At long last...

     After numerous delays to our anticipated release date due to censorship, our PC photo CD-R ( IBM compatible, to be run on Internet Explorer 4.0 and above! ) is available at last! Containing slightly over 500 photographs, taken from 20 photo sets dating back to our first photo shoot in October 1995. These pictures represent a four year period of experimentation, ranging from the utterly raw, to our more recent works-which are considerably more focused. Most of these were unpublished until now and will never again be published. So, in many ways, it is a visual history of Mourning the Ancient. This release is limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies.

      Instead of continuing to sort through the CD manufacturers that support freedom of speech and the hordes who do not, we have pressed these CD's ourselves using CD-R technology. Although this is much more expensive and demands greater work on our part, we felt it the necessary decision. Unfortunately, with this release we also must require the purchaser to be 18 years or older, to protect ourselves and to avoid any problems.

The pictures on the (IBM compatible! ) CD-R are viewable in an online-like environment, viewed through your browser (written in html--I.E. highly recommended! ) and with an environment similar to our webpage.


  • An extra special thanks goes out to those who supported us during our trials in pressing this CD... may your spirits last the ages, you shall not be forgotten.

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    A few random selections through the years...

  • Ordering Instructions:

    MUST BE 18 years of age or older!
    This CD is no longer available!

  • Price: SOLD OUT!

    We accept payment in either well-hidden cash or a blank money order.

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    It is imperative that this CD is run on IE 4.0 or higher. Other browsers will not enable the experience intended, which includes, but is not limited to, sound and video.

    Note: To avoid any confusion this is NOT an audio CD, it is an PC IBM-compatible photo CD-R!

  • Important: when running the CD on I.E. ensure that your graphics are turned on and your volume is up...
    also keep in mind that a fast CD player is recommended! Any questions can be sent to: