It really makes little difference whether the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) locks me up for 976 days, 6 years, or not at all. Whatever their intention may be, they will fail. I do not say this to comfort myself about the prospect of doing jail time. I say it because I firmly believe it is a matter of fact. I'm well aware that the FRG want to punish me as an example for others to behold; and the more I upset them with essays like this one, the more severe the punishment will be should they ever lay hands on me.

Still, what can they do to me that will not fall back on them in one way or another? Stealing my precious lifetime from me won't change my mind or silence me. Indeed, they may make a martyr of me, in which case I will be even more influential than they currently dare to imagine. They are aware of this prospect but they cannot help it. Backing off would reveal at once how wrong they were to start this insane inquisition at all. This is their dilemma, despite the fancy and self-assured remarks they issue to the media. They storm onward like a raging juggernaut determined to crush me, along with every other German who dares to question the status quo in the FRG. Why? Because they are driven mad by the fear of loosing control and seeing their Brave New Germany fall apart.

To increase your understanding of the peculiar German status quo, here is an analogy: Imagine that you murdered your parents and buried them in your backyard. You vowed to behave as if your parents have vanished into thin air. Better yet, you intend to behave as is they never existed at all. But suddenly, after many decades, their ghosts start to haunt your home. You notice poltergeist activities and your children begin to behave as if possessed. Wouldn't this scare the hell out of you? This is the situation the FRG is in. They are scared like frightened kids in the dark.

You certainly have heard the story that National Socialism was merely an empty shell when the final days of the Third Reich approached: an outlived ideology no one cared about in the overall struggle for survival. Well, that is a hoax, of course. Actually, National Socialism had to be wiped off the face of the earth by the united power of its adversaries. National Socialism was such a vital and virulent force among the German people that its adherents were subject to summary executions and unjust death penalties for a long time after the war ended.

Germany was the only Axis state to be divided up into occupation zones, each with a military government. A mass brainwashing was forced upon the population which was called "re-education" and "de-Nazification." When the cold war started, the occupation zones were turned into vassal states of the superpowers, governed by those cowards who spent the war hiding out in exile instead of challenging the "Nazis" on their home ground.

Although they celebrated their "triumph" over National Socialism, they came up with several "marvelous" laws that could be used against everyone stubborn enough to not join in this celebration. Needless to say, the communists in Central Germany (the former GDR) enforced a rigid "anti-fascism" all over the country, while the "democrats" in Western Germany, in a disgusting show of self-flagellation, eagerly proclaimed their everlasting devotion to the "chosen people."

Now, 55 years after the "defeat of Hitler-Germany," those believed to be dead and buried long since, have risen from the grave. National Socialism experiences a renaissance that takes the systemlings by surprise. Didn't they humiliate and shun the older Germans who participated in the Third Reich? Didn't they outlaw the NSDAP and all sub-organizations at Nuremberg? Didn't they preach "collective guilt" and shove Shoa-tales down the throats of the schoolchildren? Didn't they pay billions of German marks to "survivors of Nazi atrocities?" Didn't they forsake all claims on the German territory which was seized by neighboring countries? Didn't they welcome all sort of Third World "refugees" and shelter them at the expense of German tax payers? Didn't they ridicule and abandon German customs and traditions? They did all of this and more, yet they couldn't banish what they fear the most. In particular, the young people of Germany join the nationalist opposition en masse, turning their backs on a system that has betrayed them again and again.

These young people know, as I know, that the FRG is thoroughly corrupt and criminal. It is run by a bunch of villains no better than those who rule some Third World regime. Politicians who vowed to serve the German people have betrayed their oath in favor of selfish ambitions. Even worse, they obey directives coming from an alien power; a power which is set on annihilating the German nation, erasing the German ethnicity, and rewriting German history once and for all.

German politicians enforce an insane policy of multiculturalism. They encourage un-European, non-White peoples to settle on German soil. Whenever those these peoples gain a foothold, they establish their own culture. German suburbs begin to look like Oriental slums and native Germans are terrorized and driven out. German politicians demonize the German nation and turn German sovereignty over to the European Union. In less than ten years, German policy will not be made by Germans anymore, but by foreigners. German politicians waste the money of German tax payers on a grand scale. The planned "Holocaust Memorial" in Berlin will cost more than 50-million German marks, but it's a memorial for the Jews, not the Germans.

Probably the worst crime the German politicians have committed though, is the treachery done to the people in Central Germany. They were promised a "blossoming country" and the same living standard as West Germans, but they were fooled and cheated. In particular, the young people of Central Germany suffer from economic recession, a high unemployment rate, alienation from society, and a general turnover of values and ideals. These young people are angry, frustrated, and helpless. But they understand the yoke they are suffering under and won't accept it anymore. It is within their ranks that National Socialism is being revitalized: a powerful challenge for a corrupt system that lost its credibility a long time ago.

