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Witches and Witchcraft/Viking Adventure


  • Children's books

    [Note: In 1980 books like this were still available to children. Today they've been replaced by inane Spongebob Squarepants and the like!]

    Kari Rueslatten


  • Demo 1995 CD/1996 Letter/Package

    [Note: Ah, a soft let-down, at least...]

    Aleister Crowley


  • Pamphlets

    [Note: The top booklet is Crowley's eulogy, read at his funeral, 'Hymn to Pan.' The three pictures below are booklets released in the 1990s.]

    The Return of the Evil Dead


  • Laserdisc

    [Note: viva Espana!...]

    [Below: DVD version released by Blue Underground]

    [Below: VHS version released by Redemption]

    [Below: Spanish poster]



  • Cassettes

    [Note: Bathory became very hard to find in the early 1990s, in any format.
    Here are three cassettes, all on different records labels, from left to right they are: 'New Renaissance,' 'Combat' and 'Kraze.']

    The Chaldean Oracles of Zoroaster


  • Book

    [Note: Interesting stuff. Here are a few passages I like:

    'Stoop not down unto the Darkly-Splendid World; wherein continually lieth a faithless Depth, and Hades wrapped in clouds, delighting in unintellible images, precipitous, winding, a black ever-rolling Abyss; ever espousing a Body unluminous, formless and void.'
    -Synes., de Insom., 140. Z. or T.

    'Stoop not down, for a precipice lieth beneath the Earth, reached by a descending Ladder which hath Seven Steps, and therein is established the Throne of an evil and fatal force.'
    -Psell., 6; Pletho, 2. Z

    'Let the immortal depth of your Soul lead you, but earnestly raise your eyes upwards.'
    -Psell., 11. Pletho, 20.

    'We should flee, according to the Oracle, the multitude of men going in a herd.'
    -Proc. in I. Alc. Z. or T.

    'If thou often invokest thou shalt see all things growing dark; and then when no longer is visible unto thee the High-arched Vault of Heaven, when the Stars have lost their Light and the Lamp of the Moon is veiled, the Earth abideth not, and around thee darts the Lightning Flame and all things appear amid thunders.'
    -Psell., 10; Pletho, 22. Z.]



  • Newsletter 1997

    [Note: The below CD is seldom seen. It contains Immolation's earliest music...]

    [Above: Stepping on Angels... Before Dawn]

    [Above: 'Stepping on Angels... Before Dawn' flyer]

    Down There


  • Book (1958)

    [Note: This is a very odd occult novel and a great Beherit song of the same name!]

    [Above & below: Three different versions of Dawn of the Dead]

    Dawn of the Dead/Day of the Dead


  • Various

    [Note: George Romero's Classics...]

    [Above: This is the DVD of the remake (widescreen). It was surprisingly good... ]

    [Above: This is the DVD of the remake (fullscreen) with a little bit different cover art.]

    [Above: Blueray and HD-DVD releases of the remake]

    [Above: T-shirt, circa 1990's]

    [Day of the Dead]

    [Above: Three different DVD releases of Day of the Dead]

    [Above: 2013 release by Scream Factory]

    [Above: Blu-ray]

    [Above: Horrible unofficial sequel and a dismally bad 2007 remake.]

    [Above: 2007 remake cover variant]

    [Above: Blueray formats]

    [Above: Dawn of the Dead even spawned a comic book series of three.]

    [Above: Poster]

    [Above: Playstation portable (PSP) version]

    [Above: VHS, normal edition]

    [Above: VHS front/back, 2 tape special edition]

    [Above: VHS inside art/spine, 2 tape special edition]

    [VHS version of Day of the Dead]

    [Above & below: PAL Blu-ray versions]

    [Below: Rare VHD Japanese format Day of the Dead]

    [Below: Flyer to a gay parade]



  • Sacred Heart - The DVD

    [Note: Would you believe that many years after the tour the giant stage show dragon used on this tour was rotting in Ronnie James Dio's backyard? Yep. (and probably remained there until after his death)

    Below: An array of greatest hits and live releases.]

    [Above: Dio 'Anthology' CD - 1997 - 'Connoisseur Collection Ltd' - Made in England.]

    [Above: Dio 'The Very Beast of Dio' CD - 2000 - 'Rhino Entertainment Company' - Made in USA.]

    [Above: Dio 'The Collection' CD - 2003 - 'Spectrum Music' - Made in EU.]

    [Above: Dio Live 'We Rock' CD - 2010 - 'Candlelight Records' - Contains audio CD and DVD.]

    [Above: Dio 'Metal Hits' contains the tracks: 'Rainbow in the Dark', 'Holy Diver', 'Night People', 'The Last in Line', 'Evil Eyes', 'Sunset Superman', 'Dream Evil', 'Hollywood Black', 'Wild One' and 'Evilution'. 2005]

    [Above: Dio Diamonds - The Best of Dio - CASSETTE - 1992 - 'Megastar'.]

    [Above: The Master.]

    [Above: His grave is found in Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California.]

    [Above: Close-up of one of the urns on each side of the headstone.]



  • Still Reigning DVD/Live Intrusion VHS

    [Note: The VHS is from 1995, the band was crap by then. The DVD is from 2004, therefore you have to question, reigning over what?]

    [Below: Think that's stupid/crazy? Look at this...]



  • Black Trip DVD

    [Note: Fortunately this has a lot of old material to save it from the new stuff.]

    Check out some news from way back when:

    'Samael have decided to turn away from Satanic matters for the recording of their new album, which is being produced by Waldemar Sorychta (...) and still promises to be dark, heavy and out in September...'
    --Terrorizer, issue 29, April 1996

    'Samael is having major trouble with the German authorities. The band is accused of blasphemy because of the lyrics to the song "To Our Martyrs". The police has raided the offices of their label Century Media and have confiscated the mastertapes of the "Ceremony Of Opposites" album, and if they are not returned the album can't be repressed, so all who have it already: hold on to it, it's going to be worth lots of cash...'
    --The Inferno Zine #6

    'The master tapes of the record were seized in Germany, and they're not certain yet if they'll be able to continue pressing the record.
    However, it won't affect production in the U.S., so it should still be available (unless something happens to our production tape, in which case we'd need the master tape again!). And the new album will not be released until August or September...'

    --Ula @ Century Media U.S.

    [Above: An early picture of the singer, Vorphalack.]

    [Above: Is this the same band that I used to love? Look at the difference from back then to now...]

    [Above: Into the Infernal Storm of Evil (1988).]

    [Above: Medieval Prophecy (1988/1989). This demo features the epic track 'Into the Pentagram'.]

    Resistance Records


  • Shirt (circa mid-1990s)

    [Note: A very politically incorrect shirt certain to make someone cry... This shirt is from the early glory days of Resistance Records, before Burdi betrayed his beliefs.]

    Vampire Hunter D


  • Special Edition DVD/Playstation game

    [Note: Anime from 1985, a cult classic!]

    [It was strange to see a Playstation game, fifteen years later, based after this rather obscure anime. Unlike the film, it wasn't very good...]

    (The history of) Iron Maiden


  • Part one: The Early Days

    [Note: Among tons of other features, this DVD has the first known recorded Iron Maiden show.]

    Iron Maiden


  • 'First Ten Years' leaflet

    [Note: From February to April 1990 ten LP's were released called The First Ten Years. They each contained a series of mostly unreleased/B-side/live tracks. If you collected them all, and lived in the UK, you could send in your certificates, like the one pictured above (4/10), and get a special illustrated box, free. Anyone actually get one of these?]

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