-Review by J.B. B Bauer of Skullfuck 'Zine Issue #1-

Photo CD - Mourning The Ancient '99

      Beginning this project in 1995, after four years in the making, this gallery of obscure photos is released on CD-R, and limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies. Over 500 photographs of beautiful seductive women covered in blood, capes, leather and spikes, and holding medeival swords, blades, and other various weapons of ancient times. It is very interesting to see the transitions from the time span of the four years. The earlier photos have a rawer appearence than those of more recent dates due to the cameras and materials that were used. Each picture contains various emotions but a majority of the pictures evolve around a dusky medieval theme. The gallery is very complete and easy to navigate, similar to a typical website using Microsoft IE. This is dark art beyond the limitations of music. Something a little different, but for sure worth checking out.