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Robert Mathews


  • Cassette

    [Note: In the 1980s Robert Mathews declared war on the United States government, was murdered by the FBI, and won the admiration of free-thinking people around the world.]

    [Below: Advertisement from Resistance Magazine, Issue #11, Spring 2000]

    [Below: Rare CD version of A Call to Arms, released by National Vanguard Books in 2001 - unfortunately it has water damage. Cover.]

    [Below: Rare CD version of A Call to Arms, released by National Vanguard Books in 2001 - unfortunately it has water damage. Back.]

    [Below: Rare CD version of A Call to Arms, released by National Vanguard Books in 2001 - unfortunately it has water damage. Original CDR.]

    Beltane and Xanataph


  • Beltane release/Tracks for Mourning the Ancient film

    [Note: The opening track on Beltane's 'MCMXCIX' release 'A Choir Invisible' will always remain one of my favorite black metal tracks of all time.
    You can't tell in the picture, but the cover is made of translucent plastic, creating a cool look with the CD beneath it.
    Likewise, Xanataph's (Beltane's guitarist) 'Through Her Eyes of Death' is an ambient masterpiece, it was an honor using it in our film.]

    [CD-R with track contributions, etc.]

    Iron Maiden


  • The First Ten Years CD

    [Note: This is one of a handful of limited edition CDs called 'The First Ten Years' that were vinyl reissues.]

    [here is the back of another]

    [The art above is one of my favorite of Iron Maiden releases... I used to love to stare at all of Derek Riggs' awesome and imaginative art. There were so many tiny details in his art that you would find something new all the time.]

    David Koresh


  • Voice of Fire CD

    [Note: Yep, this is the guy the FBI burned to death (and 79 other innocent people) in Waco Texas.]

    [Above: Time Magazine]

    [Above: David Koresh (August 17, 1959 April 19, 1993)]

    Anton Lavey


  • Satan Takes a Holiday CD/The Satanic Temple

    [Note: While most of this is trash, a few tracks are hauntingly strange, like the remake of the Confederate hymn 'Dixie' and 'Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise,' a song from 1928, from an operetta called 'The New Moon.' The rather dark lyrics ending in 'Softly, as in an evening sunset, the light that gave you glory, will take it all away...']

    [the piano sheet music to 'Dixie']

    [Above: On the subject of Satanism, here is a very odd billboard. So going around telling other kids that you are a Satanist will prevent you from being picked on? I'm not so sure about that. Maybe if you worshipped Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold?]

    [Above: This 'Satanic Temple' has some weird stuff. What exactly this flyer is for I do not know...]

    [Above: 'Menstruatin' with Satan'?!?!? A tampon donation drive?!]

    [Above: This is from the Satanic Temple. This 'Baphomet' (this isn't a real Baphomet since the real Baphomet has breasts!) statue has been put in public in several cities. The people behind this have protested a city (in Oklahoma) that put statues of the ten commandments, saying that if Christians get to put religious monuments at state buildings then they should be able to as well. In that case, we National Socialists should be able to put a statue of Adolf Hitler! Anyway, this statue is 8.5 feet tall and is a 1,000 pound bronze beast!]

    [Above: Christians have come out to protest the fake 'Baphomet' statue. Here is one of their flyers.]

    Iron Maiden


  • The Number of the Beast cassette single

    [Note: An odd looking release...]

    Aleister Crowley


  • The Great Beast Speaks CD/phonograph cylinder

    [Note: Some very strange recordings here... some tracks are Crowley 'singing' the Enochian 'magical language,' while others are talking and reciting.
    Interesting to these ears...
    Below is a very early example of a recording device, probably similiar to the one Crowley recorded this on.
    As you can see, before records were flat and round, they were tubular in shape.
    This old format uses a stylus and has grooves just like the LPs of today.
    You could buy a special recording stylus/arm for the phonograph and purchase blank cylinders to record on.
    That's Edison, the inventor, in the picture. The title of the recording can be seen on the rim of the right picture, 'There's a Little Lane Without a Turning.']

    [Below: A newer version of the CD above. Different look, same material.]

    [Below: A limited edition LP released by Cleopatra Records in 2011.]

    [Below: Back of LP]

    [Below: Inner vinyl and outer cellaphane sticker denoting it as 180 grain vinyl]

    [Below: Poster that comes with the LP of The Great Beast himself.]

    [Below: A 2009 CD of the same material released by Cleopatra Records. Front.]

    [Below: Back.]

    Prison Art


  • Letters to Mourning the Ancient

    [Note: Here is an example of some of the art that has decorated the envelopes sent to us from prisons over the years...
    These particular ones are from one inmate...]

    Focus Fourteen


  • Newsletter

    [Note: Here is a widely photo-copied and distributed newsletter discussing a variety of subjects...]



  • Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Chucky, Cthulhu and Cthulhu Tales

    [Note: In the past decade nothing has been safe from re-issue/remake. All the popular franchises of the past have been repackaged and resold to newer generations, and usually they are done terribly, with only money in mind. Greed kills more movie monsters than heroines. To its credit though, the early 1990s Cuthulhu comic was kinda cool, being true to Lovecraft's vision, not to mention it came with two collectible cards!]

    [Above: Circa 2012, here is an advertisement by capitalist bastards whoring out our great lord Cthulhu!]

    [Above: If you liked playing these Nintendo games you are a sadist for pain and humiliation... impossible game play and hard as nails!]

    [Above: This comic book is from 2007]

    [Above: Friday the 13th 2017]



  • Magazine

    [Note: Around the turn of the decade/century/millenium the metal genre took off in popularity. This resulted in death/black metal becoming a part of international culture. Much to our disdain, every idiot on earth seemed to suddenly like our once unpopular and great music genre.
    This article is predictably naive. Here's a quote '...Is America ready for bands like Satyricon and Dimmu Borgir?'
    Ha! I would have to say:

    N O ! ! !]



  • Chris Barnes/Cannibal Corpse Special Edition Playstation

    [Note: Here is a rarity - this is the limited edition Chris Barnes Playstation!]

    [Above: Here is a newer digital flyer to cool you down from that insane rarity above!]

    The Lord of the Rings


  • Cassette

    [Note: This cassette contains Tolkien himself reading the Lord of the Rings in the 1950s.
    This was recorded after every publisher he sent the book to turned it down.
    Eventually one of his former students, who was now a publisher, published it. By then he had almost given up...]

    [Above: Inner sleeve]

    [Above: Cassette]

    [Below: Here is an English postage stamp from 1998.]

    Ode to Bob Mathews


  • Envelope/Hand-written poem

    [Note: Here is the masterful poem David Lane wrote about his fallen friend and comrade Robert Mathews.
    He sent us this when we interviewed him and we had admired it since the days before Mourning the Ancient.
    Needless to say, it was extremely cool to see it penned by his own hand.]



  • Cassette singles/flyer

    [Note: While the Creeping Death cassette contains the normal versions probably available on CD, the Jump in the Fire contains a handful of live versions unique to this cassette release, not that you care!]

    [Below: A very early flyer. 'Metalus Maximus'?]

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