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Predators Unleashed


  • Capitalistic Cannibalism

    A friend of mine had a heart attack last February. It came very suddenly and unexpected (as these things often do). He was in his 60s and wasn't in the best of health, he had one of the fastest growing diseases in the USA -- diabetes. He had a sore on his foot for over a year that just wouldn't heal. He was told of various treatments that they could do, but then said they couldn't get the device because of 'covid supply issues'. The doctors were completely inept and even more so uncaring. Many times I had to research treatments for him to ask his doctors about, which they always approved, but why the hell didn't they try these things without his having to ask them? Let me tell you -- DON'T GET SICK IN THE USA -- or else.

    Regardless, nothing worked, or came too late. His foot got infected and no amount of antibiotics helped. Eventually it got so bad that they said they'd have to amputate the toe. They later changed their minds and decided to take his foot, and then not satisfied, decided they'd take the leg from the knee down. It was a huge blow for him, as you can imagine. He was so empty from it all. Tired of fighting. I tried my best to cheer him up and eventually he found the strength to go on with the fight. They sent him to various specialists and did lots of tests to see if he was healthy enough to do the surgery. They did a heart test, which he checked out good.

    They chopped off part of his leg and put him in a wheel chair and set him loose. He would have to relearn so many basic things that we all take for granted. But he soldiered on and did everything he could with tenacity and eagerness. We were proud of him, but then came a new problem...

    The damn incision where they cut off his leg wouldn't heal! Of course, their answer to everything is antibiotics, so he was constantly on various kinds (which are very hard on a person). It was depressing for us all. I researched wounds of this type and was going to try a few things, one of which was the application of ultraviolet light on the wound. There is some very interesting and promising research on the light not only killing bacteria but also promoting wound healing.

    One night I called his wife and told her I was coming over the next day and we'd try the ultraviolet light. It was better than nothing, and nothing was what all the specialists did for him. But alas, I was never able to try it. The next time I would see him he would be dying in a hospital bed.

    The next afternoon his wife found him turning blue sitting up in his bedroom. She called for the ambulance and by the time he got to the hospital his heart stopped beating. They told us they immediately did CPR. We asked the surgeons, on two different occasions, when he stopped breathing could it have injured his brain from lack of oxygen? The first surgeon said no because they immediately did CPR, while the second surgeon we asked told us a different answer. He immediately said well yes, it might have caused brain damage.

    Fucking doctors. So damn tiresome. Anyway...

    His heart was damaged and they said he had hardening of the arteries and that it had been like that for years most likely. I wondered how then did he pass all of these heart tests and x-rays? I asked the surgeon if getting his leg cut off could have caused a blood clot that caused the heart attack. 'No, I don't think so...' he said. But since it was the same hospital that took his leg, I wondered if they would tell me if it really did cause it?

    Regardless, they put him on fentanyl into a drug induced coma, which they claimed was because he was in a lot of pain. Okay, whatever. They quickly told us they would have to put him in isolation because he had Covid-19! Bullshit if he did. They found that he had antibodies from 6 months before when he had a mild flu/cold. We tried to explain this to them and told them this happened before when he had to get his surgery. They then did a different test and then agreed it was from an old sickness. But this time they wouldn't hear it. Same hospital but they absolutely refused to hear us out. It was odd. Why wouldn't they look at his file and see this happened only a few months ago? I'll get into that later. So they told us that he would be in quarantine and only those with a 'vaccine' could see him.

    Well none of us had gotten the so-called 'vaccine'. They ended up bending the rules and gave us access. Ridiculous.

    Anyway, they did surgery and put a heart pump in him. Then they decided the heart pump wasn't big enough so they cut into him again and put a bigger one in. Then they told us he body was shutting down, they would have to put him on dialysis, since his kidneys weren't working.

