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  • Laserdisc, V H S, DVDs

    [Note: Lucio Fulci's classic, shown here on three different formats. Below shows George Romero's 'Dawn of the Dead,' titled 'Zombi' in parts of Europe. This version was re-edited by Dario Argento, he even replaced the music of the original with music from the band 'Goblin.']

    [Below: Newer DVD version]

  • Malleus Maleficarum/Compendium Maleficarum/The Discovery of Witches


    [Note: Writ during the middle ages by Christian 'authorities' these books are amongst the most evil ever written. You think black metal is evil? It has nothing on the sadistic thoughts of these authors. 'Malleus Malificarum,' which means 'Hammer of the Witches' or 'Witch Hammer' in Latin, became like a 'bible' to the witch hunters of the witch craze. The first book ever published on Witchcraft, it was written in 1486 by monks with a preface by the Pope. Interesting that modern copies of Malleus Malefecarum are abridged to 277 pages, compared to a 1960's copy of a whopping 575 pages. The abridged copy conveniently takes out the most offensive parts. 'The Discovery of Witches' is a question and answer book writ in 1647 by the Christian psychopathic murderer Mathew 'Witch Finder General' Hopkins.]


    [Below: Here is an original title page of Malleus Malificarum.]


    [Below: No less absurd or evil than the books above is 'An Examen of Witches' (original title 'Discours des Sorciers'). Writ sometime in the 16th century (the exact date is unknown) by crazed Christian zealot Henry Boguet, who was a judge of many 'witch trials' sentencing to horrible death an unknown number of innocents.]

    [Below are some examples of the absurdity of 'An Examen of Witches,' which is similiar to the nonsense found in the above books...]


  • The wise tome reveals to us a most disturbing belief that 'Satan can speak through the shameful parts of a woman...'
    Use your imagination for that one, it is exactly what you think.


  • Or how about this one: 'The Devil...knows that women love carnal pleasures... Moreover, there is nothing which makes a woman more subject and loyal to a man than that he should abuse her body.'
    Wow, these guys really knew what makes a woman tick, eh?


  • 'Francoise Secretain confessed (under torture, I'm sure) that her demon appeared sometimes as a dog, sometimes as a cat, and sometimes as a fowl when he wished to have carnal intercourse with her.'
    Umm... Err... A dog I can imagine. Even with a stretch of imagination a cat. But a bird!? Below I've expertly illustrated the devil as a cat, doing his romantic business...


  • Further proof of the evil, lustful nature of the tabby cat:

    '...the Devil at that time appeared at the Sabbat as a big black cat. That all those who were at the Sabbat went and kissed this big black cat on the rump.'


  • '...witches cause death and affliction by their blowings and their breath; and Clauda Gaillard will serve as witness to the truth of this. For meeting Clauda Perrier in the church of Ebouchoux, she breathed upon her, and the woman was at once stricken with an illness and was made impotent and died after having lingered for a year in poverty and weakness.'


  • 'Also we observe that if a woman's hair be hidden in dung, it is changed to a serpent...'
    I mean seriously, who made this claim? It would be easy enough to test it, but I guess that would be sorcery, and you would then have to be burned at the stake! So we'll just have to take the book's word on this one!


  • Did you also know that 'God expressly forbids us on pain of death to hold any communication with Satan or his subjects...'?
    Oh shit, I did an interview with Vincent Crowley of Acheron some years back. I'm so fucked!


    [Below: The American psychopath Cotton Mathers wrote this idiotic book in 1692. You might recognize his name from the infamous Salem Witch Trials.]


    [Below: Satyr and the Nymphs by W. Bouguereau, 1873.]


    [Below: Modern art depicting copulation between a witch and the 'devil'. You can see how the early Christian church turned nature gods like Pan into the Devil.]

    [Below: Picture LP from Nunslaughter's Trifurcate]

    [Below: Wow, this young couple would be so flattered.]

    [Below: Here's an idea for this guy's next tattoo.]

    [Below: That looks fun.]

    [Below: This guy put on some fake horns and all the ladies flocked to him. You should try it.]

    [Below: Damn even the angel is getting in on the action!]

    [Below: This is a German illustration from Heinrich Heine's 'Der Doktor Faust', 1851.]

    The Mourning


  • Letter/Cassette containing music contribution for Mourning the Ancient film

    [Note: I cannot recall why we didn't end up using this... it's a shame because it was some really good stuff. Chad also did a project called 'Subklinik' and was a session member of Profane Grace.]

    Nekromantik/Nekromantik 2


  • Blu-rays/poster

    [Note: Nekromantik is as shocking and strange as anything out there. Legendary in the underground, if you haven't seen it, you're missing out. Nekromantic 2 didn't live up to its predecessor...]

