider the fact that neither the authorities of the FRG, nor those of the USA, are pleased with my application for asylum. They are nervous (and rightfully so) because my application for asylum raises many questions which they do not want raised. For example: why does the FRG criminalize things which are completely legal in that "model of democracy": the USA?

The louder and more publicly this and other questions are discussed in the FRG and in the USA, the more the authorities will claim that a state of emergency exists. They will try to hush up my case and try to distort and cover up the facts.

You, however, can help prevent this. I urgently request that you do not let this opportunity pass by. If the national resistance in Germany does not use my case for its purposes, the system will abuse my case to damage all German Nationalists.

I do not make this request so that I can be a center of attention. I do not want to play a role in your organizations. But I know how serious and dramatic our situation in Germany is. This situation requires unusual and decided commitment. My case provides an opportunity for this. Who knows, perhaps a US court will grant me asylum. This would be an impressive demonstration of what we have known for a long time: the FRG is not a democracy, but rather a criminal State!

With Patriotic Greetings,
Hendrik Möbus
Batavia, NY

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