    The next day we got a phone call that he was dying and if we wanted to say goodbye we'd better get to the hospital. We rushed there. They explained that his body just wasn't working and they recommended taking him off the machines and letting him die. His daughters and wife, crying rivers, agreed.

    His daughters told the head doctor that he was a Catholic and asked if they could send for a priest to give last rites. The doctor said there is no priest that would come in the room since he had Covid-19!!!!!

    I was shocked. Livid. Number one he wasn't sick with fucking Covid-19. Number two you mean to tell me no priest would come to give this man his last rites out of fear of catching a cold? Didn't Jesus cure lepers? Didn't many priests and missionaries live in leper colonies and ended up dying of leprosy themselves? It was sickening.

    So they turned off the machines and he heaved his last twenty or so breaths and was gone. Death won again. Life goes on, but so does death. 'Cry not for me, for one day it will happen to you...' But I cried anyway.

    And then, but a few minutes after his death, a horrid creature walked in. A woman priest sauntered in and began talking to his daughters. Imagine this: this creature started trying to sell them a particular funeral home! Five minutes after the death of their father, who laid dead ten feet away. They couldn't come while he was alive, but they dared come now and try to sell their garbage!?

    Unbelievable. The hypocrisy and gall of these people. Now back to why they oddly wouldn't accept the fact that he wasn't sick with Covid-19, even though they had previously. Well it turned out hospitals get thousands of dollars by the American government if they have a patient who dies with Covid-19! It seems they knew he was dying the day before doesn't it?

    I was completely disgusted. I don't go to funerals anymore. I've come to hate them. I have no desire to see my loved ones stuffed with chemicals in a coffin on display. It's a gruesome ritual. The daughters chose to have a simple funeral. It ended up costing $10,000!!! My god... and he had already previously bought his burial space. Unreal. And that didn't even include a tombstone.

    Then his wife gets the bill showed here.


    The nerve of these monsters. They kill the guy and then have the indecency to send a truly laughable bill.

    Okay guys, I'm done. Just writing about all of this gets my blood boiling.

    Just please, please, please: DON'T GET SICK.



  • Postcard from the Cape of Good Hope

    Here's an interesting old postcard from, of all places, the Cape of Good Hope. It was sent in 1906 to Cape Town, the capital of South Africa. The Cape of Good Hope was founded in 1487 by a Portuguese explorer, originally called 'Cape of Storms' (I like this name better! It sounds cozy and foreboding.) It became a part of the Union of South Africa in 1910.

    On the front of the postcard it says 'A charmer of snakes and me'. Kinda odd, but okay.

    I always wonder about the history of an item like this. How did it get to the USA? Where else has it been? Who were the people who sent and received it? This was sent 117 years ago, as of 2023.

    [Above: Reverse of postcard.]

    [Above: Postage stamp showing King George V.]

    [Above: Here is something unrelated but oh so beautiful! This was an emergency note from 1923 from the state of Glogau, a medieval city now a part of Poland. These notes are called 'notgelds' meaning 'emergency money' and were issued during the horrible period after WWI. Germany, Austria, and Hungary had lost the war and were made to pay outrageous sums of money to the victors. Reconstruction and reparations unleashed hellish inflation. Remember the stories of Germany where you couldn't buy a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrel full of money?]

    [Above: Reverse of note.]

    [Above: Close-up.]

    Farmer Jones Cook Book


  • Racist cook book

    I was given this racist monstrosity from an old friend. It's not dated, but in the back pages (see below) it lists the presidents and stops with Woodrow Wilson who reigned in 1913. The same president responsible for the hated and despised Federal Reserve. Curse his name for bringing this filthy curse upon the USA. Anyway, you aren't supposed to put pictures of black people on any item that isn't sports related. Aunt Jemima syrup, Uncle Ben's Rice and Land O Lakes butter were all recently canceled for being racist. What insanity. There was nothing bad about any of these pictures and most black people would tell you they didn't have a problem with them. But the powers-that-be want to create division.

