-Review by Rob of Elegy Records-

      As a glorious jewel has many facets so does the collective works of Mourning the Ancient Photo CD. Engraved within this Photo CD are the fruits of their labor, which range from the October of 95 to present day. Mourning the Ancient takes you through a journey of darkness, somberness and bitter perversion. The pilgrimage starts in 95 when the vision of MTA first takes root. Raw, primitive, dark and sometimes the photographs are not even in perfect focus. Yet the imagery never fails to convey its message of blood soaked brutality and dark beauty. Molly, the goddess incarnate, walks among us to lead and guide us through the journey that will stimulate your mind with what would seem to be an implausible amount of beauty that even the beloved Aphrodite could not match. Within this same moment she can also bend your will and force your mortal lips to cringe from the horror she calls into creation. At times the goddess seems to be portrayed as an exquisite flower that is being choked by the weeds that surround her, her struggle is valiant but to no avail.

      As time progress, so does the quality of photography, design, and overall expression and without ever losing any of aura or magic that surrounds each set of photos. Our Goddess also grows as she learns how to move and position her flawless body in such a proficient manner I feel that I am being lulled into a hypnotic state making me ripe for the serpents strike.

      Further into our travels we are well met with other deities that accompany our goddess, these images exude sensual and perversion as our goddess embraces the other is dark bliss. The CD holds your attention through out, as some experimental photographs are taken with different lighting effects that at times cast an ethereal glow upon the subject, which should come as no shock as she is truly a goddess..

      This is highly recommended for souls who seek to view darkness and perversion with an Anti-Christian theme. The CD plays out like a web site, viewed through your normal web browser. The layout is presented in a easy to navigate manner. Journey begins now.

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