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ADL mailer


  • Lunatic comedy

    This is just so funny on so many levels! First, I'm not sure when this joke of an envelope was mailed out to scare fellow Jews, but I'm guessing the 1980s. The first question I have is who the hell are these nice-looking gentlemen? Hahaha! Did they volunteer to be on this ADL fear-propaganda envelope? As you'll see below, this was taken in someone's house, so did some ADL photographer come and take the picture? I guess we'll never know. It is so bizarre that they also sent out the two photos seen below with this mailer. Unfortunately I don't have the letter that came with this and have no clue what it said, but we can guess:

    'Look at these SCARY teenagers!

    They are going to round up JEWS like you any day now and put you in a DEATH CAMP if you don't send us MONEY -- AND LOTS OF IT!

    The Anti-Defamation League is a NON *AHEM* PROFIT organization fighting for you, little Jew!'

    Or some bullshit to scare the shekels out of their brethren. If they don't have Jewish scarecrows like those seen here, they will make them themselves. The "White Supremacy" movement has a history of paid actors in it, and still does. Another thing, what were the Jews receiving this in the mail supposed to do with these nice little photos? Put them on their refridgerator? Cut them down to wallet size to show at the synagogue? Hanukkah? Ridiculous.

    [Below: The two pictures sent out!]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    Der Wehrwolf


  • Flyers

    I suppose I'm biased, since the person behind this is a friend and comrade, but I love this 'zine! Der Wehrwolf has been around for quite a few years and was pretty much retired, but I guess you can't keep a good thing down. It crawled out of its grave and is back! In the past you may remember Der Wehrwolf did a special Mourning the Ancient edition. It came with a professional CD with the soundtrack of the Mourning the Ancient 2002 film.

    This new issue will contain the first four issues plus material that was planned for the unreleased issue five. You'll notice after the Mourning the Ancient interview it says that it will not be included, this is because there will be another all Mourning the Ancient issue! I'm excited, and it's really an honor for me, as I really respect the person behind this 'zine. Currently we've been doing a huge interview, by far the most in depth and detailed interview I've ever done. We talk about everything, from life to death. I really think you guys will enjoy it. I'm also going to find a handful of completely unreleased Mourning the Ancient photos for it. Like the last Mourning the Ancient 'zine, I'm sure this one will be limited, so keep an eye out, I'll announce it when it is released.

    Indigenous Nudity


  • Postcards

    In my stamp collecting I ran across some postcards you don't see these days. Straight up nudity on a postcard is rare even in Europe now, but in the USA it is pretty much non-existent. Yet, here we have this postcard, sent in February 1979. Why was this allowed? In the USA, maybe not so much in today's modern Kali Yuga environment, the naked body is something of shame. This was sent to Canada, airmail from Hawaii, and apparently they didn't have a problem with it either. Was this allowed because she wasn't white? You know, like how television, magazines like National Geographic and books can show Africans nude. Nowadays they have a warning that 'this program contains indigenous nudity' or they blur it out.

    I've always thought about how black people in the USA must view these shows and magazines. Do they think 'oh damn she's hot' or whatever? It would be strange to see white people in some primitive tribal setting nude. Imagine 'We're deep in an Irish village...' and some Irish women are walking around with their breasts hanging out.

    It's strange that our brains pretty much see them on the level of animals. I mean, nothing new under the sun, but was there people who sat around and masturbated to these National Geographic shows? You just know it happened. But if they are black themselves, why wouldn't they? And if not, it is certainly because they themselves have been conditioned to see them as less-than-human.

    [Above: Postcard reverse.]

    [Above: Here is another postcard showing nudity, this time from Czechoslovakia. It says 'Veselé Velikonoce' (Happy Easter). What does this mean?! A girl showing whip marks all over her behind and Happy Easter? Czech people you have some explaining to do. Is this insinuating the beloved Easter Bunny did this?]

    [Above: Postcard reverse.]

    [Above: It is also pretty odd that 100-125 years ago you could send postcards with full nudity, sometimes even showing pubic hair (although many times this was hidden with paint). Here's an example of some random postcards.]

    Pan American Insanity


  • Envelope/letter

    Wait, what did I just read?! I think I lost intelligence points just reading this thing! This is a bizarre letter if I ever read one. 'Fiestas, bull fights, carnivals, parades...' AND INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE! WTF? And let's not forget 'hot oil, cold shoulders and Popocatepetl'! Popocatépetl is a volcano in Mexico...

    Why does he expect to never get rid of a cold?! What the hell is this 'Official List'? 'Happy Noo Year the Ol' Señor thought up in a weak moment'... this is so strange.