    [Above: Here's a random example of some of the recipes within. Mmmm... Zwiebach. Just kidding, I have no idea what this is. I guess it didn't catch on in the USA. Maybe I'll make it and let you know how it is sometime?]

    [Above: It's pretty cool reading about medical advice from a hundred years ago. The use of salt is interesting and was a long time antiseptic. Ironing the dressing to sterilize is also interesting. I guess that could come in handy if your stove doesn't work, but if your stove doesn't work you probably have reached the blessed beginning of the end and your iron won't work either. Let's move on...

    Bichloride of Mercury is apparently toxic yet, 'For more than 3,000 years, mercury and its derivatives have been used as anti-parasitic drugs, anti-syphilis, antipruritic, antiseptics, anti-inflammatory drugs, diuretics, dental amalgams, and substitutes.' Yet there is a downside: 'Mercury bichloride, in contrast, is absorbed into the bloodstream and organs where it damages kidneys and the intestinal tract, causes internal bleeding, and, at a high enough dose, kills.'
    I think I'll stick with the salt. Oh and carbolic acid is pretty toxic too. It's made from cancer-causing coal tar.

    Okay drowning. 'Turn body face down over a barrel... Oh shit what if there is no barrel?!? Better hurry up and find one I guess. Grasp the tongue with a hankerchief? This sounds very suspect to me. Some filthy hankerchief that has been used to wipe some bearded mouth with lips covered in black chewing tobacco. No thanks. This is an odd set of instructions for drowning huh? Didn't they just learn that giving a person breaths doesn't really work so they don't recommended it anymore? How many decades did it take them to realize this?

    'MAD DOG OR SNAKE BITE'! Let's see what this 'Nitrate of Silver' or 'Lunar Caustic' is all about... hmm... this actually seems pretty good and it's still used today, but I've never heard of it before now. This stuff could come in handy. Next it says use a 'red hot iron' and 'Give whiskey or brandy in large quantities'! Hehe... Can you imagine this scenario? Here is an example:

    'Young Timmy's been bitten by a snake! Hold the little bastard down and I'll heat up this steel rod I have to drive into the wound! In the meantime start forcing some Jack Daniels down his throat!'

    Then of course they find out little Timmy was bitten by a common non-poisonous snake... Now Timmy is an alcoholic and has a horrific scar from the red hot steel pole! They even wrote a song about him -- The Clancy Brothers - Finnegan's Wake! Okay, I'm joking, but this song is very funny and cool. It's an old song sung by various people, but the Clancy Brothers are the only ones who do it justice. They are legends for a reason. My favorite version is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFUDNzUN1aQ

    This whole 'BURNS AND SCALDS' thing sounds like they are trying to cook something! HAHA! Damn, maybe add some hot sauce?]

    [Above: So if you swallow arsenic or rat poison all you have to do is eat some eggs, milk, flour and water (with a dash of paprika). So basically eat breakfast and you'll be okay! What is this 'Paris Green' on the list of poisons? Let's see ... 'It is a highly toxic emerald-green crystalline powder that has been used as a rodenticide and insecticide, and also as a pigment.'How about 'Sugar of Lead'? That sounds horrible. 'White Vitriol'? No thanks. Vitriol is described as 'cruel and bitter criticism', but why name a chemical that? Maybe they named the word after the poison? 'Saltpetre'? Okay, I have to look this one up... okay, this is 'Saltpeter is a common food preservative and additive, fertilizer, and oxidizer for fireworks and rockets. It is one of the principal ingredients in gunpowder.' You learn something every day I guess.]

    The Greatest Story Never Told


  • One thing the world agrees on

    Here is an example of the world finally agreeing on one thing: Adolf Hitler was right! From Africa to Asia, Europe and everywhere men have a yearning for truth and freedom, Adolf Hitler lives in the hearts of those who see past the Enemy's lies.

