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Adolf Hitler from jolly old England


  • Postcards

    These reprinted postcards were sent to me from a British comrade. I wonder if the post office would let you use an Adolf Hitler postcard?

    [Below: Postcard reverse: 'Hitler with comrades of the Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment'.]

    [Below: Postcard front.]

    [Below: Postcard reverse: '1921: the struggle begins'.]

    [Below: Postcard front.]

    [Below: Postcard reverse: '1921: the struggle begins'.]

    [Below: Postcard front.]

    [Below: Postcard reverse: 'Greeting the people of Harzburg'.]

    [Below: Postcard front.]

    [Below: Postcard reverse: 'Meeting with supporters in the Brown House, Munich'.]

    [Below: Postcard front.]

    [Below: Postcard reverse: 'With Goering in the Hotel Kaiserhof'.]

    [Below: Postcard front.]

    [Below: Postcard reverse: 'The Youth are our Future'.]

    [Below: Postcard front.]

    [Below: Postcard reverse: 'In a small Bavarian town children present flowers to Hitler'.]

    [Below: Postcard front.]

    [Below: Postcard reverse: 'Receiving flowers on a visit to Thuringia'.]

    [Below: Postcard front.]

    [Below: Postcard reverse: 'Visiting the Neitzsche Archiv in Weimar'.]

    [Below: Postcard front.]

    [Below: Postcard reverse: 'The Orator'.]

    [Below: Postcard front.]

    [Below: Postcard reverse: 'In a small Bavarian town children present flowers to Hitler'.]

    [Below: Postcard front.]

    [Below: Postcard reverse: 'As always, the youth flock to Hitler'.]

    [Below: Postcard front.]

    [Below: Postcard reverse: 'With the sons of an old party member'.]

    A Distant Thunder/The Hill of the Ravens


  • Comic book

    It's always nice to see new stuff being published by our guys, so this was a nice treat. This is the first comic in a series, of how many I'm unsure, but I'm told it depends on if people show interest. The comic is very professional-looking and has around 60 pages, with a hard back. It features three artists of very different styles, one of which being the legendary Carl Alessi! A veteran artist who has been in the movement for many decades and even worked with the martyr Joseph Tommasi (April 15, 1951 August 15, 1975). Another artist, Vinson Wallaby, you might remember did the art on a remake of Rockwell's 'The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens' (link to order it is below, for god's sake it is only $2.55 on Lulu). These are sold at cost, so no money is made off of either publications. What they really need is our support. I really hope you support these artists and buy some copies for yourself and maybe your comrades.

    Here is a description of the comic from Lulu.com:

    'This graphic novel includes two adaptations of Harold Covington's Northwest Independence novels; The Hill of the Ravens and A Distant Thunder. Chapters 1-8 of The Hill of the Ravens is drawn by The Glaivester in a classic, newspaper, comic strip style. Chapter one of A Distant Thunder is drawn in a comic book/zine style by Carl Alessi and Vinson Wallaby.'

    Harold Covington was a writer who was in the movement for many years, writing a number of books. He recently died on July 14, 2018.

    ***** Order the comic here! *****

    [Below: Opening page showing some of Alessi's awesome art.]

    [Below: A sample of Wallaby's talented work.]

    [Below: More Alessi.]

    [Below: The back of the comic. You flip the comic upside down on the back to read the second half of the comic, illustrated by someone named Glaivester.]

    [Below: Opening page of The Hill of Ravens, also based on Covington's work.]

    [Below: A sample of Glaivester's work.]

    [Below: The Brigade, one of a series of five of Covington's novels: A Distant Thunder, A Mighty Fortress, The Hill of the Ravens, The Brigade, and Freedom's Sons.]

    [Below: Harold Covington.]

    [Below: Vinson Wallaby's remake of Rockwell's 'The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens'.]

    ***** Order the The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens from Lulu.com *****

    American Embassy in Hong Kong


  • Envelope

    Ah, here is an envelope from the American Embassy in Hong Kong. This was sent to Lamb-Weston, in beautiful zombie-infested Portland, Oregon. Lamb-Weston is a potato & french fries company. So basically they supply the life's blood of the average American. Irresistible GMO-flavored potatoes fried in various sumptous cancer-flavored seed oils. Mmmmmm...

    But, I must add, when this was sent back in March of 1978 none of these things really existed, at least not like today. Mcdonalds fried their french fries in beef tallow until 1990 and the horrid GMO foods that poison Americans today were only a dream of the evil monsters ruling this world. If you are still ignorant about seed oils and GMO foods you better wake up. I cannot tell you more adamantly -- YOU ARE BEING POISONED! Research how toxic seed oils are. Research how Monsanto and a few other companies made herbicides/pesticides so deadly they killed crops and insects alike, so they had to make 'new versions' of the food Americans eat that were immune to these poisons. These Frankenstein's monsters poison you and vitually everyone you know. Ever wonder why everyone seems to have health problems?

    Research how the vegetables we eat today have up to 80% less vitamins and minerals than a few short decades back.

    Research how fat doesn't actually make you fat. Does that sound crazy? Well, it really doesn't. The real culprit is high fructose corn syrup in all its various forms (and there are a handful). And don't forget that carbs are converted to sugar in the body. We are overdosing on these poisons.

    Look up oxalates and phytic acid and how plants use these antinutrients to block the absorbtion of minerals. Naturally, plants do not want to be eaten and this is one of their defense mechanisms.

    Seed oils, like what is found in Crisco and just about every food you can imagine, created a smorgasbord of health problems, especially heart disease, which, shockingly, was virtually unknown before we switched over to seed oils. Research how most seed oils are made. It is disgusting.

    Let's not even get into how crops are fertalized with HUMAN feces. Or that cows are actually fed it!!!

    I feel sick.

    SS Tome


  • Book

    This beautiful book was released in the spring of 2024 by Gerhard Lauck. It is a treasure trove of SS writings. As you can read on the flyer, it is composed of 12 SS pamphlets released by Lauck's Third Reich Books. The pamphlets are $10.00 each X 12 = $120.00. This is a book you will treasure and it is worth every penny. I waited a few months to buy my copy, but was lucky enough to get one. I have a feeling this will go out of print soon, so if you want one, do not hesitate. Ordering information is below.

    [Above: Back of book.]

    [Above: Book spine.]

    [Above: Inside pages.]

    [Above: Order form.]

    Gerhard's publishing site - Third Reich Books (a treasure trove of original material!):


    Gerhard's web hosting site - 'ZENSURFREI' (Censor Free):


    Gerhard Lauck's email:


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