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Richard Wagner and Carl Orff


  • Ride of the Valkyries and Carmina Burana LPs/The Operas of Wagner book

    [Note: Two of my favorite classical artists. The book, from 1908 is by J. Cuthbert Hadden and the illustrations are by Byam Shaw. You might not know the name Carl Orff but you know his stunning music, think the film Excalibur (see below)...]

    The Coming of Lohengrin

    'Dead together! All are dead!'

    Alberich and the Rhine-maidens

    Siegfried slays the dragon

    Brunnhilde gives herself to the flames

    [The only version of the story of Camelot worth watching. On the left is an HD-DVD, and on the right, its victorious enemy a Blueray.]

    [Below: DVD]

    [Below: VHS]

    [Below: Beta]

    [Below: Laserdisc wins for the coolest cover.]

    [Below: CED release.]

    [Below: Don't forget about this 1989 classic... just kidding!]

    [Below: The film Excalibur is based on a book from 1485, 'Le Morte D'Arthur,' by Sir Thomas Malory, who wrote about what was even legendary in his times. Over the years it has been Christianized, but its roots are in the pagan past. It is usually published in two volumes.]

    [Below: There is an edition from 1893 that is illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley in black ink line drawings, done in 1893, here are some of them]

    Burzum and Deathlike Silence


  • Flyers

    [Note: Above was a collaboration made in hell - Deathlike Silence and Burzum.]

    [Below: A flyer for Det Som Engang Var]

    [Below: A flyer for one of Burzum's greatest releases: Hvis Lyset Tar Oss]

    [Below: Varg in early days]



  • LP

    [Note: Here is an example of album art being better than the music within!]



  • Through Thick Fog Till Death CD Cover

    [Note: Freaky picture. But what the hell does the logo say you ask?! Urgehal, of course.
    Can you imagine what a cop would have thought rolling up on that photo shoot?!]

    [Above: He's definitely got the other black metal guys beat when it comes to looking crazy. But imagine how mad his mother was when she got home from work and saw what he did to her bathroom!]

    David Lane's Fourteen Why's


  • Flyer

    [Note: So very true. After they are done with the white race, beware, your's is next! Their goal is a raceless species of drones without country or identity. By not allowing white people to be proud of their race they create bitterness, which leads to racism. But understand that this serves them also. Divide and conquer. While we fight each other the real enemy goes unnoticed.]

    [Below: Larger version of the flyer...]

    Order of the Evil Eye


  • Documentation and membership card

    [Note: Vincent Crowley of Acheron headed a sort of organization in the early 1990s called the Order of the Evil Eye... I don't think it lasted for very long.]

    Nordic Metal


  • Shirt, front/back/CD

    [Note: This shirt, bought in the late 90s in Mexico, is an obvious bootleg. Can you spot the problem with this shirt?]

    [Look on the right pic, the Marduk logo is upside-down!]

    [Necropolis CD compilation, back/front]



  • Shirt, front/back/close-up

    [Note: A heavy-duty shirt made in England...]

    The Beyond


  • DVD boxset in metal tin

    [Note: Lucio Fulci's classic.
    This special edition was limited to 20,000 numbered copies, comes with lobby cards showing international versions and large full color booklet.
    It even has a Necrophagia music video.]

    [Above: Back]

    [Above: Tin box opened]

    [Above: Side view]

    [Above: Card]

    [Above: Card]

    [Above: Card]

    [Above: Card]

    [Above: Card]

    [Above: Card]



  • Shirt, front/back

    [Note: Remember this shirt from back in the day? It was even glow in the dark. Yeah, pretty stupid.]

    Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


  • 8-Tracks

    [Note: Here is one technology no one seems to look back on fondly. I was surprised to find that these still play and sound pretty good. This tape technology seems to last a lot longer than they say. Long Live 8-Tracks!]

    [Above: Here is a single 7" from Black Sabbath from around 1970.]

    [Above: Here it is after being inverted to its original picture. Strange huh? Is that a young Ozzy on the left? Yes, I think it is...]

    The Wicker Man


  • DVD wooden boxset (limited to 50,000 numbered copies)

    [Note: Ah, The Wicker Man, forget about that stupid remake, this uncut version is the one to see.
    A cool movie from 1973.]

    [Below: Back]

    [Below: Side view]

    [Below: Opened]

    [Below: Poster]

    [Below: Poster]

    [Below: Poster]

    [Below: Poster]

    [Below: Advertising]

    [Below: Iron Maiden released a song entitled 'The Wicker Man' in 2000 off their album 'Brave New World'.]



  • Shirt

    [Note: I once was with a friend who was wearing a Tormentor shirt like this when he was nearly attacked by an irate Romanian.
    We took a gondola to the top of a mountain and this freak started screaming about how we were misusing Vlad's image and he wasn't really evil, etc.
    My friend just said 'They're a band from that region asshole, tell it to them!'
    Meanwhile, I was safe with my 'Death to humanity' shirt.
    Hehe... just kidding, but the rest of the story is true.]

    [Above: A band shot of Tormentor, which was formed in Hungary in 1985.]

    Faces of Death 1-4


  • DVDs/VHS

    [Note: Wow, remember this stuff?
    This was legendary back in the days before the internet.
    It was our only source for real gore. Too bad they admitted most of it is fake!
    I must admit, the first Faces of Death fooled me.]

    [Above: VHS version]

    [Above: VHS version]

    [Above: 30th anniversary edition DVD]

    [Above: European 35th anniversary edition DVD]

    [Above: All the grotesque family-friendly sickness in one handsome package!]

    Iron Maiden


  • Magnets

    [Note: The good, the bad, the ugly.]

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