    [Above: If you haven't watched the this documentary yet, what are you waiting for? You can view it through many sources on the web, or even buy a physical copy on DVD.]

    British poster


  • Warning

    Oh shit, I'm fucked.



  • Angelust, Nunslaughter and Witchblood

    Wow, metal flyers, I don't get much of these anymore. Let's have a look... Angelust. First, is it someone lusting after angels or an angel lusting after someone (or something)? 'Black 'N' Roll'? Hmm, never heard that one before, very creative. On the cover is an old woodcut of the Osculum Infame (Kiss of Shame). This involved witches kissing the devil's ass, literally (or sometimes a goat's behind).

    [Above: Here's another medieval take on the Kiss of Shame.]

    [Above: Here's a modern version.]

    [Above: But here's the problem. The Devil sometimes had a face on his hindquarters...]

    [Above: And sometimes even a face on his groin! So what were they really kissing?]

    [Above: But the Devil wasn't a selfish lover, here's a painting from 1515 by Hans Baldung called 'Young Witch and Dragon'.]

    [Above: Alas, here is the back of the flyer, advertising a Nunslaughter show. I don't know any of these other bands... 'Thunder Snow Cone'? MMA appearance? What's next tranny storytime? This is why Dead of Mayhem killed himself. If he couldn't stand seeing black metal being commercialized way back then, imagine now. He might've blown himself up with a rocket launcher.]

    [Above: Witchblood, another band I've never heard of. 'Epic Sorceress Black Thrash Heavy of Superior Underground Intensity'. This doesn't even make sense... I really hope English isn't their first language.]

    [Above: Ever heard of 'Aldaaron'? Me neither. But they've returned!]

    Letters from long ago


  • Words of the enemy

    I'm an avid postage stamp collector (everything WWII, minus non-military Allied stuff), so once in a while I stumble on strange stuff. Here is a Jew from Vienna scheming for work and money from someone she doesn't even know, but who she says has the same last name. How did she even find this guys name or address? This is some shady shit. I mean, I know Jews have a reputation for sticking together, but I can't imagine Mr. A.C. Schwarz fell for this. 'She' probably sent it to every Jewish-sounding name she could find.

    [Above: Letter first page.]

    [Above: Letter second page.]

    [Above: Reverse of envelope.]

    [Above: Envelope from November 20, 1928.]

    [Above: Now this is funny. A letter from everyone's favorite bad guys. Imagine being summoned because you owe $2.00. I like the part 'You are fraternally reminded that a refusal or neglect to obey this summons is a Masonic offense'. Damn, so what's the punishment? No baby blood for a week? And the cherry on top you are being summoned for $2.00 by a guy with the last name 'Goodenough'. Imagine sitting around the dinner table, it's 1928, the great Wall Street stock market crash is a year away, and suddenly, in front of your wife and children, YOU ARE BEING SUMMONED...! (sorry this is a Dark Souls joke).]

    Letter to Mourning the Ancient


  • First of a kind

    This is a new one. People have sent me some strange stuff over the years, but never seeds...

    [Above: Nature's bounty?]

    [Above: 'Dookie Doonuts'? I'm going to take this opportunity to tell you about something more disgusting than just about anything. Prepare yourself and look below...]

  • ...and it is not just in Europe. Not only are they feeding the animals we eat human sewage, but they are growing our vegetables with it and grazing the animals we eat on sewage-filled land. Here are some quotes...

