-Review by Riccardo Maffiodo of Babylon Magazine (Italy)-

Photo CD - Mourning The Ancient '99

      I was so curious to see this photoCD. After I'd seen the previews on their site, I couldn't wait to have their CD in my hands. Basically it's a collection of some "kind of particular photos, characterized by the fact they're gothic/dark/splatter. The CD's structured as a big Web page where you can choose one of the present dates (each one mentioned as one photo session) and you get inside a page with the pics referred to the date selected. Beyond the photos, there are even a couple of films and some music that stay close to the listener during his virtual trip. For what concerns the pictures, the quality increases: they go from the first shots from '95 (very rough), until the more complex and professional from last year. An interesting CD, but that is simply a pics collection (over 500...)