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  • Autographed CD cover

    [Note: Adria is a great Scottish/American folk artist. Would you believe I saw her live, of all places, at Barnes and Noble?!]

    Killers (featuring Paul DiAnno of Iron Maiden)


  • CD covers

    [Note: Not many people know that Paul DiAnno, who was the vocalist on the first two Iron Maiden releases,
    continued doing vocals in another band after his departure from Iron Maiden.
    The CD on the left 'South American Assault - Live' was recorded in Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela in the Summer of 1993.
    It contains eight DiAnno era Iron Maiden tracks, done very well.
    The other CD is a double CD release, the 3rd of their official discography.
    It also contains a handful of Maiden tracks.]

    All Hollow's Eve


  • Sounds of Halloween LPs/CD

    [Note: Before there was the dark ambient music genre, this was the closest you could get!]



  • Catalog

    [Note: Misanthropy's last catalog before calling it quits... below are the pages within.]



  • Sticker

    [Note: This sticker came with the 1998 10" vinyl 'The Answer To His Riddle', released by Cold Meat Industry. Sanctum was a Swedish ambient band...]

    Micetrap Records


  • Stickers

    [Note: Micetrap was around for 20 years before it closed in 2017. The owner gave a strange reason saying
    'My main focus needs to be healing whatever is going on in myself and between any neighbors. I've spoken to a few. There are plenty of people who are upset, rightfully'.
    He went on to say that one of his reasons for closing was because of the girl killed in Charlottesville. Remember her? The communist who thought she could block traffic? And when her friends started beating on a car the guy got scared and tried to get away, ramming into several communists. I've heard a lot of shit about this incident and who really knows what's true anymore? I've heard from many places that she actually had a heart attack and that's how she died. And then there were the cops who died trying to photograph people and crashed their helicopter. Who knows what the hell really happened? I don't and I don't really care either. Too bad, I liked Micetrap, they had a nice distro and you could listen to hundreds of songs from the bands.]



  • 1980s postcards and Slatanic Wehrmacht order form

    [Note: The glory days of Slayer...]

    [Above: member shirt, front/back]

    [Above: Check out the shirt on Tom Araya (right)]

    [Above: Very early flyer for a show with the mighty Possessed.]



  • Flyer

    [Note: Remember this crazy stuff...? Holy shit this was over the top stuff. I've actually broken up parties blaring HAVOHEJ!]



  • Flyer

    [Note: You would not want to meet these tough guys down a dark alley...HAHA!]

    Genocide Aesthetics Records


  • Postcard flyer

    [Note: World War One pictures look like they were taken in hell!
    And I guess they were. Utter desolation and destruction. And for what? Fratricide, brother killing brother. For the tyrant's lies.]

    Goat Cult Perversion/The Black Vomit 'Zine


  • 'Zines

    [Note: There's nothing like primitive 'zines done the old way, today.
    From Germany, these great 'zines are packed with interviews with both known and unknown bands. They are hand-numbered and limited to 500 copies.]



  • Sweatband/turntable cover

    [Note: Imagine how cool you would be strutting your stuff wearing that wristband!...]

    [Above: Sodom, 1985]

    Speed Metal Hell


  • LPs

    [Note: It seems there were millions of these comps out there years ago.
    They all usually featured comical art and you never heard of most of the bands and most of them sucked anyway...]


    [The above LP contains live versions of various tracks by various metal bands of the 70's and 80's.
    Among them Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Motorhead and Rainbow.]


    [Above: 'Rising Metal' LP featuring Death Angel, Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Testament, Megadeth, Slayer, and more.]

    [Above: LP back.]

    [Above: Overkill. I saw these guys at a small venue back in the day. They came to my town numerous times over the yesteryears. The song 'Playing with Spiders/Skullcrusher' is a masterpiece. It's on the release called 'The Years of Decay'.]


    [Above: LP front - 'Frankenstein and Other Rock Monsters!'. What the hell? The is a very strange release in every way.
    'Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo' and 'Eye of the Tiger' with Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid'?! Metal Blasphemy for sure. Circa 1983, CBS Records.]

    [Above: LP back - The only track I like on this god forsaken release is Ozzy's Paranoid, taken from 'Speak of the Devil'.]


    [Above: LP front - 'LA Steel!'. In the 1980's Los Angeles, California was the birthplace of many a crappy glam band. This LP however shows a bit 'darker' side of The City of Angels. I'm not familiar with a single band on this LP, but some of these bands sound vaguely familiar. Since I haven't listened to this LP, I can't tell you how bad they suck, so you'll have to just enjoy the dark and evil imagery...! Circa 1986, Rockcity Records.]

    [Above: LP back.]

    Adolf Hitler


  • LPs/cassette

    [Note: The LP on the left contains speeches and marching songs and ends with the not guilty pleas of Goering, Hess, etc. at the 'Nuremberg War Crimes Trial.'
    ...the one on the right is Adolf Hitler announcing the invasion of Poland at the Reichstag, September 1, 1939.]

    [Below: cassette]

    [Below: LP - War Songs of the Third Reich]

    [Below: LP - War Songs of the Third Reich - reverse]

    [Below: LP - War Songs of the Third Reich - inner sleeve]

    [Below: LP - War Songs of the Third Reich - record center]

    [Below: LP - Heil Hitler Dir - Nazi Marching Songs]

    [Below: CD - Landser Marches]

    [Below: CD - SS Marches and War Songs Volume One]

    Heavy Metal


  • LP soundtrack/DVD/Laserdisc/PSP disc/cassette

    [Note: A classic. Personally, I never liked any of the bands featured on the soundtrack, with the exception of Ronnie James Dio singing 'Mob Rules.']

    [Above: back of LP]

    [Above: Laserdisc/DVD/Playstation portable (PSP)/cassette]

    [Above: Blu-ray circa 2011 featuring 1080p high definition, deleted scenes and a documentary...]

    [Above: Blu-ray disc]

    [Above: The franchise continued here courtesy of this PC game...]

    [Above: And alas, this monstrosity of a bad game released on the Sega Dreamcast.]

    [Above: Heavy Metal playing cards.]

    [Above: Why didn't they put a picture on the Joker card? Lazy bastards.]

    [Above: Card back]

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