    'Now I've been known to turn in some pretty fancy ones in my time. But a miracle like that! Why I don't believe even Pan American could have done it!' What the hell does Pan American have to do with this madness?

    He was pitchin' what? Jumping beans?! He got drunk on tequila for a week, but not even that explains the level of this guy's disconnect and insanity. What the hell is a 'Toston'?! Apparently it either means a fried plantain or a nuisance in Spanish. But it could also mean a coin with a denomination of 50.

    Nothing in this letter makes sense. Well, maybe he attached a banana to the letter. And check out how this nutcase ends the letter, calling himself 'Santa "Shadow" Clause'...

    And keep in mind this is all happening in 1941. He talks about Christmas and the New Year, yet it is February 10th when he wrote the letter.

    My brain hurts. I'll leave the rest to you...

    [Above: Envelope to the above letter.]

    Okay, I researched a bit more and this is what I found:

    The New York Times
    William Van Dusen (Santa "Shadow" Clause) Dies at 74; Ex-Official at Eastern Air Lines

    March 3, 1976,

    William Van Dusen, vice president of public relations for Eastern Air Lines for 14 years until he retired in 1965, died yesterday in a Miami hospital. He was 74 years old and lived in Coral Gables, Fla.

    In the late 1920's Mr. Van Dusen organized, and for 20 years, directed public relations for Pan American World Airways. In this capacity, he accompanied crews on many trailblazing survey flights by Pan Am around the world and was a specialist on early commercial flight planning and promotion.

    In 1920 he accompanied Col. Charles A. Lindbergh on the aerial exploration of Mexico and Central America, in which several "lost" cities of Mayan civilization were found. Mr. Van Dusen wrote many articles on aviation in leading national magazines.

    In World War I Mr. Van Dusen, at the age of 16, served in the Army in France. In World War II, as a lieutenant commander in the Navy Reserve he headed a special mission before the Allied invasion of France and served ashore with the Army during the Normandy landings.

    He graduated from the University of Denver in 1924, wrote for several Western newspapers, came to New York in 1926 to work for Dow?Jones, the publishers, and Joined Pan Am two years later.

    Wait! Holy shit, our Santa "Shadow" Clause flew with the great Charles Lindbergh!!! He also discovered several lost Mayan civilizations!!! At 16 he went to war in WWI and as a lieutenant commander in WWII he headed a special mission before the Allied invasion of France!? What the hell is going on here?

    Maybe in one of those lost Mayan civilizations he went mad staring in to some ancient crystal skull's eyes?!

    Ah, the joys of stamp collecting, you just never know what you'll find.

    "More plantains Santa "Shadow" Clause... I need more plantains...!"

    The 'Good Guys' with their mask off


  • 1945 Allied occupation currency for Austria

    I recently came across some very peculiar currency released by the Allied occupation of Austria. I have never seen such blatant occult, Masonic, communist symbolism on money before...

    [Below: Let's take a look at some of the details close-up... at first I naturally assumed this to be a female, but it makes more sense that it is a young male. Especially if you take a close look at the shining star on the forehead of the figure. This is the morning star, representing the angel of morning -- Lucifer. Also note the owl beneath the image of Lucifer.]

    [Below: Here is a postcard with famous 1894 artwork by the German artist Fidus showing Lucifer. Note the star on the forehead.]

    [Below: Lucifer close-up.]

    [Below: Back of postcard.]

    [Below: Let's look at the rest of the note/bill. On the upper left we see an eagle holding a hammer and sickle.]

    [Below: Back of note/bill.]

    [Below: Upper left corner, a pentacle and the zodiac symbols. Very odd indeed.]

    [Below: Lower left corner, a chalice with a snake.]

    [Below: Upper right corner. The 'All-Seeing Eye' in front of a dark cross and thorn vines, with a small crown on top.]

    [Below: Lower right corner, a sword, scales and a book reading 'LX', or is the sword covering the 'U', spelling out 'LUX', meaning light or illuminance (Lucifer)?]

  • There are probably other symbols hidden here... let me know if you see anything else or if you have any thoughts on this.

    [Below: Here is a lower denomination bill/note from the same time (May 1945). Again we see the eagle with hammer and sickle (they also issued postage stamps with this on it at the same time). Note the odd 'sunflowers' behind the guy on the right... it looks like an owl's eyes, doesn't it?]

    [Below: Here is one of 23 postage stamps (with eagle and hammer and sickle) issued by the Allied occupiers of Austria in 1945.]

    [Below: Back of bill/note.]

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