- March 24, 2022 -

Thursday (Thor's Day)

(waning gibbous)

As shown in the photos, this shoot was inspired by James Mason's book 'Siege'. The book is a weapon, loaded with information dangerous to the corrupt and deathly system which is bent on our destruction. Like the AK-47 shown here, which is rightfully called the 'weapon of the revolutionary', Siege is the book of the same name. Make no mistake about it reader, if we do not have a National Socialist revolution, we will not survive. But first we must have a revolution of minds. When people learn the truth we have so grudgingly fought to bring to them, all of the system's lies and illusions will disappear, like dark shadows banished by a strong light.

*Dedicated to my friend and comrade, James Mason, the old fighter who has never tired from his duty.

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