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Beauty in this Pit of Earthly Despair


  • Magical creations

    Note: Even in this age of ugliness, beauty sometimes shines in the darkness of Kali Yuga. These wondrous pieces were done by a National Socialist kamerad behind enemy lines. They were done in a place where a person could be arrested just for making these items. Freedom? Definitely not.

    [Below: So beautiful... and even more so because of the fact that these were made in a place with no freedom. A place where, as I said, you could be thrown in jail for creating such artwork.]

    [Below: Candlestick front.]

    [Below: Candlestick side.]

    [Below: Candlestick back.]

    [Below: Candlestick side.]

    [Below: 'Nicht auslassen!' basically means 'Do not let it loose!' or 'Don't let it go!']

    [Below: 'Mane rubens caelem' (The sky is red in the morning) is an ancient phrase of warning, like is a storm is brewing and 'In hoc signo vinces' (In this sign you will conquer).]

    [Below: 'Unser Führer' (Our Fuhrer)]

    [Below: I love this one! It shows two Hitler Youth boys jumping over fire. This is a symbolic from pagan times meaning various things.]

    [Below: This one was so sweet and thoughtful that I cried upon seeing it. He even included a picture of a Goebbels child with Adolf Hitler's German Shepherd.]

    [Below: This is a boxset that is so cool! Look below for the contents. Front.]

    [Below: Boxset spine view.]

    [Below: Boxset back.]

    [Below: Boxset contents. The little card says this is limited to 50 copies, but very few have ever been made. ]

    [Below: Professional CD containing SA marches.]

    [Below: Card 'Limited to 50 copies'.]

    [Below: Back of card.]

    [Below: Boxset and the many cool booklets included. The booklets are reprints of National Socialist publications. Everything is done beautifully. When you see and hold these works in person you just know these are a labor of love.]

    [Below: Large boxset front.]

    [Below: Large boxset spine.]

    [Below: Large boxset back.]

    [Below: Large boxset open. National Socialist booklet reprints, two professional DVDs and one CD. ]

    [Below: Large boxset showing open DVDs/CD.]

    [Below: Booklets included within the boxset.]

    Something always sings in the mud and scum of things


  • Hitler Lives

    Note: I was driving down the crumbling streets of my city when a giant abandoned building came into view... nothing special, just more decaying infrastructure and societal disease, right? Until I spotted some enlightened scribe's work. Yes, an artist with a poignant message for sure. Up seven floors, truth for the whole city to see.



  • Stamps

    Note: We've all seen the retardation levels of this Russia/Ukraine (NATO) soar, here is another dose of pure retard for you guys. These use templates of German (plus one Italian and a few fantasies) postage stamps from the 3rd Reich. These wastes of paper are being sold on Ebay (as of October 2022). While these are very laughable attempts of linking Putin with Hitler, some of Ukraine's (THE UKRAINE) official postage stamps are more cringe than any of these. They actually have official postcards/postage stamps with their fake, pathetic 'Ghost of Kiev' and some bullshit of some 'Ukrainian soldier' flipping off a Russian warship (the one where the CIA or some American mercenary rocketed some Russian ship). I've seen A LOT of gay stamps over the years of collecting, thousands of commie propaganda from the USSR (Occupied Russia), zillions of other gay stamps from the commie occupied countries that the USA/Britain handed to Stalin at Yalta, even a set of truly gay stamps showing a man's ass from modern Finland, but nothing quite as gay and try-hard as these official Ukraine stamps.

    [Below: Why doesn't someone ask their grandparents in the Ukraine if Adolf Hitler came as an occupier or a liberator? Only a poor Jewish imagination could stretch this far.]

    [Below: Adolf Hitler sleeping and Putin in a coffin with SS lightning bolts for the RuSSia. Very clever. It's so hilarious, we have two Jewish controlled countries calling each other Nazis.]

    [Below: Oh very imaginative. This one, with Putin taking off his mask revealing death beneath, was taken from an ACTUAL Austrian stamp from after WW2. It was part of an Allied occupation series of stamps that they cancelled at the last minute because... get this... you will hardly believe it but they actually cancelled the set because they found it to be too 'pro-Nazi'. Wtf? Okay, so I guess this one is pro-Putin?]

