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  • 'May all be Dead'

    [Note: No clue what this is, who wrote it, or why. Oddly I got this as if it was a normal flyer with a few others.]



  • Postcard flyer/Cassette cover/photo

    [Note: Here's a band I haven't heard anything new from for ages...]

    [Above: Here is a 1994 Demonstration Cassette - Visions from the Gods]

    [Above: Glossy promo photo from Necropolis Records]



  • Promotional paper/envelope

    [Note: This is high quality semi-translucent parchment paper and sports a great look too.
    This is a side project of one of the brothers from ...the Soil Bleeds Black, it's very cool dark music.]

    [A Yamatu release housed in booklet form, limited to 50 hand-numbered pages. It's extravagant parchment-like pages contain band information and writings.]

    Negativity Records


  • Sticker

    [Note: Here's a sticker featuring everyone's favorite hermphrodite goat. Below is some kind of old French Masonic poster featuring the same. I wonder how much Negativity Records had to pay our goat friend to appear in their ad?]

    [Below: I'm unsure who did this but it's very cool]

    Dungeons of Darkness


  • Flyer/CD

    [Note: The guy behind this 1999 NSBM compilation CD killed himself some years back... I presume this was named after the film of the same name. This CD contains a great mix of bands like Graveland, Gontyna Kry, Galgenberg, Absurd, Thunderbolt, Thor's Hammer, Veles, and more.]

    [Above: Compilation CD, hand-numbered to 950 copies]

    [Above: This 1955 French propagnada film was directed by Alain Resnais.]

    Lord of Evil


  • Flyer

    [Note: Below is a super rare unreleased family photo of the band around Christmas time. It's odd that the peace sign is actually a Toten Rune or Todesrune, meaning death rune. An inverted peace sign as shown here would mean life.]



  • Sticker/shirt

    [Note: A good black metal band from the USA...]

    [shirt, front/back]



  • Back of letter/sticker/promo pic

    [Note: Vincent Crowley is a very cool and taltented guy.]

    Corpus Christi


  • Sticker/flyer

    [Note: Strange that the state of Texas has a city named this, which means 'Corpse of Christ'... Ghoulish Christians.]



  • Flyer/envelope

    [Note: From Poland, Capricornus is a great black metal band,
    the same guy also does the band Thor's Hammer, which also produces some great black metal...]

    [Above: Here is a demo from Capricornus...]

    [Above: Artwork used on flyer.]

    [Above: Note that the artwork for the flyer above uses art from the Third Reich honoring the NSKK. It was scheduled to appear on a postage stamp in 1945, but the war ended before it was released. There were test printings of the stamp done (none of them perforated), however, and are today worth many thousands of dollars (the 2007 Michel specialized stamp catalog lists the value of the pair as $48,000)! The stamps pictured above are modern reprints. The second stamp shown here was a part of the set-to-be (this stamp honoring the NSFK).]

    [Above: The two stamps above (depicting an SA and SS man) were released in the final days (April 21, 1945) of the Third Reich. These two were the first two in what was to be a set of four stamps including the two above. Unlike the prototype set of two above, which only exist in prototype form, these two are readily obtainable for under $50.00. However, there is much debate as to whether these stamps were actually used in the final days of the Berlin Post Office. Several envelopes exist which use the stamps but are of questionable origin. Experts disagree as to whether or not they are real or fakes. Even so, most agree that if the envelopes using these stamps are real, that they were either favor canceled (for stamp collectors) or canceled but not delivered by perhaps a third party. We may never know the truth.]



  • Flyer

    [Note: This flyer is made of a textured, parchment like paper...]

    The Far East


  • Letter

    [Note: This is posted for the sole reason that I still think it's strange how vast the metal community is.
    This envelope is from Malaysia, and was used to order a Mourning the Ancient photo CD.
    We've sent our CD's everywhere it seems, but we've yet to recieve anything from the continent of Africa. Are there metal bands in South Africa?]

  • UPDATE: Yes, there are! A few months after writing this we recieved a promo from one. The band is called Octainium and they are from South Africa. We did an interview with them that can be found here: Octainium

    Dark Throne


  • Flyer

    [Note: The album cover of this classic album depicts a beautiful sunny night.]



  • Envelope

    [Note: Hard to find a cooler stamp these days than this! Ha! This is Bela Lugosi, from his 1931 role as Dracula. My favorite will always be Christopher Lee, however.]

    [Above: Christoper Lee with a few admiring fans...]



  • Baphomet and Eliphas Levi

    [Note: Eliphas Levi is credited as being the 'father' of what we know today as the 'Baphomet' image.
    This image has influenced hundreds of metal artists and trendy pop culture idiots alike.]

    [Below: Levi is said to have drawn the iconic work in 1854]

    [Below: A romantic Baphomet putting the moves on a masonic woman!]



  • Live '90

    [Note: 'Al Barnes' and 'The Demolition Man?' Is this really Venom? Try as they did, Venom was never really Venom without the original three.]

    [Below: Video back]

    [Below: VHS]

    [Below: Here is a flyer for the Venom girls -- I think some of these may be men in disguise.]

    [Below: Here's Cronos sporting his 'performance hair'!]

    Resistance Records


  • Page from Resistance magazine

    [Note: Resistance Records was great while it lasted...]

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