    [Below: German poster]

    [Below: European PAL Blu-ray]

    [Below: Nekromantik 2]

    [Below: Love...]

    King Diamond


  • The Dark Sides (Cassette/CD)

    [Note: This is a pretty uncommon release, it contains tracks from various 7 inches released throughout the years.
    It contains my favorite holiday track 'Halloween.']

    [Below: The King, as we know him]

    [Below: The King taming a fierce beast]

    [Below: King Diamond figurines!?]

    Nietzsche Fridge Magnet


  • Friedrich Nietzsche

    [Note: Check out this absurd creation... if Nietzsche could see this one!]

    [Below: The likeness is striking!!!]

    Iron Maiden


  • 'Holoview' interview CD

    [Note: The CD contains a rather boring interview. The CD itself has a holographic pic of the bands mascot. Above is one view.]

    [Above: Unauthorized Iron Maiden picture LP featuring the great Paul Di'Anno.]

    [Laserdisc #1 25th anniversary version front]

    [Laserdisc #1 25th anniversary version back]

    [Laserdisc #1 25th anniversary version inside gate-fold]

    [Laserdisc #2 front]

    [Laserdisc #2 front close-up]

    [Laserdisc #2 back]

    [V H S (3)]

    Night of the Living Dead


  • The many faces of marketing

    [Note: Below you will find many different DVD versions of Night of the Living Dead. As you can see, zombies sell. Most are exactly the same, with different artwork designed to lure you into buying, but some are different, like a colorized version, or an awful version with a comedy track overdubbed, and the anniversary versions have significantly better audio/video/commentaries etc. etc.. These are just some of the releases, there are probably many, many more.]

    [Below: German limited edition metal DVD case release]

    [Below: Soundtrack CD and Night of the Living Dead DVD]

    [Below: 1990s remake]

    [Below: Blu-ray Night of the Living Dead]

    [Below: Animated Night of the Living Dead DVD - cover/back]

    [Below: Animated Night of the Living Dead DVD - disc]


    [Below: comics even attempted to whore out the image...]

  • Night of the Living Dead

    [Above: Issue 1-2]


  • Night of the Living Dead - The Beginning


  • Night of the Living Dead

    [Above & below: Here are comic book off-shoots of the Night of the Living Dead theme, done between 2006 and 2013. These have stories written by John Russo, the less well-known figure behind the original Night of the Living Dead movie. These are for 'mature' audiences and have very violent and gory themes, not to mention an abundance of nudity.]


  • Escape of the Living Dead - Airborne

    [Above: Here is an example from one of the comics above...]


  • Night of the Living Dead - Aftermath

    [Above: Here are some examples from the comics above, which are from March and July of 2013... as you can see from the picture above they have adult content.]


  • Night of the Living Dead - Just a Girl & Plague of the Living Dead

    [Above: More spin-offs and backstories...]


  • Night of the Living Dead - Back from the Grave & Death Valley

    [Above: And more still!... A confusing array of different cover art, wrap-around covers, foil covers, etc. are available for each comic. Ah, capitalism!]


    [Above: here is a version designed to play on a PC with Windows 3.1/95/MAC]


    [Above & Below: This is a rare VHD movie format of Night of the Living Dead. The VHD format was only released in Japan, and was similiar to the CED format released elsewhere. This technology was like vinyl LPs, played with needles. Very strange and cool.]


    [Above: This 2010 book by Joe Kane contains tons of information on Night of the Living Dead and director Romero's films in general. It also contains behind the scenes pictures and the original screenplay.]


    [Above: This 2013 crap-fest proclaims itself to be 'a brand-new take on the horror classic', but has very little in common with Romero's film, plot-wise or quality-wise. It wasn't possible for me to watch more than a few minutes of this garbage. Even in fast forward this movie is extremely boring and tedious. Your 90 minutes would be better spent in hell. Beware.]

    Arkhon Infaustus


  • Shirts

    [Note: 'Dead Cunt Maniac' is always a public favorite. Ha!]

    [Below: Arkhon Infaustus - Filth Catalyst]

    [Below: Arkhon Infaustus, Hell Injection era]

    Necronomicon Hentai


  • Necronomicon/DVDs

    [Note: Another influential book in metal. This book inspired the metal world and the occult world like. Love it or hate it, its influence is undeniable.]

    [Below: Its far-flung influence reached even Japanese Hentai...]

    [Below: Bible Black is a popular hentai series, especially in Japan. There are many different follow-ups and spin-offs, and a variety merchandise, below is a small sample from around the world.]

    [Above & below: Check out this insanely realistic Bible Black figurine!]

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