    [Below: This is just bad. At least superimpose the skull correctly... sloppy job Mossad.]

    [Below: Oooooooooh, scary. These are the same childish minds behind the super-ineffective Allied propaganda during WW2.]

    [Below: Remember guys: beware of Putler.]

    [Below: This is using the template of an original German stamp that had Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini on it. It's like everything in this slave world, just delete Mussolini and add a new villain. But Adolf Hitler is eternal. Their eternal enemy. The enemy of their entire shit show. The greatest adversary of their whole sick fucking game. Adolf Hitler will always be the liberator of this world and no amount of Jewish lies will ever change that.]

    [Below: This cringey piece is called 'Russian Warship Go Fuck Yourself'... keep in mind, this is an OFFICIAL Ukrainian government postage stamp.]

    [Below: Okay, this is some play on the movie Titanic. I'm guessing it is comparing the Russian bridge that was attacked to the sinking ship... except the bridge was fixed in a few hours... and well, the Titanic... I guess they might have jumped the gun on this one huh?]

    [Below: Ahh, how sweet. Who likes this crap? And why is this shit so racist? Shouldn't it be TWO MEN standing together?!]

    [Below: You might recall this poor propaganda garbage from around the start of the conflict... the 'Ghost of Ukraine' was an unidentified Ukrainian pilot who shot down like a gazillion Russian jets. But like nearly everything from Globohomo, it was a lie.]

    [Below: The 'Ghost of Kyiv' (not Kiev, like the whole damn world has known it since time immemorial) stamp sheet put out by none other than the Fiji Empire. Fiji releases a shit ton of every sort of commemorative they can get their hands on. Coin collectors, for example, see tons of various coins with all sorts of popular themes 'issued' by Fiji. This is actually quite common... just so you have a better grasp of what's happening here: let's say you have some garbage that's popular at the moment. Let's say tranny kids, as a popular example.
    Now let's say you are Sol Goldberg in New York and you want to issue a .999 silver coin honoring tranny kids. You could just have them made for you in your cousin's silver refinery, and the goyim would buy it. However, if you pay a little bit to some distant government that is in desperate need of shekels, say Fiji, as in this example (although many tiny island nations are used in this way) then you can say 'Hey goyim, look at my new tranny kid coin! It is an OFFICIAL issue of a REAL government!'
    They did this for years back in the heyday of stamp collecting. They even would issue stamps from countries that didn't even exist. I shit you not. But they would make them sound like some small Arabic state. Oddly, do you want to know who the most prolific issuer of postage stamps for collectors was? Communist countries. No shit, they released TONS of commemorative sheets, sheetlets, imperforates, varieties, etc.
    Pretty capitalist, huh?]

    [Below: Perhaps the gayest one of them all. File this one next to the Finland one. Yet somehow this cat one is gayer than the Finnish gay one.]

    [Below: ...Finland you have some explaining to do.]

    [Below: 'Buy my stamps you filthy goyim!']

    *I suppose it is only fitting for me to explain one thing to you, dear reader. I do not support either side in this conflict. I see it as another slaughter of good white blood. One of endless wars that have bled the white race of its best men (and women). However, since it is obvious that NATO and the Occupied West are secretly the ones REALLY fighting Russia, and since their propaganda is so very... gay, I tend to feel the need to point it out. Like Robert Mathews once said:

    'White men killing white men, Saxon killing Dane; when will it end, the Aryan's bane?'

    Surfer's Cross


  • Iron Cross

    Note: Did you know that in the 1960s it became a fad for surfers to wear Iron Crosses? I never knew about this until my friend 'D', who has encyclopedic knowledge of all things WWII and beyond, mentioned it to me. Here is a quote from an article from Time Magazine (April 22, 1966).

    The Surfer's Cross

    World War I Ace Max Immelmann earned two, as did Corporal Adolf Hitler, and now U.S. teen-agers are buying them by the gross. Dug out of attics and curio shops and freshly minted by the thousands, the German Iron Cross has become the newest surfer's emblem and high school fad.

