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Christmas 2022


  • A Priceless Gift

    A very special friend and comrade gave me this beautiful gift... it brought tears to my eyes opening the package and seeing it for the first time. It was truly a heartfelt gift that I will treasure and remember forever.

    Although you lie in a cold winter grave, there will always be a space in my heart for you, Germanus.

    And to you, my sweet R., how can words possibly describe how grateful I am to call you a friend... it fills me with warmth and hope that someone out there could be so thoughtful.



  • Black Metal figure

    This is both super cool and super stupid at the same time, but alas since it is Venom I'm gonna go with the super cool. I especially like the 'Adult collectible - Not a toy' and 'Ages 14+'. So we'll never be able to hear little Timmy scream 'Give me back my Black Metal goat man!!!' And since when is 14 considered an adult?

    [Above: Close-up.]

    [Above: Glow in the dark edition.]

    [Above: Close-up.]

    [Above: Back.]

    [Above: Bloodlust edition.]

    [Above: Close-up.]

    [Above: Back.]



  • Celia of the Seals 7"

    Here is a very, very strange song called 'Song of the Wandering Aengus' from 1971. It is based off a poem by the famous poet William Butler Yeats. I first heard a version of the song in the equally strange 1973 film Caged Terror, also called Golden Apples of the Sun. It's also odd that this Donovon guy had mainstream hits and has some famous songs out there. The cover to this is yet another oddity. Oh well, this song is pretty neat, check it out for yourself sometime.

    The Song of Wandering Aengus
    -William Butler Yeats

    I went out to the hazel wood,
    Because a fire was in my head,
    And cut and peeled a hazel wand,
    And hooked a berry to a thread;
    And when white moths were on the wing,
    And moth-like stars were flickering out,
    I dropped the berry in a stream
    And caught a little silver trout.

    When I had laid it on the floor
    I went to blow the fire a-flame,
    But something rustled on the floor,
    And someone called me by my name:
    It had become a glimmering girl
    With apple blossom in her hair
    Who called me by my name and ran
    And faded through the brightening air.

    Though I am old with wandering
    Through hollow lands and hilly lands,
    I will find out where she has gone,
    And kiss her lips and take her hands;
    And walk among long dappled grass,
    And pluck till time and times are done,
    The silver apples of the moon,
    The golden apples of the sun.

    This was taken from an 1899 book of Yeats called The Wind Among the Reeds. It is a trippy strange poem to begin with, maybe he was drinking some absinthe?

    [Above: Record.]

    [Above: Radio station copy of record in sleeve.]

    [Above: Record.]

    [Above: Caged Terror DVD cover.]

    [Above: The Green Goddess of Absinthe. Many famous writers are said to have drunk this for its unique effects.]

    [Above: Also of note, the 1970s band Pentangle. This album, Solomon's Seal, is from 1972. I only really like one song, but I like it a lot. It's called Willy O' Winsbury and is based on a very old tale of unknown European origin. Front.]

    [Above: Inner record labels.]

    [Above: Back of record.]

    Google screen capture


  • More Google insanity

    Wait, what the hell? "How were shit people created" asks "Did you mean: how were white people created"... below I've added some more insanity for you.

    [Above: Here is some more insanity. Haha... 'Now I can only laugh, as I read our epitaph...']

    [Above: Wow, this is truly some clown world stuff here. So the leading Jewish organization in the USA has labeled being okay with being white hate speech? The insanity escalates. Imagine if they said this about ANY OTHER RACE. Only the white race would let this slide. We have developed into a weak, suicidal and pathetic people. Self-hating, brainwashed and embarrassing.]

    [Above: An interesting poll. So the majority of white women think it is not ok to be white. True insanity. Native Americans, we're going to remember this. We certainly think it is okay to be Native American. National Socialism has always admired your warrior spirit. We'll build a statue of Geronimo in Washington D.C. one day. Geronimo was as defiant and cool as they come. We'll replace that war criminal statue of that genocidal maniac named Lincoln. But, before I get off track, the age group percentages really reveal how brainwashed the younger generations are. A pathetic and scary future. So basically from everything we learn: Native American women, who are Muslim/Buddhist and 70+ years old got our back. What a world we live in brothers and sisters. But take heart, all of this is changing, fast. People are waking up at an incredible rate and despite the poll, I have met tons of young people that are completely on the right track. But we have to keep spreading the truth -- it's working. Keep up the pressure. We will win.]

    Carl Alessi


  • 2023 Drawings

    I kinda lost touch with Alessi during most of this Covid-19 nonsense, so it was nice to see a fat envelope of new drawings from him. As you can see his drawing are as eccentric and unique as ever!

    [Above: I'm not sure about the stickers... hehe. Very odd.]

    [Above: And odder still. I guess no one came out of the Covid-19 madness totally intact.]

    [Above: I like the shading/coloring on this one. Alessi's works are strange in that they look so much better at a bit of a distance.]

    African postage


  • Pin-up art

    African countries release a plethora of stamps for the collecting market, but one could say this about nearly every country in the world I guess. These are from the Central African Republic, released in 2022, and are quite racy for postage stamps. This country was recognized by the USA on August 13, 1960. Before this it was a French colony called French Equatorial Africa. Anyway, these two sheetlets are only two examples of various other releases available.

    [Above: Close-up of stamps from the above sheet.]

    [Above: Close-up of stamps from the above sheet.]

    [Above: Click to enlarge.]

    Allied Wartime Supremacy


  • Book

    This is the book of books to prove Germany is innocent of war crimes and that the Holocaust and other accusations against the 3rd Reich are lies and propaganda. This also proves how utterly evil the so-called 'good guys' were. Here they plot to hide Russian atrocities and plan their lies, which are still are pushed on us. How could someone read these passages and still believe in their lies?

    This was so shocking to me that I thought maybe it is fake? So I hunted down the book itself, published in 1958. It was a fairly expensive book, but I managed to get a copy. I researched the author and the book itself. It is considered 'the definitive study' in its field with 'extensive documentation', and a 'splendid source of information and documentation painstakingly assembled without preconceived notions and free of political bitterness or rhetoric'. Furthermore, the Polish Daily Zgoda Newspaper from Chicago, Illinois, says 'Since the book was originally published, time has tested and even enhanced its value. During the past thirty years, many memoirs have been written by participants in the major wartime conferences and by witnesses to history. They only verify the major thesis of this scholarly book.'

    *Here is the official Polish government source from the passages above from the book Allied Wartime Supremacy:

    Poland, Official Government Documents, Vol. LVI, Doc. 78 (page 321)

    Read the highlighted passages above and prepare to be blown away.

    [Above: Front/back of book. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: Another smoking gun. The American 'good guys', helping to cover up the Katyn Massacre for the communists?! Well who would have known? Surprise, surprise. The American and British government were one and the same as the one in Moscow.]

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