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Ancestral 'zine


  • Magazine, patch and CDs

    Note: Here is an Italian National Socialist black metal 'zine called Ancestral 'zine. It is not only high quality, with a glossy color cover, but also well-designed and featuring rare interviews and articles as well. It is so nice to see an NS 'zine again, it has been a few years, I think the last one sent to me was from Germany. Also what sets this 'zine apart from a lot of others is the interview questions are very well-informed, intelligent and in-depth, the interviewer elicits a lot of good answers. There is nothing worse than boring interviews, with generic questions. The questions are also often at least a paragraph long, which is the way I like to do them too. You just don't see many 'zines in print these days, since everything has gone digital. Having something in your hand is so much more intimate and interesting.

    With that said, my copy is number 88! How cool is that? I am also very happy to reveal to you that #2 of Ancestral 'zine is available. And even better, the editor has sent me a .pdf and has given me permission to make it available to you, reader. Is that cool or what? You can check it out here:

    -Ancestral 'zine issue #2 (2022)-

    If you'd like to speak with the editor of Ancestral 'zine, his email is:


    I also have to say, the aforementioned editor is a very cool and generous guy. Something I find common with National Socialists worldwide. Here is some of the items sent with my copy of Ancestral 'zine:

    [Below: First I should show you the back of issue number one, whose cover is shown above.]

    [Below: ...and the opening page of the 'zine.]

    [Below: Here is a very limited (33 copies) promo of an NS band called Holdaar, by Aryan Moon Distrobution. This was released in 2019. The album, entitled 'Morituri Te Salutant' means 'They who are about to die salute you'.I found the year of release information on some tyrannical, anti-freedom website called 'Discogs', maybe you are familiar with it, it is a large system website. I especially liked reading this there:

    'This release has been blocked from sale in the marketplace. It is not permitted to sell this item on Discogs.'

    Many of the samples of the band's music have been banned from various places online as well. Don't you guys just love democracy and freedom of speech/expression? It feels so good to be 'free' huh? Anyway, here is the front/back of the inlay.]

    [Below: Inside of 'Morituri Te Salutant'. You might have noted that there is a song called Königsberg shown above. Below you will note that this CD was recorded in a place called 'Kaliningrad' which is the capital of the Russian province of the same name, an area of land between Poland and Lithuania along the Baltic Coast. Kaliningrad is in fact Königsberg, which was a part of Germany for centuries, and stolen from her, like many other areas of German land, after WWII.]

    [Below: CD of 'Morituri Te Salutant'.]

    [Below: Aryan Moon also released Holdaar 'Morituri Te Salutant' in a deluxe DVD case version. Here is the front/back of the cover. The CD is the same as that found above in the promo version. You will also note that that this release is limited to 20 copies!]

    [Below: Patch from the band Via Dolorosa. This is an Italian NSBM band. The name of this band comes from Latin meaning 'Way of Grief' or 'Way of Suffering', it is the name of a street within the Old City of Jerusalem. It is said to be the path that Jesus walked carrying his cross on the way to his crucifixion.]

    [Below: Here is a glossy full page flyer. Front.]

    [Below: Here is a glossy full page flyer. Reverse.]

    [Below: Here is the cover/copy of the cassette cover for the NSBM band Totenkopf.]

    [Below: An ink stamp from Aryan Moon on the inside of the cover.]

    [Below: CD-R.]

    Censorship & Blacklists


  • Spanish block

    Note: A comrade from Venezuela sent me this warning when he tried to click on a link to Mourning the Ancient. It says:

    'Lo sentimos! hemos bloqueado este enlace porque puede incluir contenido inadecuado. Mas informacion.

    Which means:

    We are sorry! We have blocked this link because it may contain inappropriate content. More information.'

    Google has already removed us from a lot of search results. Do they think this will stop us? Well it won't. It will in fact make us even more determined.



  • The present and the future

    Note: This picture describes so much to us. It is from France and is fairly recent. Anyone who tries to say that the white race is not being replaced is a liar. I would say 'At least they are not speaking German...' But the French people during WWII were not pro-Allies. When the Allies came into France they bombed the shit out of civilian cities and even razed French towns.

    [Above: The hate in the black girl's eyes while staring at the little white girl... so sad and disgusting.]



  • Cradle of Wimps

    Note: This flyer mocked Cradle of Filth back in the day. There was a lot of hatred due to some of their rather gay antics. 'Crush the Cradle Federation'... haha... yeah okay.