    'Every time you flush your toilet or clean a paintbrush in your sink, you may be unwittingly adding toxins to fertilizer used to grow the food in your pantry. Beginning in the early 1990s, millions of tons of potentially toxic sewage sludge have been applied to millions of acres of America’s farmland as food crop fertilizer. Selling sewage sludge to farmers for use on cropland has been a favored government program for disposing of the unwanted byproducts from municipal wastewater treatment plants. However, sewage sludge is anything but the benign fertilizer the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it is.'
    --Center for Food Safety.org

    'Sewage sludge includes anything that is flushed, poured, or dumped into our nation’s wastewater system – a vast, toxic stew of wastes collected from countless sources -- from homes to chemical industries to hospitals. The sludge being spread on our crop fields is a dangerous mix of heavy metals, industrial compounds, viruses, bacteria, drug residues and radioactive material. Hundreds of people have fallen ill after being exposed to sewage sludge fertilizer, suffering from respiratory distress, headaches, nausea, rashes, reproductive complications, cysts and tumors.'
    --Center for Food Safety.org

    'Despite the danger of using sludge in food production, federal regulations are unsettlingly inadequate. The EPA monitors only 9 of the thousands of pathogens commonly found in sludge and rarely performs site inspections of sewage treatment plants or the farms that use sludge fertilizer. Regulations governing the use and disposal of sewage sludge have been criticized by both the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Research Council, as well as numerous medical professionals, engineers and activists.

    Center for Food Safety seeks to end the use of sewage sludge as an agricultural fertilizer through an immediate moratorium on its application to croplands, and advocates for the launch an independent investigation into all specific claims that sludge has caused harm to people, animals and the environment.'
    --Center for Food Safety.org

    'Some pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi survive sewage treatment and thrive in the nutrient-rich sludge. These can include salmonella, campylobacter, listeria, hepatitis, diarrhea-causing protozoa, and parasitic worms that can lead to neurological problems and nutritional deficiencies. Because of the antibiotic residues commonly found in waste, sewage sludge is the perfect way to select for extremely hardy and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which can be deadly.'
    --Center for Food Safety.org

    'This chemical soup, often full of toxic compounds, nanomaterials, hormones, and dangerous pathogens, are applied to the very food we eat. While certain sanitation processes do decrease some health risks, chemicals such as PCBs, flame retardants, heavy metals, and endocrine disrupters – many of which are carcinogens – are not filtered out. Instead, they accumulate in the soil and are taken up by crops, putting human health at risk.'
    --Center for Food Safety.org

    'There are no labeling or disclosure requirements for food grown in sewage sludge. However, some companies, such as Heinz and Del Monte, prohibit the use of sewage sludge as a fertilizer for their products. In addition, USDA organic standards require that food cannot be grown in sewage sludge. Only by purchasing food with the certified organic seal can you be sure that your food was not grown in sewage sludge.'
    --Center for Food Safety.org

  • And if this isn't enough, check out this 2015 study published by CNBC entitled 'Study finds human DNA in some hot dog brands':

    'The company tested 345 hot dog and sausage samples from 75 brands to see if the product matched what was described on the package.

    It turns out that 14.4 percent of the samples were... not as advertised.

    Clear Food found that the hot dogs and sausages either included substitutions or had hygienic issues.

    In several cases, pork had been added to products that did not mention the meat on the labels or ingredient lists. This included the vegetarian samples. Most often pork had been used as a substitution for chicken or turkey, according to Clear Food.

    The company noted that all of the Kosher products that were tested were 100 percent pork-free.

    However, 10 percent of the vegetarian products tested contained meat. In addition, 67 percent of the vegetarian samples were recorded as having “hygienic issues,” which were not described in detail.

    Perhaps the most unsettling discovery by Clear Food is that human DNA was found in 2 percent of all samples and in 66 percent of the vegetarian products.

    The report did not disclose which brands had been found to contain the DNA and did not elaborate on what that might entail.'

  • Furthermore, a 2016 study published by CBS News found this:

    'Of the 258 sample size, Clear Labs says human DNA was found in one vegetarian burger and rat DNA was found in a fast food burger, a vegetarian burger and a ground meat sample.

    While unpleasant, it's important to note that it is unlikely that human DNA or rat DNA is harmful to consumer health.

    "What many consumers don't know is that some amounts of human and rat DNA may fall within an acceptable regulatory range," said the company.'

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