    Nobody, except parents, seems upset by the Iron Cross's connotations. "When kids ask me about the 1939 inscription," says one distributor, "I just tell them it was a big year for surfing." Those who do know don't mind. "We just don't have the feeling about this Nazi thing that our parents do," explains Los Angeles Teen-Ager Rick Higgins. In fact, what parental disapproval there is seems only to fuel the fad. Admits Palmdale's Paul O'Hara, 15: "It really upsets your parents. That's why everyone buys them."

    The vogue started with California's Hell's Angels, whose motorcycle brigades also like to sport Nazi swastikas (TIME, Jan. 21). Then it spread to surfers, who began exchanging their St. Christopher medals for Iron Cross pendants (now sold as his-and-her pairs, charm bracelets and even earrings). Soon landlocked emulators across the U.S. took up the fad. Explains Chicago's Walter Wagner, 17: "I'd like to be a surfer, but you can't do much on Lake Michigan. If you can't surf and you can't have a board, at least you can have something."

    Spread across the country by chain and variety stores, the crosses are now being made of copper, wood, enamel and silver plate, and are being sold by such quality stores as Manhattan's Bergdorf Goodman and B. Altman. Largest manufacturer is Rhode Island's Ronnie Jewelry, Inc., which is now turning out some 24,000 crosses a day, calls them "the hottest single novelty item in years."

    But no one takes greater pleasure, and profit, from the new craze than Los Angeles' Ed ("Big Daddy") Roth, the 275-lb. supply sergeant for Hell's Angels, who was first on the bandwagon, has sold 51,800 to date. Roth, who specializes in morbid-art decals for the hip trade (latest sample: a baby with sign reading "Born Dead"), sees the Iron Crosses as setting a whole new trend, and he has already followed up with an even newer vogue: plastic copies of the Wehrmacht iron helmet. Says he: "They really reach into a kid's deepest emotions." Beyond that he sees a big potential market for SS emblems and Nazi swastikas. "You know," he says expansively, "that Hitler did a helluva public relations job for me."

    Strange, eh? And we won't even get into all those American (and beyond!) WWII veterans who came home and found they no longer wanted to be part of the murder machine of the USA. So they took all their stolen 'Nazi' German medals, patches, helmets and daggers and became motorcycle gangs.

    [Below: These bad dudes are from New Zealand.]

    [Below: The Schutzstaffel of the Kali Yuga.]

    The truth is, National Socialist Germany, Hitler's Germany, were the greatest rebels in history. They rebelled, for 12 beautiful years, against the corrupt, evil, slave world. They broke free from usury and international finance, who like a vampire sucked the livelyhood out of nations. How many TRILLIONS does the USA owe "bankers"? As of this writing (November 29, 2022) over THIRTY-ONE TRILLION DOLLARS! Truly fucking insane. Why do we let them do this to us? Because we are largely a bunch of cowards. Comfortable cowards. Too busy on your trendy, insanely overpriced iPhones to notice your country has been stolen from underneath you. As long as you have your little trinkets master gives you -- sports, alcohol, poisonous food and a braindead celebrity to tell you what to think, you are just fine.

    Second thoughts, get off my website. You make me sick.





    Still here?

    I'm glad you stayed.

    Okay, maybe I wasn't talking about you. But you know the types very well I'm sure. The majority of all humanity, 8 billion slaves, the 'unwashed masses', never change.

    It's frustrating. But so very predictable. They say there is like... four or five major personality types and something like 16 sub-groups. So wherever you go it is really just meeting the same idiots, slaves and boring people over and over. The same self-obsessed, trendy, egotistical, narcissistic idiots that infest this earth like a cancer.

    And then there is the worst type of all. Those that know the truth about what's happening in this world. Those that have been blessed/cursed with sight to see into our master's putrid shadows. They learn all of the despicable, pathetic and ugly truth. Some of it is almost downright unbelievable. The truth, thousands of truths, suddenly reveal themselves to you and the horrid darkness is suddenly lit, brightly revealing a darker world than you ever could have imagined.

