-Review by L. N. of Rapid Pulse Fanzine-

Photo CD - Mourning The Ancient '99

      What we have here is a web-like photo book spanning from October '95 to March of '99. Each month consists of several photo shoots that easily rates as one of the most thought inducing CD-R's I have ever viewed; whether it is the somewhat raw, black and white images of their first gallery in October of '95 or the more polished shots of '99; the desire to view the dark--pagan inspired-- images only intensifies. The sheer captivating allure of Molly (and on some shots two female friends) would make this CD-R a worthwhile purchase; however, what we have is not simply some photo shoots of attractive females. Each photo tells of the extreme heart and effort that was put into these epic images; from the homemade weaponry to the massive pentegram and Expansion Runes, and strategic lighting designs that illuminate Mourning the Ancient's strong Pagan ideology. To the continual progression of professionalism that can be seen with each passing month, each passing year. Leaving me viewing time and again; admiring the refusal of MTA to allow feeble-minded idiots to prevent their visions from becoming a reality. Indeed all who relate to that which is somber, darkly romantic, stemming with anger, flaming with Pagan cries of vengeance against the lies of this delusional, decaying world would find this CD-R to be one of the finest works of art to ever emerge from the underground.