German youth are in turmoil and the FRG panics. How can they save their Brave New Germany and keep the rebelling youth under control? Well, like every regime that feels threatened from within, they unleash their Praetorian Guards, the State Security police, on the dissidents, and distract the rest of the population from this repression against their kinsmen. German banks close down accounts held by nationalist groups and firms fire employees known to have Politically Incorrect opinions. The "German" mass media (which in fact does not serve German interests at all) openly applauds and justifies what is done to those who dare to oppose the system they feel trapped in. And it's not only the German media that is supportive of this repression; I have read articles in the American press in which this repression is also defended and justified. The media of both countries make this witch hunt look like an event every reasonable citizen must approve and agree with. After all, it's directed against "Nazis" and "Racists," and there is no menace to society worse than neo-Nazis, is there?

I can tell you of a menace that is worse than all the skinheads and hooligans combined: in their efforts to save their Brave New Germany, the FRG is turning Germany into a police state. Houses and apartments are being raided by State Security. Personal property, even things that have not the slightest political significance, is seized en masse. Young people who attend music concerts are being arrested, mistreated, and locked up for 48 hours. People who want to attend political rallies are being held in custody to prevent them from going. State Security courts conduct show trials and send people to jail for having raised their right arms or for having "displayed an unconstitutional symbol." German parliaments discuss bills that might enable State Security to annul the driver's licenses, phone services, mail services, and Internet services of suspected dissidents.

It goes without saying that State Security is bugging apartments and intercepting mail, phone, and e-mail communication on a regular basis already. Last, but not least, the FRG is outlawing one nationalist organization after another, thus hoping to extinguish the flames before a fire develops and sets ablaze all of Germany.

Think about it for a minute. Isn't it surrealistic, even hilarious, to imagine German police chasing and arresting teenagers because they listen to the "wrong" kind of music? Their efforts are so futile that they try hard not to realize it. Even though they know what they are doing is in vain, they can do nothing but carry on. They will sacrifice whatever is left of their "democracy" (it is not much anyway) in order to "fight the enemies of democracy." They will forsake all the civil liberties of German citizens in order to "save them from a totalitarian ideology." They will grind every German under their iron heal in order to "preserve the freedom of the citizen." There is a certain irony in this paradox, indeed!

They blame "violent neo-Nazi thugs" for having attacked and killed non-White immigrants. This is their recent excuse for cracking down on nationalist dissidents. Well, all their efforts to demonize National Socialism haven't prevented this ideology from blossoming one again among the German population. Likewise, all their efforts to put an end to xenophobic violence won't prevent further killings. Why? The inhabitants of Brave New Germany have a hard time believing that they are solely responsible for this violence.

After all, if the FRG didn't encourage foreigners to settle in Germany, they wouldn't be there and wouldn't get attacked. If it wasn't for the FRG's suicidal policy of multiculturalism, no foreigners would get hurt at all. Likewise, if it wasn't for their treachery and sellout of the German people, the young people would not be interested in rebelling. The more oppressive the system gets, the more resistant its opponents get. Their books, their newspapers, and their music are taken away from them. They are not allowed to be organized or to engage in free speech. What else but violence, fathered by frustration and humiliation, will remain for people to express their opinions, to make their point? There may be no justification for violence directed at more or less innocent victims, but you cannot condemn those who commit this violence without also condemning those who created the conditions which encourage violence in the first place. In the crusade against "right-wing extremism" the FRG only knows "criminals" -- those who remain after Sate Security is done are solely victims.

The crusade will never be victorious, however. For every nationalist locked up, two more will join the nationalist movement. There is historic evidence which the FRG disregards, but which explains why they can't maintain the status quo any longer. When National Socialism originally emerged in Germany in the 20's of the past century, it was a reaction against the corruption, decadence, and decay of the Weimar Republic. While all the negative and destructive elements among the Germans culminated in those people who then held the power in Germany, the positive and constructive elements were manifested in the National Socialist movement. The lower the "democracy" sunk, the higher the National Socialists rose, until they eventually seized power without firing a single shot at their adversaries.

Exactly the same thing is happening today in the FRG. Repelled by the falsehood and deceit they experience from their government, the bright and positive-minded young people decide that they won't be part of this Brave New Germany. They distinguish between right and wrong naturally and they choose the right side: the nationalist opposition. How could it not be right to passionately love and protect your family, your people, and your nation?

I know what names the media is calling them. My own case can serve as a good example: I face nothing but hatred and scornful mockery from German journalists. I know, however, that I must be doing something right if they try to give me a hard time.

I do not look forward to the harassment, abuse, and jail time I will face if returned to the FRG. And my request for asylum may make this persecution all the more likely if I am returned. However, I am making this request not only so that I may be able to live a life free from this oppression, but also so that others may be made aware that this oppression exists and is growing. If my case is handled properly there may be fewer victims of a system gone mad. But even if it is not, this system is doomed to ultimate failure.

National Socialism wasn't defeated in 1945. It lived on, secretly and silently, because it isn't only an ideology: it is the manifestation of the best and noblest parts within the German, and thus the Aryan, race. I and many others are living proof that National Socialism will prevail, no matter what. This the FRG also knows, but will never admit. Thus, they storm onward down their trail of oppression and persecution, driven by sheer panic, and oblivious to the hints and warnings that this trail will be a dead end.

Brave New Germany, you won't last long!

H. Möbus
Buffalo Federal Detention Facility
Batavia, New York
September 26, 2000

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