    And then...?

    Then you...


    There are too many of these types. To know the truth and do nothing is the lowest cowardice on earth. Especially if it is out of fear.

    So be your own personality type. Act outside of your programming. Break free of the years of brainwashing. Spread the truth wherever you may be. Light fires of truth in everyone's minds that you meet. Make your life matter.

    As Longfellow so beautifully wrote:

    'Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
    Be a hero in the strife!'

    The poem is so deep and beautiful that I have to post it here. I leave you here, with a poem published in 1838, from a man who died in 1882. I hope you find the wisdom, courage and strength that the old man left here for you...

    [Below: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.]

    A Psalm of Life

    Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
    Life is but an empty dream!
    For the soul is dead that slumbers,
    And things are not what they seem.

    Life is real! Life is earnest!
    And the grave is not its goal;
    Dust thou art, to dust returnest,
    Was not spoken of the soul.

    Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
    Is our destined end or way;
    But to act, that each to-morrow
    Find us farther than to-day.

    Art is long, and Time is fleeting,
    And our hearts, though stout and brave,
    Still, like muffled drums, are beating
    Funeral marches to the grave.

    In the world’s broad field of battle,
    In the bivouac of Life,
    Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
    Be a hero in the strife!

    Trust no Future, howe’er pleasant!
    Let the dead Past bury its dead!
    Act,— act in the living Present!
    Heart within, and God o’erhead!

    Lives of great men all remind us
    We can make our lives sublime,
    And, departing, leave behind us
    Footprints on the sands of time;

    Footprints, that perhaps another,
    Sailing o’er life’s solemn main,
    A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
    Seeing, shall take heart again.

    Let us, then, be up and doing,
    With a heart for any fate;
    Still achieving, still pursuing,
    Learn to labor and to wait.

    --Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    The Dead Letter Office


  • Envelope

    Note: I came upon this strange piece of old mail and thought it was interesting. Sent from Sweden to India back in 1955, it bears the news that the recipient, Mr. S.R.L. Narashiman is dead. The oddly named 'Dead Letter Office' pasted their label over the original address and stamped it RETURN TO SENDER. On the back of the letter are a number of postal marks from India, with a big purple 'DECEASED' stamp as well. Very strange. Not a letter you'd like to get in the mail.

    [Below: The original address under the Dead Letter Office label.]

    [Below: DECEASED!!! So much for breaking the news gently. Maybe they should go all the way and just say 'This motherfucker is dead and floating in the Ganges River.' Since he did so good in this life he has evolved into a higher form -- the dog.]

  • [Below: From 1969 comes this mailer from Hong Kong to the Gethsemane Mausoleum in Detriot, Michigan, USA.

    Okay, that's kinda strange I guess... I mean, trying to sell suits to a cemetery. I looked up this Gethsemane Mausoleum and found some very unsavory things.

    In 2022 a baby suffered a skull fracture when a headstone fell on it! Or how about 'Exhumations of remains from 20 burial plots [ended] with the discovery of bodies that were originally believed to be missing' Err... and 'The investigation was prompted by a complaint from a Detroit woman who reported her relative's remains were missing from their original burial site and that four other bodies were in the plot' Huh? Uhh... And worse still, the City of Detroit owns the cemetery. Anyway, let's get back to the Hong Kong advertisement.

    Let's see... blah blah blah... Holy shit?!?! Sharkskin suits!!!!!! Is this really a thing? Do people really wear suits of sharkskin? Damn. I looked it up, it appears to just be a type of suit. I got all excited for nothing. Sorry for wasting your time, but hey, now you know: stay away from the Gethsemane Cemetery. Just to be safe, stay away from Detroit!]

  • [Below: From 1922, one hundred years ago, comes this advertising envelope from American Thermos Bottle Co. from the state of Connecticut. A very strange piece of the past I'd say.]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    [Below: This one is from 1954 and is very odd. So you're celebrating the centennial of your town/city and put a graphic of a settler... but then you add a devil above it in the return address space?! 'Who in the DEVIL is this from'... ]

    [Below: Close-up.]

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