    [Below: What you mean having your own action figure isn't black metal?]

    [Below: Reverse.]

    [Below: Figure.]

    [Below: As if one wasn't enough...]

    [Below: Reverse.]

    [Below: Figure.]

    [Below: Cradle of Filth Elizabeth Bathory comic.]

    [Below: Inside.]

    [Below: Cradle of Filth comic.]



  • Book/stickers/picture

    Note: Siege has recently been reissued by The American Futurist. It is a limited release, but as of this writing it is still available. The URL is:

    You can also check out the little Siege photo shoot we did here:

    As you can see in the picture below, a shirt is also available for sale at the URL above. Just imagine how fashionable you would look walking around the decimated streets of Kali Yuga wearing that beauty.

    [Below: Reverse of book.]

    [Below: Book spine.]

    [Below: Sticker (sent free with order).]

    [Below: Sticker (sent free with order).]

    [Below: Sticker (sent free with order).]

    [Below: Photo shoot done March 24, 2022.]

    Kali Yuga - The Iron Age - The End


  • Windows into their World

    Note: Here are a selection of wonderful images of our world. Each of them speaks for themselves, but I'll try to think of some snarky comment here and there. The darkness grows, brothers and sisters...

    You can almost feel the wretched pulse of evil growing in this world...

    Feel its cowardly breath on your neck in the stillness of this ruinous night...

    The thunderous heartbeat of the Beast, drums of our deserved doom pound in our listless souls, silent to a world asleep.

    If we do not wake up to this threat then we deserve everything that is coming for us.

    We were promised nothing in this life.

    We're only here for a short time.

    Make it count.

    If you continue to wait -- it will be too late.

    [Below: The stark irony. The whole world is fast becoming a human garbage dump. It is Us -- and Them. A meaningless and terrible wasteland awaits us if we fail -- and a walled city for them, where we are less than slaves.]

    [Below: This picture encapsulates the war against beauty so well. Look around you and see that ugliness has won.]

    [Below: Ugh. Incredible. Our ancestors are vomiting and wondering why we are allowing this... if the original architect could have imagined this would one day be attached to his building... much like a rotting cancerous growth killing everything around it...]

    [Below: Holy shit. Is this China? This is simply mind-blowing.]

    [Below: A brave soldier stands outside an American embassy while another man lounges comfortably in the shadows of Kali Yuga. They both know that they can trust their leaders and that the future is theirs!]

    [Below: China again? Well, this is obviously insane to most eyes, but I have to say; at least they have rooms to rot in, unlike the miles and miles of drug-infested homeless camps growing like a cancer all over the USA.]

    [Below: Oh how nice, a place for dogs to run and play. How astonishingly terrible.]

    [Below: Curse the horrid, souless electrician who did this. What kind of maniac would do this?]

    [Below: This simply can't be real, can it? If this isn't staged... then... well...]

    [Below: This says it all doesn't it? Behold your future.]

    [Below: If this doesn't convince you to stop using Google for information searches, I don't know what will...]

    [Below: Nothing surprises me anymore. They are committing genocide against the white race and most white people do not care one bit. In one generation white people will be hunted down in the streets and raped and murdered. Understand this: white people are the priority number one target of the enemies of mankind, but make no mistake, they are not the only target. I have a friend in Algeria, for example, who tells me his country is being flooded with 'immigrants' from sub-Saharan Africa. I know Mexicans who tell me their towns are being flooded with Chinese people. It goes on and on. Their ultimate goal, as you know by now, is one mulatto 'race', a 'neutral' golem, a raceless slave people.]

    [Below: Insanity. George Orwell could never have imagined such madness.]

    [Below: It sounds crazy but it is true. We fight a despicable evil force beyond imagination. Now read the picture below this one.]

    [Below: Wow... in a little over half a century they have destroyed the tradition of marriage... and so much more.]

    [Below: I think this medal is some sort of American military award. Or it could be one from your country, but it really doesn't matter anymore, does it? At this point there are only illusions of such concepts as 'countries' and 'borders'.]

    [Below: Beautiful. Just beautiful. Whoever proposed this should be hooked up to it first.]

    [Below: HAHAHA!]

    [Below: You just can't make this shit up. Read it and then read the bottom... Well at least we aren't speaking German, right?]

    [Below: Yeah...]

    [Below: Ugh...]

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