Mourning The Ancient - Photography CD-R
-By Kevin of Realms of Darkness webzine

This is a very interesting CD-R that consists of 5 years worth of photography from MTA. The program is put together quite nicely as well and includes sound for the introductions to the various image galleries. What I liked best about this product is that you really see how much MTA is into their work that you never really got from the photo galleries on their web site. Being able to vision the first photographs ever took to the most recent really was a pleasure to veiw. You can see how much more professional the photography and even the sets used in various shoots became much better and in depth as time progressed! You get all kinds of sides of MTA and what they strive to achieve through the expressions and themes delivered through their work. For anyone who has been struck with some interest from their website, get this CD cause you haven't seen anything till you have witnessed this!

Realms of Darkness